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You and I Eat the Same ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ You and I Eat the Same By Chris Ying ✎ – 'You and I Eat the Same' proposes that immigration is fundamental to cuisine and that good food is the common ground between different cultures The book comprises long form writing about the ways in w 'You and I I Eat PDF È Eat the Same' proposes that immigration is fundamental to cuisine and that good food is the common ground between different cultures The book comprises long form writing about the ways in which immigration has shaped food and shorter features that point to our similarities including the many ways we wrap meat in flatbreads a basic primer on fire and a catalog of all the species of animals that we eatSeries information Dispatches will be a biannual publication produced by Chris Ying MAD and Noma Twice a year we’ll choose a topic—the You and ePUB í ocean home cooking insects history or farming for instance—and identify the single most urgent and interesting issue surrounding that topic The book will differ in form from one edition to the next depending on the subject at hand and what we determine to be the most effective way to explore it Volume will assert that immigration makes food better It is fundamental to cuisine—to all human endeavor really—and essential to innovation and delicious things We’ll do this by putting forward the idea that cuisine should not be divided by ethnicity but rather taken as and I Eat PDF Ç a collective human effort As a reference point think about those incredible old Time Life cookbooks from the sixties Each volume reported on the cuisine of a different country or region for a curious American audience In a celebratory earnest naive way they were part anthropological study and part recipe book Now imagine another volume in the series one that documented cuisine not as a phenomenon of a specific country or culture but of humanity as a whole The Cuisine of Humanity The book will have some entertaining and informative features that drive home the similarities between different culinary cultures photo essays on all the different ways humans like to wrap meat in flat breads; a basic primer on fire; a catalogue of every species of animal humans eat etc But the heart of the book lies in long form writing that encourages readers to view immigration as necessary to cuisine We’ll have pieces from respected writers from various fields that explore the ways in which food and people move between cultures and the ways in which this freedom of movement makes cooking and eating better.

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  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    A spectacular essay anthology highlighting food and cooking culture as the common threads that draw humans together Essays range from differences in table etiuette ubiuity of certain condiments and flatbreads how fires burn and are used in different kinds of cooking the misnomer of ethnic foods and many other topicsThese topics lend themself easily to a larger discussion on trade immigration and communication Does eating other people's food make us open to engaging with them? essayist Krishnendu Ray asks in his essay Cultural Difference Makes a Difference This book was compiled by Chris Ying a Danish organizer for the nonprofit MAD that focuses on food and cooking as cultural exchange While based in Copenhagen Denmark the book is a global book with thoughtful essays and beautiful photography

  2. Sara Sara says:

    I am not at all surprised that this book was named one of the Best Food Books of the Year by The New Yorker Smithsonian etc I absolutely loved it Yes I’m predisposed to love foodie books but this one was brilliant In the introduction by Chris Ying there’s a line stating that this essay collection can be dipped in and out of but I blew this this book from cover to cover in two days even while savoring the gorgeous photography the intelligent paragraphs and the rabbit holes of thought it led me through I loved every single contribution it contained and dog eared so many pages to come back to that it has grown twice as thick Most food books are about differences but this one breaks the mold and celebrates the similarities while seeped in history science just wait until you read the essay titled Your Fire and My Fire Burn the Same anthropology socio economics straight up economics and so much A few selects from the ‘too many to mention’ dog eared pages Much Depends on How You Hold Your Fork “I’ve been robbed and sexually harassed But I could not think of a single instance of witnessing someone behaving really badly while eating – grabbing food burping shoveling food into their mouth with their hands yelling for Eating etiuette is apparently strongly ingrained than religion or morality”Culinary Differences Make A Difference “In American and other predominantly white countries a discussion about culinary appropriation has erupted in recent years Fierce debate has arisen over what it means to eat food originally imagined by one race or ethnicity but cooked by another – such as say tacos being prepared by a white chef and sold to predominantly white customers in a fine dining setting This debate is important because it engages with the uestion of power in the making of a culture”There is No Such Thing as an Ethnic Restaurant “German food was not only accepted but certain items became sufficiently popular to regard as American something that never happened with chop suey tacos or even pizza”

  3. Pam Pam says:

    In a world where everyone is uick to pick apart the differences between groups food can be a great unifier The essays in this collection do an excellent job of showing that many foods are similar around the world even if we don't think of them that way for example every culture wraps bread around meat The book alternates between personal stories and investigations into particular cuisines and ingredients You can skip from chapter to chapter or read the whole book through but you will be EXTREMELY hungry in no time

  4. January Gray January Gray says:

    Interesting and Informative Makes you think about immigration and what we eat Grateful on a personal level for the different cultural experiences

  5. Em Em says:

    Timely discussion on immigration acceptance and food The final chapter about the Rwandan who recognized coffee as a peace keeping tool made me tear up I highly recommend this grounding kind and tasty book

  6. Gretchen Gretchen says:

    I picked this up on impulse from the new books shelf at the library and it was a delightful anthology Some stories hit me than others especially the three at the end and the stories of three women at La Cocina in San Francisco This isn’t heavy on research but it’s all the charming for it Would recommend for fans of Mind of a Chef Salt Fat Acid Heat and ueer Eye 3

  7. Serena Serena says:

    A nice set of stories about our relationships to food They were fun to read but I didn’t find them super compelling It’s a beautiful book but hasn’t altered my perspective or taught me anything

  8. Natalie Draper Natalie Draper says:

    This book is pardon me absolutely delicious I sat down at my desk on a Saturday to skim through it and ended up reading the whole thing loving every minute audibly exclaiming wow much to the bafflement of my office mate The essays are lively and could be consumed a la carte but so well organized that if the reader wishes to consume the book entirely in order it flows much like a well arranged multi course meal A delightful collection of multicultural food writing you'll want to share with others Thanks to NetGalley for the review copy for librarians This review is my own unbiased opinion

  9. Ms. Arca Ms. Arca says:

    I love this book This is one of those anthologies that is balanced on feelings research to make you think and sociological conundrums it was the best before bed read because each essay was a perfect length and rich with stories food for thought I loved the diversity of voices the nuance at trying to sort out current conversations around food what is cultural appropriation in cooking? and the photos were beautiful too I can see this being used for so many things and am racking up my ideas of who could use this and in what ways That being said I am especially excited thinking about this book using excerpts for a group read for a great discussion college profs these would be amazing HW assignments All I wanted to do was talk to someone my poor partner had to hear about most of these essays because I had learned fascinating things about naming of food how fire works or the history of soy sauce and what it all means about society and how we eat today There is such a range in this anthology that it’s also just fun to devour and lull over alone they all do tend to tie up semi nicely by the end of each essay There’s an essay about Mennonites making cheese is Mexico essays from women about how intertwined immigration is to food and musings on what ‘table manners’ look like around the world and how none of us really agree and yet we’re all way connected and similar through food and as humans than we often realize They are all relevant all human centered and all come back to food I loved this book can you tell? I might even write a blog post about ways to use some of the pieces to get someone else excited about it Well done and thank you to Chris Ying MAD folks and the publishers for this ARC

  10. Fiore Fiore says:

    An extraordinary read with essays on how food has done so much for us in both connecting us and keeping us apart Covers a range of items such as how calling restaurants ethnic is another way of labeling food made by a group as other to how the crafting of milk and cheese brings those in a Mexican and Mennomite community together Who knew an article about coffee could spawn such strong feelings?

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