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  1. Bark Bark says:

    When you put your damn glasses on read the fine print and realize the book you've just been accepted for on Netgalley is nearly 800 pages longI don't know if I can do this one folks I'll give it another try in a few weeks Nope this book is too long too meandering and too cruel I will never finish it Sorry Netgalley I suck and I need better glasses

  2. The Mustache Louie Matos The Mustache Louie Matos says:

    I admit somewhat haughtily that I am a true horror fan that has read and watched the most uncomfortable and depraved of the genre’s offerings Most times I read these books because of my curiosity and usually I have been rewarded by feeling physically ill afterwards This book ranks up there with the most vile If you enjoyed ? movies like I Spit on Your Grave Last House on The Left or Cannibal Holocaust then maybe this kind of book is for you but I have to say that this book is not good It is what I would call a literary oddity so I won’t rate it a one star but again not good The writer claims to have taken 25 years to write this and if that’s true he should be embarrassed This novel contains the points of view of a serial killer and his minions There is cannibalism bestiality rape necrophilia sadism masochism and moral perversity rendered in puerile pedantic and profane language Sometimes the killings are written in a step by step fashion as if the writer wishes to extend the gross out and rather than disturb my sensibilities the writing underscores an amateur uality Kirk Alex was in his 60's when he published this novel It’s hard to believe

  3. Tyler J Gray Tyler J Gray says:

    DNF at 14% While I can imagine what i'd rate it if I got closer to finishing it at 14% that isn't anywhere near close enough for me to be ok with rating itI knew this book was going to offensive going in It states that at the beginning so I had prepared for that If I know it going in i'm not easily offended What I wasn't expecting was to be so bored and not caring about what was going on at all Something with the writing just didn't work with me I hate to give up so soon especially with how long this book took the author over 30 years and no wonder it drove the author up the wall so to speak If it's even remotely possible for you to be offended you will be by this book It isn't for the weak stomach or faint of heart It's grossin ways than one I even tried looking ahead but I just don't think the writing is for me Messed up stuff I can deal with but the mix of not getting along with the writing and being boredI just can't I'm sorryTW Self harm fire homophobia abuse sexism suicide racism language r word ableism toxic masculinity and i'm sure if I continued reading

  4. Nicole Nicole says:

    One of the most gruesome and sickening books i have ever readAs you can see from the cover of this book it has that typical scary looking clown wielding a butcher knife When i first saw this and read the description i was thinking Ok no big deal might be a little scary and messed up nothing i can't handle YEAH RIGHT i was so wrong with my first thoughtsFor one thing the very first page of the book is a warning yes a WARNING page pretty much read at your own risk the author and publisher are not liable for any depression suicidal thoughts failed relationships etc caused by reading this bookThis book is so sick and twisted i don't know anyone who would enjoy reading thisCecil Omar Biggs is the clown we see on the front cover he is a serial killerrapist but a true wolf in sheep clothing because he portrays him self as a bishop We learn about his horrible childhood which has lead him down this murderous road into adulthoodWe only get a uick glimpse as to why he decided to become a bishop and open this so called church Supposedly one of his victims escaped after being held captive inside a coffin for 10 days she pressed charges against him and he spent some time in jail to come out a new man supposedlyNow in this church of Bigg's it is not open to anyone you have to have special invite only meaning unless he wants to kill and rape you you will not be getting inHe has board members down in the basement with his other victims they are all either homeless or mental patients that were released and had no where to go But he calls them his board members for the government because he gets a write off come tax seasonNow lets get to the part that turned my stomach The details used to describe the killing and torture went too far i tried to disassociate myself by just keep saying it's only a book but that did not help Every time Bigg's captured a new victim we would hear about the gruesome details of how he went about raping them if he could get it up then when he was threw with them how he would go about killing them most of the time he took his chainsaw and cut them up into little pieces then chopped the head off This wasn't the hardest part to read though No it was what he did with all the blood and body parts that will make you sickHe and his board members would drink the blood of the victim and the body parts? Well lets say they enjoyed that in the cooks famous Jambalaya or Kebab And anything they couldn't eat they would burn in the furnaceThe smell not only penetrated the house into the neighborhood but it stuck in the walls of the house for anyone who walked in could smell it It even stuck to them Bigg's and his partner Muck who helped hi capture his victims and kill themThe entire time reading this 10000 page book i wasn't sure how they were going to end it since it is only Book 1 of 2 but the ending was left with Bigg's bathing in a tub of blood from his most recent kill and Muck throwing up because he aint no vampireI will not be reading the second book i couldn't wait to finish this one and i honestly want to forget about it veery uickly

  5. Teresa Champagne Teresa Champagne says:

    Definite horror novelIt was a disturbing read as it entered into a depraved mind of a serial sex killer It made a difficult read but was hard to put down as you kept wanting his victims to escape but also wanted him to do killing I will read the second book as I am anxious for him to get stopped

  6. Mona williams Mona williams says:

    this book was really hard to read with all the graphic details i mean really who needs to know about his butt problems i mean the book dragged on way to long for my liking sorry i was taken in by the cover is a plus but the story itself was really just way to long

  7. Paulette Waters Paulette Waters says:

    Good book I chose 5 star because I was a very fast paced I will be reading I again and again Great book Hard to find a book that I can't put down Thank you Will be reading of you Thanks again

  8. Tonya Tonya says:

    WowThese are things nightmares are made of I can totally see this as a movie Can't wait to read from this author

  9. Rhonda E Voitl Rhonda E Voitl says:


  10. Tiffany Tinkham-Graves Tiffany Tinkham-Graves says:

    LustmordI chose one star because i couldn't get into this one at all I did not finish this book I only read like 5 chapters and just didn't catch my interest

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Lustmord ➫ [Ebook] ➦ Lustmord By Kirk Alex ➶ – Great book Dark yes Grotesue certainly Sexually explicit without a doubt And the writing is excellent Character development dialogue is as real as it gets A terrifying non putdownable horror Jeff Benn Great book Dark yes Grotesue certainly Sexually explicit without a doubt And the writing is excellent Character development dialogue is as real as it gets A terrifying non putdownable horror Jeff Bennington Kindle Book Awards.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 689 pages
  • Lustmord
  • Kirk Alex
  • 06 July 2015

About the Author: Kirk Alex

Kirk Alex’s novel Lustmord Anatomy of a Serial Butcher was a finalist in the Kindle Book Review's Best Book Awards of He is also the author of Zook Fifty Shades of Tinsel the story collection Ziggy Popper at Large the Love Lust Murder series Throwback Backlash the Eddie “Doc” Holiday Private Eye Series and a few other novels shorts.