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قرية ظالمة ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☁ قرية ظالمة Author Muhammad Kamel Hussein – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Pour la première fois un penseur musulman imagine le procès de Jésus Sous le titre mystérieux de « la Cité iniue » Kamel Hussein dans son récit du Vendredi Saint éclaire les acteurs de ce gra Pour la première fois un penseur musulman imagine le procès de Jésus Sous le titre mystérieux de « la Cité iniue » Kamel Hussein dans son récit du Vendredi Saint éclaire les acteurs de ce grand drame les Juifs les Apôtres et les Romains Mais les responsables du complot sont « tous les hommes ui veulent tuer la conscience en projetant d'exterminer celui ui la leur découvre avec une puissance de manifestation troublante et bouleversante » Tout rassembler en une seule journée et sur ce seul événement de la condamnation de Jésus fait naître une œuvre étonnante d'unité.

10 thoughts on “قرية ظالمة

  1. Nadin Soliman Nadin Soliman says:

    I just love how he thinks and add things UpVery sophisticated yet simpleA philosopher that we really need of nowMay Allah bless him

  2. Hosam Mahmoud Hosam Mahmoud says:

    This book is one of the best pieces of literaturein Egypt in the 20th Century The author Dr Mohammed Kamel Hussein wasa top surgeon in Egypt and a top playwright his book written in Arabicaround 1957 was translated into many languages and won numerous awardsThe book is about the day Jesus Christ was crucified and how thewhole town of Jerusalem conspired against him The gist of the story isthat it was a crime against humanity but one where the shares weredistributed on the whole population so that each conspirator did not feelhe is committing a crimeThe book is in novel style but is fact based too The maincharacters are real players in history but there are others likecommoners in the background who must be unreal The novel is about thereaction of several personalities to the events of the crucifixion dayThe Prosecutor The book opens with this person a young man who wascommissioned with the task of bringing charges against Jesus He is a Jewfrom a noble family and belongs to the upper echelons of the rich andpowerful Only the day before did everybody congratulate him for thebrilliance he showed in prosecuting the case That day he is about to goout when his wife rich and spoilt but wise and kind hearted complainedthat he is leaving her on the occasion of her Birthday The prosecutortells her that there is a case of unparalleled importance before theassembly of the elders one the repercussions of which might last forcenturies The simple wife asks and what is the crime? The prosecutorexplains confidently in great zeal The woman comments that she sees nocrime What is wrong in a message to spread love brotherhood andeuality? The prosecutor explains the dangers to society the shaking ofold tradition at the foundation the evils of euating the strong andsmart to the run of the mill He then goes out of his house but lessconfident about his argumentsThe Blacksmith This is a scene where a number of commoners are standingby the blacksmith who is preparing the cross nails They are egging him onto sharpen the nails because such evil must be harshly punished Whilethey are arguing a splinter of hot iron flys into the eye of the man withthe strongest accusation The man thinks he is being heavenly punished forhis own evil that he bore ill wishes for an innocent man whom he doesnot even know The accuser changes his mind on the spot Now he is callingto exonerate Jesus The whole crowd is less confidentThe Magdolene pretty much her real role in history loving and supportingof JesusA Roman soldier Falls madly in love with the Magdolene and converts andhelps the Christians Suffers a horribly painful death as punishment atthe hands of his superior officer and comrades in armsKeyafa The Jewish ruler of the town Deep inside he has much admirationfor Jesus and his message but he cannot dare declare his support for thenew message it is his duty to see to it that the old ways of life arepreserved not support antithical ideas that will bring them to theirdemiseHerod The Jewish ruler of all the lands from a previous era A heartlessmindless historical figureThe Roman Governor Sees that discipline is above any thing elseincluding love brotherhood euality and any compassion Rome did notrule the World by having the weak and ignorant come to share the goodieswith the strong and privileged He is there to see to it that these basiccorners of society are not endangered by a new message of love Disciplineis the acceptable norm Even this hard man was conflicted by the trialand at the end of the day he had his doubtsThere are a number of other characters The bottom line is they allconspired in a crime of immeasurable magnitude but no one feelsparticularly guily because anyone's share of the crime is infinitesimal

  3. Ramy Ramy says:

    AMAZING deep philosophical taking place during the time it was decided to crucify Isa pbuh Jesus Christ It focuses on the people who lived at that day and their human psyche human conscience the debate between right and wrong guidance and going astray how can a person easily get corrupted by his own ego and arrogance knowing the right and being reluctant to support it just to keep his own prideVery well written without conflict regarding Islamic or Christian point of views of Jesus Ascension without being Crucified Vs Crucified Resurrected then Ascension that's not even discussedAgain simply an AMAZING piece of workو أخيراً انتهيت من قراءتها بالرغم من انها 225 صفحة الا انها عصية اللغة عميقة المعاني من أصعب ما قرأت ، هى دراسة فلسفيه أكثر منها روايهإذا كان لا يعجبك النقاشات الفلسلفيه لن يعجبك هذا الكتاببالتأكيد هو عمل يُقرأ أكثر من مرة واحدة

  4. دارين دارين says:

    I dare say One of the best or maybe the best

  5. Aya Aboelmaged Aya Aboelmaged says:

    One of the best books I've ever read ما قل ودل

  6. Radwa Mousa Radwa Mousa says:

    El Book club #1

  7. Hala Hala says:

    interesting to read the crucifixion story from so many different angles it can be easily related to today's world of power seeking it s not an easy read though some parts are boring

  8. Yosif Khaled Yosif Khaled says:

    5 stars for the book and the style3 stars for the opinions

  9. Ellison Ellison says:

    Lumbering slog that is a fictional examine of the day Jesus died Occasional insight from different perspectives

  10. Raghda Raghda says:

    If I could give this book 10 stars out of 5 I would have This is a must read tale that is great philosophy and wisdom found in the most timeless of talesI love it ❤️

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