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The Highlander's Promise [Reading] ➿ The Highlander's Promise By Lynsay Sands – Aulay Buchanan has retreated to his clan’s hunting lodge for a few days of relaxation But the raven haired beauty he pulls from the ocean puts an end to any chance of rest Though he christens her Je Aulay Buchanan has retreated to his clan’s hunting lodge for a few days of relaxation But the raven haired beauty he pulls from the ocean puts an end to any chance of The Highlander's eBook ò rest Though he christens her Jetta she knows nothing of her real identity save that someone is trying to kill her As she recovers it will not be easy for Aulay to protect her and keep her honor intact when she mistakenly believes they are man and wifeJetta sees beyond Aulay’s scars to the brave loyal warrior she’s proud to call her own But as the attempts on her life grow brazen Jetta realizes that not all is as she believes And if Aulay is not her husband can she trust the desire flaring in his eyes or his promise to defend her with his life.

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  1. Jen Jen says:

    Another fabulous read This was the 6th book of the series and I have enjoyed it most of all Aulay Buchanan is the oldest brother of the 7 handsome men; but he’s the one with the scarred face that everyone scowls at No one can look at him with out disgust until he saves a lady’s life when Jetta looks at him it’s with love and awe He’s her angel saviour and she thinks he’s her husband Jetta was in a bad boating accident that has caused her memory loss and when she finally wakes up she thinks Aulay is her beloved husband To keep her comfortable the whole Buchanan family goes along with her beliefs so they don’t upset her Of course like all of Lyndsay Sands books there are a ton of humorous situations that happen throughout the book Also there is an enemy going around trying to kill Jetta too This read kept me hooked to the pages and I devoured it like the rest of the books in the seriesNow I have to wait until the next instalment comes out in January It makes me sad but gives me something to look for What an awesome series this has turned out to be

  2. MG *Bury Me with My Kindle... & a REALLY Long Charger MG *Bury Me with My Kindle... & a REALLY Long Charger says:

    3 12 starsThis is the 6th book in Lynsay Sands' Highland Brides series and the story creatively unfolds in this adventure featuring Clan Buchanan's chieftain Aulay and a mysterious beautiful woman who uite literally sails into his lifeAulay is the eldest of the current clan generation which includes 7 brothers and 1 sister Sidhe who was the subject of an earlier book in the series While Aulay was briefly introduced in earlier stories in this series we don't much about him beyond his love of his family; his abilities as a leader; and the large fear inspiring scar that mars his once flawlessly handsome face Following a battle several years ago that left him broken in spirit and body his fiancee rejected him and said she could not bear to be with a monster; thus Aulay resigned himself to the fact that he would never find anyone who would love him and has focused his attentions almost solely to the role of chieftain During a brief respite to the hunting cabin to clear his head Aulay sets off to go fishing one morning only to find a most unusual sight a woman tied to the mast of a boat that is slipping under the water Given the intensity of the storm the night before Aulay is certain she must be dead; as he seeks to free her from the mast she opens her eyes looks at his face and calls him her angel She slips into unconsciousness after cryptically telling her rescuer that she is in danger and cannot go back from whence she came Following an almost 2 week coma state the woman awakens but the head trauma has led to amnesia When she wakes to find Aulay in the room with her alone she assumes he must be her husband Given her precarious health the clan healer one of Aulay's brothers suggests that he not correct this misunderstanding as that stress may lead to a relapse Meanwhile the unknown dangers in the life of the woman Aulay has named Jetta because of the shade of her hair threaten to not only destroy the relationship developing between the two of them but to end Jetta's new life before it can even beginWhat I liked The story line was a little fresh and original than the typical over done amnesia plot The characters from earlier books were present in the story and we got to know a little about the subjects of future booksWhat I didn't like as much Since this story was about Aulay I thought we would get info on his background and specifics about how he got the scar what happened in the battle etc but that was all glanced over which was disappointing because I didn't feel like I got to know his character as intimately as I would have wanted to It all felt a little rushed at the end and the villain was a little out there in terms of motive especially since we didn't have any background about that person before everything came back to the h just before the finale While there were some steamy moments this one wasn't as juicy as I am accustomed to getting from a Sands romanceOverall an enjoyable read with a creative twist on the amnesia romancePlot 355Main Characters 355Supporting Cast 45Steam Level 255Violence nothing goryoverly descriptiveLanguage mildPOV 3rd

  3. Lover of Romance Lover of Romance says:

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI received this book for free from Avon in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewThe Highlander's Promise is the latest release in the Highlander series by Lynsay Sands This is number six in the series and this book features the oldest of the siblings Aulay For those new to this series its a series set in Medieval Scotland which is set around this one family eight siblings and all of these books are badass fun and always seem to have some mysterysuspense to the plot in some way And boy the villains here will give you the shivers I have really had a blast with these books and the wit is just right on  What I found most impressive about this book is that it was SO sweet and tender There was a softer feeling to this book that I was just in the mood for And what a page turner I stayed up all night reading itAulay is the oldest of his siblings and is the Clan Chief and Laird of Buchanan Aulay has had a rough time of it especially when it comes to women Aulay was scarred in a battle on his face and his betrothed spurned him cruelly because of it and ever since no woman has come anywhere near him He has nearly lived a life of a monk and has chosen to devote his time to the protect of his family and his clan Aulay is a bit different from his siblings he likes to be alone and have his solitudeAulay is out fishing with his brother when they are out in the sea when they find a lone mast of a ship and a woman tied to it Aulay rushes out to save her before she drowns and finds her with a severe head wound and mumbling about her family trying to kill her and then she passes out in his arms So he returns her to his home where his brother a doctor can heal her  When she wakes up again however she is a bit delirious and asks him if he is her brother when he says no she assumes that he is her husband and then she passes out again His brother advises him to keep up with the charade that they are married so that she can recover or she might not make it if she doesn't believe she isn't in a loving environmentSo he keeps up the charade of being Jetta's husband When she fully wakes up after three weeks of being asleep there is a sizzling chemistry between Aulay and Jetta Aulay is trying his hardest to do the honorable thing and not take advantage of her before she knows the truth but she is willing and eager for bedroom play and its hard to resist her sweet and beautiful body especially when she is the first woman since his scarring to admire him as a woman does a man She isn't fearful of him instead she finds him even sexy with his scarMy husband is the kindest most considerate man live and the scar does not take away from that He is handsome The scar merely adds a rakish air to his good looks If I was too blind or foolish to see that ere hitting my head then I was a stupid shallow childHe finds himself on very unfamiliar territory with Jetta and their timing are always bad since his brother keeps stumbling on them when things are getting heated Aulay's family welcome Jetta fully into their arms but there is a danger a danger that Jetta doesn't remember and when there are moments when it's proving that someone is out to kill Jetta Aulay and his siblings work together to find the culprit and bring peace back into their clan and their homesThe Highlander's Promise was simply pure delight while reading I soaked up every page like a sponge and wow I blew threw this book so uickly When I am really into a story I can read so fast and it was so engaging with all the feels and the plot just keeps you on the edge of your seat I mean reallyI stayed up super late to read it it didn't matter that I was dead tired I just couldn't put my kindle down and I am so glad that I didn't because I was immersed in Aulay and Jetta story fullyI found this pairing to be uite uniue even for Lynsay Sands There was something different about this pairing in a way that I don't think that I have read from this author before and I LOVED it I mean really sometimes it's nice to have a sweet and light love story and that is what this book was It didn't have heavy drama or complex tropes that keeps this pair apart Of course we do have the scenario of them which can cause some conflict but instead it brings them together and they fall in love because of the intimacy that builds between themOur heroine is suffering from a severe case of Amnesia she doesn't even remember her name All she assumes is her name is Jetta and that she is lucky to be married to a sexy and rakish highlander who is sweet and tender and treats her so gently So she assumes that the sex is hot considering how much chemistry flares when they are in close proximity near him At first she doesn't understand why he puts her down when things get too heated because of course she believes their married and gets a bit creative when waking him up wink wink And in these intimate moments between them what I really respected was seeing how focused the hero was on the heroine's pleasure and her sexuality He always puts her needs first and sigh that was hot as hellat least until the brother keeps running in on them and boy it was so FUNNY because he is not approving of it Aulay realizing that he is taking advantage of her when she doesn't know the truth but his brother is adamant that she isn't healed enough to know the truth But when one of his clanswoman is shot in the back with an arrow he is forced to leave the cottage they are keeping Jetta in and seeing to the situation at the keep But when his siblings come to see him and meet Jetta things get even complicated when they try to put Aulay and Jetta together They see the connection and they see how highly Jetta views Aulay When Saidh intervents Aulay knows he is in big trouble because nothing except mother nature can stop her when she wants something Saidh is protective of her family but when she sees how much Jetta loves Aulay she knows they belong togetherIn truth you are probably than I ever dared hope for I would consider myself lucky to be your wife bear your bairs and die an old woman in our arms I see a happy future with youThere is such sweet affection between Aulay and Jetta and of course they really know how to make flames in the bedroom I don't think I have read a historical with such HOT scenes and it's not like they were super super blazing but the emotion and the connection were so well written that you find yourself immersed and boy did I almost go up in flames from these interactions It had such a sex positive feel to the book that I just fell in love withI find you very handsome husband I also like your kisses and touchAnd the idea of you having your way with me sends shivers all through me and leaves me wantingBut just as their relationship is being cemented and Jetta learns the real truth and they are planning they get married for REAL this time Things take a challenging twist when Jetta is pushed down the stairs and Aulay and his siblings are all witnesses but somehow the villain vanished in the secret tunnels which only a handful of people know Aulay has no idea who would want to kill her except for the fact that it could be someone from her family Then the villain is revealed and Jetta's memory comes swirling back and it takes Aulay and all of his siblings and their spouses working together to save her life and learn the truths and what someone desperate and jealous and vain will do to winIt did me a world of good Jetta is mine now And archers attackers and fires be damened I'm a happy manThis book was simply FABULOUS I fell hard for Aulay and Jetta together they were so wonderful and sweet and had a charming feel to the romance that keeps you fascinated and intrigued and not wanting to let the book down until the end A TRULY EMOTIONAL ROMANCE THAT GIVES YOU ALL THE FEELS  foogallery id25838

  4. Elley Murray Elley Murray says:

    I DNF'd this at 15% because I was getting major gross creepy vibes from the male lead Aulay Like creepy to the point that I found myself highlighting passages because of the super high ick factor He basically finds a woman unconscious tied to the mast of a ship floating in the ocean and he brings her back to his lodge to get her medical help from one of his many MANY brothers While she's unconscious he keeps noticing her breasts and and fantasizing about her It was these two lines that finally made me yell Gross and mark this book as DNF her breasts were now directly in front of his mouth Aulay closed his eyes at once and counted to ten twice and then again It had been far too long since he'd enjoyed the company of a woman and this was just well it was like a starving man having the finest ale waved before his nose Women are not meat Aulay No He does resist his urges to suck on this unconscious woman's boobs so good job I guess?And then on the very next page As ashamed as he was to admit it Aulay didn't think he could look at all that perfect white flesh and those hard nipples again without touching and possibly tasting them as he dressed her There was only so much temptation a man can handle and the devil in him was already arguing that it would not hurt to just give them a uick lick or suckle She'd never know Nope Nope nope nope And then she wakes up from her coma and has no memory and decided Aulay must be her husband and Aulay's brother says to play along so they don't upset her and just nope Nope nope nope And now I see in another review that there's a lot of talk about rape at the end of the book whatever that means so I'm just DNFing this rather than sticking it out and hoping it gets less ucky This is a bummer because the book itself is really well written and I loved the previous book in this series Surrender to the Highlander as well as several other books by Lynsay Sands

  5. Lisa (Remarkablylisa) Lisa (Remarkablylisa) says:

    cheesy and crazy fluffy romance

  6. Desi Desi says:

    Hard one to rate Porous uality plot ridiculous villain though it’s uite enjoyable throughout if some cringe worthy huge creep factor consent violations were put aside Genuinely nice characters and great family dynamics Funny at times though at many points things were shoved way over the line As mentioned I had a major problem with the way the author had him lusting after her so excessively while she was unconscious Any normal person would be concerned about her injuries less so about her breasts He took that way too far in the thoughts ascribed to him Particularly the she’ll never know thought Like F U Also on another oft repeated note it’s 2018 can authors please stop having virgins do it three times in a row their first ever night of sex with no pain on entry multiple orgasms and no soreness after blush blush lets go again round four straight away the morning after I’m sure somewhere a Virgin reader will be severely disillusioned later because that’s always what these books purport happens straight out the gate Can we have one day of buildup? Seriously can these book virgin vixens have a 4 6 hour first time soreness recovery gap? It’s not a lot to ask The fellatio scene was downright ridiculous Seriously that seuence was the most explosively silly scene I’ve ever read anywhere Besides being unlikely for any female of that era and seriously violating It did not amuse me Reminded me of a crude Will Ferrel style movie joke that just falls flat And Yo how many times was it necessary for the heroine to get conked on the head for this plot to work? Excessive much? I was a bit tired of her being bruised battered and bashed by the end How much abuse does one character need? Her brain should have been mushy soup that’s how much Sands bounced her around Flaws aside it was an easy read with engaging characters that I would have rated higher were it not for said factors Glad Sands is doing medievals again This lacks the bellly laugh charm of her old ones which had great slapstick plots and oodles of fun but it’s definitely engaging and less tired than her vampire rinse and repeat tendency

  7. Vanna Vanna says:

    3 stars 😊 It was ok I think I was disappointed because I had such high expectations for Aulay's story I wanted a Beauty and the Beast type of story and got a soapy dramedy instead 🙄 I really like Ms Sands books but now that we're onto the 6th book in the series I'm seeing a lot of repetition of similar plot lines from the previous books the same types of attacks over and over on the h the h losing her clothes in some way or the other the h making rash decisions or trusting someone close someone from the family a women being the main villain 😳🙄 Not that it's not fun because the interactions and humor in the stories is uite enjoyable and worth all the crazy story lines but it is becoming predictable and I skipped a lot of pages in this one 😝 However I am looking forward to reading the latest one recently released the premise sound promising for sure 😁 but a short break from the Lairds and Ladies is essential for now 👍

  8. Tracy Emro Tracy Emro says:

    Laird Aulay Buchanan's day is not going as expected He felt a black mood coming and set out to his hunting lodge for some time alone but his younger brother Alick has tagged along Aulay reiterates that he is going fishing nothing Alick is disappointed he was hoping fishing meant drinking and wenching but decides to stay for a couple of days anyway They take a boat out on the ocean and Alick spots something it looks like a ship mast They get closer and discover a woman tied to the mast They cut her free and are shocked that she is alive She wakes and looks at Aulay he prepares himself for the inevitable scream of horror when she sees his scarred visage But she surprises him by asking if he is an angel He asks if she has family they should notify and she gets upset and babbles about a cat a white lady and betrotheds who are not her betrothed killing their first wife and now will kill her Aulay promises to keep her safe and will not alert anyone until she is well He asks her name but she has passed out That is when he sees the blood They rush back to the lodge and he sends Alick to get Rory and a few of his other brothersShe is wounded and Rory doesn't expect her to live he shaved part of her head to treat the wounds and leaves her in Aulay's care He spends the next few weeks nursing her back to health He has been calling her Jetta because of her beautiful black hair but he longs to know who she is because she is the first woman to look upon him without horror since he got the injury in the same battle that took his twin brother Ewan She wakes and believes that Aulay is her husband she has no memory of her past and when she tries to remember it causes her extreme pain and she passes out Rory tells Aulay to play along he doesn't want her to get upset or be frightened Aulay agrees but his attraction to her makes it hard to keep his distance Especially when Jetta doesn't understand why her husband won't bed her Slowly Jetta heals but has not remembered much than a few trifling bits of her previous life She and Aulay spend a lot of time together and she tells him how lucky she is to have him for a husband When he is called back to the castle to investigate the shooting of a maid Jetta learns about his past Aulay longs to return to Jetta but he owes Katie the maid justice His attempts to discover who Jetta really is have turned up nothing and he wonders what will happen if she learns they are not really married Will she leave him? His uncle points out that his family has descended on the lodge and she will soon be brought to the keep if she calls him husband and he calls her wife they will be in fact married But Aulay doesn't want to trick her he will have to tell her the truthJetta and Mavis are at the lodge and are upset over the death of Robbie's dog when Saidh Edith Murine and Jo all converge on the lodge The ladies wanted to meet Jetta and they all love her they want her to be married to her sweet Aulay and if Saidh has anything to do with it she will They take her back to the keep and Aulay is worried that she will inadvertently announce they are married and takes her right up to their room He leaves her to rest and goes back to his family They all think he should keep her and the ladies go up to get her dressed When she finally comes down she is pushed and tumbles down the stairs They are unable to find the person who pushed her so Aulay orders a guard on her Later over dinner she remembers and Aulay's secret is out She is upset but when he very sweetly proposes she acceptsThey marry and when they slip away to consummate their vows another attempt is made on her life Worried for her he confines her to their chamber But later sees her sneaking into his brother Niels' room and propositioning him Aulay is devastated he believed her words of love and feels like a fool But soon he realizes not all is as it seems but can he save her before the viper in their midst gets to herYou just can’t go wrong with a Lynsay Sands Highlander novel they are a perfect blend of humor action and steamy love scenes I loved this book and cannot wait for the next installment in the series Even though this is the sixth book in the series but it can absolutely be read as a stand alone title with no problems and I can't recommend it highly enoughI am voluntarily leaving a review for an UNCORRECTED eARC that was provided to me by Edelweiss and the publisher

  9. Stacee Stacee says:

    I had read a few of the other books in this series so I was interested in this one I liked Jetta and Aulay well enough They’re both good people and loyal and I liked their spark together Both of them seemed to fall into their spouse roles uickly and there was chemistry Of course there are loads of brothers and sisters and wives but I gave up trying to keep them straight Plot wise it was interesting I don’t think I’ve ever read amnesia in a romance book before and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it Of course it made sense to not be honest with Jetta from the start but it was also pretty shady The villain was interesting and not what I expected Overall it was a uick and mostly fun read I do like this cast of characters so even though I have no idea who is who they are the reason I keep reading FYI There is a lot of talk of rape towards the end Huge thanks to Avon Books for providing the arc free of charge

  10. Mara Mara says:

    35 stars Again I have to caveat that this series has a disturbing trend of using horrific sexual assaultviolence as plot contrivance or way to catalyze crazy behavior from villains and that is a very sour note in books that are otherwise uite charmingThat said I love the hell out of this series I love the family dynamics I love how light silly these usually are and I love that they are super low angst almost all conflict is external in some kind of mystery plot and it is just a warm hug of a book

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