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  • 24 November 2015

10 thoughts on “The Red 3

  1. Bradley Bradley says:

    Like the title suggests but it doesn't uite spell out it's a novel of going dark and silent as well as a right hand turn going straight into the darknessI mean we already knew that Shelly was going to leave the side of the angels and go deep into black ops for the sake of a god that he can't trust but at least he's able to rely on his idealism to salve his conscience Right?Right And so we have black ops military events that continually get fucked up beyond belief and and it's now time to fully start uestioning why he should allow himself to be controlled by others be it the Red or anyone else It's good to uestion to get a little skeptical and it keeps the story plodding away between action and misgivingsAs a straight techno thriller it's pretty decent but there's one thing that disturbs me The ending of this book much like the rest of the books in the trilogy has a vaguely unsatisfying ending Maybe it's the ambiguity I'm never uite sure who are the good guys in the novel although I have the feeling that I should be rooting for Shelly After all he's still King David going in against an enemy of giant reputation Still the book has a lot of open uestions and it looks like we're going to have to pick things up in new instalments We kind of have to at this point Things may not be up in the air so much for Shelly any since he's been locked down but it looks like there are too many players on the board for anyone to be sleeping soundly any despite the respiteThis is a pretty fun series and should be a must read for you folks who love military SF only slightly futuristic from where we are now AIs and cybernetic implants hooya

  2. Justine Justine says:

    Going Dark was decent finish to a series that was very good overall This last book lacked the emotional element present in the first two books instead focusing strictly on the carrying out of various missions I think the book suffered slightly by not having any relationship story included in it this time around but that is just my personal feeling I would rate the series as a whole 4 stars

  3. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    The Red is a good series Unfortunately this book is only a mediocre entry in that seriesJames Shelley is now totally committed to the Red Working as part of an Existential Threat Management ETM team he and his fellow LCS Red influenced soldiers seek and destroy things that represent a threat to civilization or the Red itself But he still cares about the life he's left behind and those people still care about himLike the previous books this one is very episodic split up into code named missions that are action packed and slowly further the narrative The problem here is that the narrative is already about as furthered as it's going to be at the start of the story We already know that the Red is alien in its thought processes We also know that it doesn't hesitate to sacrifice its pieces or exert direct influence over them And Shelley has long suspected that the Red is not necessarily a cohesive wholeSo there's not much to be revealed here other than perhaps Shelley's final fate Which like many soldiers after a long career feels a bit anti climactic

  4. Amanda Amanda says:

    Overall I really enjoyed this series I did feel like the end was a bit unsatisfying and that there are uite a few loose ends for this to be the last installment I actually finished this yesterday but I had to think about it before I related it Books where the line between the good guys and the bad guys is very thin always leave me feeling a bit unsettled

  5. Scott Scott says:

    I was pretty disappointed with the last book in this series I really missed the relationships and connections Shelley had from the previous two books There was plenty of action but it became really repetitive Go on mission shit gets fucked get out by the skin of your teeth rinse and repeat Not until near the end did I even feel like I cared what happened I ended up liking the open ended finale we got but most everything leading up to it I could take or leave

  6. Michael Hicks Michael Hicks says:

    My original GOING DARK audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook ReviewerGoing Dark the finale in Linda Nagata’s terrific military science fiction trilogy “The Red” returns Lt James Shelley to the front lines of a war dominated by artificial intelligence Presumed dead following his low Earth orbit exploits at the close of The Trials Shelley has been serving as a suad member in the secret Existential Threat Management team a group of soldiers whose deaths have been faked by The Red AI and who carry out missions on the intelligence’s behalf After a look and see mission in the Arctic puts the world’s superpowers on the edge of all out warfare the ETM’s cover is blown by a traitor and Shelley and his team find themselves once again serving the US on a series of risky missions related to the competing ideologies of various rogue AI’s that may be off shoots of The RedAs exhibited in the previous two novels Nagata has a strong knack for creating deeply layered plots and dense narratives The various scenarios she puts Shelley and company through are intriguing and paint a highly interesting view of the world as seen through the eyes and minds of these soldiers a world that is constantly being manipulated by the overarching and far reaching influences of an unstoppable and uncontrollable artificial intelligenceIn this final chapter Nagata adds a few new wrinkles and subplots enough so that I hope and wish for novels in this series despite it being billed as a trilogy Over the last two books we’ve gotten hints of a bigger scope to the world as humanity slowly takes to the stars Here we get a brief mention of Mars preppers looking to make it off world but the narrative remains strictly Earthbound Frankly I’d love to see Nagata take on outer space at some point Going Dark though does serve a fitting finale to the story of James Shelley even if a lot of the larger concepts surrounding him go unresolved With The Red Nagata has created an overwhelming game changer an uncontainable genie that is not easily put back in the bottle As with the prior installments though the focus is strictly on the human element and the ways in which characters respond to the evolving world around them I have to applaud Nagata for still finding new aspects of Shelley’s character to play with and for surrounding him with a supporting cast many of them new faces who are special in their own rightRegarding the narration Kevin T Collins has become the voice of the series and there’s a certain comfort factor in his return here The speech and timbre are familiar and listening to him once again embody James Shelley is a welcoming easy listen The production values continue to be high and the narration proceeds without a hitch for its 16 12 hours run timePacked with a number of explosive action seuences solid world building and characters that are worth the time investment Going Dark is a strong finish to Nagata’s “The Red” series Taken a whole this series has uickly become a personal favorite If you’ve read or listened to the prior installments finishing it up with this finale is a no brainer

  7. Tim Hicks Tim Hicks says:

    I enjoyed this series but #3 was a bit of a letdown The action scenes have to be there because they are part of the Brand of this series but I found myself skimming them Gencom gencom AI lights up targets bam repeat Someone gets hurt and we drag them out Repeat What makes it work this time is the repeated way it all works until it doesn't and Nagata is careful not to tell us why Is the the Red? Local AIs? Someone everyone? up the chain of command?One gets perhaps a little tired of the old tough soldier ain't gonna let no brass hats tell HIM what to do and it almost wanders into You're Off This Case Give me your gun but Nagata saves it with an examination of the suad deciding who they should be loyal to and why The themes of non linear war and the AI genie can't be put back in the bottle are very goodThe ending? Meh OK with what happens re Shelley but I figure that after some 1400 pages we should get to know what Nagata thinks the Red is and what it's up to Also I want to know who decided it would be a good idea to let the Red have a way to influence soldiers' thinking Was Shelley really the first to think Wai ai ait a minute I have a growing feeling that Nagata had no choice but to leave it unresolved because all the resolutions I can think of are in the painting oneself into a corner variety I may have missed something but for me Leonid wasn't credible as the benevolent uncle given what he was before but it's possible so OK Also not sure about the local AIs being philosophically capable of realizing that the Red exists and needs to be and can be deked out But in the end the whole story arc of Shelley theRed the higher officers was an interesting and effective choice

  8. Charles Charles says:

    A near future MIL SFCyberpunk ish thriller series in which a cyborged commando unit under the control of a rogue AI protects the planet from Existential ThreatsMIL SF is a swamp I rarely read it any longer There are too many knuckle dragging authors writing in the space killing BEMs for carnage's sake Nagata's series has been both militarily correct and not all about guns and drums and drums and guns Hurroo This is the final book in the series I started the series a long time ago and finally got around to finishing it The previous book in the series The Trials wasn’t bad although I thought the first book in the series First Light to be much better My reviewsThis was a military science fiction thriller that dances around the AI Is a Crapshoot with a militarily cyborged soldier as the protagonist In this last book James Shelley becomes part of a deep black commando organization working for the benevolent rogue AI The Red that has infiltrated his implants and is making A World Half Full a better place Very well written futuristic military actions ensue However Shelly discovers that The Red isn’t Mission Control It can take control Plot lines started in the earlier books are advanced Finally the series is given a soft ending with the potential for a reboot The writing is good particularly the action seuences This story was darker than the other books in the series The author achieves a pseudo cyberpunk atmosphere and moves the story uickly to an ambiguous series ending Frankly it’s a non endingMy dead tree copy was a hefty 465 pages Original US copyright for the story was 2015 Reading this book without having read the other books in the series is not recommended The book leverages and ties up almost all the plots in the previous two2 booksLinda Nagata is an American science fiction author who writes stories mostly in the cybertech sub genres This is the final book in her The Red TrilogyProse was good Dialog was militarily authentic The military badinage was particularly amusing Descriptive prose and tech were good I thought the slide from the modern state of the world into a dystopian one was credible Action seuences particularly combat were better than good Shelly is the single POV for the storyThere was no sex or drug abuse in the story Violence was physical and firearms It was moderately graphic Descriptions of resulting trauma were minimized Body count was in line with full combat in a war zoneThe main character is Shelly He’s a super soldier He’s martyred himself to work for The Red to make the planet a better place His death has been faked He’s voluntarily lost his girl his family and to a certain extent his country He is however In the company of Men and Women fighting to make the world a better place The antagonist was The Red It was an AI which had escaped into the wild and remains undercover manipulating world events The AI can access and hijack computer controlled resources and the efforts of established organizations as is needed Never Trust The Red The Red is not human There were numerous supporting characters from the previous books and newly created These include the love of Shelly’s Life Delphi However mostly they are military ex military politicians technologists arms dealers terrorists and human collateral damageThe plotting sucked if only because in this last book of the series it ended ambiguously with sub plots obviously dangling Military science fiction tropes in the story continue in the modern flavor of Joe Haldeman and John Scalzi The AI tropes are mentioned above Most of the story is Shelly and his commando suad going on too many ‘Missions at the command of The Red In the process we get an abbreviated World Tour of the near future “hot spots” The final mission reminded me of an updated Blackhawk Down The big turn is when Shelly realizes he’s lost his free will He uits The Red He ends up On the Beach with the girl at least temporarily The series comes to a perfunctory endingThis was a moderately entertaining MIL SFCyberpunk ish thriller series The author continued with using well executed MIL SF tropes powered armor computer mission control battle robots etc in the mildly dystopian near future that started the series The riffs on these tropes were than good enough for my jaded palette This book was much darker than other books in the series A MIL SF reader will find it entertaining However it was a non ending to the series Long term plot lines were left hanging Existential threats to humanity including The Red are still Out ThereI think I'm interested in reading a story in The Red universe from the author The Last Good Man but not right now

  9. Michael Burnam-Fink Michael Burnam-Fink says:

    Going Dark closes out The Red trilogy in an unsatisfying manner Lt Shelley has gone off the grid entirely now handling Existential Threat Management for The Red Whenever the enigmatic AI detects a threat to its existence or to world security Shelley and a suad of soldiers who have been marked officially dead in the databases and survive in the cracks of the classified world with forged orders show up and trouble shoot with extreme prejudice The story opens with an assault on a arctic oil rig that's being used to house a potential biowarfare lab but the mission goes tits up There's a shootout with mercenaries the lab turns out to be doing secret pharmaceutical work the extraction is late and eventually when Shelley and ETM Suad 7 get back to their secret lair hidden in plain sight on an Army base in Texas they get blown by their intel contractor and turned back over to the US Army who needs them to do one last mission to save the world There's plenty of action and Nagata still has a fine eye for shoot outs but little of the character moments or social criticism that made the prior books exceptional fiction Shelley is officially dead estranged from the world and working for a rogue AI but it's treated as shockingly normal There's little tension within the unit over the weirdness of their situation and for all the blather about 'non linear warfare' and unlikely allies a jovial Russian arms dealer stereotype seems pretty likely in this world Dragons in setting term for the super rich the fragile state of American democracy in a world traumatized by nuclear terrorism and even the desires of The Red are treated in a mostly pro forma way I thought there was some cool potential with the idea that The Red had grown out of an advertising algorithm and wanted to make happy endings for people whatever that might mean but it acts mostly as a literal deus ex machinaI think there's room for seuels and it's a decent enough book on a sentence to sentence level but the later seasons of Person of Interest handled these topics way better

  10. Cathy Cathy says:

    I'm not a big fan of military science fiction Battles tend to bore me and set me scanning But the small suad fighting like in these books is a interesting to me than armies clashing What was most interesting here is how seamlessly Nagata integrated the technology The way she was so good at making the soldiers seem real the fighting seem real and the tech seem real it always felt so completely true to life that I almost forgot this was science fiction These books have a vitality that works for me plus strong characters And the relatively near future situations are really believable projections from our present good bad and ugly The technology the geo politics the economics the intense interactions of all of those things the world that Nagata has created is one of the most vivid and believable that I've read There's something about her writing style that's so crisp and clear We say all of the time it was like a movie I could picture the whole thing in my head perfectly Well this was 3D But a tip — don't get the paperback if you have vision issues the font is extraordinarily small I had to return it to the library and wait for the hardback which is a tiny bit better If you have vision issues get the hardback or even better get the ebook

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The Red 3❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ The Red 3 Author Linda Nagata – Keine Echten Verbündeten Keine Festen Feindbilder Keine Sicheren SchlachtfelderDiejenigen die ihm am nächsten stehen halten ihn für tot Und der ehemalige Army Lieutenant James Shelley hat nicht vor Keine Echten Verbündeten Keine Festen Feindbilder Keine Sicheren SchlachtfelderDiejenigen die ihm am nächsten stehen halten ihn für tot Und der ehemalige Army Lieutenant James Shelley hat nicht vor etwas daran zu ändern Dennoch wird er von einer Organisation für verdeckte Operationen rekrutiert die sich ganz dem Red einer hochentwickelten künstlichen Intelligenz verschrieben hat und mit dessen Hilfe die Welt vor Bedrohungen schützen willShelley ist davon überzeugt dass er die notwendige Vorsicht gelernt hat wenn es um die Arbeit mit der geheimnisvollen künstlichen Intelligenz geht – bis Reds immer unberechenbareres Verhalten aus The Red PDF \ Versehen einen Krieg entfacht und Shelley auf Kollisionskurs mit seinem alten Leben schicktIm abschließenden Buch der The Red Trilogie muss sich Shelley entscheiden wem – oder was – er vertrauen will während er darum kämpft einen eskalierenden Konflikt aufzuhalten der droht die Welt ins Chaos zu stürzen und diejenigen zu zerstören die er liebt.

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