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  1. FrSJMC FrSJMC says:

    This anonymous American priest is privileged to spend a considerable length of time with the Carthusians His reflections on the life are in the form of letters written home The book is relatively short and his style is easy to read though the modern references and turns of phrase often seem at odds with this ancient order The most interesting aspect is how his own thoughts progressively deepen as he spends time in silence There are many glorious pictures giving a snapshot into this world and a helpful reading list at the back for further information

  2. Marsmannix Marsmannix says:

    This is actually a series of letters written home by an anonymous priest relating his experience staying with the monks This short book's descriptions of daily life and traditions of the monk and the surrounding village are vivid and personal It also includes color photographs of various scenes around the monastery and for the careful viewer an additional layer of learning Anyone interested in the life of the religious monks and the contemplative life will find this interesting PS if any talk of Christian religion gives you hives don't read this PPS; i'm an atheistPPPS i learned the origin of the name of the yellow green color we called chartreuse

  3. Emily Emily says:

    A wonderful in depth look at the life of Carthusian monks in Calabria Italy The book is gorgeously illustrated and rich in detail A excellent book for anyone interested in this most silent of orders or monastic life in general

  4. Christopher Moellering Christopher Moellering says:

    Nice introduction to the Carthusian charism

  5. Stuart Stuart says:

    The Carthusian Monks are a religious order that are devoted to silence prayer and simplicity Due to this isolation from the world and a solitary devotion to God they tend not to allow visitors except on rare occasions With that said they recently allowed a visitor to their community in Calabria Italy He was an American priest who chose to remain anonymous follow their daily regimen and write a book about it This book is called Report from Calabria A Season with the Carthusian Monks and I'd like to tell you a little bit about it todayThe book is written in the format of journalingletters home to his family and friends The first letter begins by telling us a little bit about who the Carthusian Monks are his initial impressions of the community and the three products that these monks produce 1 Divine Worship 2 Prayer for Oneself and Others and 3 Contemplative Union with God He concludes the first letter by giving an outline or schedule of a typical day in the life of a Carthusian Monks Their day starts at 1130 PM with prayer and ends at 730 PM after prayer Much of their day is spent praying in solitude in their cell except Sundays or Solemnities Apart from few meals usually in silence or in their cell there is some manual prayer but the bulk of their day is prayer The second letter tells about the food He describes it as simple but delicious and a generous portion However they only receive one meal per day Another letter tells us that presently that there are only six monks present at the community of Serra San Bruno Some have died Some have left the community Others have gone on to set up communities in different countries Other letters tell about the struggle of the language barrier miracles and the strange visitors that come visit this communityThe book concludes by giving us two appendices one with writings of St Bruno and the other about the popes and their support of the Carthusian Monks Overall I found this book to be an interesting read It gave me some insight on a religious order that I knew very little about and will probably never experience I appreciated the author's writing of this book and putting it on a very simple level showing the actual day to day grit and grind of this lifestyle He didn't try to glamorize it or make it seem like something everyone could or should do but instead showed us a lifestyle that few are called to and appreciate those who are called to such a lifestyle Apart from the writing style what really made this book standout was all the photographs that complemented the text If you would like to learn about the Carthusian Monks I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this book

  6. Fr David Straut Fr David Straut says:

    A glimpse into daily life with Carthusian monksHaving been introduced to the Carthusian Order by the film ‘Into Great Silence’ I have read a couple books about them by outsiders This author though not a Carthusian monk nevertheless seems to have an inner resonance with their way of life He is a kindred spirit with them

  7. jrgprztvrs jrgprztvrs says:

    WonderfulA very enjoyable escape Like a travel book but spiritually edifying and inspiring The perfect book for a Lenten read

  8. Steve Steve says:

    I became interested in the Carthusians in the early 2000s around the time An Infinity of Little Hours Five Young Men and Their Trial of Faith in the Western World's Most Austere Monastic Order was published and the film Into Great Silence was released and I've read a number of things by and about them since So I was already well disposed toward Report From Calabria when I learned of itThe book is written by a secular priest who wrangled a scarce invitation to stay in a charterhouse as Carthusian monasteries are called for a season in this case the charterhouse of Serra San Bruno in southern Italy established by St Bruno himself the founder of the order The book's 15 chapters each only about three pages each take the form of a letter to his family and friends and each follows a similar template A light sometimes verging on flippant introduction to some theme of Carthusian life; a description of his attempts to live it; and a meditation on its meaning The first part is a brief and easy introduction to Carthusian life for those who don't know it but the second and third parts are where the real gold isThe book is liberally illustrated with color photographs of life at Serra San Bruno It concludes with two appendices The first of St Bruno's two essential letters and the second of texts addressed to the Carthusians by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI There is also a well chosen set of recommendations for further reading

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Report from Calabria ➵ Report from Calabria Download ➾ Author A Priest – Devoted to a life of intense contemplative prayer the Carthusian monks guard their solitude jealously and rarely allow visitors to live with them The author of this book an American priest was privile Devoted to a life of intense contemplative prayer the Carthusian monks guard their solitude jealously and rarely allow visitors to live with them The author of this book an American priest was privileged to spend Report from PDF/EPUB or four months with the Carthusian community in Calabria Italy the resting place of the founder of their order Saint Bruno He followed the daily regimen of the monks and wrote home to family and friends to share his experiencesThe priest's journal allows readers to get a deep sense of what this life of prayer feels like he describes distinctive features of the Carthusian vocation and offers insights gained by a life devoted to silence and solitude There are books that explore the Carthusian way of life but what makes Report from Calabria different and uniue is that it is like a series of short notes sent home from a foreign land a sketch book rather than a finished canvas But sketches have an appeal of their own they offer a freshness of impressions and can entice us to study their subject deeplyThe text is accompanied with beautiful photographs of the daily life followed by the monks of Serra San Bruno The contemplative vocation bracing and yet deeply human comes alive in this account of four months in which very little happened but yet a lot was going on It is an invitation to readers to not only gain an insight into monastic life but to clear some space in our busy lives to encounter God deeply.

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