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  • Forever Violet (Tangled Realms, #1)
  • Jessica Sorensen
  • English
  • 07 June 2014

10 thoughts on “Forever Violet (Tangled Realms, #1)

  1. Lorna Lorna says:

    RabidReadscom35 stars rounded up This book pulled me in pretty much immediately Lake and Legend are best friends although there is a problem Legend is an old but young lookingvampire and he has been banished to the Common Realm for a year due to a tryst with the one of the powers that be’s mistresses His year is up so the two go out to a bar Legend is celebrating going back but Lake is grieving the impending loss of her only friend While out they see a girl that’s been attacked by werewolves near the bar and find out the werewolves were really looking for Lake to attack After this Legend finds a way to bring Lake back to the Midnight Realm where he lives for a twenty four hour period But he suspects something about Lake that she has no idea about She has no memory before the age of eight when she was found in the Common Realm outside the Midnight Realm portal alone and wandering So Legend is betting on Lake never going back to the Common Realm a place where Lake grew up in foster homes had no friends and worked as a waitress It’s also a place where Lake had been brutally attacked by werewolves that called her by another name Legend saved her back then and so their friendship began The story really takes off once she goes to the Midnight Realm and meets the prince of the Violet Mountain werewolf pack Jules She has an immediate connection to him and he seems to know who she is And what she is turns out to be a missing werewolf princess One whose powers have been dormant for a decadeLake is snarky intelligent beautiful and forever trying to make waves Jules has been broken since Lake left ten years before He is extremely protective of Lake and slowly lets her in on what her history is and what they are to each other That is when his sister Liberty isn’t telling her things behind his back His father is the King and he’s extremely evil Legend is a wonderful best friend to Lake throughout the book He ended up being my favorite side character although a werewolf named Shade one of Jules’s guards was a fun addition to the storyWhile I enjoyed the author’s vision of the Midnight realm and all it’s different creatures the different colored sky sun and stars I have problems with the author’s scents she describes Jules smells like moonlight and violets What? And how does anyone know what moonlight smells like? Then there’s a drink that tastes like luminous sunshine And a villain that smells like black roses In this respect this book really reads like a young adult book But these characters are all adults It’s mentioned many times enough that it bothered meI am not going into the story any deeper other than to say it’s a romance but it’s also full of intrigue and a mystery Betrayals meeting other supernatural creatures and what Lake and Jules are to each other is just part of this book Why was Lake in the Common Realm and why can’t she remember her past is also intertwined into the story I enjoyed Lake’s snark and her relationship with Jules I liked seeing her come into her powers and seeing how strong she becomesAlthough this is 18 plus for suggested readership it reads like a young adult book at times But it’s 18 plus due to sexual scenes language and violence or references to violence Recommended to paranormal romance readers

  2. Carlotta Carlotta says:

    Boring boring boringIt's so difficult find a good fantasy romance

  3. Kira Kira says:

    Lake couldn't remember anything from before she was 8 years old She didn't have friends or family except for the vampire Legend He brought her with him to another realm where Lake figured out the truth about who and what she was none of which was real surprising Lake was special in just about every way imaginable Everyone liked her She had special powers It was weird that all of the people who knew her acted as if they knew her when they hadn't seen each other in 10 years She was 8 when they last knew her People change a hell of a lot between the ages of 8 and 18 It was even weirder that Jules and Lake had strong feelings for each other before she went away Realistically they were way to young to have been as devoted as they were The romance was disappointing just because their attraction didn't have to build They had some intense insta love from the first moment they saw each other They did spend time getting to know each other but not as well as I would have likedI'm not sure if I'll continue with this series of not It was an easy read but I'm not deeply invested in the characters The next book will be about Legend and he was by far the best character

  4. Nancy The book junkie Nancy The book junkie says:

    Rating 255Review to come

  5. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  6. Mikky (Nocturnal Predators Reviews) Mikky (Nocturnal Predators Reviews) says:

    Originally posted at This was a surprisingly enjoyable novel I can't put into words as to why I went into this book apprehensively I've been in a book slump as of late so due to that circumstance I've been DNFing books left and right I'm glad this was an exceptionview spoilerMild Spoilers AheadI like Lake overall but towards the end she all of a sudden gets a death wish that gets repetitive and annoying in the long term I'd also like to point out how easily she controls her flower power There's an event towards the end of the novel in which she manages to save herself and a few others by controlling vines and what not My problem is that up to that point she had only mentioned practicing control with small flowers in fieldsEnd Of Spoilers hide spoiler

  7. Lyndi W. Lyndi W. says:

    Let me try this againHere are the first few sentences The guy standing in front of me in the alleyway might just kill me Well considering his immortality and constant bloodlust the term vampire is accurate than guyHis name is Legend and his silvery grey eyes are bleeding with irritation Every muscle in his lean body is wound tight and his crimson lips are curled revealing razor sharp fangs descending from his gumsIf I were a normal girl fear would be spiking through my veins by now But only calm lulls inside me A laugh even escapes my lips If she were a normal girl cue eye rollI can't even get through page one It's just ridiculous infodumping between two people that already know all this information and I can't help but read the narrator's voice like a teenager girl The writing is just awful

  8. Katy Rose Katy Rose says:

    Sorensen has another winnerThis book is unlike anything I have ever read It is passion drama and adventure rolled into one A can not put down or I might miss something original But at this point what did you expect from Jessica Sorensen?

  9. Jamie Jamie says:

    WonderfulThis was so unexpected and so good I'm not sure when this book came out only that this came across my suggested read It was so good

  10. Gundega (Rouzmary) Gundega (Rouzmary) says:

    This I read already months ago but didn't have the time to write review then I think I remember it pretty clearly and wasn't anything special Nothing I'll want to re read however I will read the seuel when it comes outmaybe probably thou not right away when I'll be in the mood for some meh sort of good YA fantasyWhat the book itself was like? A YA ish fantasy story with werewolves and other creatures like vampires witches and such different dimensions that one special girl her prince literally and the big bad that is to be overcome to save them allA cliffhanger of course as the story will continue in next book Don't remember if the cliffhanger was big enough to warrant it being called a cliffhanger or if the story just needs to continue in the next one Don't really care eitherI guess I'm kind of indifferent about the book now but the fact that I do remember the plot characters speaks up for itAlso not uite as innocent of a YA fantasy touched upon some darker deeds as wellMy tastes lately are vying away from childish? YA not childishimmature? let's say immature YA so might be a while until I pick up the 2nd book after it comes out but since I am considering reading it to see how the plot continues Forever Violet is your YA to read when you're in mood for some regular youngster fantasy

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Forever Violet (Tangled Realms, #1)[EPUB] ✰ Forever Violet (Tangled Realms, #1) By Jessica Sorensen – A year ago I was attacked by werewolves I’ve hated their kind ever since Now I’m being told I’m one of them That Jules a tortured gothic werewolf prince is my soul mate and that I may one day ru A year ago I was attacked by werewolves I’ve hated their kind ever since Now I’m being told I’m one of them That Jules a tortured gothic werewolf prince is my soul mate and that I may one day rule over a werewolf pack Not how I saw my life going but fighting my destiny isn’t an option Neither is ignoring the powerful connection I feel to Jules But facing my future is going to be dangerous when not all of my pack wants me around.

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