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Hell Can Wait (Caith Morningstar, #4) ❰EPUB❯ ✴ Hell Can Wait (Caith Morningstar, #4) Author Celia Kyle – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk I’m Caith Morningstar bar owner leather wearer shoe worshipper werewolf Orlando’s resident ass kicker and Satan’s niece 
The dead are rising in the land of that famous mouse and apparently I I’m Caith Morningstar bar owner leather wearer shoe worshipper werewolf Orlando’s resident ass kicker and Satan’s niece 
The dead are rising in the land of that famous mouse and apparently I’m the one who has to deal with the mess Forget movie night with my kid I have to kill ghouls who have decided to make some new undead friends in the morgue Hell Can PDF \ Eh killing things is easy Generally Oddly these guys have glowing blue eyes and are way too good at butt kicking Thankfully I’m better I manage to get rid of them but one gets in a shot or two of his own and now I’ve got a foot long wound in my side that glows blue Kinda like the ghoul 
 Now the dick who made those ghouls is trying to turn me into his puppet which so isn’t going to happen My loved ones are trying to cure me my angel mate is off on some super secret mission for On High and I’m stuck in bed “resting” Not that I’m staying there 
I’d rather die than become anyone’s puppet which might be my only option left I just hope I can come back from the dead later.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 237 pages
  • Hell Can Wait (Caith Morningstar, #4)
  • Celia Kyle
  • English
  • 05 June 2016

10 thoughts on “Hell Can Wait (Caith Morningstar, #4)

  1. Marta Cox Marta Cox says:

    This series has always allowed the author to give her readers a devilish playful lead character Caith is the oddest hybrid I've ever encountered in fiction with a parentage that defies belief This has meant she cheerfully takes no prisoners banging heads when needed always with the knowledge that at some point she will be joining her dear old uncle Luc Caith can't really believe it when the mayor shows up at her door one night demanding she does something about the zombies at the coroners office As Caith is kind of the head honcho in charge of nonhumans in Orlando of course she sets out to put down the problem in her own inimitable style Yet what she finds is ghouls that seem to be controlled by someone hidden and when Caith is herself infected it's pretty soon apparent that Caith just isn't going to survive this timeA very different style this time with a lot insight into not just Caiths fathers but just how she views herself Caith is usually large loud and in charge but here she is in an insidious position of having to just sit around which trust me is not what Caith wants at all No she wants to be out there catching the warlock who is draining innocent humans and all whilst knowing that she herself is slipping ever closer towards being one of his puppets So often we hear of those who undertake a spiritual journey and as Caith runs out of time she does the one thing she can to save those she loves It's surprisingly emotional but of course there are surprises aplenty battles still to fight and family coming out of the woodwork Yes a lot introspective than I expected but that ending oh boy this author knows how to torture her characters On a side note I'm very disappointed with the latest cover images Caith is written as a curvy woman which initially was shown but recently the female portrayed looks a lot svelte which considering most women are size 16 or seems a shame to me

  2. Archer Archer says:

    Can't get enough of this series I really hope there is a 5th book

  3. Ana Ana says:

    Caith Morningstar has the best of both the good and the bad Heaven Hell Her mother Satan's sister made whoopee with 5 5 mind you and never once showed her a smidgen of love at least all her fathers did But she has no time to wonder why she has a bar to look after her son and needs to keep Orlando free of evil ghouls She is one bad A but importantly she is never going to die until she got infected by something new in town that is Her time on earth is short but she isn't ready to take her place in the underworld next to her Uncle Luc She finds the source of this very old magic that is in play and finds a blast from her past How on earth will she be able to counteract it?Remember a mother no matter how cold is still a mother and although we may resent the way we are raised sometimes it's with an ulterior motive There are important lessons learned ones that would be overlooked if things were different Mothers often prepare us for the world in a way we can't comprehend even our fathers sometimes have a hand in itCaith is put through trials she never thought she'd face but she has a long life to live protecting Orlando but important raising her son and loving her Soulmate even if Sam is an angel literally This is a very suspenseful storyI can't wait to read Caiths next challenge man are her stories Heaven and Hell and I love them

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Princess of Hell Does It AgainCaith Morningstar may be Satan’s niece but that doesn't stop her from protecting oblivious humans Don't hint that she is a good person She just might beat you up An evil wizard is creating ghouls but not just any ghouls Blue eyed ghouls that suck your soul out of your body to make the wizard stronger while they are killing and converting you Caith gets injured protecting the citizens and tourists in Orlando She's forced to depend on others and accept their help She's not a very good patient She finally tracks down the wizard and saves the day After all that is her job I have loved every one of the books in this series Celia Kyle does something few can She creates characters that are well rounded and have the same flaws we all have Caith may be the Princess of Hell but she works very hard to do the right thing She loves her adopted son to a fault plays with him helps with his homework feels guilty for not spending enough time with him and worries that she doing a good job as a mother She's snarky and violent but loves pets The book catches you almost immediately and doesn't let you go The action makes for an emotional roller coaster ride You are going to laugh cringe and want to cry but you are not going to want to put the book downLike another reviewer said I don't like cliff hangers That is the main reason I usually don't read a series until it is complete The only good thing about a cliff hanger is that I know there will be another Caith Morningstar Now I just have to sit and wait for the next book in the series

  5. Lexee Toste Lexee Toste says:

    I absolutely loved this story Another phenomenal Caith Morningstar story I love Caith and was so happy to get the next part of her journey If you haven't read the previous books you will still be able to read this one but you will definitely not know all the backstory though you are given enough to read this story and will enjoy it if you have read them all Caith has a new problem going on in Orlando that she has to solve and gets injured in the first battle The only problem is that it leaves her with a blue glowing hole in her side that can't be cured and wants to spread Caith has to figure out who's behind it along with dealing with the injury and all that that entails I really loved the way that the story unfolds We get to see of Caith and all the characters from before There is plenty of action and intrigue to keep your attention as we try and find out who is behind it and whether there is a cure for Caith I loved the scenes that we got with Caith and Sam though there are not many of them this time around This book is low on the romancerelationship front but I didn't feel like I was missing anything This has Celia Kyle's typical humor in it which I love It has that snarky vibe which is perfect for the Princess of Hell This was just another phenomenal read and I can't wait for the next bookI voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book

  6. Carrie Carrie says:

    These Caith Morningstar books just keep getting better and better I find it very hard to put them down to take a break what with the snappy dialogue and engaging story At this point I’m 100% invested in Caith’s life story and cannot wait to see where she ends up Caith’s nightmare story starts with ghouls that are super powered spreading contagion and stealing people’s life force for some evil mastermind behind them all After getting out of the last crazy mayhem you think she’d get a break Unfortunately she’s somewhat responsible for the magical activity in Orlando which puts her in the path of the evil ghouls Infection was never really an issue for her what with her insanely mixed heritage but this appears to be spreading through her body rather uicklyWhat could have easily been a super depressing story ended up making me love Caith even Sure she’s got death looking over her shoulder but that doesn’t stop her from being herself and charging at the danger There was only a teensy bit of romance thrown in here but I didn’t mind the loss I know that Caith and Sam’s relationship is somewhat doomed but I’ll hold out hope until the bitter end

  7. Gwendolyn Thaggard Gwendolyn Thaggard says:

    Caith Morningstar does not disappoint This latest book was just as awesome and heart wrenching as the previous installmentsThere's a new big bad in Mouse town that Caith is charged with eradicating Nothing new about thatThis 600 year old princess of Hell is used to kicking butt and taking names That reputation alone usually keeps the riff raff away but every now and then she has to crack some skullsThis go round brings an undead army of ghouls into town But these aren't ordinary ghouls these are different smarter And they're targeting not only humans but specific tweensThings go from bad to worse when Caith gets injured and no one not even Momma R can cure herI don't want to give too much away but this injury the inevitably of death and leaving her loved ones finds Caith on a spiritual journey to reach her true potentialYou will laugh and cry by the end of this tale Last thing why oh why can't Caith and Sam catch a break? Just why?

  8. Jamoz23 Jamoz23 says:

    Still waiting for Caith and Sam to catch a break and get their HEAAs much as I enjoyed this book it didn’t grab me even though it was a great story with lots of action The story was good with the usual fun snide and silliness that is Caith but it was just lacking somethingI understand where and what Ms Kyle is doing with this series but I do like my HEA’s and that feel good factor one gets when you get to that point of the bookCaith’s journey to enlightenment and the full use of her hereditary powers was great her interaction with everyone she loves was as usual interesting and unbalancedI felt let down at the end that once again there was very little interaction romance and no sign of a HEA for Caith and Samkiel Once again something has happened to separate them and I was not happy not to mention Keller and what happened with him This is my honest review of this book

  9. Kim Kim says:

    You just know that you are going to die laughing when you start a Celia Kyle book and it opens with Some people are too stupid to live Caith Morningstar is on the hunt for whoever is in her town causing evil After all this is Caith's town Caith finds herself Jezzie and Sam battling ghoul attacks and time The race around Orlando will keep your interest peaked and make you want to finish the book in one sitting Of course Caith's race is supposed to be resting while her friends look for the answers Caith is definitely one kick arse woman She is full of sass and wit Her companions are loyal and adventure abounds for all of them This is the fourth in the Caith Morningstar series and you should read at least the third to really understand Caith her background as well as her very complicated relationship And yes be prepared to demand the next book as there is a cliff ending

  10. Stace Stace says:

    Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review35My love for Caith is still at a 5 star level but some plot points really bugged me so it brought down my overall enjoyment of the book I thought the villain was way too obvious and even with Caith on her deathbed it took far too long for her to figure it out I admired Caith's determination to die on her own terms but as a mom I didn't love her choices regarding how she handled her son Sam Poor gel that he is he just can't seem to win Considering how many books I've read by CK I KNOW she loves a HEA but I can't help thinking this may be the one series that she writes herself into a corner and can't get out of it I did fall in love the the runt of a hellhound named Reggie and the fact that even when dying Caith is still the badass niece of Lucifer Considering how it ended I can't wait to see what the next book brings

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