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10 thoughts on “Protecting Vixen (Special Forces: Operation Alpha; SEALed Fate #3)

  1. Merle Merle says:

    The SEAL team of SEALed Fate continues this time with the adorable Cry Baby up front Talk about your Insta love Cry Baby and Tiffany Vixen take one look at each other and are finished The team is in trouble however and they have inadvertently unleashed a big problemCry Baby and Vixen take an unusual route to save the team by annexing themselves to Wolf's team with Benny Cookie Abe Mozart and Dude Even Tex is in the mix They end up at Guantanamo interrogating a prisoner and they get the key to the mole who has undermined themA hot and sexy story with a pretty good suspense tale thrown in

  2. Happy_girl_reads Happy_girl_reads says:

    So the I read of this series the I really enjoy it I have enjoyed getting a chance to see how other authors write in some of my favorites characters into a new story A few things drove me nuts here I am a huge fan of Mrs Stoker and her Seal of Protection series is what brought me here to this series That being said Tex is only missing one leg not both as portrayed here Also the editing was a bit of and wording was odd That aside is a great story with a little sexy a ton of action and lots of love

  3. Tami czenkus Tami czenkus says:

    The I read of The SEALed Fate series the I fall in love with each and every characterThe in depth description of the characters are spot on and they give us a glimpse of what they go through They are truly a family that would die for one another and when that special lady comes into their lives they are accepted as one of them LOVE LOVE lOVE Strong heroines and the men that can handle them I can't wait to see what comes next for our SEAL's

  4. Toria Toria says:

    Multiple errorsWhile the story was interesting the multiple editing errors wrong words used wrong tenses and lots of other grammatical mistakes were annoying I had to read some sentences two and three times to make sense of what the author was trying to say The final straw was the multiple references to Tex having lost both his legs Please don't write in Susan Stoker's world if you don't know the characters

  5. Debra Debra says:

    Protecting VixenThis book is a really great read My one and only complaint is that no one edited this book Punctuation spelling tense verbiage and wrong word usage made this book difficult to read; it's also the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 that it really deserves

  6. Nancy Bodie Nancy Bodie says:

    45 stars reallyThis was again a very well written uick read The reason for the half star loss was it really should have been proofread better This is the third book of this series by this author they offer high drama strong characters that are interesting And awesome HEA's

  7. Iris Hehe Iris Hehe says:

    Good readVixen met Cry Baby when his Deal team rescued her by breaking in during her mission when she was interrogating a terrorist He met her eyes and was hooked Then she came to his base and promised to fight one of the Seals They chose Cry Baby and she was waiting for him when he got home

  8. S. R. Lewis S. R. Lewis says:

    Good charactersI gave this book 3 stars rather than 4 because there was too much graphic sex Not interesting to me The story was good and the characters were strong loyal and interesting

  9. Sammie Shorter Sammie Shorter says:

    Another winnerThis series just keep getting better and better Vixen is definitely a badass spy and Cry Baby found his soul mate in her There were many editing errors in this installment but I showed mercy because of the fantastic storyline

  10. Lisa B. Lovely Lisa B. Lovely says:

    I really liked this story a great deal Vixen and Cry Baby are super special characters The story telling is brilliant and the writing is good My only complaint is some editing issues that pulled me out of the story on several occasions if not for this issue it would be a 5 star read for me Good job LaTeisha Newton

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Protecting Vixen (Special Forces: Operation Alpha; SEALed Fate #3) ❰Reading❯ ➸ Protecting Vixen (Special Forces: Operation Alpha; SEALed Fate #3) Author LeTeisha Newton – Tiffany “Vixen” Cannon is a ghost an agent for the Secret Intelligence Service formerly known as MI6 She fights on foreign soil in secret creates dossiers in clandestine operations—and never fai Tiffany “Vixen” Cannon is a ghost an agent for the Secret Intelligence Service formerly known as MI She fights on foreign soil in secret creates dossiers in clandestine operations—and never fails When she’s tasked with a delicate reconnaissance mission into a suspected mastermind ISIS member she is compromised by a Navy SEAL team out for blood James “Cry Baby” Alvarez knows one thing his loyalty to his brothers is as fierce as he love for his country The ISIS unit out of atar has targeted not only his brothers but the women they love and James is done playing nice Information leads the SEAL team to the tip of the Balkans with disastrous conseuences Faced with the real possibility they’ve been betrayed from their native soil James is forced to detach from his unit and work with Tiffany to find the source The job isn’t an easy one and he could lose than he could gain But his brothers are behind him and they won’t let him fall That is if Tiffany doesn’t snatch the foundation from underneath him first.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Protecting Vixen (Special Forces: Operation Alpha; SEALed Fate #3)
  • LeTeisha Newton
  • 15 March 2014