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  1. Melenia Melenia says:

    Not as good as the main series The writing is a little rough and the story is much too short but it was still an enjoyable read

  2. Jill M Jill M says:

    Amy's writing gets better with each book she writesThis story was short but I don't think it was lacking I could feel the chemistry and slow build up It was cute and sweet with just the right amount of heat I would love of these two

  3. Meghan Meghan says:

    Cute and funI did not know what a kindle world book was but I did and do know that I love the stories that Amy Briggs brings to life I one clicked this book on release day and just had the opportunity to read it today It is a fun and very cute readThat might sound odd as the main character is dealing with the fall out of something traumatic but her responses and interactions with friends and Colin just strike me as sweet and cute Wholesome perhaps? The writing as always with AB created the world for me and had me enjoying these new people and dynamics The descriptions especially about the farm animals were some of my favorite parts of the whole book The reason it is a four star and not a five star I hate the star system is that I enjoyed the read and characters but felt it was 1 an extremely fast turn around from her trauma response and concerns at the beginning and middle of the story to the events that happened at the end and 2 I always struggle with the stories that flow that perfectly for a couple with no real hurdles🙈I enjoyed this read it made me want to try some books from the other author I also wishhope to see military or similar worlds from AB as I enjoyed the world and cast development

  4. Sharon Sharon says:

    What a great story for Sarah after the tragedy she suffered through with her good friend Rayne she needs to heal She's afraid to go out and do anything any Fear has taken over her life and she needs to move on and with the help of her friend Rayne and Colin who she meets while there for a visitColin is in the service he's not a settle down kind of guy that is until he meets Sarah there is just something about her that has captured his heart Can she lose her inhibitions and fear and finally move on with his help? You need to read this book to find out Grab your copy today 5 stars for this one

  5. Teresa Teresa says:

    I Loved this bookWhat a special story and how it connected Rayne and Sarah together again It deals with the aftermath from their kidnapping in Egypt and what it takes to come back from an event such as they went throughSarah has lost her focus and love for flying around the world She jumps at a chance to see Rayne she goes gladly Wayne's brother Chase invites Colin who knows right away that he can help heal SarahTheir trip to his parents ranch gives Sarah back her smile of course the baby goats and Colin's horse helps too Will she take the chance and stay with him or will she return back to her lonely life?

  6. Cindy Heining Cindy Heining says:

    Take a chanceThis author is new to me but I took a chance because thru KW I have found new authors I love New and old characters thrown together helps expand the stories we loveSarah is still dealing with the ghosts of her kidnapping when comes to visit her friend who was also kidnapped but has found love out of the trial She takes a chance that this vacation will help restore her confidence She meets Colin who decides it his job to bring smiles to Sarah again He takes a chanceThis a sweet love story so take a chance

  7. Sara Sara says:

    What a fun readThis short novella is an enjoyable read Sarah is the other stewardess that was held hostage with Rayne It's a year after Egypt and she's struggling with living her life During a visit with Rayne she meets Colin a friend of Rayne's brother Chase I loved the relaxing day Colin planned to spend with Sarah and only wish the book was longer so we could learn even about these two characters

  8. Nancy Bodie Nancy Bodie says:

    Good storyI really enjoyed this book I loved this storyline It really is just a sweet little romance tale It was a uick read with two likeable characters that just are made for each other I enjoyed this authors direction with this storyline it fits nicely into this Kindle World and shows that you can still get an enjoyable addition to the world sans high paced action but a little feelings and hot sex fit nicely also

  9. Gucci 35 Gucci 35 says:

    Saving Sarah35 Starsif you read Susan Stokers Rescuing Rayne and wonder what happened with her friend Sarah the flight attendant well this is her HEAThis is fast pace story but it was too shortI know its supposed to be a Novella but I wanted of this couple I also felt Sarah should of told Colin about Egypt and so he could of helped with her fears I am hoping Briggs does with this couple in the future Happy Reading

  10. Ronda Barnes-Howard Ronda Barnes-Howard says:

    Great story but didn't seem to be completeI love this series and enjoyed seeing Sarah again Her and Colin had an instant connection It was a good story up to the end it stopped to abruptly I would liked to have seen the story go on to show how their relationship developed The two never addressed her anxiety from the hostage event was she going to continue being a flight attendant?

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Saving Sarah ❮Reading❯ ➹ Saving Sarah Author Amy Briggs – Flight attendant Sarah Kennedy is still recovering from her kidnapping simply going through the motions Between the sleepless nights and indifference to just about everything around her she’s develo Flight attendant Sarah Kennedy is still recovering from her kidnapping simply going through the motions Between the sleepless nights and indifference to just about everything around her she’s developed a deep seated inability to find happiness Hoping that a visit with Rayne her friend with whom she was held captive in Egypt will help her move forward she spends a week with her to get away from the self imposed solitude that’s been keeping her down What she didn’t expect was to meet someone who would ignite the sparks she’d always been missing Colin Walsh counter terrorism specialist in the Army has been stationed at Ft Hood for over five years and intends to make a career of it Recently returning from a deployment to the Middle East he’s bored and anxious to get back in the field until he meets Sarah Kennedy the flight attendant with the sad eyes who’s just in town for a visit Can the uncompromising soldier committed to his service find happiness with the tormented flight attendant Find out what happens when Sarah and Colin’s worlds collide in Saving Sarah.