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Loves Courage [Epub] ➜ Loves Courage ➡ Jasmine Jordan – Kinsey Pearce thinks she's found the perfect man in her fiancé Walker Byrne But after discovering his dark secret she realizes she needs to escape the hell she’s suddenly found herself in When she Kinsey Pearce thinks she's found the perfect man in her fiancé Walker Byrne But after discovering his dark secret she realizes she needs to escape the hell she’s suddenly found herself in When she crashes her car outside Sweet Grove Texas her faith in God is put to the testDecker McCarthy a voice actor for a popular kid’s show is contemplating a change His life while exciting and somewhat glamorous has gotten to be too much for him He misses the uiet simplicity he used to have in Sweet Grove Lonely and uestioning whether he's making the right decision Decker heads back to his uaint little hometownWhen he discovers a battered looking woman trudging down the road he stops to help her even though she’s hesitant to trust him after what she’s been through For Decker it’s love at first sight He wants to get to know Kinsey and save her from whatever nightmare she’s just lived through Can he win Kinsey’s heart and make her realize that not all men are bad Will Kinsey learn to trust again even when her heart is telling her to stay far away from Decker.

About the Author: Jasmine Jordan

Jasmine was born and raised in small town PennsylvaniaA shy kid growing up she turned to books preferring to live in the fantasy worlds inside her head rather than realityShe began writing poetry and short stories as a teenager and eventually took to posting fan fiction online Now she plans on branching out and writing original storiesEscaping small town life Jasmine now lives in Scr.

10 thoughts on “Loves Courage

  1. Melissa Storm Melissa Storm says:

    LOVE'S COURAGE is Jasmine Bryner's debut and I am beyond honored that she brought it to First Street Church This story has very likable characters and sweet moments It shows how having the courage to let love in can change everything My fave part The epilogue I won't give it away but it was so sweet and funny and perfect Better get to reading Did not provide a rating because this story is set in my Kindle World but I still wanted to share my thoughts

  2. Penny Harmon Penny Harmon says:

    What an amazingly sweet story I started earlier this afternoon and was so disappointed I had to stop reading to run errands but so happy when I picked it back up to continue Kinsey and Decker What can I say These two are the perfect match Kinsey is a damsel in distress which is just what Decker needed at that time in his life I was so happy they ended up together My favorite part was Macaroni's conclusion to the story I love it and the fact that Macaroni got his happy ever after right alongside of Kinsey and Decker

  3. Jennifer Bryner Jennifer Bryner says:

    I loved this book very much My twin sister wrote it based mist of the story on parts of her life so I highly recommend you read this Its her first book so please give her 5 stars rating

  4. Jackie Castle Jackie Castle says:

    Such a cute sweet story I enjoyed the relationship between the two main characters and the hope this story leaves for those who've been hurt I hope to see stories by Bryner Well done

  5. Barbara J Tracy Barbara J Tracy says:

    I love sweet love stories with a Christian theme Love's Courage checks all my boxes Ms Bryner has an easy way with the prose and I liked the way the story flowed while Kinsey leaned on her faith learned to trust and regained confidence in her own inner strength This was a most uplifting story that shares how we all have problems that can be overcome with a good heart and thankfulness This was a fairly uick read for me I found myself wishing the story was longer Seuel

  6. Barb Barb says:

    Escaping her fiance who abused her when she broke up with him Kinsey finds herself stranded and injured near Sweet Grove Decker rescues her and takes her in This novella is 86 pages but seemed shorter I read the whole thing during my lunch hour and I don't ever take a full hour for lunch The story had promise but there just wasn't enough of anything to really hook me I wanted to like the characters; I didn't feel that I had the chance to get to know them Decker's relationship with his parents is odd he's so into small town and family but he didn't visit his mother for years and years then doesn't bother to see her for 3 weeks when Kinsey comes into his life even though his mom is only a few miles away Some things just didn't add up

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