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Superman Brainiac [PDF / Epub] ☉ Superman Brainiac By Geoff Johns – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Before he came to Earth the people of Superman's homes planet Krypton had battled Brainiac a cold and callous alien obsessed with the control of knowledge Now Brainiac has set his sights on destroying Before he came to Earth the people of Superman's homes planet Krypton had battled Brainiac a cold and callous alien obsessed with the control of knowledge Now Brainiac has set his sights on destroying Earth and finishing off the Last Son of Krypton once and for all This epic battle will change Superman's world foreverCollecting ACTION COMICS and material from SUPERMAN NEW KRYPTON SPECIAL .

About the Author: Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns originally hails from Detroit Michigan He attended Michigan State University where he earned a degree in Media Arts and Film He moved to Los Angeles in the late s in search of work within the film industry Through perseverance Geoff ended up as the assistant to Richard Donner working on Conspiracy Theory and Lethal Weapon During that time he also began his comics career.

10 thoughts on “Superman Brainiac

  1. Anne Anne says:

    This has been one of the Superman stories that I've recommended uite a bit over the years so I thought it was time to re read it and see if was as good as I remembered Short answer? YesSay what you want about Geoff Johns but the man can zero in on what we all love most about a character and infuse those traits throughout the story he's telling In this one he gives you a connection to Clark that makes smile cheer and even get a bit choked up Gary Frank's art compliments this sort of story with not only the incredibly expressive facial expressions but also the characters' body language Ok and I know that in the past I've complained that I didn't like the Christopher Reeve looking Superman and I'm still not 100% in love with the look but this time around I found it uite a bit charming I think my change of heart is mainly because Frank oozes the type of talent that even a peasant like myself can recognize There's also a uiet humor that rolls through this story to keep it from being too dark I had forgotten about that but it's kind of important when you consider where this one takes us The relationship between Lois and Clark is still the understated perfection I remembered from reading it the first time but this time around I can see that it was mostly achieved through Gary Frank's phenomenally expressive facesI know the Brainiac is the title character and yes he is the villain that this revolves around but this is so much than just Superman punching a bad guy This is about Clark Kent doing his Superman stuff and not the other way around Oh and there were also so many little but poignant details that I'd forgottenview spoilerLike Clark turning around and seeing Bruce and Alfred at the funeralI may have made a sueaky choking noise in the back of my throat definitely not crying hide spoiler

  2. Chad Chad says:

    Wow Moments of this are just breathtaking Johns and Frank are able to pack humor emotion and nonstop action into a very uick read Sometimes I was laughing other times I had tears in my eyes Gary Frank's art is so damn expressive Johns does do some revisionist history by redoing the Kandor story even though Kandor had already been established as sitting in the Fortress of Solitude and altering Supergirl's history a bit Johns turns Brainiac into a real badass with the potential to threaten the entire DC universe He also does a great job with Superman When push comes to shove and Superman sees Earth being threatened he turns hard as nails And then those father son moments between Clark and Pa Kent are just crushing This is a prelude to the New Krypton Saga I think by this point they knew the New 52 was coming as there was a real willingness to take risks during this period in DC history

  3. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    Pretty good artwork and a decent story Superman V Braniac was a short entertaining read I don’t uite see how the Toyman story at the beginning serves as a tie in to the Superman vs Brainiac storyThe origin story for Supergirl was interesting but I felt the sketches of her as well as her personality were a bit cardboard I think I prefer the Batman cannon overall not sure I will delve too much into Superman

  4. Artemy Artemy says:

    Okay yeah I said before that I wasn't going to read any Geoff Johns comics but come on who am I kidding If I want to read and learn about the DC universe there is absolutely no avoiding Johns' massive output over the past two decades Plus April 2018 is the month of Superman as far as I'm concerned with the 80 year anniversary of Superman and 1000 issues of Action Comics Anyway Johns' run on Action Comics is well regarded it was on sale and I wanted to read Superman comics so that's how I ended up reading Superman BrainiacAnd it's actually really good I've got to give Johns some credit here he writes Superman really well Clark is all the right amounts of kind heroic smart and snarky and while he does some things here that I personally don't think Superman would do at one point he punches a big aggressive animal in the head breaking its tooth generally I'm okay with this version of SupesI was also surprised that this book extensively features Kara Zor El the Supergirl I haven't seen much of her in other comics but I really liked her here The rest of the supporting cast was fine with the exception of Kat Grant who is portrayed here as a stereotypical dumbass sensationalist whose main personality trait is her fake tits Seriously waaay to much attention to her breasts in this comic Considering how well her character is realised even on a silly TV show like Supergirl this take on her feels lazy at best and degrading at worstI enjoyed the actual story about Brainiac It's a classic one — Brainiac comes wants to put Metropolis in a bottle Superman saves the day I think Grant Morrison did a better version of this in Superman Action Comics Volume 1 Superman and the Men of Steel but Johns' take was perfectly fun and enjoyable too This volume has a twist ending that kinda caught me off guard Spoiler alert view spoilerjust as Superman saves the city from Brainiac pa Kent suffers a heart attack and dies hide spoiler

  5. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Brainiac is out in the universe gobbling up cultures destroying worlds and putting cities like Krypton's Kandor in bottles so Superman heads off to stop him once and for allBrainiac is the ultimate control freakcollector who lives only for his collection of bottled cities and collected knowledge He's like an internet of one or for Trekkies the Borg That makes him a pretty formidable opponent for Superman and Geoff Johns makes the most of it showing Superman's limits when it comes to trying outsmart someone whose knowledge far surpasses his ownIt's a very well written and drawn book artist Gary Frank draws SupermanClark Kent exactly like Christopher Reeve so it's like reading a movie that never was and like the first two Reeve movies it's awesome unlike the last two There's a heartfelt epilogue to a character close to Superman who passes that was done in wordless panels – a smart artistic choice as it felt like even the reader was kept at a distance from Superman's thoughts and personal griefSuperman Brainiac is an excellent Superman book and the best Johns book I've read yet Any Superman fan would love reading this highly recommended

  6. Jerry Jerry says:

    Great artwork and storyline with less of the profanity freaky visuals and such that have plagued other such omnibuses though a couple of crude jokes were still present

  7. Max& Max& says:

    EditedI have been anticipating this story for uite a while now And you know what? She can’t stand the sight of me Sorry Anyway And you know what? This book is 64 to 158 on frickin because it’s been out of print for 10 years I had no idea That is because it is a prelude comic to that New Krypton series that happened Written by the amazing Geoff Johns with art by the also amazing Gary Frank I was really excited when I could finally read it I think if you are looking for just a fun lighter comic that doesn’t really make you think this is a good choice especially for a Superman fan That’s overall how I feel about this story Nothing really amazed me like I thought it would but to pass the time while reading this did the job I’ll just get this out of the way Superman is a frickin hard ass Blasting heat vision into Brainiac’s eyes? That’s what I’m talkin about All of his great characteristics are still there but just saying he’s playin pretty rough Superman’s relationship with his parents and Supergirl is always great to see but I think some of my favourite scenes in this book are the first few Daily Planet scenes The dialogue between all of the characters is not only hilarious but adds for such a wholesome feel to this iconic location As for BrainiacOkay so Brainiac does in most media talk like a robot and a being that wants to rule all Because of this I am not a big fan of his character because his personality is a little bland Sorry very bland And I get it He is supposed to be that way but I don’t usually have any interest or get compelled by those kinds of villains Movie example Steppenwolf from Justice League 2017 But none the less the comic does a great job showing the horrors of what Brainiac does and how it ruins millions of lives The story itself is a little bland as well Don't get me wrong it's still entertaining I just can’t help but think how much could have been in this story Lengthwise and substance The story only really becomes something near the end and everything ends unresolved because it is a prelude comic Gary Frank’s art is incredible though This makes me want to read Secret Origin or the Shazam Comic he and Johns did His art is so expressive and vibrant looking and really does well for the reading experience In the end this was a uick fun read I don’t really know if it was any than that though and that is a little bit of a letdown If this wasn’t a Superman story would I care as much? I dunno that I would have but either way I do recommend this story for the great Superman characters and amazing artwork Letter Grade B

  8. Donovan Donovan says:

    Geoff Johns and Gary Frank write and draw classic Superman although he undeniably looks Christopher Reeve My only complaint is how short this book is and that it drops your heart off a cliff right at the end It really needs a follow up book That said this is a fun and exciting read with a near omnipotent and finally unridiculous Brainiac pulling the strings

  9. Rory Wilding Rory Wilding says:

    During the past week the comic club I attend every month discussed what I think is the uintessential Superman story All Star Superman a book I have reread and championed over the years Although I would say that Superman is of a reuired taste than Batman there are plenty of Superman stories to check out whether it is the first two Christopher Reeve films which have certainly influenced Geoff Johns in the way he writes the Man of SteelPrior to writing his spin on the origin story Secret Origin Geoff Johns had been writing plenty of comics from the main Superman title to Action Comics the latter of which the story arc Brainiac was published under As one of Brainiac's drones crash lands to Earth Superman encounters it only triggering the impending arrival of the evil Coluan who frightens Superman's younger cousin KaraSupergirlOpening the book with Brainiac invading Krypton as well as shrinking and stealing the capital city Kandor it immediately sets up who is considered Superman's second deadliest archenemy after Lex Luthor Considering Superman has acknowledged the various battles with Brainiac during a conversation with Kara Johns re establishes the eponymous villain by going back to the Silver Age roots He may serve as a physical threat and doesn't get under the skin of our hero but Johns writes great dialogue that showcases Brainiac's evil intellectJohns' biggest influence when it comes to writing the Man of Steel is Richard Donner's 1978 Superman movie which itself was inspired by the Silver Age comics Modernising these classical elements through the writing and the art there is a charming simplicity in the book's exploration of the mythos even during the crazy sci fi set pieces But no matter how grand Superman's adventures can be Johns maintains that human uality that truly defines Superman through his mild mannered alter ego Clark Kent who has great interactions with the various staff of the Daily Planet including his wife LoisGary Frank is one of the greatest artists to draw Superman not least in the way he draws the character looking very much like Christopher Reeve Hell even if his Lois looks a lot like Margot Kidder Presenting a world that looks both modern and classic Frank puts a lot of attention on every page from the expressive characters to the impactful action seuences ranging from Metropolis to Brainiac's alien shipIn five issues Geoff Johns might be juggling too many elements to the point you may initially struggle what the emotional core is but once you reach the heartbreaking finale which evokes a similar seuence from Richard Donner's Superman Brainiac reminds you of what is both great and tragic about the iconic superhero

  10. Jesse A Jesse A says:

    Well written story with good art Could have stood to be a bit longer but still very good

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