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  1. Sable Sable says:

    I received an Advanced Reading Copy in exchange for a fair reviewI enjoyed Too Wyrd the first book in this series thoroughly see my review here so I couldn't wait to get my hands on book 2 I think it's fair to say I was primed to enjoy it but fearful that I wouldn't like it as much as I liked the first oneThere was nothing to fear In book 2 we resume the story of Nicola reluctant chosen hero of the Norse gods charged to stop Ragnarok by obtaining the Runespells; bindrunes in physical form that represent the true power of the runes as shown to Odin after his ordeal on Yggdrasil Yes Heathens and Pagans Buhrman is a Norse Pagan she reads a lot and she knows what she's talking about This time Nicola is asked to infiltrate a New Age cult who might have the Runespell for healing They are doing real and provable faith healing ritualsFrom a real world perspective this cult is cleverly rendered I want to talk about it a bit I have spent a lot of time involved in the New Age community as a Pagan who owned a metaphysical store And I saw lots of people who were engaged in some of the in my opinion destructive behaviours and beliefs that this cult represents This is not in any way to say a that the New Age is all like this because it's not or b that the New Age is all cultish because it's not There are people lots of them who do good things for lots of peopleBut this type of thing though taken to extremes in the novel by necessity of story easily flourishes in the New Age community and the Pagan community too Mostly that's because people are reluctant to engage in confrontation or positively critical dialogue and those who do are portrayed as negative angry people who are throwing shade on the Lightworkers who are trying to be pure and good and holy and above all non negative This has the effect of shutting down all discernment and critical discourse and shaming people for asking uestions It's one of the reasons I drew away from the New Age and in some cases even the Pagan community in my real lifeThis is used to brilliant effect in the novel and hence the title Fluffy Bunny is a term that Pagans use to describe someone who wants their Witchcraft and Paganism to be all light and unicorns and rainbows But it can't be because life is just not like that It's a fine thing to aspire to but one must also be willing to look at the dark and thus to get through it or it stays at the bottom of the well poisoning everything you do Put a different way denial is a useful coping strategy for surviving a difficult situation but not for coming to terms with it afterwardsNicola is vulnerable to this type of manipulation because she is unlike the unflappable heroes of so many works in the urban fantasy vein traumatized by the events of the first novel and suffering from PTSD I cannot tell you how delighted I am that she is not unchanged by the depths of her experience This is something authors almost never dare to do That alone makes this a great bookNicola finds herself in a situation where horrible things happen to her because like many other victims of abuse she is primed for it by already having experienced horrible things and not adapting to them well This makes for an intense moving psychological thriller in the heart of what seems a simple paranormal adventure novel And I can't tell you any than that without ruining it for you so I won'tI will tell you from a Neo pagan perspective that I am picking up a copy of this book in paperback just to add to my Wiccan students' reuired reading list because there is a valuable lesson in here about ethics and the Craft that I think they need to know and I can't think of a better way to illustrate it There is also a valuable psychology lesson in this both for understanding how people get locked in a cycle of abuse and how they get out of itOnce again we are treated to renditions of gods and supernatural beings that feel contemporary as well as carrying the gravitas of myth I liked them uite a lotMore of this book takes place in the astral plane and other spirit realms than the last book Again a special level of compliment is due here These seuences are often about tests of character than direct confrontations and like much in the way of spirit work that Pagans do have immediate real world conseuences mostly because of how the person doing the inner work has changedAnd it's a good page turning mystery too just for its own sake with an ending that might surprise you It surprised meSome minor critiues because of course nothing is perfect beta readers told Buhrman that she didn't have enough physical description of Nicola so she tried too hard to get it in there at least in the copy I read I didn't see the point Nicola doesn't care about such things; why should the reader? She never thinks about her appearance other than Do I need a shower? Is my hair brushed? For her makeup is for special occasions or trying to make an impression and that's it so since the story is written in first person personal I can't see an easy way to include thatI would also like to see direct hands on involvement between Nicola and her daughter in future books Being a tough single mom is an important part of Nicola's identity I would like to see directly into that relationship rather than hearing about it as a backstory until she's needed as a potential obstacle or liability because of course Nicola rightfully tries very hard to keep her little girl away from all this dangerous stuffI feel that the world needs to discover Sarah Buhrman She's a really good writer on par with some of the best mainstream urban fantasy I've read never mind the small press publisher My feeling about this book was so positive that they asked me to write an editorial blurb for it I was happy to do so

  2. S. Thomas S. Thomas says:

    Nichola Crandall saved the world from Ragnaroc with the magic power of some Rune Spells and gets to keep them and play hero now Awesome right? Well it gets tougher than all that The Norns send our hero deep into crazy cult land to retrieve other Rune Spells from the guy serving the Kool aideBuhrman has woven action and mystery into Norse Mythology and created than just an urban fantasy series I enjoyed the philosophy and pagan religious ideas woven into the tale This passage took me back to my days of pondering Malcolm Gladwell’s work Blink “Everyone already has all the information they need they just need to see it in a way that isn’t loaded down with emotions and biases”Her content isn’t the only enjoyable angle the story is well crafted Action and dialogue drive the story not the dreaded info dump We are on a journey not stuck in the library in front of the Encyclopedia Britannica Do young people know about that reference manual? No matter this book is best read by adults I’d say it’s rated R or NC17 If you are Christian andor not open minded about stories that God isn’t the one and only magic guy and certainly isn’t our hero this story may get you riled Remember Jesus was about love so don’t be a hater I haven’t read the first book and this one was easy to get right into We get a bit of backstory but not a full rehash of book one Just the way I like it Now I remain curious enough to put it on my TBRThe title is our hero’s reference to white privilege This is an interesting concept and one that is currently a focal point in our collective society’s struggle at not being jerks to one another Repulsed by the notion? Chances are you need to explore the concept than anyone I met Buhrman doing a couple video discussion panels for Virtual Fantasy Con 2017 I was “host” of one but she did all the heavy lifting Thanks Sarah Her input on the panels got me excited about her work so naturally and unsurprisingly to those who follow my book blog I bummed a freebie There were no strings attached I wrote this review because you deserve to know about books that I think are awesome Dear Reader Check out other books I like at LARC SciFidotcom

  3. Lisa Eiff Lisa Eiff says:

    I enjoyed reading this book With this series it's probably a good idea to start off reading the book before delving into th is one ie Too Wyrd This book delves into magic and mythology and it's easy to relate to the characters as the novel progresses I would recommend this book and series to anyone that is a fan of fantasy and mythology

  4. Kriselda Gray Kriselda Gray says:

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this bookOh so goodThe Runespells series knocks its second volume outside the park just like it did its first When I first read in the description that Nicola was going to have to handle this mission without her friends Mercy and Joseph from the first book I was worried it might end up being too flat of a story because they'd added so much texture to Nicola's adventures but I honestly found I didn't really notice their absence as much as I thought I might and the new friends she makes are welcome company In Fluffy Bunny Nicola is called upon to investigate a healing cult that is messing with the natural order of things by saving the lives of people who's time has come and the death goddess Hel is not pleased To find out what is going on Nicola must go undercover as someone hoping to join the cult Her mission becomes complicated when she finds the cult atmosphere almost too seductiveMuch of the story takes place or less in Nicola's head as she finds herself taking refuge in the Astral I found those to be some of the most interesting parts of the book as I got to know Nicola in ways its often hard to get to know a character and because her adventures there helped me not only see but get a real feel for how the physical and ethereal relate to each other But don't think that this is mainly a big noodley mind trip there's plenty of action suspense and things that hit right in the feelsThis series as a lot going for it For me one of the best things is it avoids a number of Urban Fantasy tropes We learned in the first book Too Wyrd that Nicola isn't some chosen one who was born to solve a problem nor was she someone who suddenly learned her life is a lie there's magic in the world all the myths about the Old Gods are true and that because she's reached a certain birthday or a little known relative has died she now has a bunch of powers and has to save the world She's known about magic and the Old Gods because they're part of her faith She ends up being given her task because of choices she made when she was faced with various challenges and while she may not have known that making the choices she did would result in her taking on this responsibility her nature is such that it's hard to imagine she'd make different choices even if she knew what the result would be While I do love the normal for lack of a much better term UF reading something that looks at the concept from such a different starting point is just a real nice treatI really can't wait for in this series

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    Fluffy Bunny is book 2 in the urban fantasymagical realism Runespells series Nicola Crandall is sent on a new uest by the Norns to find out how a spiritual group has managed to anger the goddess Hel Could they have some of the Runespells she must recover?Although shorter than Too Wyrd I enjoyed Fluffy Bunny even In this novel the reader learns even about Nicola as a mother and as a person dealing with her own personal demons Warning there are some possible triggers in this book However I think Sarah Buhrman does a really interesting job dealing with abuse and its psychological conseuences Nicola's personal discovery and the interesting connection this adventure has to her overall Runespells uest make this an engrossing read And while I would have loved it to be longer I think it is at the perfect length for her story I will however have a hard time waiting now for Book 3I highly recommend this book and the rest of the Runespells series both for their urban fantasy elements and their ability to make you think about the world around you

  6. Andrea Stoeckel Andrea Stoeckel says:

    “Then I remembered something Mercy had said many months ago The game is directed by humans The gods can use them only to a degree”If a seuel can best its primary then Sarah Buhrman has done it Our somewhat reluctant hero Nicola is back on the second part of the Norns uests to find the Rhunespells and save humanity Nicola’s task is to find runes and fix the imbalance in the Weavings But who had a clue that being undercover at an ashramcult could be where she'd find them? Sometimes violence begets rage sometimes complacency Isn’t it good that Odin’s minions are supportivewitha dash or two of sarcasm?This book was so snarky I often had to go back and read sections again I really enjoyed Buhrnam’s humorous take on humankind’s search for whatever might define happiness and how that search can cloud the actual uest And the ending will have you looking for a video to get the whole glorious joke as it sets up the third book Highly Recommended 55disclaimer I received this book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it

  7. Jessica Wilhelmsson Jessica Wilhelmsson says:

    Awesome book Once again Sarah Buhrman and her heroine Nicola trapped me in an awesome book This time Nicola have to find the 3rd and 4th runespells and to do so she has to do it undercover at a Healing center She takes a weekend workshop and then stays as a member Once she's a member things that she hasn't thought of happens I mean who thinks they are going to be an addicted at a Healing Center? Well I don't want to spoil so all I can say that this book was read in a very short time started yesterday and finished this morning and before I even had my coffee I was on my way to the kitchen and the book was so exciting that I couldn't put it down to make my coffee and my morning coffee is holy so you can understand how great this book is

  8. Alexis Alexis says:

    Amazing book Loved it Well written Great author I do reccomed it I arc tis book and I'm happy i did It's amazing picked up right where book one left off Amazing series

  9. Gina Gina says:

    What a treatI knew I shouldn't have tried to start reading this over my lunch hour Sarah has once again intricately weaves a fantastical tapestry that I found difficult to put down I managed to get my work done as I took every opportunity to read a couple lines I can't wait for the next book

  10. Fred Tyre Fred Tyre says:

    Fluffy Bunny is an intense book I haven't read the first one yet but I plan on doing that soon I'd like it better if there were some scenery in Nicola's real world but it helps keep the read a bit shorter It's also true that con artists are so successful when they know what carrot to dangle in front of us p

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Fluffy Bunny (Runespells, #2) [Reading] ➻ Fluffy Bunny (Runespells, #2) By Sarah Buhrman – Nicola was never a hero She was an everyday single mother Heathen witch and herbalist And she wanted nothing than to forget the cluster of a situation she'd barely survived only a few months ago But e Nicola was never a hero She was an everyday single mother Heathen witch and herbalist And she wanted nothing than to forget the cluster of a situation she'd barely survived only a few months ago But explain that to HelAs it turns out Hel wants the souls she was promised but something paranormal is keeping a lot of souls out of her reach Nicola goes undercover into an isolated healing cult to find out what is going on and if it is connected to the Runespells The problem with cults however is the brainwashingAbandoned to her own devices by the gods and far from the friends that helped her before can Nicola survive the tests long enough to complete her mission And will she still be herself if she does.