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  1. Carrie Carrie says:

    This was for intents and purposes a contemporary romance involving a hero from another galaxy Instead of sci fi romance this would accurately be called romantic with science fiction elements the romance being the main story and the sci fi incidental to the that However that doesn't mean this isn't a very good book I thoroughly enjoyed the hero and heroine and felt the relationship while containing the reuisite passion to make it a hot romance was believable and well developed The motivations of both primary characters were clear and both were honest honorable people No big misunderstandings and the tension is provided by the natural situation in which the characters find themselvesThere was very little real action in this book and the villain was weak as was the secondary romance But the developing relationship between Illana and Che was sweet and compelling and well worth the time

  2. Pamela(AllHoney) Pamela(AllHoney) says:

    The third book in Susan Grant's Star series Prince Ché Vedla is advised to marry before the big royal wedding of the crown prince While his advisor is looking for an appropriate bride Ché decides to vacation on Earth for a bit There he contacts Ilana Hamilton the sister of the crown princeI'm sorry but I was really expecting from the book It was really slow for me but somewhere after the halfway mark it picked up and started getting good Most of the story takes place on Earth in California The pace was a little slow for me but the style of writing was nice The characters were also likable and there is a little secondary romance included Overall I liked it but I didn't love it

  3. Sugar Sugar says:

    ReviewEons or slightly less time ago I read the first two books in the series and since I remember really enjoying them this series has been around for a while already I thought why not read the next installment even though I don’t recall much from the previous ones Plus a good Cinderellafairy tale story is always worth to lose some hours forIt was in a sense a classical romance with a predictable plot and two stubborn as mules hero and heroine from completely different worlds who should have accepted that they are ideal for each other already on first meeting and gotten on with it already The various characters and other little details were however what made it an extra charming and sweet reading experienceLikeI liked the final villain and the twist there I totally didn’t see that comingThe tension that was building between Che and Ilana till it exploded I also liked that they were so different but there wasn’t any major conflicts or there wasn’t too much contrasting to showcase how incredibly different they were both in the lives they led and them as individuals Thus it wasn’t too hard to believe how they could be attracted to one another and eventually fall in loveIt’s always entertaining to watch someone totally out of their element especially someone aristocratic and privileged To observe how they fare in an ordinary person’s world usually leads to hilarious situations which in this book weren’t as in your face and embarrassing as in other books but the subtle glimpses to Che adapting to earth life were very endearingIlana’s “devious” brotherThe whole background and world building of this image of the future where the story takes place is elaborate and detailed especially having read the previous books yet it doesn’t take over the story and I don’t feel overwhelmed by all the information This book is focused on the main couple and everything revolves around them and nothing else hogs their uality timeMe not likeThe secondary romance came across too detached and out of the blue to me to actually enjoy Although I’m happy that the über manly guy with the über adorable name Muffin finally found his lady loveAs already mentioned it had a somewhat simplistic and cliché plotline and was a uick read But since the main theme of the book I’m uite fond of then I didn’t mind the predictability as muchCharacters Ilana – She is independent self confident a career woman a seemingly strong and self sufficient woman who has her own soft sports and fears There wasn’t really any special reason not to like or root for her I especially liked how she decided to ignore all buts and doubts and just go with what she felt that was unexpected yet pleasant Some may see it as too rash and convenient but I found it incredibly sympathetic and braveChe – An honorable and responsible prince who want to enjoy the final free days of his life before having to sacrifice himself at the altar for his people and duty But he was all in all a really nice and likable guy despite being born with a silver or in his case a diamond spoon in his mouthOverallThis was a sweet conclusion to the whole series and I recommend it to all The three books were simple and romantic sci fi love stories I don’t usually find myself enjoying sci fi romance but I really came to like this series

  4. Tara van Beurden Tara van Beurden says:

    Really loved this one Ilana is my kind of character bold and strong than her mother who was in The Star King ambitious enough to be realistic I really liked Che too though I didn't expect to initially much like Ilana I think I have a thing for kings and princes there always my favourite characters I really liked their relationship because it wasn't pure lovey dovey; they were sarcastic and funny and argumentative and passionate Ilana refrained from becoming too clingy or ridiculous after they hooked up and there was no instant 'Oh my god i love you' but an acknowledgment that despite the circumstances of their marriage they weren't necessarily in love yet I liked the little side story with Muffin and Cooper too though I do wish Grant had made mention of the relationship between Gann and Lara referred to in the previous book There were things I didn't like about this story issues I took with some of Grant's world and society creation but overall I could overlook these in my enjoyment of the story

  5. Dee Dee says:

    This was like a contemporary romance involving a hero from another galaxyit is a solid good romantic story between Che and Illana The romance was well developed and believableThere was very little real action in this book and the secondary romance was week as well But the developing relationship between Illana and Che was sweet and compelling and well worth a few hours

  6. Kathrynn Kathrynn says:

    Book 4 in the Star series and though I read this series several years I remember liking the entire series Good stories This one the hero was a prince and looking for a bride when he encounters the heroine who doesn't want to be married Nice book

  7. Kiara Kiara says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I just love CHE1 He just might be the bestest alien in the world

  8. Linda Walters Linda Walters says:

    I really liked this book I really just enjoyed it It is the first one that I have read in the Series but I had no problem keeping up So I guess in other words it's a good standalone story I liked both of the main characters a lot There was some pretty good word building when it came to the differences of the other outer space worlds There was a clash of personalities and a clash of cultures but they also had a strong underlining attraction also Others recognized that attraction long before they did All that they saw at first was the fact that they hadn't forgotten each other after their first meetings Ché also saw her as totally unsuitable in everything that he wanted in a woman and Ilana saw him as the enemy of everything that she believed in and some things that she feared It got really amusing when they often went toe to toe and when Che tries to learn the customs and slang of Earth There are some good secondary people in the story and an interesting unexpected turn of events towards the end of the book Che's brother Klark also plays an important part of the story as well No cliffhangers a good Epilogue and a HEA What's not to like about that?

  9. Shane Shane says:

    God this one’s unbearable or maybe my expectations were sky high that the mediocrity of this piece shoot it down to smithereens? Whatever the real cause this just left me feeling pissed off First and foremost is the heroine gawd she’s the type of heroine I extremely dislike with her tendency to be judgmental bordering on hypocrisy self absorption and impulsiveness that’s so like her mother’s I like my heroines’ smart street smart and with an abundance of common sense not some woman with false bravado which would only lose my interest in reading further Sad to say I gave up and skipped to the ending and thank God I did because I didn’t feel like I’ve missed anything at all But poor characterization is the least of what made this unbearable to read The other factor is the plot I expected a space opera ish event but no it’s a boring romance involving an alien spending his last days as a bachelor and a woman bent on changing his cultural views Bah That last one’s the last straw to be honest Why can’t our heroine keep an open mind and respect a freaking culture? It’s not as if her effing culture is the holiest of the holiest?Ugh and I hate the epilogue too grr

  10. Betty Lambert Betty Lambert says:

    This book was good I had a hard time really getting into it as it was just so much almost too much stuff about the star princess and her life on earth Very boring to me anyway to wade through her days doing normal human things She is afraid of flying and that is why she is putting up such a snit about going to another planet to see her mom and her brother To me she was a spoiled princess There was a good plot in the story and it finally gets interesting about halfway through it She meets up with Che'Vedla who is the crown prince of another race on another planet He has come to earth to rest and have one last fling before having to go back home to make a political match for his country They have a great time together and then things start to go wrong Would recommend if you are following this series

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The Star Princess [PDF] ✐ The Star Princess By Susan Grant – She’s a brash fun loving filmmaker He’s a stuffy arrogant prince But when they get together sparks are royally going to flyIlana Hamilton isn’t an adventurer like her pilot mother or a diplomat She’s a brash fun loving filmmaker He’s a stuffy arrogant prince But when The Star Epub / they get together sparks are royally going to flyIlana Hamilton isn’t an adventurer like her pilot mother or a diplomat like her do right brother; she’s a brash fun loving filmmaker who’d rather work behind the camera than be a paparazzi target in front of it Star princess or not she’s a perfectly normal single woman—and prefers to stay that way—until Prince Ché Vedla crashes into her life When the sexy royal asks for help sowing his wild oats Ilana is happy to help But fall for Prince Charming herself Not a chance Ché is too stuffy too arrogant and too old fashioned But the charming Prince Ché has other plans When he sweeps her off her feet Ilana sees stars and the higher he takes her the she wants to fly—with him But can she go along for the ride without worrying about where they might land.

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  • 387 pages
  • The Star Princess
  • Susan Grant
  • English
  • 10 February 2016

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Susan’s childhood dreams of becoming a space explorer fizzled when she found out The Star Epub / calculus was involved Luckily she didn’t need math skills to fly jets—or to create space stories in her head first for herself then for friends and now for readers everywhere  A New York TimesUSA Today bestselling author and a military veteran Susan won the prestigious RITA® Award for her book Contact a sci f.