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  • Paperback
  • 203 pages
  • Amy Carmichael
  • Janet Benge
  • English
  • 14 January 2014
  • 9781576580189

10 thoughts on “Amy Carmichael

  1. Kathryn in FL Kathryn in FL says:

    Amy Carmichael was born in N Ireland to a wealthy family in the mid 1800's Her family lived very humbly despite their wealth and hard times hit and a financial struggle resulted The stress of the enterprise resulted in a heart attack that killed Amy's father Amy was the oldest but in her early teens she was responsible for a half dozen siblings Her mother Amy and several sisters went to England to live with some siblings remaining in Ireland and at least one brother going to America when he came of age Amy took a job working for Robert Wilson as his personal assistant Amy had been very involved in her spiritual life back in Ireland even starting a Sunday program for the poor children that became uite popular She and Mr Wilson shared their spiritual views and encouraged one another Amy felt called to missionary work at a young age and in her early 20's went to Japan Soon she was called to China but shortly after her arrival tensions between Japan and China and Britain? made her stay dangerous She had health issues that seemed to worsen in cold weather so she was sent to the S of India Still full of colonialistsAmy flourished in India people always sensed her kindness and soon it was apparent in her new homeland Not long after coming to the mission station in a place east of the Ghats an older very attractive woman visited Amy and they talked for hours It wasn't until the woman left that one of the other missionaries told her that she was talking to a temple prostitute it didn't shock Amy she was not one to judge She was appalled to learn that many baby girls were given as gifts to a temple so that the god would show the family favor Girls were not held in esteem because they reuired a dowry that many parents found onerous so giving their daughter away was not a tough decision for many Amy was appalled by the caste system and immediately demonstrated that attitude by wearing white cloth a color lack thereof of the untouchables as a way of communicating that she did not esteem people based on the caste system Some adult temple prostitutes ran away One story was a young girl around 12 marriageable she wanted to be a Christian but by choosing Christianity she would be dishonoring her family and they would kill her Amy helped her escape to another place thereby she was safe and her community didn't know she had dishonored her family Sometimes the parents could afford an extra mouth to feed so giving a girl to be raised in a temple insured that she would be fed and cared for even though she would be used for a very young girl sought solace because she was raised as a temple prostitute Soon people were giving their young daughters to Amy to raise and she started an orphanage in a nearby area of Dohnavr in the State of Tamil Nadu India Amy sent letters to her friends and those interested in her work this correspondence covers the 50 years of service in India; she also wrote 13 other books While in ministry she never once asked for money She prayed and waited until the money arrived and it always arrived when needed and in the amount she needed She raised many children and people started bringing her boys as well so she had a separate home for them on the property She built a prayer house and then a Hospital She built a dispensary at a town nearby for basic medical care When she was 63 she had gone with some of her workers some were women who had been raised in her orphanage and remained loyal to see a home they wanted to use it was considered haunted so though the people in the region didn't care for Christians the owner was motivated to rent it out she fell in a hole it was night time She had a severe break in her leg and a twisted ankle and had to be taken to the hospital She never recovered though she had a nice healing of her leg and ankle Doctors realized that something occurred within her spine and she was bedridden for nearly 20 years She still maintained close to those running the various services and changed many lives for the better She died in her early 80's and said that she wanted no coffin or stone marker So her friends put a birdbath to mark her remains as she loved the birds of that area so much that she would let them fly into her room despite the messThis book was written on the fourth grade reading level so it can be enjoyed by people young and old

  2. Cate Cate says:

    As always this book was very inspiring recommended for ages 10 and up

  3. Keely Keely says:

    'Amy Carmichael stood on the deck of the steamer waving goodbye once again to her old friend Robert Wilson How could she have known she would never see him or the British Isles again? Amy was certain God called her to India Indeed India would be her home for the rest of her life' Amy Carmichael a bright light for God her love for the unwanted and outcast in India makes her uite an example for me This book is very well written starting in Amy's childhood all the way to her death The author didn't have much dialogue in it to my disappointment As I stopped after a few chapters it turned the gears in my mind about uestions concerning God Even what the world thinks of us should we care? Even though boys might consider this a 'girly book' I would recommend this book to everyone of all ages

  4. Christina Hufstetler Christina Hufstetler says:

    This is a wonderful book Amy Carmichael is a wonderful example to all women of what true faith looks like I read this story with my 12 year old and she loved her also and talks about her like she is an old friend Recommend this book to anyone and everyone

  5. Evalina Evalina says:

    Beautiful story of a woman who followed God and gave her trust to Him in the most uncertain of times Her work was truly inspiring and a testament of God's providence in the christian life

  6. Margie Margie says:

    Simple book but enjoyable The Benges give us access to missionariesChristian workers we might not otherwise know

  7. Bill Bill says:


  8. Anna Anna says:

    A very good book about a very awesome lady

  9. Kim Kim says:

    I never knew about her ministry Amazing story

  10. Rhonnie Rhonnie says:

    Soon after I started reading this I saw that it was a YWAM Publishing book which is awesome and I didn't know even existed Also the writing is VERY simple and basic but serves to tell the story very well The story of Amy Carmichael is another amazing testament of faith and God's provisions So inspiring and beautiful It stuns me in a way but also is not really surprising at all what Amy had to go through when she first arrived in India as a missionary that even the other Christians the English would still abide by England's Victorian practices drinking tea in the highest comfort with Indian servants and adhering to the caste system themselves Unbelievable and yet this is exactly what happens in our world today living under the standards of Man instead of seeing all people as God sees them Also tragic what people living in India had to live with in regards to the strict caste system and still have to live with in regards to societal ideas and the fact that girls are nearly worthless It's heartbreaking This book gave me an even bigger heart for India a place that has always been in the forefront for me All followers of Christ should read stories like this lest we limit God on what He is capable of in our lives

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Amy Carmichael➣ [Epub] ➝ Amy Carmichael By Janet Benge ➭ – Amy Carmichael's 1867 1951 life was one of a simple determined obedience to god regardless of the conseuences Her service in India is a vivid example of the impact one person who will fear God and not Amy Carmichael's life was one of a simple determined obedience to god regardless of the conseuences Her service in India is a vivid example of the impact one person who will fear God and nothing else can have Driven by love sustained by faith and determination this young woman from Northern Ireland defied the cruel barriers of India's caste systemRUNNING TIME ⇒ hrs and mins© YWAM Publishing P YWAM Publishing.

About the Author: Janet Benge

Geoff Benge are a husband and wife writing team with twenty years of writing experience They are best known for the books in the two series Christian Heroes Then Now series and Heroes of History Janet is a former elementary school teacher Geoff holds a degree in history Together they have a passion to make history come alive for a new generation Originally from New Zealand the Benges make their home in the Orlando Florida area.