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  • Paperback
  • 182 pages
  • McBrides Gem
  • Roxy Matthews
  • English
  • 09 January 2015
  • 9781943504282

10 thoughts on “McBrides Gem

  1. InD& InD& says:

    3550Ms Matthews definitely knows how to keep her readers guessing Read full review in the 2018 February issue of InD'tale Magazine

  2. Judy Bettle Judy Bettle says:

    What can I sayThis book was hard for me to get through I think it's because it's not my type I do love fantasy and romance but I could not enjoy this book This writer has talent and imagination but I found everything to be too uick SpoilerWe meet Randi an abused woman running away from her past to a new town a new life with walls build around her to save herself from heartbreak Then we meet Hawk a man wounded by a woman who used and abused him also has his guard up against women—built a wall around his heart only to lose it within 24 hours How can two broken people fall in love so fast? I could see a couple of weeks months maybe but not within three days This story only lasts for three days in this book and it doesn't seem plausible A battered woman takes than days to get over her past and start a new I wasn’t fond of the Alpha male coming to the rescue at every turn The only way I can see Randi falling in love with him was because he saved her all the time; she never got to know the real him and vice versa They didn't have the opportunity to know each other's uirks and like and dislike Wasn't fond of the weak woman the damsel in distress I didn't see Randi as a strong woman no matter what the writer tried to sell me Even after she found out what a horrible woman Alissa was once she saw her she doubted ever being as good looking as her Looks shouldn't matter Alissa was evil and then she disappears at the end like what happened to her? And please stop using ”I’m not like other girls” this cliche needs to end Also please go back and fix your grammar and spelling mistakes Please get an editor as I saw repeat phrases of the same sentence Good luck with your next book

  3. Jaclyn Roche Jaclyn Roche says:

    From the moment Hawk McBride caught a glimpse of polka dot panties he was drawn into Randi Ronin’s action packed “accident” filled world Despite having his own issues he is there for Randi in a way no man ever has been Hawk saves her time and time again and Randi fulfills her destiny in ways than one and saves him right backPrepare yourself for a wild ride and a mystery only Hawk can solve right along with Randi I loved this book from the moment they met on the side of the road through the search for the Destiny Gem Hawk is book boyfriend material hunky and sweet once you get past his rough exterior Randi is funny and passionate once her walls are brought down by Hawk’s patience and insistence These two have a legendary love one that lives through the agesI cannot wait for the next book in the series Troubled Waters If it is anything like McBride’s Gem it’ll be a wild ride and a book that I won’t be able to put down

  4. Roxy Matthews Roxy Matthews says:

    I guess being the author I may be biased But this is one amazing read You'll laugh you'll cry you'll be covered in goosebumps but you'll be eager to turn the pages Hawk McBride is a lil sarcastic but has a big heart He is a once bitten twice shy man but Randi Ronin uickly breaks down his defensesRandi Ronin is a spit fire determined to make a new life for herself and forget her past She'd vowed away from men that is until Hawk McBride and his uick tongue come to her rescue than onceThese two characters have an instant connection one they don't understand but Destiny has a way of intervening when necessary

  5. Amanda Hupe Amanda Hupe says:

    Check out my review at

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McBrides Gem❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ McBrides Gem ✑ Author Roxy Matthews – A mystic gemstone a broken purple Jeep one woman's bad luck greed betrayal revenge the cutest pair of polka dot panties and a little lust brings unlikely people together Randi's back luck day becomes A mystic gemstone a broken purple Jeep one woman's bad luck greed betrayal revenge the cutest pair of polka dot panties and a little lust brings unlikely people together Randi's back luck day becomes Hawk's nightmare He vows to keep her safe But the Private Detective doesn't have a clue how to stop the chaos inside his own heartWhen Hawk McBride hit the pavement of Highway intent on running away from the betrayal of his brother Hawk could never foretell where his life would be led Or the disabled purple jeep that would stop him dead Randi Ronin believed her bad luck day on the side of the highway was her destiny After all she had left a failed marriage behind But when a tall handsome man with a uick tongue stopped to aide her she wondered if it was the world's way of righting the wrongs done to herInstantly connected by a force neither could understand Hawk and Randi stand together against man's ultimate greed on their uest to find what is true what is chosen and what is forever destined And they plan to take everyone down in their crusade for true loveOf Gods and men there are few that exist with whom the powers of Earth's Gems can be trusted Yet many selfish men will stop at nothing short of total destruction to garner the Gem's energy for impure means Some are willing to use the innocent in their uest for dominanceHowever there are always those who refuse to sit back and watch the demise of others without acting and Hawk McBride is one of themFROM THE AUTHOR Roxy Matthews This first book in the Pale Bay Treasures Series is a complete novel no cliffhanger Each novel in the series is located in Pale Bay and contains familiar characters but each story revolves around a different couple in their uest to overcome conflicts and trouble coming to their small town.

About the Author: Roxy Matthews

Where otherworldly influence thrivesRoxy Matthews a member of the Silverleaf Writers Guild is a self published author of full length novels in the RomanticSuspense and Fantasy genres In she was named one of Canada's Best Writers of the Year by Polar Expressions PublishingHer work has been featured in several anthologies including ‘The Way Through’ by Polar Expressions Publishing The C.