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La mujer ue buceó dentro del corazón del mundo ✷ [BOOKS] ✫ La mujer ue buceó dentro del corazón del mundo By Sabina Berman ❁ – Karen es una fierecilla abandonada ue ni siuiera sabe hablar cuando su tía Isabelle se hace cargo de la industria atunera ue acaba de heredar y descubre con sorpresa su existencia Gracias al tesón y Karen es una fierecilla abandonada ue buceó PDF/EPUB é ue ni siuiera sabe hablar cuando su tía Isabelle se hace cargo de la industria atunera ue acaba de heredar y descubre con sorpresa su existencia Gracias al tesón y al cariño de Isabelle la niña empieza a hablar y va a la escuela pero se le diagnostica una suerte de autismo funcional Ello no le impedirá llegar a la universidad o tener ideas brillantes para el negocio familiar aunue sus comportamientos y puntos de vista La mujer MOBI :Ê chocarán siempre con las ideas establecidas y serán causa de situaciones embarazosas o cómicasEl relato de Karen más lúcida ue muchos de los ue la rodean reivindica la intuición y los sentidos frente a la razón el derecho a ser diferente Su particular sensibilidad no siempre es comprendida por los otros Dura pero frágil incomprendida y genial.

About the Author: Sabina Berman

Escritora Dramaturga Novelista Ensayista Periodista ue buceó PDF/EPUB é y GuionistaHa ganado cuatro veces el Premio Nacional de Dramaturgia de México Dos veces el Premio Nacional de Periodismo Un Ariel de la Academia de Cinematografía Dos películas de su autoría han representado a México en los Oscares Ha dado clases en la NYU la Universidad de Yale y la Universidad de Claifornia at Berkeley.

10 thoughts on “La mujer ue buceó dentro del corazón del mundo

  1. Maxwell Maxwell says:

    Karen Nieto is discovered in her house in Mazatlan by her Aunt Isabelle after her sister Karen's mother has passed away Karen is a feral child left to scavenge for food with no past human interactions to shape her social behavior or even speaking capabilities And Karen is also autistic She is a high functioning autistic savant ranging from complete 'imbecile' the book's words not mine in certain areas to genius in others Her family owns a tuna cannery in Mexico that is about to go under due to an importation embargo set up by the USA Now as she is coming to find her place in the world finding her voice interacting with other humans for the first time and learning the fishing trade Karen works to try and save her family's business and also reflect philosophically about the food industryReading from the perspective of someone with autism was intriguing This book I believe was extremely well done I felt like I really understood Karen or as she refers to herself 'Me' and as a reader I got to experience her growing up and learning from a perspective totally outside of myself At times yes she was a bit frustrating and unreasonable but I think the author Sabina Berman does that to show how difficult it is for Karen to adjust not only as someone with high functioning autism but also as one who has experienced very little love and human interactions in her lifeThe prose style was beautiful There were a few passages that really struck me and stuck with me after reading them I loved the interweaving of water imagery throughout the whole book obviously dealing with the tuna and fishing but also as a place of love and comfort and safety for Karen Overall this book was a great read I am happy to read a translate work of fiction from Spanish; the author is Mexican and also read from a uniue narrator FYI this book has uite a bit of adult language and material in it especially surrounding Karen's college experiencesobservations and sexual awakening So keep that in mind if you are younger or if you are sensitive to that material I will say that it did not seem extraneous Karen as a narrator is uite blunt so I felt that it was done appropriately45 Stars Beautiful Moving Wonderful

  2. Victoria Victoria says:

    Unfortunately I found this book to be a bit disappointing Though the translation felt very smooth and without error the perspective that of a 42 year old autistic woman felt rather inconsistent and often bordering on the inauthentic The book felt like a fictionalization of the life of Temple Grandin an autistic woman who has made an amazing impact on both industry and the animal human bond Here Karen revolutionized the tuna industry rather than cattle but the similarities from the use of a harness even to the swine slaughterhouse added up to too many coincidences for it to seem just without giving Grandin some creditThe injustice aside I previously held high hopes because the description mentioned feral children the ocean and autism all fascinating topics for fiction One of the pre release blurbs called this book comedic and I definitely failed to find the humour in this book that alternated between the horror of the fishing industry and the difficulties of Karen’s communication with others Despite this the book’s overall tone was not depressing but rather matter of fact the one of the successes of the point of view in accuracy though these insights sometimes led to the inconsistencies I simply expected from the book Karen’s miraculously high functioning status considering her first seven years as little than a feral child bordered on the extremely fantastical considering the current research into language development and the effects of neglect And the ocean’s role revolved on death and industry than beauty and hopeHowever the flow and style of the writing pulled me through uickly If only the execution had supported the interesting premise

  3. Kath B Kath B says:

    My favourite book of 2018 Extremely unusual plot and fascinating lead character You won't read anything else like this

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    Implausible and weirdLet me explain I thought this was going to be a novel about the journey of the aunt bringing her orphaned wild autistic niece into society But no Within the space of a few pages Karen went from zero to self taught reader and fairly competent communicator implausible The rest was about her education and subseuent career as a humane animal slaughterer weird It wasn't badly written or anything and there was just enough interest to keep reading but I was left thinking I didn't sign up for this So 25 stars

  5. Kelly Kittel Kelly Kittel says:

    I really enjoyed this book particularly all the underwaterfish scenes Being part fish myself I could totally relate to the protagonists favorite pasttime of simply laying her head on a rock on the bottom of the ocean and leaving the realm of thought behind in yet another example of her rejection of Descartes Cogito ergo sum philosophy of life I loved the lemon leaves and the grove she ultimately planted as well as her unlikely love for Ricardo I loved the tuna paradises and her ability to see and feel the world from the perspective of animals namely fish and I wish someone would really figure out a way to save the bluefin tuna I don't eat sand but my kids have certainly had their share as babies so she might be onto something there And I loved her jellyfish rescue This book was a refreshing change a uniue story and I wish I read Spanish well enough to read it all over again in its original language In fact I'd recommend that blindly to anyone who can Thinking it would be Jo vs Me? Like it better already

  6. Ress Alzahrani Ress Alzahrani says:

    I love the cover The basic idea of the book that is found in the abstract is great but I find the book to be so poorly written I dont recommend this book

  7. Willa McAllister Willa McAllister says:

    Taken from the point of view of an autistic woman Karen which took me a really long time to remember her name since it is first person perspective and she always capitalizes Me the book looks at how human beings think about what make them human Two major points of reference she draws on time and time again are Descartes and Darwin Her major problem with Descartes is his famous phrase I think; therefore I am which she finds impossibly stupid And I agree with her She's convinced me wholeheartedly First you exist and then you think Descartes uses this idea to define reality A reality in which anything that thinks must exist than anything that does not think Thus animals are inferior to humans which allows us to eat them and kill them with little concern for them The book goes to great and subtle lengths to convince the reader that things humans and animals exist first and then learn to think Karen loves Darwin He went outside of himself unlike Descartes and discovered a reality of how humans became humans and how all the animals became the animals they are She much prefers this reality because it connects her to the animals this case that humans and monkeys have a common ancestor However once again human have perverted his message and made the phrase survival of the fittest famous irregardless of his true hypothesis Darwin has so much to say about compassion and cooperation than strife and competition Obviously what I find most interesting about the book was her redefinition of what a human is But there are so many elements to this story that are rich and make this book a worthwhile read Since Karen is autistic the reader gets a better understanding of what autism is keyword better as well as a complete picture of what the meat and fish industries are doing to the environment and to the animals themselves though the book is not an account of the atrocities of the meat and fish corporations The book was also really well written and used a language that I could relate to and become emotionally connected with This book is the first that I've read that has come even close to convincing me to become a vegetarian The only thing I wish was different was that I didn't want this book to be a novel I am definitely going to read books by this author

  8. Kristine Hansen Kristine Hansen says:

    Goodness I've never had such trouble in picking a shelf for a book How in the world do I classify this one? Autistic fiction perhaps but if I create that shelf then I almost feel obligated to seek out of such an animal and with the exception of The Curious Incident of the Dog at NIght I'm not sure what would go on that shelfThis was a book that was at times difficult to read Maybe autistics shouldn't read about autistics because it really underscores just how different our thought patterns are sometimes Karen resonated so deeply with me at times that it left me shaken Which is of course the mark of an excellent writer that she could evoke this response when she herself is not autistic to my knowledge anywaymakes me wonderYes the obvious parallels of Temple Grandin's life are impossible to ignore But the knowledge of tuna fishing the industry is in itself very impressive And while there are similarities the depth of expression and emotion that you find in following Karen to the bottom of the sea is something that is uniue to Ms Berman who captured this girl in uiet elouenceSo yes this was a book that I would recommend especially to those who wish to maybe understand me a little bit But be prepared to be than a bit disturbed at what you find there I suspect not everyone will be as comfortable with Karen as I was Which is perhaps the point after all

  9. Georgina Georgina says:

    I had to read this for a Latin American Literature class I'm taking At first I thought it would be a boring book I Loved this book Karen the main character's struggle being autistic allowed her to relate to the tuna than as she calls it humans She is always under estimated in her abilities but her Aunt sees in her than anyone and believes she has to offer I liked how she found similarities when she travels to Japan in the peoples customs and compared them to her austism Her extreme ability in detail allowed me to visualize her experiences She finds her reality and makes peace

  10. Kerrie Kerrie says:

    A very peculiar book I found it really hard to get into the rhythm of the writing at first and then I wasn't sure if I was enjoying it or notHaving said that I raced through the last half and didn't want to put it downHaving read a few books with Autistic characters this wasn't new however this was the first I'd read from an adult female perspectiveI always enjoy seeing the world from someone else's perspective a new set of priorities and values It is always thought provokingAn enjoyable read

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