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Snowdrops and Stardust ➶ [Reading] ➸ Snowdrops and Stardust By Sue Lilley ➫ – Was he on a promise or just so used to girls falling at his feet he couldn’t tell the difference Lust at first sight was his thing than good old fashioned love but she was stirring something forgott Was he on a promise or just so used to girls falling at his feet he couldn’t tell the difference Lust at first sight was his thing than good old fashioned love but she was stirring something forgotten Who doesn’t dream of being the girl he gives it all up for If you love a rock star romance you won’t want to miss this captivating short storyFlame haired rock god Aiden Delaney has it Snowdrops and eBook ✓ all But three days before his sell out headline gig he takes off alone disillusioned and on a uest for inspiration Fame and fortune was never meant to be such a senseless treadmill Where does he go from hereIn his recurring nightmare he’s trapped beneath the stage in a padlocked crate frantically battering the sides A few feet above him the show goes on louder as he hammers for help Nobody misses him It’s time he got the hell out But nobody jumps ship without a life raft Is it fate he gets snowed in with beautiful country girl Marianne But can he admit to feeling lost and scared of the future He’ll sound like a lunatic She could be his muse or his salvation but she doesn’t even own up to recognising himThey have three days alone in her cottage miles from the city Three magical days which will surely change their livesThis hot new romance is sure to melt your heart.

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  1. Fani Fani says:

    “Wherever I lay my hat that’s my home” One of my favorite situations in romance is when two people who didn’t know well each other before get trapped in a house while there is a huge snowstorm outside For me it is always the perfect setting for the couple to get to know each other share personal details about themselves become intimate and fall in loveUnfortunately in “Snowdrops and Stardust” even though we have the perfect setting there wasn’t any of that excitement the main characters usually feel in the beginning of their relationship There weren’t any moments where they were awkward and flustered around each other I couldn’t really feel their emotional connection because there wasn’t much time where the main characters spent it simply talking The entire relationship turned extremely sexual extremely fast All the hero could think about was sexual things about the heroine whose winter clothes somehow managed to slide down and almost reveal parts of her body There was no progression at all in their relationship they just met got trapped because of the snowstorm and the very next day they simply had sex The hero all of a sudden was ready to change his entire life for her I think this story was very rushed and there was no time for the characters and their connection to develop even the ending seemed unsatisfying to me because there wasn’t any time for anything to be resolved I voluntarily reviewed the free copy i received via Reading Alley

  2. Virginia Marks Virginia Marks says:

    Snowdrops and Stardust is a short story about feeling smothered in a world where no privacy or people falling at your feet can make you want to escapeAiden Delaney is a very popular star who sings for a living He loved the life of a celebrity until the shine wore off He hitches a ride with a truck driver to take him anywhere expect to the next sold out show When the truck stops and he jumps out he realizes that he is all alone with the silence the snow and the darkness Marianne owns Three Chimneys They specialize in jellies jams cakes tea time and an owner who is fighting her own hell She is burning objects in a bonfire when Aiden startles her He is easily recognized but she doesn't mention it She knew that look of stress and exhaustion all too well Burning the items went by faster when he helped bring the stuff to the fire In return he is paid in warm food Over food they talk about the snow and the failing buisiness Aiden realizes that this is the joy he has been missing He felt the urge of desire for her and was not about to make a move out of respect That choice burned in his belly as he fell asleepSnowdrops are small beauiful flowers that are meant to be enjoyed growing wild and not adorning a table Aiden and Marriane get closer physically and emotionally He takes a leap of faith in hopes that he gets the answer he wants and easing the pain for them both He is dismayed when he found that the ex was back in town Who would win her heart? Often times we are overwhelmed with pressures of our personal reality and seek respite elsewhere It can an emotional trip or a physical trip People take vacations engage in Roll Playing Games with alternate persona Some people can feel refreshed and ready to step back into their lives with renewed joy Some people can find peace from a short time or will search forever for that peaceThis book is great reminder for me knowing that whenever I feel overwhemed in my life I can escape into another life another destiny and still be back in time for work the next day We all get tired and need a break it is wonderful to know that we are not alone Aiden's character begins to transfor in just a short time after leaving the city and running away for a weekend He now felt secure in his future in music and was ready to show those fans ho he appreciates their loyalty Marriane thanks Aiden for the transformation that she too went through over the weekend She thanks him for the stardust that he sprinkled in her life One choice changed the course of two livesAs an added bonus the author incluided 2 short stories that have the same amount of hidden meaning inside I just wished that these stories were longer but understand that it could loose meaning in the end I was given this book to review from the authorpublisher through Reading Alley and in exchange I give my unbiased opinion

  3. Jessica Jessica says:

    Snowdrops and Stardust by Sue Lilley is a short romantic story The story starts off ominous where you are not entirely sure what is going on It is like it started in the middle of a story and you missed what happened prior to where the story starts However that can be typical of short stories It did get back to and explain the story from where the reader is dropped which is nice I think it added an element of suspense to the book wondering what happened My only real complaints are how the book ended and that it was from the third person The ending left you wanting but that is not necessarily a bad thing The end makes you think that there is a second one but it is still a good ending that leaves you satisfied if there is nothing else after it The third person aspect is something personal for me I am not a fan of most third person storytelling because it is harder to do well enough to get a reader in the story but I think Lilley did it well enough to keep the short story interesting I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in light love stories

  4. Melissa Beal Melissa Beal says:

    Aiden is a lost soul that needs a change He escapes his life for a brief period It is during this escape that he encounters Marianne who is dealing with her own life issues His interlude with Marianne leads Aiden to some truths about himself and his lifestyle With this epiphany he seeks our Marianne only to be faced with a ghost from her past that may threaten what he though he foundSnowdrops and Stardust was well written The story kept moving and kept my attention However with that being said I wanted Some sections jumped a little to fast for meThe ending was well thought out and realistic Rather than the happy ever after that tends to become cookie cutter the reader is given a real ending It leaves the reader wanting to know of the characters' stories What will happen next? I would love to see Lilley write a seuel to this book I look forward to reading by this author

  5. Christina Bowling Christina Bowling says:

    This was an interesting book The characters were likable and relatable and I really enjoyed the story The only thing that bothered me is that I wasn't exactly happy with the ending I mean it ended on a good note I suppose but I just felt cheated I wanted an HEA We got a sort of Happy For Now with a lot of unanswered uestions That's why it's only three star instead of four I'm hoping to see from the characters in the future where we actually see them get their HEA I was gifted an exclusive copy

  6. Jimmy Jefferson Jimmy Jefferson says:

    A short romantic adventure Good book with developed characters and an adventurous storyline The story follows a very popular rockstar who has a nightmare and decides to run away from his life He gets stuck in a snowstorm and snowed in with a country girl for three days Will he sort out his demons and return to his life or stay with this special girl Check it out It is a short read that keeps you turning the pages

  7. BP34 BP34 says:

    Three days is never enough This was a short and sweet romance about a confused rock star and a country girl who end up stranded together in a blizzard They awaken feelings in each other as they discover things about themselves The first part was a little confusing to me and the last part left me wanting Overall a well written book with likable characters I received an arc copy and voluntarily chose to review this book

  8. Madison Madison says:

    A lovely and engaging read although I would have loved a seuel that has a realistic ending and features lively characters this is a great read if you want something to sink into before bed The writing is tight and the characters are realistic and easy to sympathize with and the setting and descriptions are lovely

  9. Susan Underbrink Susan Underbrink says:

    I received an ARC from Exclusive ARC and I choose to review this book Thanks This is a short story it's only 46 pages long Reads uick Maiden made me sad I felt bad for him Really liked him Felt like Marianne used him I give this a 35 rating Probably not for everyone but I found it different and interesting

  10. Melanie Jo Melanie Jo says:

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book This was the first book I've read from the author and it was good The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I felt like there was that could have been told and it was very short It was a little different read for me as it kinda went to third person but all in all I would definitely read from this author

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