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Shumbachena ❮Reading❯ ➺ Shumbachena ➲ Author Nicholas Stanton – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Shumbachena – White LionShumbachena is a fun filled fast paced Fantasy adventure written in the first person Swords shields battles and love all take place within the makeup of the storyAdrian Riley Shumbachena – White LionShumbachena is a fun filled fast paced Fantasy adventure written in the first person Swords shields battles and love all take place within the makeup of the storyAdrian Riley is a bush ranger working to save endangered wild animals in Zimbabwe Tracking down poachers on horseback with his companions he faces menace at every turn After an intense fire fight with Rhino poachers he is given the name Shumbachena by his companionsReturning to the United Kingdom he finds a completely different way of life to what he was used to A gun totting bush ranger wasnt what England needed Finding himself on a dig at an ancient stone circle he finds an artefact that transforms his life in ways than one Through the powers of the artefact Shumbachena is able to travel into another world where he finds danger adventure and new companionsWhile going through this new world Carpa Shumbachena starts to realise that the name.

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  • 05 April 2016

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  1. Cassie James Cassie James says:

    Shumbachena by Nicholas Stanton is a very uniue book that I really cherish because I am someone who loves adventurous stories and this book got my attention and held it's grip until the very end One uniue trait of Shumbachena is the descriptiveness Every single detail is described so well it always paints a vivid picture in your mind This made the reading experience even enjoyable Adrian is a character I am absolutely in love with because he is brilliant as much as he is crazy In a cool way What other guy will knowingly charge into battle with a sword against three guys with AK47s and emerge victorious He is just so amazing The book began with Adrian and his band tracking down some poachers in the jungles of Zimbabwe an altercation ensues but Adrian and his team emerges victorious due to some careful maneuvering Due to his bravery and uick thinking that saved the lives of the members of his team the locals bestow upon him a name fitting of his feats Shumbachena I particularly love the author's portrayal of the rich African culture It's uite surreal After returning to England from Africa since he was Five years Adrian finds life too different from what he's used to Looking for a sense of normalcy he accepts work at a dig site in Wiltshire rumoured to be settled by druids a millennia ago This changes his life forever as he travels to another world Outlander style Except with an artifact not towering stone slabs Fortunately he finds he can also travel back to the normal world just as well With this knowledge in place he gets the help of a historic who's also at the dig site to understand what's happening Their discoveries lead to an underground mountain room which possibly belongs to the Druids Out of curiosity at such a wonder Adrian once again goes to this other world in search of some understanding In this strange new world his heroism and impulsiveness nearly gets him in trouble but it leads him into the way of the fierce and alluring Patria Adrian uickly finds out that him being in this strange world was not by accident or chance It's destiny and he has a role to play in the survival of this beautiful new reality He becomes Shumbachena fully in every way possible as he fully becomes immersed in this identity His adventures are one that will excite just about anyone Shumbachena is an amazing novel with action a great main character adventures rich culture a little romance and otherworldly surrealism I recommend this book to anyone looking for their next read I certainly can't wait for the next book from Nicholas StantonPS There's magic and powers in it but I didn't say too much on it because I believe this is a wonderful plot best experienced not explained

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