Mind Raider Epub Ê Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 306 pages
  • Mind Raider
  • P.K. Tyler
  • English
  • 06 July 2016

10 thoughts on “Mind Raider

  1. Jim Jim says:

    Full review ’m not sure if the problems here are a result of there being two authors credited on this story It could certainly explain them For rather than providing a single coherent vision this feels like both its universe and characters are being pulled in too many different directions It’s overstuffed with ideas and instead of them being developed fully scurries from one to the next as if the writers were competing to have the final word This comes to an end in a rather ludicrous finale There the entire plot takes a right turn with the biological weapon which has formed much of the early focus all but discarded

  2. Carly Kirk Carly Kirk says:

    Included in the collection Dominion RisingThis was a relatively okay read but just lacked something for me The main character was all over the place emotions wise which kinda made sense because she was supposedly raised to be a military super soldier grown and genetically enhanced etc It's just that she'd escaped 3 years before the book starts so why on earth is she just now having this problem? And why oh why oh why does she agonize over the same damn uestions over and over and over again???? Besides that there's also the fact that the story had slight inconsistencies things like they need to change the names of both the ships they are traveling on some names are tossed around for Keva's ship but nothing's decided Then on the way to the ships she calls them both by the new names Really? When did she decide about hers and importantly when did she learn the new name of the other one since she hasn't spoken to anyone from that one yet? At other times she informs others of something that's been decided that moves the story forward or in a different direction but there was nothing written showing any discussion or even just her thinking through options and making the decision And then there were the multitude of editing errors repeating words wrong words used misspelled or even spots where it looks like the author was trying two different ways of structuring a sentence and both options were kept Those thing make it sound like this was a horrible book but it wasn't it just wasn't uite as tight as it could be and while I liked the characters well enough I just didn't fall in love with them So I won't be looking into the next in the series

  3. Cathy Cathy says:

    I received a free copy of this book from the author for my honest reviewSpace – Exciting frightening adventurous dangerous Keva Duste is an engineered human engineered to be in the military Extremely smart brave and willing to go where no one else want to Keva is on a mission to find and extreme weapon She had been assigned the same job a year ago but failed Because she failed her mission she was spaced put into a space suit and ejected into space where it was expected she would die But she was rescued and did not return to the military Now she’s been called back to finish her mission It is even dangerous now as there is a price on her head enemies everywhere and an entire organization protecting their weapon But thousands of humans are in danger and it is up to Keva and her crew to retrieve the weapon and save humanity The writing is excellent the characters are well developed and the worlds created are exciting and well done I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to

  4. The Mysterious Reader The Mysterious Reader says:

    SM Blooding is a “sure thing” author for me in that it’s virtually a sure thing that I will enjoy anything new she produces a plug here especially for her Whiskey Witches series and spin offs which is on the top of my face urban fantasy list No surprise then that I was really excited to find out initially when it was included in the Dominion Rising anthology that she had started a new series The Kalamatra Rebellion along with co author PK Tyler Mind Raider it’s first book is incredible fun from its publisher’s blurb tagline “One weapon to re write everything One team to stop it all” how can you resist that? to the very last page of the novel Codex Syndicate agent Keva Duste is a superb kick a lead character my favorite kind and her gang a renegade space captain an Elite refugee and two sentient AIs are just the motley crew needed Locate a super weapon and stop the genocide of the human race before it can begin? Pshah nothin’ to it for this gang Loads of fun watching them go about it Highly recommended

  5. Aurora Aurora says:

    Keva Duste is a genetically and mechanically enhanced human built designed by the military Left for dead when she overroad her control chip and disobeyed an order she is rescued and hired by the mysterious Syndicate or a secret mission on the elite planet Terra ar As is so often the case with secret missions she uickly discovers that there's a whole lot going on than she suspected and it will take her dead friend's sister a couple of AIs and the sexy Captain Hale and his merry crew just to surviveMind Raider is the first story in the new Kalamatra Rebellion series; a space opera in the tradition of Asimov and Heinlein full of spaceships and strange planets populated by space miners settlers and elite one percenters I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I look forward to reading the rest of this collection

  6. Kay Smillie Kay Smillie says:

    'Mind Raider' is a collaboration between authors PK Tyler and SM Blooding of which this is the first in their seriesThis had everything I enjoy in a good read A main female character who knows her own mind and can think completely out of the box and an AI who illegally is gaining a personality of her own There's a lot in this book all easily understandable I might add but the action adventure and pace are jam packed into these pages The characters and the worlds are fully fledged and believable You are there experiencing everythingHaving read PK Tyler's work I was not surprised at the strong characters and the excellent storytelling I apologise to SM Blooding as I have not read anything by her yet This collaboration works very well and I can't wait to read 'Mind Worm' and the rest of this series

  7. T. T. says:

    This is a book purchased as part of the Dominion Rising Anthology An excellent plot and fast pace keeps the reader on the edge of their seat in this uniue sci fi offering by authors Blooding and Tyler Some parts could have used a little depth but overall it was a great read Cliffhanger ending so be warned the story leaves a lot of threads open at the end

  8. Colby Colby says:

    Space opera bliss This epic had some shades of Dark Matter the TV show and had captivating characters in spades I really enjoyed this book and always had a hard time putting it down to get stuff done It was fast paced and exciting but than that I really enjoyed the depth of the characters Well written and worth a read

  9. Stephen Stephen says:

    I didn't think I would like this book but I feel in love with it The story moves along and keeps you wondering what is going to happen next I believe you'll enjoy this story has I have Good Reading Everyone

  10. Jenna Jenna says:

    this world was crafted so well that I felt immersed in it almost instantly I look forward to reading the rest of the series

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Mind Raider[KINDLE] ❂ Mind Raider ❅ P.K. Tyler – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Keva Duste is an engineered human on a mission find the weapon the corporate elite has amassed and secure it Humanity has conuered the black but not their own inherent greed The four systems surroundi Keva Duste is an engineered human on a mission find the weapon the corporate elite has amassed and secure it Humanity has conuered the black but not their own inherent greed The four systems surrounding Kalamatra Station provide members of the Elite class with everything they could want mined minerals abundant food and an entire system to call their own a place of paradise and riches But for some that isn’t enoughTerrans and common spacers suffer under untenable work conditions and crumbling radioactive stations while the Elite thrive Now the commoners are threatening to revoltWith the four systems on the verge of civil war the Codex Syndicate’s covert intelligence network learns of an Elite weapon designed to alter the common people to their genetic core The Elite have planned to test deployment on the mutinous Red Sky colony and force their complianceCodex Syndicate agent Keva Duste is an ex military engineered human with a score to settle Together with a renegade space captain an Elite refugee and two sentient AIs she must race to locate the weapon and stop the genocide of the human race before it can begin Can Keva save Red Sky from destruction before the Elite turn this weapon on the rest of the settlements And if she does will she ignite a revolution.

About the Author: P.K. Tyler

Tyler is essentially the indie scene's Margaret Atwood; she incorporates sci fi elements into her novels which deal with topics such as spirituality gender sexuality and power dynamics IndieReader.