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Bedlam [Reading] ➰ Bedlam ➸ Ally Kennen – When 16 year old Lexi is forced to move in with her estranged mother she thinks she will die of boredom Yet midnight howlings and regular break ins convince her otherwise And when Lexi follows her mot When year old Lexi is forced to move in with her estranged mother she thinks she will die of boredom Yet midnight howlings and regular break ins convince her otherwise And when Lexi follows her mother's dog into the woods and discovers the abandoned asylum it is only too apparent that there is something horrifying out there.

10 thoughts on “Bedlam

  1. Fiona MacDonald Fiona MacDonald says:

    This was an okay read Very teen read though I wouldn't say it was particularly scary either a strange experience The author does uite a good job of writing from the perspective of a teenage girl The plot was pretty unimpressive and a bit silly to be honest and I found myself drifting a bit towards the end

  2. Beth Beth says:

    Not at all what I expected and not in a good wayWhen I picked this book up I was expecting a thriller with a creepy asylum and and a character that lived there during that time However I got none of that The building was only there as part of the background with focus on the modern day usage of it I found the storyline dull and I didn't find myself flicking through it uickly It was pretty much a romance which was a disappointmentI enjoyed it and got to the end but it wasn't what I signed up for so it was a disappointing read

  3. Sherigros Sherigros says:

    The story is so ridiculous and the characters are really stupid but I wanted to know how the book ended so I read it

  4. frkvinter frkvinter says:

    I tried Got to page 38 then I couldnt take it any Like the MCs reasoning to enter a delapidated broken asylum after 5 hours in the woods being attacked and bitten by two dogs A spatter of rain hits my shoulder Thats it Im not having my hair ruined especially considering my straighteners are broken p35 There was just so many things that bothered me For example It would be too embarrassing to be eaten alive Imagine what the kids at school would say Theyd kill themself laughing p29 My stomach rumbles but remembering my massive thighs on the car seat I decide a bit of hunger wont do me any harm Collage starts soon and I dont want to look like a sow p33

  5. Saloni J Saloni J says:

    The book is written lucidly and is well connected not that deeply engrossing it is about the life of 'Lexi Juby' rather than the story of the asylum and the Beacon House Hospital the book also explains the psychological aspect of American teens and how do they cope with changes actually it must be said that the book gives insightful into the minds of American teens but it is being too much descriptive in that sense although the book has been written from the viewpoint of teenage life it at times covers too many unnecessary detailing The fact that Owen did not kill Kos's mother and goes on to serve the punishment for the same by the end of the story does not make much sense

  6. Naina Rajput Naina Rajput says:

    Bedlam is about a 16 year old girl 'Lexi' and how she deals with the teenage feelings Her father goes on a mysterious business trip yet again and she has to stay with her mom and her boyfriend which she hates The place is kinda weird and all weird things happen thereWhen her mother's dog goes missing all things start getting darker Stuck in the forest alone no phone and mental asylum It is the story which perfectly goes through teenage emotions and how parents affect the mentality of a child Ally kennen always portrays her character as bold and strong It's a light read

  7. Neha Bharti Neha Bharti says:

    Not uite what I had expected from the synopsis and cover And surely not a nail chewing thriller Though it is a recent book with subtle suspense elements May be this would be appealing to teenagers Because the main characters are in that age group too There is innocent sarcasm scattered in the book and the end chapters help to intensity the unraveling mystery I was expecting an intense thriller but this was a fluffy book to get the year started

  8. Harris Khan Harris Khan says:

    The book initially will give u the curiosity to find out what is in the forest but the 2nd half of the book is not promising stil giving it 4 stars because of the environment it creates which keeps u in the book till the end

  9. May Ingyin Soe May Ingyin Soe says:


  10. Beth Mallison Beth Mallison says:

    It was enjoyable Took me a day to finish The blurb was very misleading though and so I can see why people are disappointed with the book The main character is horrible though

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