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Royal Assassin [Read] ➸ Royal Assassin ➵ Robin Hobb – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Fitz has survived his first hazardous mission as king’s assassin but is left little than a cripple Battered and bitter he vows to abandon his oath to King Shrewd remaining in the distant mountains B Fitz has survived his first hazardous mission as king’s assassin but is left little than a cripple Battered and bitter he vows to abandon his oath to King Shrewd remaining in the distant mountains But love and events of terrible urgency draw him back to the court at Buckkeep and into the deadly intrigues of the royal family Renewing their vicious attacks on the coast the Red Ship Raiders leave burned out villages and demented victims in their wake The kingdom is also under assault from within as treachery threatens the throne of the ailing king In this time of great danger the fate of the kingdom may rest in Fitz’s hands—and his role in its salvation may reuire the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Royal Assassin
  • Robin Hobb
  • 04 August 2016

About the Author: Robin Hobb

Megan Lindholm and works under that name have been finalists for the Hugo award the Nebula Award and the Endeavor award She has twice won an Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Readers’ Award.

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  1. Regan Regan says:

    45 Big fan

  2. Petrik Petrik says:

    Hell yes for Fitz bond’s with Nighteyes and hell no for Fitz’s relationship with MollyI’ll elaborate on those two in a while I’ll be honest here throughout the first 75% of the book I seriously thought this would’ve been a 3 stars read for me; that changed during the last uarter of the book which was simply breathtaking Like the previous book Royal Assassin is still totally a character driven book with a very slow pacing; sometimes even dragging to me who’s a fan of slow paced books and I’m pretty sure any readers who're looking for tons of actions in their read will most likely be disappointed with this one However in my opinion the slow pacing was totally necessary in order to build up the tension leading towards the last 100 pages of the book The executions of the climax seuences were rewarding intense and incredibly compelling as I found myself keep on stealing time to read during my working hours “Thinking is not alwayscomforting It is always good but not always comforting” Royal Assassin is a great book As a seuel to Assassin’s Apprentice it managed to build upon almost all the foundation that was laid in Assassin’s Apprentice Both magic systems Skill and Wit receive a proper exposition that made the storyline much engaging Hobb’s prose are extremely immersive her storytelling style has its way of pulling the readers deeply into Fitz’s perspective Not only her prose is marvelous I found myself deeply invested in the characters as Hobb slowly explore Fitz’s relationship with all the side characters I mean it every side characters receive tremendous development and it made all their personality felt real Burrich Lady Patience Kettricken The Fool Verity even the malicious Regal totally made the book worthwhile However any fans of the series will probably know which new character I’m going to talk about Nighteyes oh Nighteyes “Wolves have no kings” I can’t stress this highly enough I’m only in the second book and I already thought of Nighteyes as a brilliant addition to the series Ever since his first appearance as a cub I was already hooked with his fate right from that moment I absolutely love Nighteyes’s bonds with Fitz it transcends any kind of relation they aren’t simply friends they are brothers they are pack The appearance of Nighteyes completely made Fitz a intriguing character to read It goes without saying that this wolf is the highlight of the book for mePicture FitzChivalry Farseer Nighteyes by chazillahRoyal Assassin was almost a 5 stars read for me it had all the potential However pacing issue aside there was one reason that made me decide to take off a star from my rating Molly Okay Molly isn’t a bad character per se the thing that bothered me was how much the romance between Fitz and Molly was in the book To sum up my experience reading their interactions it was painful At first I was okay with it and as far as romance goes Robin Hobb seriously wrote it beautifully but after a while it just became extremely repetitive I don’t know the exact number but my estimation is that there were 200 pages of Fitz thinking about Molly or at least it felt that longMinor issues aside I felt like all the side characters—especially Nighteyes—and the rewarding conclusions make up for the cons I had with the book wonderfully Royal Assassin was overall another great installment in the Farseer trilogy and the Realm of the Elderlings series Now it’s time for me to read the conclusion of this trilogy and see if it gets even better or not I will however maintain my expectations as a lot of fans of the series mentioned to me that the third book in this trilogy is Robin Hobb's worst book in the entire Realm of the Elderlings seriesPicture Royal Assassin by Marc Simonetti You can find this and the rest of my Adult EpicHigh Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest

  3. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Reread of paperback for Tome Topple Changed my star rating from 4 to 5 All the stars for Nighteyes as I am the wolf loverI know I don't need to be listening to first time books on audio I know I know I know But I'm trying to save my eyeballs so I'm reading whatever they have on Overdrive and doing my re reads through audible and Overdrive until I get them on audible Why am I rambling about this? Well the reason is that I fought back and forth over giving this a 3 star or a 4 star I mean I was trying to figure out if Nighteyes was the only reason I even enjoyed the book or what Do I want to re read it through my paperback later on I DON'T KNOW I'm so confused on how I feel about the book That ending though right? FinMel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  4. Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ says:

    ”Sometimes” Chade observed “It would be much easier to die for one’s king than to give one’s life to him”Well if that isn’t the bitter truth then I don’t know It’s been than a week ever since I finished this book and my feelings are still all over the place I swear the last time I felt as agitated as I am feeling right now was when I finished reading “The Kite Runner” I’m sure by now you’re asking yourself what do “The Kite Runner” and “Royal Assassin” have in common? And the answer is easy OUTRAGEOUS INJUSTICE That’s what they have in common GRRRRR goes into grizzly bear modeIf there is one thing that makes me really really angry one thing I just can’t stand than it is injustice And this book was full of it It oozed out of the pages it dripped down into my heart it poisoned me and made me so angry I hardly managed to refrain from throwing the book against a wall I swear there were times my knuckles turned white because I was clutching that book so hard ARGHMy poor Fitz my poor Verity My poor King Shrewd and Fool It’s just not fair IT’S JUST NOT FAIR I suffered with them throughout the entire book I was frustrated I was angry I wanted to tear my hair out I felt their pain and their helplessness and it killed me So if you ever want to read a book that’s going to destroy you just go ahead “Royal Assassin” will leave you thoroughly broken and I’m sure somewhere in Washington State a woman named Robin Hobb is laughing her head off Thank you Robin Thank you for all the suffering and pain can’t you at least give them a little break? No? Well I tried and asked can’t do than that right? TT sobs her heart out The characters This section is going to be extremely spoilery and very ranty is that even a word? because I need to get all those feelings off my chest So if you don’t want to be spoiled you better leave now and don’t return again Well at least not until you read the book lol This is a fair warning so the rest is up to you ; P FitzChivalry ”The same angry cold twisted and churned inside me switching from anger to hatred to frustration and back to anger again building to an unbearable pressure They had no right to do this to me I had not been born to be their tool I had a right to live my life freely to be who I was born to be Did they think they could bend me to their will use me however they would and I would never retaliate? No A time would come My time would come”I still remember my review of “Assassin’s Apprentice” when I asked if Robin could be so kind to give Fitz a little break Well she didn’t And boy how much my wish was ignored Fitz’s life was already so complicated and horrible in the first book but in “Royal Assassin” it reached an entirely new level of helplessness and cruelty I swear everything he did was a mistake every moment he as much as dared to take a little breath made his life even harder every little action had repercussions and no matter what he did he never won He managed to avoid the worst yes but in the end he never succeeded to turn the tide in his favour Well until the tide completely swept him away and left him nothing but a broken shell to content with Fitz was so unhappy and desperate it hurt to read about his struggle and the little happiness he found was taken away from him as well It’s just not fair it’s not fair to let a young boy suffer so much and I hate Regal for everything he did My poor Fitz my poor boy I don’t know if he’ll ever recover from this TT cries ”Fitz? What will you do?”Tears stung my eyes I blinked and it passed “What I am told” I said heavily “When have I ever done otherwise?”Verity ”Shame to me not you to have ignored how ill you have been” He had arisen silently He set his glass of wine before me “The damage you took was taken for me I am appalled by what I allowed to befall you” I forced myself to meet Verity’s eyes He knew all that I tried to conceal Knew it and was miserable with guiltI still adore Verity but he had to make a lot of tough decisions in this book and I’m not sure if all of them were wise I understood his need to help his people and I could relate to him feeling incapable and weak but he did what he had to do in order to save them and this was already than Regal ever did As it seems Verity will always be caught between a rock and a hard place and I definitely don’t envy him his position To be King in Waiting must suck big time and in the end his options were than just limited Still to go and search the Elderlings was probably the biggest mistake he ever made and if he doesn’t find them soon the Six Duchies will go to hell I really hope he has a good plan B because if not they’ll all be doomed in the next book You better make this work Verity ”I thought only to bring her swiftly home and hope not too many heard of it As if such a thing could be And so today I think to myself that if ever the crown does come to rest on my brow it will be in a most unworthy place” ”For a moment I shared his bafflement that anyone could wish harm on these people and shared too his fierce determination that not one life should be lost to the Red Ships”Burrich ”I don’t envy you Fitz Sometimes all a man needs is to growl about his problems to another man They’ve denied you even that But take heart I have faith you can handle them even if you think you can’t” Hmm I still don’t know how I feel about him but I think I liked him in this book We learned a lot of things about his past and I think I can understand him better Still to have the Wit must be horrible for him I mean just to think about how much he resented Fitz for using it in the first book and now we find out that Burrich always had it too but decided to ignore it It’s so ironic that Nighteyes called him “heart of the pack” because he obviously never wanted to be the heart of the pack It was nice to see that Fitz and him got along so well though and considering everything that happened between them it was good to know that Burrich still supported him and watched his back Fitz certainly needed that additional help Lady Patience ”But it was not the deed but the intention that moved me She had given up her uiet life her orchards and gardens and woods to come here to a damp castle of stone on the sea cliffs to a court full of folk she cared nothing about to watch over her husband’s bastard”Patience truly surprised me in this one I mean I always knew that she had come to Buckkeep to protect the illegitimate son of her husband but I never would have expected her to be so close to Burrich I had no idea that they were lovers before Chivalry fell in love with her and their love story was so bittersweet that I couldn’t help but feel sorry for both of them Burrich and his unfaltering belief in honour shakes head They could have been happy together sighs Lady Patience definitely deserved better than what she got and I have even respect for her now I really hope the end of “Royal Assassin” won’t have any repercussions for her S ”Burr?” she ueried uietly He did not even twitch Very gently she stroked his face “You are so thin so worn” she grieved softlyRegal ”You who take the name to yourself of FitzChivalry Farseer need do no than scratch yourself to find Nameless the dog boy Be grateful I do not send you back to the stables but suffer to let you abide in the Keep” I HATE HIM SO DAMN MUCH I can’t even That numpty that tumshie that huge and big FOOL ASDFJKLMNÖ How is it even possible he’s still alive? And how is it possible that he’s so good at scheming and taking away the throne but doesn’t even think twice about his damn actions?? I mean WHAT NOW? Awesome You’re King in Waiting now but what freaking kingdom are you going to reign? Your intrigues destroyed it and the Red Ships will do the rest How is it possible he got away with all this? HOW?? URGH This is so unfair I swear by now I just have to read his name and I already see red and turn into a bull If they ever manage to reveal his machinations if they ever get a chance to catch that slippery eel I’ll laugh my head off I swear So if you hear the laugh of a madwoman it most likely will be me lol I’m waiting for his doom and I’ve got a lot of patience scratches hoof on the ground XDKing Shrewd ”I know how you serve me even when you are brimming with anger at me I could ask little than what you have given me”Oh poor King Shrewd There was nothing shrewd about him in the end I hated to see how fast his health deteriorated and how much he suffered in this book At some point I even started to share the Fools wish that he would have a peaceful and simple death Unfortunately he had to suffer the entire book before he was finally allowed to go and the little that was left of his mind had to endure the betrayal of his own flesh and blood as well No King Shrewds life had a really bad end and no matter what he did he didn’t deserve to die like that Son of my son blood of my blood In my own way I have loved youMy kingMy young assassin What have I made of you? How have I twisted my own flesh? You do not know how young you still are Chivalry’s son it is not too late to grow straight again Lift up your head See beyond all thisThe Fool ”Batter away” he suggested uietly “New bruises will not show much atop the old ones I can creep about unseen for a few days” I think I love the Fool 3 He grew on me and he’s such a mysterious and intriguing character that I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the little scraps we got of his past He lived in another kingdom? With a mother and two fathers? And he can see the future? There’s so much about him I still don’t understand but I’m sure he’ll play a role in all those books that are yet to come It was nice to see his serious side in “Royal Assassin” yet I still wish we wouldn’t have seen it I felt so sorry for him because it was than just obvious that he truly loved King Shrewd I still don’t know what kind of relationship those two had but I guess it might have been like father and son For all I know it could have been romantic though lol I guess I’ll never know I still have so many uestions and I’m afraid they will have to wait until the end of the series XD So for now I just hope that he’s still alive somewhere and that he gets time to grief his beloved king ”You fog me bastard You multiply the futures a thousandfold just by your existing Catalyst From some of those fogs go the blackest twisted threads of damnation and from others shining twines of gold To the depths or the heights it seems are your paths I long for a middle path I long for a simple death for a master who was kind to a freakish jeering servant”Kettricken ”Let us clench our jaws and remove that which infects us with as much resolve and regret as if we severed a maimed limb from a body For such is what we do Not vengeance my people but surgery to be followed by healing Do as I say now”That woman was kick ass and yes she made mistakes but she always tried to do what was best for her husband and her people I could understand her insecurity and the way Regal undermined her so thoroughly made me angry enough to chew nails It was undeniable that she was in a difficult position though sighs I mean she was a new ueen in a kingdom that was raided and destroyed by the red ships and she’s still so very young Without Verity’s and the king’s support it wasn’t easy to secure her position as ueen in Waiting and I think considering all the mean attacks she had to endure she actually did great Maybe she’s with the Fool now? I really hope Verity will come back and find her and I pray that their child is going to live through that harsh winter Chade ”Did you think you could lead two lives?” Chade’s voice was soft but not gentle “We belong to the King boy King’s Men Our lives belong to him Every moment of every day asleep or awake You have no time for your own concerns Only his” I don’t know what to think about Chade He’s a king’s man yet he’s still somehow responsible for everything that went wrong At least considering king Shrewd I mean I understand why he gave him the strong medicine and why he tried to ease his king’s pain but in combination with Regal’s drugs it was just too much Why didn’t he try to get rid of Regal’s drugs? Hell why didn’t he try to get rid of Wall ass? I know Regal is off limits sadly But he could have gotten rid of Wallace and used one of his own spies instead That way the king might have still been lucid enough to make the right decisions sigh And why didn’t he help Fitz when he was in the dungeons? Was to help him die really the only option? To poison him again? To destroy his body again? When will it have an end?The relationships shipsFitzChivalry Verity ”Do you know how easy it is Fitz to follow a man you believe in?”He looked up at last to meet my eyes“My prince” I said uietly “I believe I do”I still love their close relationship and I understand why Fitz follows Verity Still I really wish they would have been able to help each other I know Verity couldn’t do anything from the distance but poor Fitz had to pay for everything that went wrong and this just isn’t fair He’s just a boy and was held responsible for every mistake Verity Chade Kettricken and Shrewd made No matter what happened Regal let him bleed and pay for it and I hated that Verity couldn’t help him What also pains me is the fact that Fitz as well as Verity know that he’s using him for his own purposes but that they both have no other choice than to go with it Verity feels so guilty for using Fitz and Fitz hates to be used like that but has no other choice than to do what Verity wants In order to survive they both had to use each other and I think their strong and close relationship suffered under the onslaught of their needs Let’s hope Verity survives his trip to the Elderlings let’s hope Fitz will get a little peace Let’s hope their friendship won’t die in the next book Molly FitzChivalry ”Because on some nights threats are obvious than others Bad things happen that make me take stock of what worse things could happen On some nights it is not the healthiest thing to be beloved of a bastard”Fitz and Molly TT Those two broke my heart They love each other so deeply but they can’t be together because their circumstances won’t allow it Fitz position was so horrible and I bled with him and Molly whenever they had another argument I think the worst thing was that they both knew it wouldn’t work but they both still had hope and refused to give up If Fitz would have taken her as his wife or would have acknowledged her as his lover she would have been dead in a heartbeat Urgh Their situation was so awful I hated the way things ended between them and is it just me but is there actually a chance that Molly is pregnant? The way she spoke about her new “lover” almost sounded like she was talking about a baby and knowing Molly I’m pretty sure she would have never told Fitz that she’s pregnant Not after their argument and certainly not if Regal could have ordered her death so easily To move to the countryside would be her best option and I think a possible pregnancy would be the best reason for such a step After all she has to ensure the survival of two lives if it’s really true ; I guess only time will tell XD ”How can I say I love you so much that I wish I did not love you or at least could refrain from showing that I loved you because my love puts you in such danger and have those words be true?” ”Every time I think I have accepted it I turn a corner and catch myself hoping again But there’s never going to be anything for us is there? Never going to be a time that belongs just to us never going to be a place that is just ours” ”I had no right to her than she had to me But I gave and took and I swear I shall never regret it The memory of that night’s sweet awkwardness is the truest possession of my soul”Nighteyes Fitz ”Nighteyes my brother How do I thank you?Stay alive A pause And bring me ginger cakeYou shall have it I promised fiercely”Nighteyes and Fitz were the best They are my new friendship OTP lol I loved their easy banter and Nighteyes was so clever and funny Plus they were so close and I loved it Nighteyes is the best friend ever and Fitz was very lucky to have him Especially considering the ending There is nothing Nighteyes wouldn’t do for him and this is true friendship He didn’t even hesitate to adopt him into his mind I love Nighteyes and I really hope we’ll see even of him XDConclusion“Royal Assassin” was an amazing fantasy book and even though I suffered so much I still loved every second of it Haha I sound like a masochist now lol This book was not only heartbreaking but also suspenseful and ultimately left me with even uestions than I had before I can’t help but wonder if this will ever have an end XD If you’re searching for a fantasy series that has an amazing world building awesome characters and will hit you with the feels Search no You already found it ; P

  5. Muhtasin Oyshik Muhtasin Oyshik says:

    Royal AssassinFarseer Trilogy#2 Realm of the Elderlings#2This book makes it incredibly easy to emotionally drain oneself As the second book of this series this book has surpassed my expectations Engaging characters Interesting setting Robin Hobb has a wondrous way to express complex emotions and internal struggles As a fan of the slow paced fantasy novel I am certainly not disappointed The man who must brag for himself knows that no one else will Excellent Book

  6. Andrés Andrés says:

    I will rant about this book there's no doubt in my mind I'm simply trying to gather my thoughts Let's try with the first book Assassin's Apprentice shall we?I liked Book I It was a beginning story a training story Young FitzChivalry is the bastard son of King in Waiting Chivalry and has to come to terms with a world that doesn't want him King Shrewd however decides to train him as an assassin from an early age and so begins young Fitz' journey into adulthood and the intrigues of the royal court Book I works because Fitz is too young to understand half of what he's doing or to give any serious thought to it He's learning to play a dangerous chess game against opponents who have far experience though usually less sense than him Therefore we expect his failures to be on par with his victories probably to surpass them evenBook II suffers from trying to pull the same stunt twice to an older and experienced Fitz We tell ourselves Fitz would have learned from the ordeals in Book I that he would try to forge his own identity make his own decisions be his own man for once He doesn't At no time did I feel him grow as a character rather he was always complaining about how unfair life was to him about what he wanted to do never sparing a thought for others except occasionally and briefly Fitz is always putting his urges his desires first always at the expense of putting other people in danger An assassin should know betterSo yes this turns Fitz into a selfish little brat but there's still worse to come I've said it before and I'll say it again heroes and their entourage needn't be stupid for villains to be smart But this is what happens in Book II Everyone and I mean everyone is dumb beyond the point of credulity wielding feeble arguments to argue passivity Of course this only makes Fitz' character even dumber for going along with it all Treason is brewing in the royal court and everyone seems to believe inaction is the best remedy Some even go so far as claiming it's their only choice a ludicrous thought Peasants soldiers lords all are easily duped by a web of conspiracy that can be seen from light years away Not one character makes a sensible choice throughout the length of Book II and the author has utterly failed to convince me about the reasons whyI suppose what angers me the most is how the author manipulates hope to lure the reader in Hope that Fitz will become his own man hope that things will turn out okay hope that somebody will have the sense to kill Regal once and for all and thus put an end to his far fetched charade With every turn of page every chapter that gets consumed by the reader things take a turn for the worse; each successive title forebodes another dark depressing chapter and the reader's hopes slowly but surely ebb away It's an incredibly depressing book not so much for the plot itself but because of how unbelievably the characters act The author seems intent on convincing you that two plus two euals five when you know it to be fourI tried to convince myself Book III would be better I checked the one star reviews to prepare for the worst and was not disappointed Everything I've read points to a long and pointless read that turns productive towards its bittersweet ending that seems bitter than sweet There's apparently another trilogy about Fitz' exploits that tries to tie some if not all of the plot holes of the Farseer Trilogy but I presently feel too deceived by this trilogy to entertain the notion of beginning another one with the same dumb protagonist and written by the same authorOriginally I gave this a two star rating out of pity than anything else but then Rule of Two came to mind I gave that one a one star rating on the basis of its incredible in the true sense of the word plot but I think Royal Assassin is the first book I've read that not only has a plot that doesn't hold water of any kind but it is also way too depressing going about it At this point in time I wish I could erase this book from memory commit it to some deep dark corner of my mind and leave it there for all eternitySome time in the distant future I may gather the will to read the end of this trilogy Or perhaps not But if there's something Robin Hobb has helped me discover is what kind of fantasy I enjoy and what kind I don't I've discovered I don't enjoy the kind of fantasy that puts its main character through a constant stream of endless suffering that furthers no plot or character development Suffering for the sake of suffering itself is pointless Worse it's bad writing or in any event it makes for bad readingTo close this rather long rant I leave you with this In my world of readingwriting I praise subtlety over brutality cunning over stupidity strong characters that react to circumstance rather than being manipulated by the author's desires Every writer sets him or herself with an endgame Some in trying to organise their way through to it lose perspective of their characters wondering about getting character X to do action Y and less about why character X should do action Y in the first place I won't say whether this is right or wrong but I've always valued the latter over the former So my advice for whatever is worth is this build strong characters set your pieces and only then play the game Who knows maybe the game will take you in unforeseeable directions

  7. James Tivendale James Tivendale says:

    Wolves have no kings Minor spoilers may follow After being poisoned in the Mountain Kingdom towards the end of Assassin's Apprentice Fitz is a broken and crippled shell of his former self He swears to himself that he will no longer be one of King Shrewd's men and will not return to Buckeep The day before Burrich and Hands are set to venture back to the capital Fitz has a sort of fever dream Without him truly understanding he finds himself Skilling and resurfaces in the King's body as he is talking to the Fool He is made aware of an illness that ails the King and that all is not well in Buckeep at all After this confusing but eye opening exchange Fitz changes his mind and sets off with his comrades the following morning The Red Ship armies and their forged soldiers are attacking settlements continuously and are getting scarily close to as if somehow they are being drawn to the capital city It also soon becomes clear that Prince Regal has malignant ambitions and potential political turmoil is just around the corner“Are you sure you’ve not had a bad dream?”“If I have it’s lasted most of my life”To say that it took me four attempts to read and complete Assassin's Apprentice I had no such gripes with Royal Assassin I raced through the 648 pages in under 4 days and loved every second I fell back into the mind of FitzChivalry effortlessly Hobb's characters are phenomenally well crafted and the way that she's able to arouse my heart my tears and also my utter hatred of certain players is masterful The way she makes me despise Prince Regal is as if he were personally treating me the way that he does the bastard My favourites to read about were the honourable King in Waiting Prince Verity Assassin Master Chade the eccentric and art loving Lady Patience and the warrior like but often isolated ueen in Waiting Kettricken Sometimes Chade observed it would be much easier to die for one's king than to give one's life to himMy absolute favourite scenes throughout the narrative are when Fitz converses with a wolf that he rescued from captivity Nighteyes We find out a lot about the magic certain people can wield in this entry especially The Wit known impassionately to most as beast magic showcasing what Fitz and his companion can do together to help each other Fitz uses Nighteyes senses sometimes Nighteyes makes him aware when someone is following him and likewise Fitz helps his wolf hunt when he has wolf dreams The Skill is also explained and utilised freuently in Royal Assassin especially when Verity can speak to and follow the actions of Fitz when Fitz is fighting the raiders and vice versa when Verity travels to the Rain Wilds in search of the Elderlings Although it does include some stunning action segments a lot of Royal Assassin is about the uieter times the thoughts and conversations characters share beautifully massaging every word statement motive agenda into our mind so then the action scenes hit much harder as we completely understand the conseuences from all angles An average day for Fitz would be a conversation with Burrich with Patience meeting the Fool keeping Kettricken company talking to Nighteyes conversing with Verity being summoned by the King insulted by Regal still infatuated with Molly and then meeting Chade is the assassin's hidden abode It doesn't sound the most exciting when spelled out like that but I was hanging on every word and adored the entire reading experience Assassin's Apprentice followed Fitz over 10 years of his early existence This narrative takes place over much less time Perhaps a year or two Fitz is a brilliant protagonist extremely intelligent and he always knows much about what is happening than anybody else can acknowledge apart from Chade but even from him Fitz keeps a few secrets We share Fitz's highs lows dreams dramas and even his utter lucid revenge inspired madness at one point The last 100 or so pages are absolutely phenomenal Due to the incidents taking place I was gripping my book with such intensity that I thought I was going to rip it in half Eyes glued to the page every word attacking a plethora of my emotions Royal Assassin is an engaging and intense character focused political fantasy masterclass I'll be reading Assassin's uest as soon as I can and if things continue this way then Hobb might have written what could become one of my top 3 fantasy series of all time

  8. Samantha Samantha says:

    I very much enjoyed this on audiobook and plan to finish the trilogy that way as I think it would be much slower going on physical copy This is much of a character driven fantasy focused on slow subtle moments between characters and an intricate web of interactions And wow does Hobb love to make her main character suffer But I’m glad I’m seeing Fitz grow up so that I can enjoy the entire Realm of the Elderling series with this as the foundation

  9. Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~ Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~ says:

    Actual Rating 45 StarsOften times I'm a little hesitant when I pick up older Fantasy I haven't read an abundance of older Fantasy books but I have discovered from the few I have read that I'm not always a fan of the Classic feel It can be tropey predictable even campy but it really just depends so I never like to let my hesitations keep me from giving things a tryEven after a 3 star beginning to the Farseer Trilogy I'm really glad I continued on with the seriesRoyal Assassin stepped up to fill in all the places where I wanted from Assassin's Apprentice Yes the pace is still slow But I found myself 100% invested in what was happening in each every sceneYes Fitz is still a poster boy for suffering But the foundation provided by the first installment created an attachment to Fitz's well being that makes his suffering meaningful for character growthYes the setting is still largely at Buckkeep But the political situation Regal's continual scheming have developed into a formidable creature with many facets to address thus Buckkeep castle is an appropriate center point of the conflictThe character development for both minor major characters is off the charts in this installment Lady Patience Burrich Molly Chade Kettricken Verity and The Fool experience some wonderful growth that expands on the social condition of Fitz's life Seeing him forge his relationships while balancing his promises of loyalty the attacks of the Red Ship Raiders the Forging of Six Duchies folk and figuring out how his Wit and Skill will best serve the Realm was uite a treat I also want to mention that the addition of a character named Nighteyes is a huge plus provides some extraordinary complexity to Fitz in ways I can't explain without spoiling parts of the bookWhereas before I didn't feel myself fully connecting to the story this time around I was totally engaged on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen Each scene felt immediately important to the overarching conflict or to developing a critical piece of characterization This with the addition of a couple new characters makes for a narrative that feels complete satisfyingI've said it before but I must say again just how excellent Hobb's writing is Dialogue description action you name it she can write it masterfully It flows like honey without being superfluous I can say without a doubt it's one of my all time favorite writing styles among the many authors I've read And this may sound strange but this book in particular has some of the most beautifully tastefully written scenes of intimacy that I have ever read in my entire life If all such scenes were written with this degree of skill I'd probably never find them intrusive as I often doI knocked off half a star because I feel like by this point in the story I should be familiar with the magic systems of The Skill and The Wit There's plenty of experience with both forms of mental magic through Fitz but I feel like they remain ill defined as far as magic systems go It doesn't feel detrimental to the story largely because of the First Person POV we experience the magic in the same way Fitz does without much of a clue But I still wish I understood the fundamentals a bit better than I do after spending so much time in this worldAltogether a splendid upgrade from the first novel My investment in the characters story has grown exponentially I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this story pans out

  10. ❄️BooksofRadiance❄️ ❄️BooksofRadiance❄️ says:

    475⭐️The things we go through for booksThe mental strain peopleRTC

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