The Dangerous Games Star Wars Jedi uest #3 Epub ï

The Dangerous Games Star Wars Jedi uest #3 [Reading] ➿ The Dangerous Games Star Wars Jedi uest #3 By Jude Watson – Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin SkywalkerMaster and apprenticeChosen by fate Destined for conflictWhen Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin SkywalkerMaster and apprenticeChosen Games Star PDF Å by fate Destined for conflictWhen.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • The Dangerous Games Star Wars Jedi uest #3
  • Jude Watson
  • English
  • 15 May 2016
  • 9780439339193

10 thoughts on “The Dangerous Games Star Wars Jedi uest #3

  1. Jim C Jim C says:

    This is part of a series but this can be read as a stand alone The Olympics come to the Star Wars universe and Obi Wan and Anakin are sent to oversee them Obi Wan stumbles onto a plot of gambling that has bigger implications while Anakin enters a podraceI am enjoying this series and I did like this book I did think this book was the weakest offering so far Even though this series is meant to explore the relationship between Jedi master and padawan I believe the highlight is exploring Anakin and how he is not the typical padawan Don't get me wrong It does a commendable job with the relationship We see Obi Wan as the thoughtful and stoic master We see that he does care for Anakin while being a teacher But these books are excelling at Anakin and foreshadowing why he doesn't adhere to the Jedi ways I don't agree with the Jedi taking very young children away from their parents but these books are putting up a strong argument for why it is a good thing As for the mission it is nothing spectacular and could have used fleshing out Let's face it We are not reading these books for the individual missions They are a way to explore the relationship between these two integral characters while also getting a look into these characters separately This book adds to it and this series is doing an excellent job of that

  2. Shadowdenizen Shadowdenizen says:

    I didn't dislike this bookBut for me it was certainly the weakest entry in the Jedi uest series thus far Podracing just isn't my thing in the SW universe I guess?Still inherently readable and a few cool moments but otherwise not much to speak of here On to the next volume

  3. Christian Smith Christian Smith says:

    Story 710Not all missions end wellnot all succeed

  4. vicky. vicky. says:

    i like the fact that apart from the usual angst anakin being angry and afraid and insecure and obi wan worried about anakin and anxious in general and remembering ui gon this book had a mystery going on it made the book feel longer and complex which i appreciated

  5. Morgan Morgan says:

    The Star Wars version of the Olympics podracing illegal gambling corrupt politicians uite an interesting book I'd forgotten Didi Astri and Bog were in this one I don't know how they're rather central to the plot I guess I just focused on their part in Last of the Jedi As always I don't agree with everything in Star Wars but there was a lot of good in the things Anakin learned in not letting past grievances cloud his judgement He didn't exactly make the right decisions but the point is to learn from mistakes I have to mention how I love Obi Wan's total ignorance about famous athlete Maxo Vista That would totally be me And I'm finding that I agree with Ferus's skepticism towards Anakin Of course I know what happens to him later

  6. Kieran McAndrew Kieran McAndrew says:

    Sent to patrol the Galactic Games Anakin Skywalker finds an illegal pod race is one of the side events In an attempt to free a slave Anakin finds himself pitted against Sebulba his childhood nemesisA Padawan Learner's journey this next chapter in the 'Jedi uest' series is well written and well focused on its audience

  7. Brendan Butterworth Brendan Butterworth says:

    Though a Jedi supposedly does not care for adventure and excitement you simply can't keep young Anakin Skywalker away from Podracing When Obi Wan Kenobi and his gifted Padawan are dispatched to the Galactic Games on a peacekeeping mission an illegal Podracing competition catches Anakin's eager eye As a Jedi Padawan Anakin is supposed to abandon his past life in service to the Force but his racing days and old rivalries return at high speed Anakin suares off against Hekula son of Sebulba who has inherited his father's worst traitsI would recomend this book to all of my friends and all people that love star wars I would give this book five stars because I love the pod racing and the action also star wars in general

  8. Angela Angela says:

    Suitable for children aged 8 and those who have seen the filmsObi wan and Anakin are sent to guard the galaxy version of the Olympic Games There's corruption a foot and an illegal Podrace Anakin meets up with some old podracing rivals and there is a really good action seuence This is a fast paced story and has that unputdownable uality A very good read

  9. Jerry Jerry says:

    A better than usual Jedi uest volume featuring an old enemy of Anakin's Fans of the series so far should read this as soon as possible

  10. Zuzana Zuzana says:

    I didn't like podracing in the movie and I didn't like it in this book It's just boring and pointless

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