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The Threat Within Star Wars Jedi Apprentice #18 ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ The Threat Within Star Wars Jedi Apprentice #18 By Jude Watson ➝ – When Obi Wan Kenobi started off as ui Gon Jinn's apprentice he was just a boy Now on the verge of manhood he is starting on the path that will lead him to become a Jedi Knight and the master of his ow When Obi Wan Kenobi started off as ui Within Star MOBI ð Gon Jinn's apprentice he was just a boy Now on the verge of manhood he is starting on the path that will lead him to become a Jedi Knight and the master of his own fateAs Obi Wan and ui Gon investigate a strange wave of planetary sabotages they find their relationship shifting sometimes in a dangerous direction The Threat ePUB í As events turn deadly their lives may never be the same again.

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  1. Bob Bob says:

    I have received a LOT of static for reading this kids' series but I thoroughly enjoyed it I just recently found out that all of the Star Wars books are officially sanctioned by Lucas himself conforming to his standards and input I originally thought the books were unrelated fan fiction stories in which I wasn't interestedThe series fills in the relationship between ui Gon and Obi Wan that sets up the events of The Phantom Menace Obi Wan Kenobi is a rich character who is one of the few characters that we know the predominance of their life story through his becoming a Jedi in this series of books to his death later in the original Star Wars movieJude Watson handles the material with an expert touch While this finale is one of the less interesting stories the series contains fascinating revealtions such as the couple who warn ui Gon and Obi Wan about the rise of the Empire decades before their vision comes to fruition Any Star Wars fan will enjoy these uick reads I look forward to reading the Jedi uest series

  2. pamsreading pamsreading says:

    Surprisingly light considering the bloodbath of many previous volumes

  3. Jim C Jim C says:

    This is part of a series but this one can be read as a standalone This series is aimed at the younger audience and explores the relationship between ui Gon and Obi Wan In this one Jedi master and padawan are sent to a planet where sabotage is affecting the work environment and the inhabitants are blaming a neighboring planet for these attacksI didn't care for this offering in this series The highlight of this series is the relationship between Jedi master and padawan and that holds true for this book ui Gon is realizing that Obi Wan is close to becoming a peer instead of his pupil and he knows he must accept this even if it pains him This means giving him responsibility to act of his own accord and this is euivalent to a parent trusting their child and believing that their teachings will guide them The rest of the book fell flat The reason this planet came known to the Jedi was never explored as the author just totally dropped that story arc Also the cusp of the story strongly resembled a previous book in this series that the author actually acknowledges by mentioning that previous incident several timesThis wasn't the best offering from this series Actually it could be one of the worst It did have some heartfelt moments exploring the relationship between the two main characters Unfortunately that was not enough to carry this book

  4. Christian Smith Christian Smith says:

    Story 610 A solid story to usher in Obi Wan as a Jedi knight

  5. Jared Jared says:

    Star Wars Legends Project #58 Background The Threat Within came out in March 2002 It was written by Jude Watson The Threat Within begins some months after The Only Witness my review 40 years before the Battle of Yavin and 8 years before The Phantom Menace Most of the characters are brand new one 0ff characters with brief appearances by Yoda Mace Windu and Jocasta NuSummary Bored after a long stretch of Temple life Obi Wan is relieved when he and Gui Gon are sent on a mission to mediate a dispute between two worlds in the Vorzyd system But they soon discover that the situation is complex than they had expected The conflict brings back unpleasant memories for Obi Wan while ui Gon struggles to allow his maturing apprentice to take a active role in guiding their actions as a team as he comes to grips with Obi Wan's inevitable ascension to KnighthoodReview Well talk about ending the series with a whimper instead of a bang Between the last stand alone and this one the Jedi Apprentice series really just peters out after the conclusion of the Tahl arc It seems like there really wasn't anywhere left to go but they had a few months to fill with product before the release of Attack of the Clones unlocked a whole new section of timeline to fill so we get a couple of totally bland formula entries to finish things out In some ways The Threat Within prominently foregrounds many of the weaknesses of the series as a whole particularly the earlier parts before the establishment of the multi book plot arcs Nearly all of the details that form the backbone of the story are weakly conceivedI've complained in earlier reviews about planets that are simplistic and seem to only have one city and the entire Vorzyd system feels like that The Vorzyd society makes so little sense it's not even worth trying to explain all of the different absurdities about it One of the first things we learn about the system is that it has never experienced a war in its entire history but now it is on the brink of war because one of the planets is experiencing some minor sabotage and is accusing the other of being behind it There are two things about this that are hilariously nonsensical First it's not the planet experiencing sabotage that is the angriest about the situation but the planet they're accusing that is literally about to invade because they're so annoyed that the first planet is falsely accusing them of something they didn't do but taking no other action It's pretty hard to imagine that any civilization that thin skinned has never experienced an armed conflict in its entire history Second how is a civilization that has never gone to war even prepared to go to war? How do they have weapons and a standing army filled with trained soldiers? Why do they keep those things around? The book is full of details like thisWhen I realized that the Vorzydiaks were actually an alien race it occurred to me that this is I believe only the second time in the entire series that ui Gon and Obi Wan have been sent to a planet populated by non humans Actually I take that back because the previous time I'm thinking of they weren't sent to that planet they were hijacked on their way to a human planet Now there are a lot of humans and human worlds in the galaxy but it seems odd in retrospect that we don't see alien populated worlds in their adventures But hey at least Watson is throwing in a bit of that at the end right? Wrong The Vorzydiaks it turns out look exactly like humans in every way except they have big antenna coming out of the tops of their heads Because that makes sense And this is necessary because a key plot point reuires Obi Wan to infiltrate a group of Vorzydiaks which he is able to do by wrapping his head in a turban to disguise the fact that he doesn't have antenna Oy Why construct a story that literally draws attention the absurdities of your setting and some of the shortcomings of the series as a whole?Anyway I'd complain that the plot feels like a retread of a couple of the earlier entries but that wouldn't be entirely fair as this at least seems intentional Obi Wan himself draws the comparison several times and we are meant to see how he has progressed as a character from then to now Which felt a bit too on the nose just show me don't tell me but as always I do welcome the larger arc of character development within the series and that's certainly all this particular entry had going for itThe real trouble is that this feels like such an arbitrary point to end on only 13 of the way through Obi Wan's apprenticeship to ui Gon But there's a new movie coming out with a new masterapprentice relationship to explore Obi Wan and Anakin In fact Watson had already completed the first couple books in the new Jedi uest series by the time this book came out I should note that I'm aware that officially there are actually two Jedi Apprentice books but they're Special Editions that actually bridge the Jedi Apprentice and Jedi uest series and only one of them features a storyline with Obi Wan and ui Gon that takes place after the end of this series Perhaps that will give me some better closure on this seriesActually it seems logical that it will but at the same time it certainly felt like Watson was trying to give some closure in this book There are so many callbacks to previous events as both Obi Wan and ui Gon reflect on how far Obi Wan has come as well as how far they've come as a team ui Gon in particular is suddenly obsessed with how grown up Obi Wan is and how practically ready he seems to assume the mantle of Jedi Knight Which seems odd since again he's not even halfway through his apprenticeship Actually seeing Anakin's youthful ascension through the ranks of the Jedi in the other preuel films Obi Wan's continued status as an apprentice at the age of 25 seems a bit odd in retrospect even given the wartime constraints of Anakin's apprenticeship And ui Gon's certainty that the 17 year old Obi Wan is nearly ready just adds another layer of strangeness Do they just keep the relationship going because they like being a team? I like that explanation so maybe I'll stick with itCertainly they make a pretty good team though not in this book This is like when you go into a restaurant and order from someone who has never used the cash register before while a experienced worker hovers over their shoulder kind of walking them through it as necessary Obi Wan gets a big scoop on the mission early on and formulates a plan and ui Gon decides to let him take the lead on his plan But then they both uickly realize that this is actually not going to work out very well except ui Gon doesn't want to say anything because he doesn't want Obi Wan to think he has no confidence in his judgment and Obi Wan doesn't want to say anything because he doesn't want to admit his plan isn't working out And meanwhile everything is slowly but inevitably angling south Arguably a number of deaths happen because ui Gon lets this mission turn primarily into a learning experience for Obi Wan which doesn't give you a lot of confidence in how the Jedi operateAh well I read this entire series back when it was first released many years ago and I was not looking forward to going all the way through it again for this project but until these last few books I was pleasantly surprised Nevertheless I'm glad to have it behind me and ready to move on to the next thing I would pretty definitely recommend the 3 major multi book arcs in this series Xanatos Jenna Zan Arbor and Tahl particularly that last and avoid the rest where possibleD

  6. Grace Grace says:

    A sort of MelidaDaan mirror where Obi Wan encounters a lot of the same issues he did there and solves them in a completely different way A little heavy handed but effective in showing how much Obi Wan has grown over the series

  7. Shane Dale Shane Dale says:

    Great insight into the growing bond of Obi Wan and ui Gon Really enjoyed this

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    It's fine Not amazing but still a simple story about family and community

  9. Bernard Bernard says:

    A pleasant one book adventure finale to the series not including the Special Editions sees ui Gon and Obi Wan turn a corner in their relationship The master finally accepts his Padawan can be trusted and is a partner not just an apprentice and they move to a new phase in their relationship of cooperation ui Gon remains his slightly aloof self and Obi Wan remains an under confident teenager Overall this book relates a routine mission with fairly low stakes and little danger ui Gon even laughs at one point as he coasts from one scene to the next almost as if to appreciate that he earned a low key denouement after death defying installments in the previous story arcs

  10. David David says:

    When Obi Wan Kenobi started off as ui Gon Jinn's apprentice he was just a boy Now on the verge of manhood he is starting on the path that will lead him to become a Jedi Knight and the master of his own fateAs Obi Wan and ui Gon investigate a strange wave of planetary sabotages they find their relationship shifting sometimes in a dangerous direction As events turn deadly their lives may never be the same again

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