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The Only Witness (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice, #17) ➳ [Reading] ➶ The Only Witness (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice, #17) By Jude Watson ➩ – An evil crime family controls the fate of a planet Only one witness can bring them down someone from the inside In order to make it off the planet to testify she's going to need the protection of the An evil crime family controls the fate of a planet Only one witness can bring them down someone from the inside In order to make it off the planet to testify she's going to need the protection of the Jediui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan Kenobi take The Only PDF/EPUB ² the assignment thinking it will be easy But nothing is ever easy when crime is concerned and soon the two Jedi are entangled in a violent web of power corruption and lies ui Gon and Obi Wan know their allegiance is to the witness But can she be trusted.

  • Paperback
  • 118 pages
  • The Only Witness (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice, #17)
  • Jude Watson
  • English
  • 01 June 2015
  • 9780439139366

10 thoughts on “The Only Witness (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice, #17)

  1. Jerry Jerry says:

    The Only Witness is the penultimate novel in the Jedi Apprentice series not counting the two special editions and though this installment has some high spots it's not up to the standard set by the previous books Though the story was good the writing was slightly inferior and the ending was a bit shocking; too much so in fact for young children It's a shame though; the story had twists and turns than most of the previous entries in the series My only hope is that the eighteenth and final? volume andor the Special Editions will help the long juvenile space opera finish on a high note

  2. Jim C Jim C says:

    This is part of a series but is a one off and can be read on its own In this one ui Gon and Obi Wan are sent to a planet where crime reigns supreme Their mission is to protect a woman who has recently lost her husband She has evidence to bring down the crime family of this planet ad put power back in the hands of the politiciansAs for the mission itself I thought it was okay until the ending scene which totally surprised me and gave it a little extra oomph to the story But that wasn't the sole purpose of the mission The other purpose was for ui Gon This series is coming to a close an it is time for ui Gon to move on from his lost I enjoyed this aspect as she moves the character on this path and it is done with baby steps instead of saying that he is done grieving This was a uick read and a nice one for the characters as ui Gon and Obi Wan resume their relationship which has been one of the strengths of this series I am really interested how this series concludes and onto the next one

  3. Grace Grace says:

    I love one teenage Obi Wan Chivalrous Knight of Championing Causes for Females in Distress What a sucker I was hoping this book would deal with ui Gon's return to life after mourning Tahl's death and it did but I am still frustrated Maybe it's just because ui Gon is SO dramatic Maybe it's because it's been like four books now of Obi Wan taking a backseat in the story of his own training Actually no it's the whole series Actually no it's Obi Wan's entire lifeWhy doesn't anybody pay ATTENTION to or prioritize him at ANY point in his ENTIRE life? I'm sad

  4. Shane Dale Shane Dale says:

    This was just phemomenal

  5. Ebenezer Arvigenius Ebenezer Arvigenius says:

    ui Gon who is still hurting from the loss of his beloved earlier in the series is in a deep depression and has managed to alienate his apprentice by rebuffing all offers of help and comradeship Both are nevertheless ordered to travel to a planet ruled by a powerful crime family and to escort an important witness who possesses insider knowledge about the crime family's affairs to CoruscantThis is one of the books in the Jedi Apprentice series for younger readers Unfortunately as with many books intended for a younger market the book shows a distinct lack of care in the writing While the story as such is working little attention has been spared to make the story consistent both within the novel itself or with the wider Star Wars universeTo give some examples view spoilerthe main antagonist the powerful crime family is allegedly the de facto ruler of the planet with contacts everywhere They have already killed their heir apparent to prevent the damaging information from being leakedUpon being informed that two Jedi have been dispatched to escort the information they desperately want to hide as well as an eye witness who is currently in hiding to Coruscant they do nothingLater the Jedi are informed that the witness kept the damaging information in a computer system in the flat rented for her by the heir apparent of the crime family instead of taking it with her into hiding The crime family then reacts in the typical manner of a murderous organization faced with annihilation by sending two burglars to search the apartment These then promptly flee upon being surprised by a single unarmed womanWhen our heroes infiltrate the estate of the crime family they are discovered The crime family finally reacts with lethal force They attempt to kill the intruders by dropping a decorative statue on their car Touchingly Agatha Christie if not exactly Al CaponeIn the end the criminals force the witness to agree to a midnight meeting at a secluded location The witness is ordered to stand in the light of a single lamp in the middle of a completely bare field Then instead of sending a sniper or a sizeable goon suad able to potentially deal with Jedi both heads of the crime family arrive in person with only two combat droids as escort to settle the matter Predictably they are easily defeated after the standard I will sacrifice myself for you sceneIn short the dangerous crime syndicate is depicted as a cross between a small time neighbourhood gang and the keystone cops At no point is there any feeling of danger or suspense The few attempts at story twists or surprises in the story are formulaic and can be seen from a mile off hide spoiler

  6. pamsreading pamsreading says:

    Short fun read Good for junior readers however not without violence These smaller Star Wars series for junior readers have plots and are easy to read wish discovered these books back then when I started out reading as a young child Starting out with Harry Potter and Encyclopedias was not the easiest thing for a grade 1 kid whose English was not her first languageThe main character of the episode Lena Cobrals might have inspired The Clone Wars' Satine Krize back story and all Totally forgot Valorum was chancellor and not Palpatine Plot twists can be excessive but that was the trend starting from New Apsolon arc ui Gon not being able to get over Tahl was heart breaking but we all know what happens in the episode I I will leave with this uoteWherever I am headed I will wait for you ui Gon she had said I've always been a solitary travelerHashtags #love #lost and #death #DREAM

  7. Iset Iset says:

    The change of scene was a welcome one after the oppressive Apsolon trilogy and the witness protection mission exposed another aspect of Jedi duties Unfortunately the author passed up on the opportunity to create a than cursory description of Frego and the characters are pretty much two dimensional apart from Lena and Mica And as much as I enjoy reading about the alternative paths Jedi can take to conflict and the change of pace I felt there wasn’t enough action The danger Lena experiences never feels serious and I would have thought a hard core crime family in control of a planet would have made of an effort to find her Instead Lena is largely unmolested unless she visits them There was a touch of humour in Obi Wan’s infatuation with Lena which gave me a knowing chuckle6 out of 10 for a children's book

  8. Christian Smith Christian Smith says:

    Story 610A satisfying and enjoyable little side mission to help start wrapping up this series

  9. Anime Mage Anime Mage says:

    Well this was certainly a pretty decent Star Wars adventure That’s what I love about the series It usually often than not really lives up to its status of some of the finest storytelling in the Star Wars universe I guess that’s why I keep coming back to the series so much Even though the series is about 20 something years old it’s still so good that I keep coming back for You can’t get timeless than thatThe story is on a simplistic note but it’s also perhaps paradoxically the most complex Essentially there is this person who is married to one of the crime families that wants to end their corrupt and evil rain and I should I heroes have to go stop them by making sure that the witness gets back to the Senate safelyAs usual the writing style is pretty decent It does a great job of giving us the emotional turmoil of her various characters will also bring the plot to life I also really liked how it was able to flow really well It never felt clunky or frustrating anything terrible like that The writing as usual is pretty solid and really enjoyable It’s easy enough for a kid to read yet it’s complex enough for an adult to find it entertaining and engaging Give me action seuences were done well Sure it’s not like the best action seuences in the universe but it certainly above average for Star Wars novelI really love the character arc that they had for ui Gon Jinn as he mourned the death of his lover Tahl I just love the way that this was executed and how this kind of paralleled it self with Obi Wan‘s story arc in this book You can really tell that these two Jedi heroes have come along way since the first book but they also have so much ground to cover before they reach the level that they are in Phantom Menace And I guess that’s why I love this character so much They’re so dynamic in there for much of life to them I am just so glad that these books were able to not only captured the enjoyment and fun that they possessed in the movies but also be able to add to them and make them even better I just hope that the Claudia Gray novel that stars these characters is even half as good as the series because if it is and it results in multiple seuels that are also amazingthen we are in for a real treatI also really liked the crime family characters that we get to see Sure they’re not like super super amazing or anything but but they’re entertaining enough and they certainly add it to the narrative and spirit of the novel I really like how it’s used as a canvas for the story arcs for our main protagonists It just is really well executedI also like that the set it kind of sided with the wetness instead of just blowing her off This is because we know that this said it isn’t as corrupt and a vicious as it is it Phantom Menace which takes place a few years after this book And we know that all the corruption in the Senate is due to the workings of the Sith so it wouldn’t make sense for the set it to be this corrupt at this point in its career It just highlights that this Senate it wasn’t always bad and that it’s fall from grace was a very gradual processThe only bad thing I can say about the book was that I thought the love story between the witness and Obi Wan Kenobi could’ve been done better but technically if there really wasn’t a love story because all of Obi Wan‘s affections were clearly one sided so I can’t really get too mad at it And plus they're dynamic together was still fun that I got behind itFinal verdictWhat can I say the Jedi apprentice series overall is really really good Yes there are a couple of rotten eggs in the series but this book is certainly not one of them In fact this is probably one of the better ones for sure The writing is solid as usual the story is pretty entertaining and the character arcs are done really well The book is both short sweet and just captures the essence of Star Wars really wellThus I give the book of 410500 stars – A highly amazing Star Wars story

  10. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    This one was a fast read I saw other reviews saying it was short and I have to agree It seemed like their were two story lines that intertwined throughout this book and I liked how Watson combined them into a story this small The only reason I gave 3 instead of 4 stars was the cheesiness of the actual plot Plot 1 was there's a widow in trouble who needs the Jedi's help to expose a criminal enterprise on a planet you'll forget as soon as you finish the book She finds the evidence through some If I've died here's a box with the clue necessary to defeat my killers plot device and we see the Jedi help her to finally take down these noir gangsters and save a planet namedI forgot Plot 2 is the one we really care about it's watching ui Gon go from dealing with his grief by being very mopey standoffish and generally just wanting to sit alone in his rooms until the world goes away It's the depression phase of grief and it sucks The Council basically shoves him out on a new mission with Obi Wan who has no clue how to comfort his Master ui Gon bonds with the widow on their grief she sort of gets ui Gon to look around and realize he's not the only person grieving Tahl's death and its not how she would want him to be He eventually seems to snap out of it and ui Gon and Obi Wan have a nice moment at the end of the book where they come to a mutual apology for their issues in grief Also Obi Wan is 17 ? in this book he's no longer a smol boi So it was very cute to see him get this little crush on the woman they're protecting and see the beginnings of his I like woman who are strong in character trait which we see later with Satine and Siri It's cute and I adored when ui Gon kind of wryly called him out on it and Obi Wan is like Nuh uhh Real mature Kenobi So while it was short it wasn't bad Go for it

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