The Deadly Hunter Star Wars Jedi Apprentice #11 ePUB

  • Paperback
  • 118 pages
  • The Deadly Hunter Star Wars Jedi Apprentice #11
  • Jude Watson
  • English
  • 14 August 2015
  • 9780439139304

10 thoughts on “The Deadly Hunter Star Wars Jedi Apprentice #11

  1. Jim C Jim C says:

    This is part of a series and this book can be used as a starting point as it begins a new story arc This series is meant for a younger audience In this one a friend of ui Gon is the victim of attempted murder ui Gon and Obi Wan investigateThis book is of a mystery novel with action scenes throughout We follow the Jedi master and his padawan thru the investigation and I enjoyed this aspect of the book It was a nice way of seeing that the Jedi doesn't have everything easily handed to them and they have to put the work in I believe the highlight of this book is Obi Wan We are seeing him becoming confident with his skills and I have enjoyed his development throughout this series I did have one flaw with this book and that was the adversary She seemed to be a better fighter than ui Gon and Obi Wan together and this seemed a little far fetched I understand the author needs someone to pit against the Jedi and be a constant foe but I believe she should have been downplayed a little This is beginning of a new story arc so this book was set up and setting the stage The battle at the end was well done and there is an excellent cliffhanger that does leave the reader wanting to jump right into the next book

  2. Branwen Sedai *of the Brown Ajah* Branwen Sedai *of the Brown Ajah* says:

    You are too hard on yourself Padawan That can become a fault if you are not careful for anger at oneself is a destructive thing Time passes and it teachesAfter returning to Coruscant ui Gon descides that he and his padawan will visit with an old friend of his diner owner Diddi before heading back to the Jedi Temple When they however find out that a bounty hunter is after Diddi for no apparent reason ui Gon decides they must get involved What they uncover is a plot that may be bigger than the both of them can handleLove love LOVE this storyline Murder Mystery Political intrigue Bounty Hunters This book is nonstop awesome and full of great heart stopping moments This is probably my favorite book in this series so far yet I have one small uibbleGODDAMN THAT CLIFFHANGER ENDING

  3. Russell Reidelberger Russell Reidelberger says:

    WARNING This is a nerd reviewI am trying to make my way through all of the expanded universe Star Wars books and comics I'm trying to read them in order using the Wookieepedia list The number of stars I give each book is simply based on how much I enjoyed the story not a comment on the uality of the literature This is the first part of a three part arc that gets away from the thinly veiled philosophical debates see my previous reviews and gets back to of the adventuremystery that the Jedi's have to solve Since it is the first of three stories it is a bit slow but the ending really sets up the next couple of stories

  4. Morgan Morgan says:

    ui Gon really does exist on a steady diet of fresh air and determination Going into the Room of a Thousand Fountains refreshed him than a meal would have Poor Obi Wan is just a teenage boy who wants lunch It was an intriguing fast paced adventure and it was cool to finally read Didi and Astri’s first book after all these years Astri please don’t marry Bog this time around okay? And Jenna Zan Arbor is a respected scientist? Boy people really don’t know who she actually is

  5. Bernard Bernard says:

    These books are fun uick reads And yes they're for younger readers but remember I'm on a personal mission to READ ALL STAR WARS BOOKS Well most of them With this book I think I'm finally caught up through the year 2000 But on to this book I feel like there should have been Coruscant in the preuel trilogy The entire planet is one big city? Ok prove it Let's see the shady parts the sunken dregs below the city etc This book gets into a little of that but also continues to expose the mind of ui Gon as the rock solid steady Jedi Master and Obi Wan the young apprentice The best part of the book is probably the fancy things the bounty hunter pictured with laser whip on cover can do From her collapsible skeleton to the aforementioned whip her ability to disguise and infiltrate and stay one step ahead of the Jedi she makes a fun and formidable villain But I won't spend too much time on this review as the book itself was a cliffhanger and I can't really review the entire plot as a result After all the point is

  6. Jerry Jerry says:

    This one was a touch better than the last two Jedi Apprentice novels thanks to a higher action and suspense uotient not to mention the cliffhanger ending However some slightly creepy details involving murder investigations make The Deadly Hunter inappropriate for some youngsters who might have read and enjoyed previous books in the series; discerning parents and teachers might want to read this book before handing it to their children

  7. Eva B. Eva B. says:

    I swear out of every bizarre thing andor character in Star Wars Legends included a galaxy with Luuke a clone of Luke Skywalker made from his severed hand talking snakes tiny bombs you can ingest 14 year old elected royalty and motherkriffing zombies Didi the diner owner who can't cook to save his life has a daughter who was just left on his doorstep one day and gets drawn into criminal affairs is second only to the alien trio from the other books in this arc And he's precious

  8. Christian Smith Christian Smith says:

    Story 510Cover art Cliff Nielsen 810 The cover art really helps you to picture the assassin and her transport much better as you read the book from start to finishFavorite side character Didi Oddo A funny character with a little mystery mixed into his madnessTrivia reply with answer what is the species of the bounty Hunter?

  9. Drew Ck Drew Ck says:

    Obi Wan and his Jedi Master ui Gon are on a mission for friend to stop a Bounty Hunter from killing Th trouble with stopping the Hunter is she's a master at disguising herself and she's an advanced fighter able to take on the Jedi with her laser whip

  10. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    I wrote two notes for this book one was a thought Obi Wan had Will I ever get used to death? and the other was that Obi Wan is always hungry in this series Let's delve into this I like that Obi Wan is uneasy around death he has seen people die but he's still bothered by it I do think he gets used to it during the Clone Wars but he never is able to just shrug it off and walk on He's always wondering about what could have happened or feeling guilt over things he wishes he could've fixed his time on Tattoine is one big guilt fest and I admire that in his character Before his life is over he loses tons of people friends fellow Jedi Clone troopers Anakin etc and yet he keeps going until the end It literally takes his best friendbrother cutting him in half with a lightsaber to take him out The food issue Good gods above the kid is 14 years old and a growing teenage Jedi feed him some food ui Gon I must read five times in every book in this series that Obi Wan is hungry I've seen him eat maybe twice in this whole series I get that we don't hear about them eat every time they actually do but I keep hearing all the times he doesn't get fed People are literally teasing ui Gon that he never feeds his padawan I was not kidding about kidnapping him and giving him tea and blankets but now the list in my head is including lots of warm filling food as well You're making me worry about a fictional character's food consumption Watson its become that The book itself now Meh its the start of another 3 part series within a series and this one involved Jedi kidnapping murder through blood draining Senate intrigue greasy dinners and a terrifying bounty hunter that is almost un killable I like when a person can challenge a Jed especially when you realize these aren't the battle hardened tough guys of the Clone Wars or Old Republic they've been relatively spoiled as of late So the idea of a bounty hunter who can kick Jedi butt isn't too unbelievable in this context But to be constantly two steps ahead every single time seems a bit much So the plot was meh for me in this one I was pondering along the lines of Will ui Gon ever feed his padawan? Will Obi Wan starve this whole book? Will we ever see a day where they just train in the Temple or hang around and be lazy? DOES UI GON NOT EAT AND THIS IS WHY HE KEEPS FORGETTING TO FEED OBI WAN? This man is like how I feel Luke Skywalker was as a Jedi mentor he couldn't take care of a desert cactus let alone a small child Force don't anyone give Luke Skywalker a small child he doesn't know what to do with them

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The Deadly Hunter Star Wars Jedi Apprentice #11✺ [BOOKS] ✮ The Deadly Hunter Star Wars Jedi Apprentice #11 By Jude Watson ❄ – Nobody knows her name Nobody knows when she will strike All they know is that she is a deadly bounty hunter and her latest mission has taken her to Coruscant home of the JediHer target an old friend o Nobody knows Hunter Star Kindle Ð her name Nobody knows when she will strike All they know is that she is a deadly bounty hunter and her latest mission has taken her to Coruscant home of the JediHer target an old friend of ui Gon Jinn'sui Gon and his apprentice Obi Wan Kenobi make an attempt to catch herand failNow they are her targets too.