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  1. Jim C Jim C says:

    Actual rating is 35 starsThis is part of a series and is actually the final book of the series Each book builds on each one so there are no stand alone offerings This is it The Jedi have Grant Omega on the run and finally have the opportunity to capture him The only problem is that he is holed up on a planet that is very strong with the dark side of the force This will severely test our heroes including Obi Wan and AnakinThis whole series was an enjoyable read These books are YA and they flesh out the relationship between master and padawan as well as fleshing out Anakin's temptation to the dark side This final book did a wonderful job of showing Anakin's eventual fall as we get little incidents of it happening I also liked how this series shows this but actually makes the reader sympathize with him even One of the pleasant surprises for me was the introduction of a minor character and his journey I loved the story of Ferus and I am glad it is not over as he is used in books I enjoyed this book and this whole series on a whole as it offered much than I expected It was a nice look into the relationship between teacher and student as it develops into than that Meanwhile it explores a hero's fall while developing minor characters that experience sacrifrice All in all this book and series is a well rounded series that provides background that fans of this universe will enjoy

  2. vicky. vicky. says:

    the end of this series is justbittersweetbecause this book has a lot of parallels with the first one once again we have an anakin who is full of fear anger and insecurity but now he's like I'LL PROVE EVERYONE HOW POWERFUL I AM with an obi wan who cares about him and thinking of ui gon but now he's like I'M WORRIED ABOUT HIM BUT CAN'T EXPLAIN EXACTLY WHYi think the entire series can be summarized in something i read in one the books that said something like obi wan sighed “oops” anakin saidTHAT'S THEMdamn i love themfunny that as much as i love anakin and obi wan i didn't want to read this series because i was like it's not canon i'm still fairly new to the fandom but at this point i've already learned that canon is whatever i say it is and i'll continue to read books in which these two appear

  3. Morgan Morgan says:

    I know who the Sith is You will wish you did Granta OmegaThe Jedi are spread thinly across the galaxy There is much unrest as the Clone War approaches and there simply aren't enough Jedi The Council has decided to try speeding up the process of Padawans becoming Knights with one test case And his name is Ferus Olin Not Anakin SkywalkerThe Jedi have finally truly located Granta Omega on Korriban the ancient home of the Sith Lords the place where their tombs still rest And it is a place very strong with the Dark Side of the Force It's a creepy place on its own what with Dark Side induced visions and Sith zombies yeah don't really love that part But beyond that it wears on the Jedi especially the Padawans and ends very badlyEgo runs strong in this book Anakin's rivalry with Ferus turns to resentment and hatred Even the civil working relationship they recently gained is gone Ferus is ever the perfect Padawan towards Anakin but even he makes some grave errors And even Tru is caught in the competition to enter the acceleration program Only Darra is not but even she has to suffer the conseuencesIt's a very sad book Friendships are fractured irreparably Characters are gone forever And Anakin slips even further towards the Dark Side We saw him as a sweet little boy At the beginning of the series we saw him as an ambitious young teen Now we see him become the man who could slaughter an entire village of Sand People in a fit of anger with no regrets Now he is the man who will abandon his duty willingly to do what he thinks the proper mission is even though it violates his orders from someone wiser and to be trusted Now he is the man who lets his jealousy turn to rage who will do anything to get what he wants He is becoming Darth VaderPS Do not read this book for the first time in the middle of the night after being totally freaked out by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom BAAAAAAAD idea It wasn't so bad the second time around though

  4. Christian Smith Christian Smith says:

    Story 910“One day he would face his worst loss the loss of his Master By surpassing him he would lose him He pictured Obi Wan turning to him in slow surprise grasping for the first time the true extent of his power Seeing that the student had outstripped the teacher On that day Anakin’s heart would break for the last time He would feel the weight of impossible sorrow He would not be able to bear that sorrow Unless he no longer had a heart”Anakin’s slow fall to the dark side is perfectly shown in this seriesand this book crushes your heart for a perfect finale

  5. Collin Collin says:

    My reaction to this whole series in generalOuch The Way of the Apprentice tricks you into thinking this'll be some generic mediocre middle grade story and then it pulls the ouch rug out from underneath your feet And it did get pretty intense during several of the previous books view spoilersee TYRO'S DEATH MY GOSH hide spoiler

  6. Kieran McAndrew Kieran McAndrew says:

    As the uest to apprehend Granta Omega comes inevitably to an end Anakin Skywalker must confront his inner turmoil when a difficult decision leads to the loss of a friendWatson's 'Jedi uest' concludes with Anakin on the threshold of adulthood As his ego continues to cloud his judgment we are shown the road map to his futureAs a series of chapter books these 'Jedi uest' tales are heavily interconnected and would be difficult to keep track of if read separately but each volume does tell its own story

  7. Julie Julie says:

    Ehhh This isn't as final a wrap up as it could have been and Anakin is just such a jerk in this one it's kind of hard to read I am interested to move on to the Last of the Jedi series

  8. Saimi Korhonen Saimi Korhonen says:

    Definitely my favorite book in this series What a finaleI'm feeling many things For my review I'm just gonna list stuff I loved and a few things I didn't like so muchSo stuff I loved1 Anakin Everything about him that we get in this book We get to see the extent of his jealousy towards Ferus who is chosen to become a jedi knight before Anakin who of course sees this as a personal insult and the lengths he is willing to go to beat his enemies both actual dark side enemies and his personal enemies aka Ferus Olin Reading this book just made it abundantly clear that though Anakin is powerful and has a special connection to the force he is not ready to be a jedi He is a loose cannon impulsive angry and jealous which are not the attributes of a proper jedi2 All of the other characters and how their stories went I loved having the whole Jedi uest gan together again for the last book FerusSiri TruRy Gaul SoaraDarra and AnakinObi Wan Ferus especially moved me in this book he had some great emotional moments in this story and I liked how the series ended for his character Darra is a joy and I've always loved her even now after re reading this book view spoiler Darra's ending is sad and brutal and breaks my heart though I liked that she died protecting her friend and a fellow jedi like a jedi should And the way everyone reacted Soara crying Ferus blaming himself so much that he actually leaves the Order and Tru screaming was so damn heart breaking hide spoiler

  9. Becky Becky says:

    For anyone who wants to extend the Star Wars saga further these books have done a decent job filling in the void The ending of this one which happens to be the ending of this book series leaves readers frustrated but most will enjoy learning about Anakin Skywalker Darth Vader BEFORE he went bad and his adventures as a Jedi to overthrow the evil Sith lord Granta Omega Of course there is also the rivalry between Anakin and another Jedi in training Ferus who also wants to be the big shot But Obi Wan ever present and full of wise things to say is always there to help Anakin It is nice to get a glimpse further into the story between Anakin and Obi Wan Kenobi

  10. Thomas Thomas says:

    Watson brings the Jedi uest series to a close with an aptly titled novel Obi Wan Anakin Siri Ferus Soara Darra Ry Gaul and Tru travel to Korriban the ancient home world of the Sith to face down Jenna Zan Arbor and Granta Omega Granta has finally done enough against the Jedi to gain attention of the Sith and it's there that he and Jenna will finally meet them and hope to become a part of their order All of the main characters that began this adventure in The Way of the Apprentice return to bring it to a closeWatson tried to parallel the events of The Way of the Apprentice reigniting the rivalry between Anakin and Ferus though in truth the bulk of that rivalry is due to Anakin provoking Ferus It's still hard to be sympathetic with Anakin since his ego gets in the way of his being a Jedi He still feels the need to be the best to make everything a competition and it's that characteristic that makes things go so terribly wrong on the missionI get it Anakin isn't supposed to be a fully sympathetic character Watson balances a fine line of making his character compassionate enough for us to like him but self centered enough for us to recognize how unprepared he is to be a Jedi With The Final Showdown Watson isn't just referring to the Jedi versus Omega; she's also referring to Anakin versus the rest of the Jedi Order In the end it's clear that he's not ready and since we know the movies we know he'll never be ready It's Obi Wan's insistence at training him and the sudden need for Jedi that ultimately play into how Anakin becomes a JediAt different points in the series I got frustrated with Obi Wan for giving Anakin so many breaks in his training but in retrospect what was the alternative? To throw him out of the Order with all that power and let him fend for himself? I'm wondering now if Obi Wan was always well aware of Anakin's limitations but figured he could serve as a positive influence on him in the hopes that some training would be better than none at all How much faster would Anakin have fallen to the Dark Side without that guidance?I still feel that the Jedi Apprentice is a better series than Jedi uest since ui Gon and Obi Wan make for a interesting relationship than Obi Wan and Anakin but I'm pleased with how Watson winds up the series She doesn't make things easy for Anakin and she creates a clearer picture of how Anakin changes so much between Episode I and Episode II I still wish she would have put a bit focus on how he became so arrogant but she makes strong enough suggestions as to not make it a complete mystery I just would have preferred it being on stage

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