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  1. Rachel Rachel says:

    I didn't realize this was a juvenile novel when I put it on hold at the library This story spans two generations of padawans with ui Gon and Obi wan in the first generation and Obi wan and Anakin in the second The secret referred to is that although possession and atttachment are forbidden to a Jedi it doesn't follow that they don't fall in love ui Gon did although the story is only referred to in the past tense and apparently he and the Jedi woman he loved had made a pledge to one another It was voided when she died but the pain of it stayed with ui Gon ui Gon and Obi wan are sent on a mission with another Master and Padawan; the padawan is Siri whom Obi has known since his youngling days Over the course of their adventure the two padawans fall in love and decide initially that they are going to be together and the Jedi can just make way for them When the mission is completed ui Gon and Yoda both advise Obi Wan that he must choose a life with the woman that he loves or the Jedi The Jedi will not bend says ui Gon Not unless the whole galaxy changes the whole Order changes not unless an upheaval happens that changes everything Yoda tells Obi that losing the love will hurt but losing the Jedi would shatter them both Obi and Siri resolve never to refer to their feelings again by look or by wordTwenty years later that mission from the past enters chapter two The person they rescued needs help from the Jedi and a Republic senator and the romantic attachment is the marriage between Anakin and Padme Events happen Obi and Siri recognize that that not having the relationship that they wanted in youth has had an effect on them but that the Force helped them to deal with the loss They decide it is better to be best friends than to allow the pain of not being together to maintain a barrier Siri dies and Anaking gets the idea that maybe Obi loved her Obi's Jedi way of handling her death convinces him that either he was wrong or that Obi just doesn't feel as deeply as he doesPadme says We chose this life but it's so hard to live itthe secrecy is tearing me apart I'm always afraid I'll betray us with a look or a wordDid we do the right thing? Not in loving each other we couldn't help that but in marrying? I've put a wedge between you and the JediYour first loyalty is to me that makes your path confused I know enough about the Jedi to know how wrong that isEven though it was a juvenile novel it handled some of these difficult concepts extremely well and I can see you resourceful parents could use them in a discussion about choices and conseuences with their childrenI notice as I read the review that falling in love with a male Jedi is almost as fatal as sleeping with James Bond

  2. Jim C Jim C says:

    This book builds on the circumstances of The Jedi Apprentice series so one might be better off reading that series first This book contains two stories and each story is connected by a central character In this one a boy has overheard a group of bounty hunters are planning to assassinate a Senator ui Gon and Obi Wan with two other Jedi are sent to protect him and his family The second story is set twenty years later with the boy now a man and he has developed a weapon that could win the war for the Republic Obi Wan and Anakin journey to meet himThis was a likable offering from this universe and deals with the choices that we are forced to make I would consider this of a YA book than a novel The tie in with the boy for both stories works well and I enjoyed the character very much Once again we get an insight to Obi Wan and this book adds to whether he knows about Anakin and Padme or he is just ignorant of their relationship The reason I could not give this a higher rating is the first story It is too similar to an arc for ui Gon in the previous series and similar to Anakin and Padme I understand that was the intent but it did seem like we were repeating aspects here Also it was an arc during The Clone Wars cartoon series and I thought it was better done thereThis was a uick read and an enjoyable book The problem was that there was too much of an overlap with other offerings from this universe That being said it is worth a read

  3. kristen ♡ kristen ♡ says:

    literally only read this for ui gon

  4. pamsreading pamsreading says:

    38 starsI'm pleasantly surprised this book isn't what I thought it would beThis book is divided into 2 partsPart 1The experience of reading this is similar to that of watching TCW tv series It is always nice to read about Jedi on mission during the golden era of the Old Republic My favourite The pace is not too slow and not to fast The arc will catch your attention til the end The heavy handed implication in order to keep it PG 13 is amusing I'm not complaining but it could have been made less of a scream aloud for kids Is this a children book or YA even? Because philosophy in the book or the part is not for a child to understand not even a tween However things uh are kept at bay at the standard of children's books Why?Part 2In comparison to part 1 this part is less well written fast paced which is understandable but everything is rushed which makes the pacing throughout the whole book inconsistent The action and Anidala dialogues resemble the now legend old Clone Wars micro series Genndy Tartakovsky 2003 One dimensional dialogues and boom paw action seuences as opposed to the later written Clone Wars novel after the release of 2008 tv series One easter egg I appreciate is that Anakin's possessiveness any machoism in this part seem to inspire the Clovis arc on TCW season 2 6 very uncanny love it And Padme Padme just roasts him mercilessly HAHAHAHA One regrettable thing the character Taly his arc and character development should have been made a whole separated arc or a standalone unfortunately he's merely a catalyst for the main ship the pun sorry can't help it And Obi Wan is still Obi Wan so oblivious this book makes clear he's truly oblivious and not pretending ignoranceThe greatest aspect of this book Obi Wan and Siri and ui Gon uotable uotes about loving letting go which I found to be practical in real life

  5. Morgan Morgan says:

    Reread I recommended it to a kid at the library the other day and had an urge to reread it myself It’s mostly about Obi Wan and it’s one of the old canon books that I still consider canon so of course I love it And the end about made me cry even though I’ve known about it since I was a kid

  6. Rosi Rosi says:

    When I first started reading this book I was very excited but skeptical The plot was okay but what I didn't pay attention to the plot as much as I did the characters As usual Jude Watson wrote Obi Wan perfectly capturing some of his complexity within simple words I loved this book because it made Obi Wan human showing us that there is to him than Jedi philosophies I enjoyed the few parts with ui Gon and I always enjoy Siri However I felt that Anakin was extremely out of character While Jude Watson can capture Anakin's feelings as a Padawan I think she is better off leaving him alone after his marriage to Padme The brief romance between them in the book made me cringeOverall I think this was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it to any preuel fan

  7. Z Z says:

    The ways in which this changed my perceptions of Obi Wan as a character are hard to put into words Looking at the saga after reading this though he's a completely different person And I like that person a lot Plus I really liked the juxtaposition of the AnakinPadme relationship to the Obi WanSiri relationship

  8. Anime Mage Anime Mage says:

    This book was incredible As an ending for the Jedi apprentice seriesIt was amazing The chemistry between Obi Wan Kenobi and Siri was beautifully done the writing style was excellent and it did a great job of tying the series together It also lined up the narrative with the rest of the preuel trilogy perfectly the story itself was really well done and it just was beautifully told Now the only flaw with the book was that I thought that the last couple pages could’ve been done better but I thought that the last few pages of them were done really well I also love about the book the most was that I think it did an amazing job of showing us why the Jedi fell It wasn’t just because they fell sway under a corrupt Senate but it was because their own principles were so un relatable and so unloving and so uncompassionate that they ended up creating the very evil they start to prevent By not allowing people to follow love safely you ended up creating Darth Vader And I love how the book kind of highlights that narrative I also thought that the writing style was done really well and I thought the story and characters were really done well as well I also like the bounty hunters and how dangerous they were Overall I really like this book I thought it’s probably the best book and the Jedi apprentice series and probably is one of the best Star Wars books in the expanded universe I give this book fantastic score of 465500 stars – a must read for all Star Wars fans

  9. Julie Julie says:

    I found this randomly at the library I'm really glad I'd finished the Jedi Apprentice series before reading it because there were big spoilers for that series There was at least one spoiler for the Jedi uest series too which I haven't finished but at least it was something I already knewI confess to a bit of eye rolling regarding the Obi WanSiri plot for two reasons One it seemed repetitive when we'd already dealt with this issue with ui Gon; and two reading this in 2018 we already have an Obi Wan forbidden love story with Duchess Satine in Clone Wars It's like this whole secret love plot has been played out multiple times and the ending is always the same Moral don't date a JediAll that aside the book itself was pretty enjoyable and it was nice to see Padme for a change Now I'll have to finish the Jedi uest series to fill in I guess

  10. Brad Brad says:

    Secrets of the Jedi Here I was thinking this book contains secrets of the Jedi order Is Yoda high on drugs? Does Mace Windu shave his head every day?Nope this book does not answer these uestions Instead this is another Obi Wanui Gon adventure 70% and a small Obi WanAnakin story We learn that Obi Wan fell in love with another Jedi while he was young and both agreed to remain in the Jedi than to follow their heartsThen in the second story Anakin and his secret wife Padme join Obi Wan on a mission So the book title really should be Secrets some Jedi keep from the council but that wouldn't sell too many books

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Secrets of the Jedi (Star Wars) [PDF] ✍ Secrets of the Jedi (Star Wars) ✸ Jude Watson – Three generations of JediThree untold secretsA Jedi is never to fall in loveGrieving for the loss of his friend Tahl Jedi Master ui Gon Jinn has been sent back to the Jedi Temple to recover But this p Three generations of JediThree untold secretsA Jedi is never to fall in loveGrieving for the loss of his friend Tahl Jedi Master ui Gon Jinn has been sent back to the Jedi Temple to recover But this peace is soon shattered by an urgent mission a Secrets of Epub / young boy with a knack for technology has intercepted a message that indicates a mass assassination of planetary leaders is about to take place It is up to ui Gon and his apprentice Obi Wan Kenobi to protect the boy from the bounty hunter assassinsand to foil the deadly plotJoining ui Gon and Obi Wan on their mission are the Jedi Master Adi Gallia and her headstrong apprentice Siri Obi Wan and Siri have been sparring friends for a long time But as the assassins' pursuit tightens they find their relationship beginning to change in an unexpected directionA generation later Obi Wan Siri and the boy they tried to save are reunited once with the fate of the Clone Wars hinging on the outcome Old tensions rise once as well as new conflicts and secrets Obi Wan's apprentice Anakin Skywalker has many things to hide and when his secret wife Padmé Amidala joins the Jedi mission the risks becomes even greater than beforeSecrets are dangerousSecrets are difficultSecrets can kill.

  • Hardcover
  • 203 pages
  • Secrets of the Jedi (Star Wars)
  • Jude Watson
  • English
  • 10 March 2016
  • 9780439536677