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  • ebook
  • 240 pages
  • The Lost Coast
  • Eli Horowitz
  • English
  • 14 July 2016

10 thoughts on “The Lost Coast

  1. Jean Oren Jean Oren says:

    Excellent companion to the podcast

  2. meliss meliss says:

    A cool compliment to the Homecoming Podcast I liked the two parallel stories one in print and one audio and how they fit together Nice concept

  3. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    It was a novel reading and listening experience to read a companion ebook serial as an expansion of the Homecoming podcast While the ebook serial can be read alternating with the podcast episodes or all at once my ebook reading seuence was behind my podcast listening By the time I downloaded and finished the chapters I had only two podcast episodes left to go before the end of the season So I read the ebook serial in chunks with 1 4 in early September and then 5 6 in late September Although I missed following the proper seuence as the podcast episodes and ebook serials were released I enjoyed the added depth with Walter's perspective of the story It was definitely something I'd like to experience again and see of in podcast storytelling

  4. Gina Beach Gina Beach says:

    Following the secret life of Walter Cruz once he is discharged from the Homecoming Initiative this 6 part novella is available free on iBooks through Oct 2017 Before you read listen to the first season of Gimlet Media's fictional drama Homecoming available free from iTunes or anywhere else you can download podcasts Well written and totally new information not covered in the audio companion A Homecoming Serial is well worth the read Each installment is around 35 pages There are no female characters to speak of and outside of the tangential mention of tamales Cruz' Latino heritage is not mentioned

  5. Helene Barmen Helene Barmen says:

    I loved the first season of Homecoming and it might be my favorite podcast experience so far When season 2 came out I was excited to find this novel accompanying the podcast episodes I love the concept of an audio podcast and literary chapter to go along with them but I think that in this case the novel didn't feel close enough to the podcast story Instead of making the total better I feel like the two canceled each other out in a way and I didn't get as much out of either storyline as I'd hoped But I still applaud the effort and the idea and hope for seasons of Homecoming or similar podcasts

  6. Lori Puma Lori Puma says:

    I applaud Gimlet for continuing to experiment I found this novella just ok The audio story on the podcast was so riveting I just didn't feel the same kind of excitement with this book The podcast was definitely the primary narrative and the book's narrative seemed somewhat tangential It seems like the novella might have been an add on and not something originally planned If there's another fiction Gimlet show that tries to do the same thing I'd be willing to give them a second chance but I don't feel like this is reuired reading for Homecoming fans

  7. Heather Heather says:

    This was kind of meh I feel sort of meh about Homecoming as a whole although I know it's been a big hit The pseudo fight club he man's thing going on in this section is kind of yawn worthy I don't like the push of the weird romantic longing between Walter and Heidi at the end Meh There are some real pretty sentences in here and the descriptive language is very good although sometimes I feel like the author is trying really hard to derive meaning from things that ultimately aren't all that meaningful Nice melancholy atmosphere though

  8. Tina Bounds Tina Bounds says:

    2 12 stars This novel released in a series of 6 chapters to accompany the 2nd season of the Homecoming podcast It follows the story of Walter Cruz after Homecoming Fills in what he's doing while Heidi and everyone is looking for him I didn't love the 2nd season as much as the first and although this was a good way to pull things together I wish there had been to it

  9. Zoe Zoe says:

    I would probably enjoy this as a stand alone novella but as an accompaniment to the Podcast ‘Homecoming’ it didn’t uite match up I wanted to explore the themes of the Podcast further and don’t think this uite did that I do see potential for this to be used as a TESOL resource or similar

  10. Tracey Mcd Tracey Mcd says:

    It really doesn't work in isolation because you need the history to understand Walter Great idea to create 'his story' as a separate piece to the podcast

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The Lost Coast[PDF / Epub] ✅ The Lost Coast By Eli Horowitz – The Lost Coast is a six part novella written to accompany the six episodes of the second season of Homecoming an audio series starring Catherine Keener David Schwimmer and Oscar IsaacThe two works are The Lost Coast is a six part novella written to accompany the six episodes of the second season of Homecoming an audio series starring Catherine Keener David Schwimmer and Oscar IsaacThe two works are designed to be read in alternating installments Episode One of the podcast then Chapter One of the book then Episode Two and so on but other seuences are probably fine too.

About the Author: Eli Horowitz

Eli Horowitz is the co creator of The Silent History a digital novel; The Clock Without a Face a treasure hunt mystery; and Everything You Know Is Pong an illustrated cultural history of table tennis He was the managing editor and then publisher of McSweeney’s; his design work has been honored by ID Print and the American Institute of Graphic Arts Previously he wrote science trivia uesti.