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10 thoughts on “A Light to My Path Refiners Fire #3

  1. Salyna Salyna says:

    These books are amazing I love how Lynn Austin does the three books Candle in the Darkness Fire by Night and A Light to my Path each in a different perspective during the Civil War A white woman from the South a white woman from the North and a male and female slave living in the South They all impacted me in different ways because I saw different ways of thinking whether they were for slavery or not They all also did something for the cause whether it be nursing spying making uniforms or fighting A Light to My Path probably impacted me the most being from the perspective of slaves I knew slavery was wrong and that they weren't treated well but I had no idea of just how cruel the Mastersand or Masters' wives could be I never thought about how big the conseuence was for the littlest mistake and it ripped my heart out every time one of them was punishedI liked how even though Lynn showed how terrible the Owners could be she also showed how they weren't all the same that they didn't all treat their slaves so poorly That there were really nice southerners that treated the slaves with respectAnother thing that I liked was how the people from each of the books were connected in some way and I was expecting a happy reunion at the end of this book Unfortunately I was disappointed when I didn't get the reunion I was looking forward toThe message in this book was great Throughout the whole book you had Grady who had grown to the age of nine knowing God but then he was taken from his family and thrown into the worst conditions that he practically gave up on life and even his Faith Then you have Anna who never had time to grow a back bone because she had been treated unkindly practically her whole life The message from Grady was basically to not let your anger control you until it completely consumes everything about you but to put God in control because in the end it is God who will send judgement Romans 1219 NIVDo not take revenge my dear friends but leave room for God’s wrath for it is written “It is mine to avenge; I will repay” says the LordThe message that I get from Anna was to not let people walk all over me That I do have to be kind and a servant to others but that their are also times when I will just have to say no I can't think of a verse for this right now but I completely believe itAll in all I HIGHLY recommend this series to everyone I don't think this is a series meant just for women but that men can totally read these as wellGo to my blog at

  2. Olivia Olivia says:

    I had to read the last book in the series even though I didn't really have high hopes for this book Good thing about that? My hopes were raised The first half read like a completely different author It was riveting Definitely my favorite from the series and I was SO happy to see what came of GradyGrady and Anna were realistic characters Their hopes and their sorrows felt real I love how different Grady and Anna were Grady's hatred toward slavery and being different from white men is revealed in all his words and actions while Anna lives content with her lot as maid to Claire don't get me started on herI love how you see wicked black and white people and then on reverse good black and white people It goes to show that all mankind is accountable before God; no race is inferior to another And Grady as much as he hated the racism against his race had the same issues in his heart against the white people The battle scenes were fascinating although a lot of them were told instead of shown which at times didn't make it as interesting I didn't like the middle as much as the first and last parts I felt the romance was better in this book although there was one scene in particular that insinuated sexual activity but only between a married couple and it was not detailed you just get the idea I LOVED the end and how Grady returned to his former home My only gripe there is that you don't see him meeting his mother again But I'm so glad he found forgiveness and freedomThere were so many good characters in this book Delia Joseph Grady Anna Mr Fuller he is my favorite Southern character He owned slaves but he was reasonable to them although I'm not condoning his actions Claire Like I said don't get me started She drove me nuts and many others If you like a good historical fiction about the slavery and Civil War read this The only thing I will mention to Civil War loversa couple times I felt like the author seemed to think the only reason why there was a war was because of slavery But don't let that stop you from reading this as it wasn't a big issue

  3. Ogz Ogz says:

    I would say this is the best book in the series It was touching very real and taught so much about God's love through slavery It is easy to pick on the bad things people have done to you but we never realise how much we've done to others most especially God yet we are forgiven everyday Amazing Grace was key in this book and I'd say this book is top followed by the first in the seriesI hope to read from Lynn Austin She really has a talent

  4. Amanda Tero Amanda Tero says:

    I started this series loving book one I found it well balanced between both Northern and Southern views and it packed a lot of Scripture As the series progressed though I found that all of that diminished until it seemed like there was only a Northernabolitionist viewpoint portrayed with weak Scriptural content I know that sounds harsh but maybe in essence I was disappointedBefore I go into detail though I did like reading about Anna and Grady I felt like it portrayed a realistic view of slavery in that families were separated At the same time I felt like it also gave a biased slavery viewpoint They mentioned that some slave owners were kind to their slaves but what stood out to me was the beatings and killings of slaves Delia the storyteller proclaims that the history of slaves is when white men came to Africa capturing villages and bringing them to America With just a little research you'll find that often slaves came from African victors who sold the villages they had plundered to the white man I'm not saying that I think white men never capture the Africans on their own; just that the balance of both sides were not there Actually that would be the entire reason I didn't care for this book There was no balance And for me as a history lover balance is important Yes tyranny happened Yes slaves were mistreated But that is only half of the story One could leave this book thinking that nothing good happened in slavery That is not a balanced viewOkay enough of my rantBefore I read this I was warned that there was a bit of discussion about procreation of slaves a mistress wanting to force her chambermaid to have a baby so she can be a wet nurse Because of all of that content I do not recommend this to conservative readers under twenty There seemed to be a much stronger emphasis on the marriage bed than the other two books in the series Spiritual content I really don't like books when I don't know if the characters were born again or just turned over a new leaf Delia constantly points to Jesus Christ as the answer that bitterness and unforgiveness is a curse etc which I fully agree with But it's never clear that Grady or Anna actually accept Jesus Christ as Savior Anna prays to Jesus and gets answers Grady learns that not all white men are evil and he has to forgive not kill but did they actually accept Christ as Savior repenting of their sins and trusting in Jesus alone for salvation? I really don't know It was very unclearI really wanted to like this book And I wasn't intending to write a rant review; I've even waited a few days before writing it mainly because of time constraints It's probably not a book I would re read because of the aforementioned issues I like how Austin is able to put facts into her stories it's just my personal opinion that some of her facts are faulty and biased But feel free to read it for yourself and see what you come up with

  5. Simone Barker Simone Barker says:

    I just finished this book and i really enjoyed it I loved how the different characters and their circumstances drew them closer to God and all of the courage and encouragement was shared in ways that could be understood by everyone There were true testimonies of how even though it was hard to believe God was with everyone even in the struggles they were going thru I love how Grady forgave Massa Fletcher and accepted the money for his son's benefit Freedom changed everyone accept Missie Clarie but God will handle that situation would be neat if 1 book could be added to this series to see how and where everyone finally ended up and families got reunited and heart attitudes changed

  6. Ron Wroblewski Ron Wroblewski says:

    This is the 3rd of Austin's Civil War Trilogy It is the war in the perspective of slavery in South Carolina It not only involves how the slaves were treated but how Christian faith continued with many of them as they learned to forgive the whites that treated them badly I take to heart that aspect of the book forgiveness which the world so needs today We will never be able to get along together if we don't forgive each other

  7. Alicia Alicia says:

    The second book of the series is definitely my favourite of the three but I loved this one too The series concludes with a very powerful message that true freedom comes from God and through His forgiveness

  8. Heather Heather says:

    A beautiful heartbreaking story about the civil war told from the point of view of several slaves It was so hard to read at times but the story really was captivating

  9. Louise Louise says:

    Story DescriptionRefiner's Fire Book # 3 Kitty a house slave always figured it was easiest to do what she'd always done obey Missy and follow orders But when word arrives that the Yankees are coming Kitty is faced with a decision will she continue to follow the bidding of her owners or will she embrace this chance for freedom? Never allowed to have ideas of her own Kitty is overwhelmed by the magnitude of her decision Yet it is her hope to find the happy ever after ending to her life and to follow Grady whom she loves that is the driving force behind her choice Where will it lead her?My ReviewThis book was very difficult for me to read because of the terrible inhumane and disturbing persecution the Negro people received from their white owners during the American Civil War For the slightest thing these poor souls endured physical punishment that was so undeserved The emotional abuse they suffered was eually as horrifying but their unwavering “faith” carried them through these dark timesThe story centers mostly around Kitty and Grady Kitty was a house slave to a white spoiled brat named Missy Claire Kitty figured it was easier to obey Missy’s every command no matter how trivial that way she wouldn’t be given “40 lashes” or sent back to the deplorable conditions on “Slave Row” She wasn’t allowed to learn to read or write to have any thoughts or ideas of her own as she was “too stupid” and as a result found it impossible to make any type of decision on her own Eventually Kitty is faced with a decision that SHE MUST make for herself—a chance at freedom Will she stay with Missy Claire where she is comfortable with her surroundings knowing what each day would bring or will she take a chance on freedom and never have to be “owned” or “obey” again in her life? Is familiarity and oppression less scary for her than her own freedom?Grady is only nine years old when he is ripped away from his mother and sold at a slave auction His life is filled with beatings that bring him to his knees in pain lashings that rip the skin and muscle open on his back exposing bone and almost bleeding to death His first master is a violent slave trader named Coop But by the time Coop loses Grady in a poker game Grady is already filled with such rage anger and hatred all the time Although the other slaves often tried to instil a faith and love for God in him Grady wouldn’t have any part in religion whatsoever If this God was supposed to be so loving and caring He sure didn’t feel that way about Grady or so he thought Will Grady ever have a chance in life to experience freedom and be able to exact the revenge on white people he so deeply desires or because of his deep seated anger and hatred will he stay locked in a life of perpetual abuse? This novel broke my heart and made me cry in agony for the suffering of people just because their skin was a different colour However the book is also filled with many examples of deep faith courage strength and an undying hope for a future that is filled with determination and freedom The last in the “Refiner’s Fire Series” A LIGHT TO MY PATH is not a historical fiction novel I will soon forget The amount of research that went into the writing of this novel is amazing as the details are extremely accurate I would highly recommend this series to anyone but especially those whose favourite genre is ‘historical fiction’

  10. Ebookwormy1 Ebookwormy1 says:

    Lynn Austin continues to amaze me as a writer This book is no exception I finished it today last book in the series I was disappointed to have it end and I don't want to read anything else I'm still in the aura wanting to savor it Hoping the pressure upon my soul will be creating some permanent alteration to this lump of clay the Potter is shapingBook 3 of the Refiner's Fire Series covers the years of the Civil War from the perspective of slaves in South Carolina Each installment of this series has developed themes that run deep in the human experience In this book Austin tackles a uestion theologians and agnostics alike have debated among themselves and with others for centuries Why does a good God allow suffering? The backdrop of the horrors of slavery is a real life environment in which to discuss such a uestion and Austin doesn't spare us by focusing on slaves with good benevolent ahead of their time massa's which makes the early pages of the book difficult to readBut as she develops her characters and draws us into the struggles of their hearts and lives she is not only weaving an exceptional story she is letting the Word of God and the Spirit of God penetrate our souls I mentioned in my review of Book 1 Candle in the Darkness that I've been going through an extended difficult season In truth I've been trying to make sense of some of the same uestions Austin's characters are struggling with though I must confess my issues seem so trivial in comparison to the ravages of slavery and perhaps therein lies some of the power of the book? After struggling with doubt on one side and trite 'name it and claim it' exhortations on the other Austin's book stirred the breath of God upon me I added a uote to my section that was the turning point for my thinking I was humbled I couldn't pray about my concerns the same way I recommitted myself to Jesus as my Massa my perfect loving all knowing in control Massa I envisioned myself as willing to be His obedient slave trusting Him with the big picture leaving all my uestions at His throne able to loosen my hold on my plans willing to follow His dreams for my lifeFor a different and uniue approach to the Civil War seeWith Lee in Virginia Henty 1890httpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowRefiner's Fire Series Austin 2004httpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshow

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