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  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Black Storm Comin'
  • Diane Lee Wilson
  • English
  • 21 September 2015
  • 9780689871382

10 thoughts on “Black Storm Comin'

  1. Jackie Jackie says:

    Black Storm Comin' is an insightful look at a period in our history that although short lived was as important to the country as any In this fictionalized account of a pony express rider twelve year old Colton Wescott faces dangers both human and environmental in his race to deliver the mail from Carson City to Sacramento Born of a black mother and white father Colton resembles his father enough to 'pass for white' and secures a spot on the pony express team even at his tender age His father up and ran off after he accidentally shot Colton in the leg and Colton grows up in a hurry when his mother becomes sick after her youngest baby dies Colton does what he feels he has to doearn money and support the family as best he can His story takes the reader on a breathless journey filled with danger treachery and bravery Colton's pony express adventures through the western part of this young country are indicative of the hard working loyal and determined young men who delivered the mail through storms snow sleet and danger He is true to his word and is hailed as a hero as he contributes a small part to the freeing of slaves just before the election of Abraham Lincoln This is a book that is hard to put down because Colton and his family become part of yours An exciting historical fiction read for young readers

  2. Hope Smith Hope Smith says:

    This book was poorly written and the plot was just awful i literally fell asleep on the page the entire time i read this i had no idea what i was reading i didnt give up on this book because some books dont get really good until the end not in this case it was horrible from the beginning through the end i now have to write an essay on a book that had no content and was HORRIBLE DO NOT READ THIS BOOK

  3. socialiezer123 socialiezer123 says:

    i had to do this book for a school reportand can i say i fell asleep durning the first 3PAGES it really didnt get me and i dont want to read the restso if ur a girl who likes chick litpray to the lord that ur mean history techer dosnt give u this book to read

  4. Randal Randal says:

    I don't read many YA books Heck I probably have read one since I was a YA myself But this one caught my eye a tale of a biracial Pony Express rider carrying an important message to Sacramento about the looming Civil War Ooh yeah That sounds goodBut overall this book was boring It starts out as 12 year old Colton Wescott and his family are part of a wagon train headed to California After his father deserts the family Colton has to assume responsibility for his ill mother and two young sisters The wagon train journey takes up half of the book and it just doesn't click When Colton finally joins up with the Pony Express in Carson City Nev the author sticks her heels in the ribs of the narrative and the pace picks up But it never really connects Great idea for a story just not great execution of itIt was a good book to read however during the current efforts to defund the US Postal Service There once was a time when the delivery of mail was so important that that young men literally risked their lives to carry it on horseback across the wilds of the West Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor dark of night indeed

  5. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    Black Storm Comin’ was a very interesting read It was a different type of book than I usually like to read and at first I was just reading it for an English assignment but as I started reading it I started liking it and even though it’s not the type of genre I enjoy The story of a young boy trying to make a living to support his family and deliver an important letter by riding on the Pony Express is inspirational and dangerous Then there are other unexpected challenges the main character faces on his journey and unexpected allies There are a lot of twists and turns in this book that I definitely didn’t anticipate and some that I did This book took place about the time that Lincoln was elected president and slavery plays a key role in this book I would definitely recommend this book to people who love reading especially those who enjoy historical fiction I really enjoyed this book and hope that whoever else reads it enjoys it as well

  6. SFrick SFrick says:

    You can follow Kirkus reviews at impressed me was the young man's sense of responsibility at such a young age Kids in the present day have no clue nor do the parents seem to be instilling much eitherI most definitely will look forward to reading another book of Ms Wilson's In particular Firehorse will be the next one on my list

  7. Layla Eckstrom Layla Eckstrom says:

    This was a very nicely done novel

  8. Bella Loxtercamp Bella Loxtercamp says:

    This was a pretty good book I don't read books like it often but I loved the uniue old timey feel it had and the little glance it gave into an important time in American history

  9. Arminzerella Arminzerella says:

    Colton Westcott 12 is on his way west to Sacramento CA with his family when his father accidentally shoots him and then runs off Colton’s baby brother passes away and his mother takes ill and their caravan doesn’t want the Westcotts with them anyway because they’re black Colton’s mother is black and his father was white – though Colton can pass for white When they get left behind in a small town about 100 miles shy of Sacramento Colton tries to do right by his family He gets his mom much needed medical attention and leaves her and his sisters in care of the doctor while he looks for work He’s able to get a job as a Pony Express rider even though he’s way too young he can sit a horse like nobody’s business and stick to the saddle – he’s got pluck and determination than the older kids His first ride goes smoothly until the end when something spooks his horse and it throws him When he finally returns to his boss he won’t take him back While they’re arguing another rider brings in an important letter that absolutely must get to Sacramento one that may prevent the assassination of new President Abraham Lincoln Colton steals the mailbag when no one is looking and heads out on his spunky black horse Badger After a grueling ride they make it to Sacramento and Colton makes good on the delivery thus preventing a terrible blow to abolitionists in the state and preventing President Lincoln’s assassination This was some good historical fiction I liked learning about the Pony Express and imagining what the experience was like It’s also a good horse and boy story – Colton has a way with horses he’s good to them and they trust him There’s also adventure excitement and suspense as well as a good deal about race relations This story takes place on the cusp of the Civil War and slavery is still very much in evidence Even free blacks are concerned about being mistaken for slaves – and being returned to slave owners Colton is an admirable character He’s much stronger than his father who may or may not have come back at the end – Colton thinks he recognizes his horse and does a good job of holding his family together and doing right by them He actively changes how people view him – most white people look down on him if they can tell he’s part black and most black people think he’s in the wrong place There’s a subplot where Colton delivers some freedom papers to his Aunt – already living in Sacramento and she’s extremely excited to know him and to have her freedom officially There are plenty of issues in this book that would make for a good discussion of the time period Colton’s ethnicity and his choices This was one of my favorites of this year’s Caudill nominees

  10. Abby Johnson Abby Johnson says:

    Riding the Pony Express seems to be the only way 12 year old Colton Wescott can earn the money to pay for his Ma's doctor He's than willing and his soul seems to want to gallop across the deserts and mountains but it's not as easy as all that Colton's Pa is white and his Ma is a free black woman Although Colton's light enough to pass for white he knows he could be hanged if he's caught And the route they need him to ride is extremely treacherous over the Sierra Nevada mountains But Colton's got than money at stake His Ma is trusting him to deliver freedom papers to her sister in Sacramento And there's no time to lose With a country on the brink of war every second counts This wild west adventure story has a very interesting perspective and there's a lot going on Not only is Colton considering issues of race but he's also testing himself Can he keep it together and stick to his route? Can he keep his family together? And might he even play a part in keeping the Union together? At this time the Pony Express was responsible for bringing news of the developing war to the prosperous state of California I found it to be a really interesting and gripping book and one I wouldn't have picked up if it hadn't been nominated for a Caudill hurrah for the Caudills

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Black Storm Comin'❴Ebook❵ ➢ Black Storm Comin' Author Diane Lee Wilson – WANTED Young skinny wiry fellows not over eighteen Must be expert riders Willing to risk death daily Orphans preferred When Colton Wescott sees this sign for the Pony Express he thinks he has the solu WANTED Young skinny wiry fellows not over eighteen Must be expert riders Willing to risk death daily Orphans preferred When Colton Wescott sees this sign for the Pony Express he thinks he has the solution to his problems He's stuck with his ma and two younger sisters on the wrong side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains with no way to get across They were on the wagon train heading to California when Pa accidentally shot Colton and then galloped away Ma is sick Black Storm eBook Å and Colton needs money to pay the doctor He'd make good money as a Pony rider He also needs to get to California to deliver freedom papers to Ma's sister a runaway slave The Pony Express could get him there too Does Colton have what it takes to be a Pony Express rider And if so will traveling the dangerous route over the mountains bring him closer to family freedom and everything he holds dear.

About the Author: Diane Lee Wilson

Diane Lee Wilson has always ridden horses and has an extensive collection of horse books in her home in Escondido California She is the author of Black Storm Comin' a Booklist Editors' Choice a VOYA Top Shelf Fiction Pick and a Book Links Lasting Connection and Firehorse which received a starred review in Booklist is a Booklist Top Ten MysterySuspense for Youth and a winner of the ALA Ame.