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    This book was pretty much unreadable, it was silly and childish and it read like something written by a teenager There were mini info dumps throughout the entire book that added things that were completely irrelevant to the story Every woman especially Emily in the book was a TSTL doormat and Adrian was a sexual h...

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    OK I had multiple problems with this book The characters were shallow, felt like she was about 14 and he about 16 with their childish behavior and little girl cutsie attitude and Adrian was a walking Sexual Harassment Suit just waiting to happen I mean what type of boss hits on a total stranger in an interview get real And If I had been her I would have slapped him, walked out and filed a complaint about it Not turned around and accept the job He was cruel to her at times, deliberately scaring her or embarrassing her He showed no real genuine feelings for her and she was a doormat..she just kept taking the comments, touches etc I mean really what 24 year old woman would just give in and do everything he tells her to A doormat The scene where he basically tells her he is going to prostitute her out for a night just about did me in And whats with all the blushes and embarrassment whenever he kisses her or touches her or makes a comment No one at that age is that naive and stupid Hell she wasn t a virgin so whats the deal with that I know the author was trying to show inexperience, but that felt like he was hitting on a 10 year old the way she behaved And His father if my future father in law spoke to me like that I would be offended and probably have hit him It was creepy, not funny The writing itself was ok, a bit sporadic and it felt like the author was jumping around a bit, but I think with practice and time she could be ...

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    When did sexual harassment become acceptable in the work place The Assistant by Ella Brace was a waste of time and two of my hard earned dollars I hated the characters, especially Amy, the best friend No one was likeable and we had no back story on any of them So you have no idea who the main character, Emily, is or why she desperatly needs the assisting job So much so that she sticks by the prick, Adrain, for so long Also, who in their right mind lets am irresponsible 25 year old run a multi million dollar business, all by themselves That was never explained to us, nor was it explained to us how he can be best friends with his high school friend, Allen, but be british I was never able to figure out if Allen was American or British, like Adrian I mean he had a sister Lisa who was a teenager so I am assuming Allen is American But if he is American and Adrian is British and they met in high school See what I mean Confusing as fudge P.s Adrian is the worst, he literally throws temper tantrums when he doesn t get his way and has sex with multiple girls in one morning rolls eyes Paaaalea...

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    Seriously one of the most awesome books ever I m so proud that it s getting published and I absolutely cannot wait to buy my many, many copies A must read for those who want a great romantic, humorous and all round amazing book Definitely worth a 5 star rating.

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    Girls who respect themselves, don t read this Just don t.Point one Characters are unrealistic and I m pretty sure I was close to stabbing this story with Lorde s song Royals hoping it would start to make at least a little relation to me Weight is not everythingthigh gaps aren t everything but apparently they are in this story since some of the girls act harshly towards Emily because of her figure, I m not a big girl but I have a friend that is she is not judged for her figure or weight, she doesn t let men walk all over her LadiesThis book objectified us in how many chapters And for those people that somehow found this book awesome this is a review not a wedgie so don t get your knickers in a twist No offence but I had to puke after reading this book but I held on, hoping cupcake would grow a pair metaphorically of course because Adrian is just a controlling sadistic boss Not to mention Emily is a push over who doesn t care where his penis has been and how many times its been put in how much nasty Emily disgusts me quite frankly, her weak attributessurprised she doesn t just walk around naked for how much she lets Adrian walk all over her,...

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    Ok first off after reading this book I never want to hear, see, or even think about the word smirk Jesus there are so many ways she could have conveyed a character s facial expression or feelings other then smirk Second it was hard for me to believe the romance was real, Adrian was a arrogant big baby, and Emily was the weakest female character I ve come across in a long time Somehow the relationship happened and Emily was just riding along SPOILERS The kidnapping was just so weird, so you mean to tell me that Emily is soooo hot that a smart, wealthy business man kidnaps her OKAYYYYYY Mason is a pig and everyone finds it cute and funny...

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    1 star or 5 stars, that is the million dollar question, for me I m relatively new to Wattpad, The Assistant being the second book that I discovered The description had me interested from the beginning, but after reading into the information and comments made on Wattpad, I discovered that this book had been picked up by a publisher I m all for seeing people succeed, so congratulations to the author But, here is where I have such conflicting feelings about how to rate this book.1 but not really I m not patient I always check to make sure a book is completed before reading on Wattpad, but I was even excited when I got to purchase this book for my Kindle but that leads to 22 Even better, a book picked up by a publisher means a polished story Or so you would think My thoughts while reading this book were Did this book even go to an editor There were hundreds maybe even thousands of typos and grammar errors I understand that this isn t an American author, so not everything is going to be the same, but I usually don t have to reread sections to try and figure out what words are missing It was almost like reading a fill in the blank book.3 How many times can a girl blush or stutter before its beyond annoying For me, about 20% into the book It was enough that I started replacing words in my head A quick Kindle search for the word blush came up with 150 results including, blush, blushing and blushed I m not sure if that is accurate, ...

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    I struggled reading this book here s a list of things which made no sense to me 1 who takes a job after being harassed during the interview 2 who wants to be with a man who has sex an undetermined amount of women in the next room, all the while he s making passes at you that s just desperate 3 If you don t want to live with someone, How weak are you that you can t say no 4 Why is she with someone who s father is constantly making extremely inappropriate remarks about her chest There s not enough money in the world to make me tolerate that.5 what was the master plan that Adrian was working on while Emily was going to the dinners with the creep it was never revealed or did I skim over it because I was so over the ridiculousness of this book 6 Why is the best friend a manager of Starbucks If Allen and Adrian grew up together and Allen could afford to go to dinners where it s 2000 to get in, where is he making that kind of money not at Starbucks 7 How does an assistant all of the sudden become a decision maker in marketing 8 if she was struggling so much How did she already own a pair of Louboutins and Why did she get so excited about a new pair 9 Why did she allow herself to be involved with someone who threw all these women in her face does she have no respect at all 10 Why does everyone YELL SO MUCH and Why are there so many pillows thrown and why does she blush so damn much this book would have been great if it had a hundred less pages thi...

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    If there was a negative star scale I would have given this book top marks The Assisstant by Elle Brace is a book that, were Grammar Nazis in power, would have the author condemned to life imprisonment My pet peeve and the book is riddled with so many peeves is the chronic overuse of the word smirk and by chronic I man apocaliptically so Our hero s and I use the word purely in its literary sense incessant smirking is so good that he s apparently had it trademarked a fact we are bludgeoned with on every other page and gradually infects every other character in the book as it progresses, until it is rare for any character to do anything but smirk In fact it is quite evident that the author has no idea what the word actually means, evidenced by the repeated use of the phrase smugly smirked hint the two words basically mean the same thing I m fluent in Oxford than American English but that aside there are some glaring gaffes when it comes to tenses Here s a hint Ms Brace It s probably easier to leave something in the past than the passed and don t get me started on the difference between two, too, and to I think it would be fair to say that if the author has paid to have the novel professionally edited then she has been severely ripped off, and if she edited it herself then not only should she be ashamed but would be well served in investing in either a a decent creative writing course, or, b a reputable literary editing fi...

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    I see all the high ratings and I just don t understand The books was soooo off, humor was disconnected, heck the whole book was disconnected It read like a Wattpad book to me, each chapter disjointed w the previous one.Characters were flat and downright annoying because they were so repetitive The hero reminded me of a toddler tantrums physical , poutings, u...

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The Assistant Download The Assistant Author Elle Brace Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Don T Worry, I Won T Try Anything Even Though I Want To Emily Johnson Needs This Job What She Doesn T Need, Is All The Aggravation That Comes With Being The Assistant Of The World S Most Eligible Bachelor.25 Year Old Billionaire Adrian Kingston, Emily S Boss, Is Known For Being Difficult He Works Late At Night And Early In The Day And Expects His Assistant To Do The Same The Only Thing He Does For Fun Is, Well, Women The Spoiled, Wealthy Playboy Gets Whatever He Wants From Whomever He Wants.Some Mornings, Women Swing In And Out Of His Office, One After The Other And As If He Couldn T Get Enough Girls, He Even Tosses His Flirtation And Sexual Innuendo Emily S Way.Good Thing Emily Knows How To Keep Her Priorities Straight A Flirty, Devastatingly Handsome Boss His Jealous Girlfriends Her Demanding Workload Emily Has Enough On Her Plate She Really Doesn T Need All The Headache What She Doesn T Understand Though, Is This Why Does Adrian Seem To Need Her After All, Emily Johnson, While Beautiful, Is Not Exactly Adrian S Usual Type What Could He Possibly Want With Her Is This Just Another Game Played By A Bored, Rich Billionaire Trying To Win The Only Girl Who Has The Guts To Tell Him No Or Could Adrian Kingston Really Be Falling In Love With The Assistant A Sweet, Sexy Contemporary Romance For New Adults.

  • Paperback
  • 542 pages
  • The Assistant
  • Elle Brace
  • 08 September 2017
  • 9781680309249

About the Author: Elle Brace

My name is Elle Brace, a young girl from Sydney, Australia I started as a wattpad author My first ever achievement on wattpad