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To Lie with Lions The House of Niccolo #6 ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ To Lie with Lions The House of Niccolo #6 By Dorothy Dunnett ✍ – With the bravura storytelling and pungent authenticity of detail she brought to her acclaimed Lymond Chronicles Dorothy Dunnett grande dame of the historical novel presents The House of Niccolò serie With the bravura storytelling and with Lions MOBI ð pungent authenticity of detail she brought to her acclaimed Lymond Chronicles Dorothy Dunnett grande dame of the historical novel presents The House of Niccolò series The time is the th century when intrepid merchants became the new knighthood of Europe Among them none is bolder or cunning than Nicholas vander Poele of Bruges the good natured dyer's apprentice who schemes and swashbuckles his way to the helm of a mercantile empire      The year is Within the To Lie eBook Ó circus of statecraft where the lions of Burgundy Cyprus England and Venice stalk and snarl Nicholas wields a valued whip Having wrested his little son Jordan from his estranged wife Gelis he embarks on the greatest business scheme of his life beginning with a journey to Iceland But while Nicholas confronts merchant knights polar bears and the frozen volcanic wastelands of the North a greater challenge awaits the vengeful Gelis whose secrets threaten to topple all Nicholas has achieved Here is Dorothy Lie with Lions Epub Û Dunnett at her best Robustly paced prodigiously detailed To Lie with Lions renders the uicksands of Renaissance politics as well as the turnings of the human soul from love to hate Lie with Lions The House PDF/EPUB or and back.

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  1. Cphe Cphe says:

    In my eyes this series just gets better and better I must admit that I wasn't too taken with the enigma that was Niccolo when I first started this series but he has become a compelling character He's a bit softer in this book not so cold and unfeeling There are some plot twists that I didn't envisage happening and they keep the tension and interest of the series ratched up as a whole I love the settings a lot of the action takes place in Iceland The characters are wonderfully depicted and the attention to historical detail is superb A series to be savoured

  2. Joy Joy says:

    Nicholas having engineered a signal success against his wife and her ex lover is trying to merge his family into a whole under his own wing His wife wants nothing to do with ending the war between them In the meantime he has a business to build and from Scotland he is reaching out to the valuable fishing of IcelandThis Iceland tour is some of the best adventure writing I have ever read Nicholas has youngsters Robin and Katelijne on his ship and ahead of him in Iceland are two volcanoes building up to blow The entire section is splendid and nailbiting with all the dimensions of humanityBack in Europe Nicholas is involved in an attempted rapprochement between Emperor Frederick and Charles the Rash Duke of Burgundy At the same time he could have managed a peace with his wife except that the vengeful Viscount de Riberac strips bare Nicholas's secrets TO LIE WITH LIONS is a tour de force of international intrigue fueled by damaged personalities As of today it is my favorite historical novel read of the year At the same time I am outraged that Gelis should judge Nicholas so harshly after all she has doneMy favorite adventure read of 2011

  3. Siria Siria says:

    While the climax lacked the sheer emotional punch of a certain book in the Lymond series To Lie with Lions's conclusion is still one calculated to make your jaw drop at the sheer scale of Dunnett's plotting Nicholas might well be on a course to surpass Lymond in magnificent bastardlyness yes that's now a word Gelis and Nicholas' relationship is a startling war of attrition that's as gripping to read about as it is exhausting for them to experience and I'm very glad that I have Caprice and Rondo to hand—I really want to see how Dunnett is going to let this cliffhanger play out

  4. Ryan Groesbeck Ryan Groesbeck says:

    This book was a vast improvement on its predecessor and I'm not just saying that because it featured my hero Louis XI prominently Unicorn Hunt was kind of a meandering travelogue that didn't really seem to accomplish much in terms of advancing the plot or the characterizationthough I felt similarly after reading Disorderly Knights for the first time before I had finished the series so maybe my opinion of that will change once I've finished Gemini In any event the main annoyance of this book to me is that Nicholas is constantly referring in the text to his Grand Plan without revealing to the reader what that is Now I have no objection to grand plans Game of Kings had one and its Aha moment at the end was a wonderful payoff But it was under the surface here Nicholas seems to be beating you over the head every few chapters with Remember that I have a glorious complicated plan And I'm STILL not going to tell you what it is It was frustrating The scenes in Iceland were stellar with the amazing descriptive power that Dunnett has earned my and many other people's praise for Nicholas and Gelis advance their relationship we understand of their characters and the minor ones are nicely fleshed out In fact I was all set to give this 5 starsand then the last climax of the book hit and I had to downrank view spoilerI found it inconceivable that both NG have an end goal to live together happily ever after but that they express this through incredibly hurtful plans to ruin each other's lives It's nonsensical that Gelis prove her cunning worthy of being loved by destroying her husband's business And that Nicholas in return not only accepts that as a valid way to win his affection but pettily one ups her by bankrupting an entire country I mean I know that much of the series conflict is driven by Nicholas' inability to separate his personal issues from those of his bank but seriouslythis was eyeroll provoking on a major scale hide spoiler

  5. Katherine Katherine says:

    I don't care for Dunnett's Nicollo series as much as her Lymond series Nicholas is rather an oaf given to dangerous games but at last in this fifth book of the series I keep on reading because Dunnett's use of the English language is thrilling I'm beginning to see his charms Dunnett is treating him softly I'm than half way finished Dec 2 2011 and this I believe is the least violent of Dunnett's Lymond and Nicollo books a plus for me Her plotting leaves some implausibilities but one tends to forgive Dunnett any faults for her genius with language and description and her astonishing wit in threading her plots though strange places We are now in Iceland having come from Timbuktu in the previous volume The Unicorn Hunt and some dozen other remote locales as wellHere is 15th century soccer played on the ramparts and roofs of Edinburgh's castle Not as brilliant as Lymond's rooftop chase in ueen's Play but then I feel that the first Lymond books The Game of Kings and ueen's Play are worth the 5 and 6 readings I've given them so far and the thought of rereading them yet again feels like the promise of homecoming

  6. Brad Kirk Brad Kirk says:

    This series has yet to fully redeem itself from the end of the fourth book The best part of this book is that the worst part of this series has possibly ended That being the incredibly annoying boring aggravating and stupid feud between Nicholas and Gelis These books are generally enjoyable when not having to trudge through that misery of writing Maybe the final two books will justify the previous two

  7. Anne Anne says:

    Okay The Niccolo series and I are taking a break from our relationship I just can't take it any I am so interested in the relationships that Niccolo has built with the far flung members of his team over the years and of course with his lady friends But I just can't take any of his beyond dysfunctional relationship with Gelis She loves him passionately She hates him passionately I don't understand it and I am tired of trying to figure it out Another time perhaps

  8. gk gk says:

    I thoroughly disliked the book which was disappointing especially considering just how much I loved the first few books in this series The feud between Gelis and Niccolo is one of the stupidest I've ever come across and the reasons behind it on both their sides felt unconvincing and somewhat repugnant The characterization is also becoming unbelievable with every book what with Niccolo being a naturally gifted genius in just about every field including the supernatural and Gelis ping ponging between brilliance and stupidity as serves the plot able to out guess godly perceptive Niccolo unable to foresee the direct harm her actions can cause that even a six year old should be able to figure out Also the ending Niccolo would bend over backwards for those he cares for but is brutal with his enemies though rarely to the extent of death and others pay the price for his revenge Gelis is brutal and sadistic with those she wantssupposedly cares for and others pay the price Why in the world does Dunnett expect me to sympathize with Gelis rather than Niccolo? The moral underpinning of this series seems fatally flawed

  9. Kate Fortier Kate Fortier says:

    I own the entire Niccolo series and am currently on the 6th of 8 books although I have listed all 8 and rated them 5 stars in my profile I LOVE this series The best historical fiction I have ever read These books are so vibrant featuring vivid real and lovabledetestable characters illuminating detail and history and the whirlwind of a trip around the Western world that was in the 15th century These books transport me and I love them so much that I am dreading turning the last page of the eighth book I will mourn

  10. Carol Carol says:

    Despite the fact that it ends on a sad note the sixth book of the House of Niccolo was a happier book than the previous one in the series Nicholas regains a lot of his personal and professional euilibrium at the beginning of the book which gives him the ability to conduct his affairs with control daring and finesse It was much enjoyable to read One of the highlights of the novel is a magnificent adventure that takes place in Iceland and involves piracy and two erupting volcanos There are only two books left in the series and it is clear that the endgame has been set up

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