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Mary Magdalene [EPUB] ✻ Mary Magdalene By Ellen Gunderson Traylor – She was a woman every man loved She became a woman every man feared Enter the world of the favored mistress of Magdala Inn Her profession was her shame her past a nightmareuntil the Lord of life gave She was a woman every man loved She became a woman every man feared Enter the world of the favored mistress of Magdala Inn Her profession was her shame her past a nightmareuntil the Lord of life gave her hope This gripping novel sweeps into the psyche of the Magdalene promising hope and healing for all wounded hearts.

10 thoughts on “Mary Magdalene

  1. Kristi Kristi says:

    I remember picking this up from a church library I kind of wonder at times how it got snuck in there Because Mary is a demon possessed prostitute and there's a lot of adult ideas in it In fact I clearly remember asking my parents during a car trip while I was reading this book what the word phallic meant They immediately wanted to know what I was reading

  2. Bonny Bonny says:

    I read this a couple of years ago and at first I didn't think I would get through the first few chapters I found it very graphic and disturbing However I did persevere and ended up enjoying the book To know what Magdalene's life could've been like in that day and age and the sort of terrible experiences and circumstances that could've occurred that led her to the life of prostitution and demonic possession that she was bound by were so helpful in gaining of a personal understanding of who she was and particularly how life changing her encounter with Jesus Christ was It's so easy to simply read about Magdalene briefly in the bible and just carry on with no real knowledge of what she went through and therefore not truly understand the miracle that happened to her when she met Christ The power of Jesus to miraculously change a person's life is so amazingly evident in the life story of Mary Magdalene and Ellen Gunderson Traylor writes a brilliant novel that really does bring Mary's story to life

  3. Deborah Johnson Deborah Johnson says:

    The story of Mary Magdeline and her devotion to our Lord is humbling

  4. Ralph Gara Ralph Gara says:

    I've read this book a few years ago when i borrowed it from my girlfriend back in high school the story pretty much captures much about what this particular follower's devotion to Christ but what really caught my attention was the way the author made uite a storyline for her past the things that happened to her before she met Jesus makes people wanna see the human side of Jesus after seeing this knowing Mary like that

  5. Jerry Jerry says:

    I enjoyed Ellen Gunderson Traylor's portrayal of one of the most enigmatic figures in all of Scripture and would recommend it to all fans of Christian fiction; however the poor formatting with pages that look like they came from an office copier and an unsightly back cover will likely turn many potential readers away If you can find Mary Magdalene at your local library or thrift store don't let the format issues stop you; read it and enjoy

  6. Katy Katy says:

    This book though read years ago still tops my list as one of the most impacting books I've ever read This biblical story is really brought to life in a way that as a milestone molded my Christian walk

  7. Denise Schiller Denise Schiller says:

    I love this story so much that I went through agonizing trouble to find it again I had forgotten the author and couldn't remember the title thanks to goodreads I found it again and I am ordering it todaygonna read it again and again

  8. Shane Fritz Shane Fritz says:

    The author spent far time on Mary's story prior to knowing Jesus and little after Although she conveyed the power of the life changing encounter I feel she could have develped that part of the story

  9. Pat Pat says:

    I liked hearing about Mary Magdalene's life than that she was a prostitute redeemed by Jesus This made her a real person and showed how exhausting and stressful Jesus' mission was

  10. Vickie Vickie says:

    I enjoy Ellen's insight into characters in the Scriptures This brought up a discussion in my family and I am grateful for books that do that

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