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Lies Women Believe [PDF / Epub] ☆ Lies Women Believe Author Nancy Leigh DeMoss – Counter the lies that keep you from abundant livingSatan is the master deceiver and his lies are endless And the lies Christian women believe are at the root of most of their struggles Many women live Counter the lies that keep you from abundant livingSatan is the master deceiver Lies Women Epub / and his lies are endless And the lies Christian women believe are at the root of most of their struggles Many women live under a cloud of personal guilt and condemnation says Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth Many are in bondage to their past Others are gripped by fear of rejection and a longing for approval Still others are emotional prisoners In best selling Lies Women Believe Nancy exposes those areas of deception most commonly believed by Christian women—lies about God sin priorities marriage and family emotions and She then sheds light on how we can be delivered from bondage and set free to walk in God's grace forgiveness and abundant life Nancy offers the most effective weapon to ounter and overcome Satan's deceptions God's truth.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Lies Women Believe
  • Nancy Leigh DeMoss
  • 05 October 2016
  • 9780802418364

About the Author: Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth also known as Nancy Leigh DeMoss is the host and Lies Women Epub / teacher for Revive Our Hearts and Seeking Him two nationally syndicated programs heard each weekday on over radio stations She is a mentor and spiritual mother to thousands of women and a leader of the True Woman movement.

10 thoughts on “Lies Women Believe

  1. Julie Julie says:

    There are too many dangerous suggestions in this book for me to recommend it to any woman Nancy Leigh DeMoss takes a very conservative view on gender roles and all domestic issues I don't consider myself to be a raging feminist but some of the things she asserts floor meFirst of all DeMoss isn't married nor does she have children It takes a very secure person to make the statements she does about marriage and childbearingrearing Most of her suggestions are based on her own childhood which was apparently perfect She goes so far as to compare her mother to Mary the mother of JesusWhile she doesn't come out and say exactly what she means the underlying meanings are there Points I take issue with1 Women who work outside the home are the reason for all the troubles in the world today troubled teens affairs I do think it takes two for an affair childhood obesity etc 2 women who work are emasculating men and not depending on God to provide You think you have to get a job because your husband won't work? If he gets hungry he will probably work You think you have to take over the finances or he will go into financial ruin? Maybe a bancruptcy is what he needs for God to change his character Unbelievable This is uite dangerous She also says that women who work make money so that it is easier for them to leave their husbands Also very untrue No working woman I know does so that she can one day leave her husband3 Birth control is next to abortion While she calls it family planning and never actually uses the words birth control it is right there She also says that for a couple to decide when to have a child reduces children to our creations and not God's I don't think that She asserts that married women are called to be mothers and God will provide all you need for whatever children you have The excuses she gives for people not having children are extremely relevant and not excuses at all She does say that not every woman is called to be married and to have children but she forgets that not all married women are called to have children either She seems to think that because childbearing is a natural thing for a woman to do that every married woman should have children and lots of them4 She preaches against divorce at all costs Even if you must remove yourself and your children from your husband for saftey reasons you should remain emotionally attached to him This I cannot take This goes against all domestic violence research and statistics This basically tells a woman that she should return to an abusive relationship 5 Depression should be treated by the church alone She does say that medications and professionals as she calls them do serve a small purpose But that depression cannot be treated right outside the church I do believe that depression should heavily prayed through but the so called professionals do have insights that a layperson even clergy does not have I don't advocate medication for every single problem but there are some things that call for itOne of the biggest problems I have with her book is that she uses scripture out of context freuently As on example she uses Genesis 36 Eve giving the fruit to Adam to explain what happens when women take the reins over passive men First off there wasn't anything for Adam to be passive about for Eve to overstep him This text isn't about a passive man It is about human nature to want to override God and be his eualThere is so much that I can't take about this book to put it all in one review If you must read this book do so for the sake of provoking conversation It is at least that

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    I couldn't sleep after reading chapter seven about children her interpretation of the scripture she used for this chapter was reckless She proclaims to be a Christian woman trying to help other women get free from bondage yet she heaps additional guilt and shame on them No where in the bible does it state you cannot use methods of family planning for her to euate birth control or sterilization with abortion is archaic and ridiculous Jesus was compassionate and loving when he taught and corrected sinners DeMoss is neither in this book She puts her personal opinions on subjects she has no understanding of God allows pain and difficulties to come into our lives so that we in turn can help others who go through similar situations the purpose for this is so you can truly empathize not just throw legalistic judgmental garbage at someone who is already hurting Maybe the author should take her own advice and be the passive mouse she is trying to guilt her readers into being Why is it ok for her to teach work and complain she doesn't have time to do it all yet a mother of ten should suck it up and have a few kids and be happy about being poor unfulfilled and depressed This book is not helpful we need to raise each other up not heap coals on the hurting and burdened Stop using this as small group material and go to the Bible for wisdom from the real author of Truth Jesus Christ himself

  3. Melanie Melanie says:

    After reading several reviews I figured I would hate this book That I would disdain the chapters about how women's primary purpose is to take care of their husbands and children That they shouldn't work outside of the home or be on birth control etc Well I have to say that Ms DeMoss wrote in such a way that didn't offend me Not to say that I don't push back against some of what is written After all I am a working mom who will not be having any children unless God decides to change my body But she does make you think and I do agree that the my family is a higher priority than my job So my suggestion is just don't surface read but delve deeper If you're familiar with the Bible you'll see where she's getting her content But remember the main point of the book is that the Truth Jesus is the one who sets us free

  4. Awoman Awoman says:

    I attend a conservative ladies Bible study and we are currently on chapter 5 of this book While I do agree on a number of her views there are other very disturbing beliefs that she has that I disagree with I have the newest version of the textbook and workbook and have found it belligerent demeaning towards women and dangerous towards vulnerable groups In chapter 3 she rants about women have no rights and we are not to expect any rights In chapter 3section 10 I HAVE MY RIGHTS p 73 p76 she talks about a number of rights we women have no right to including the Declaration of Independence p73 certain unalienable rights p 73 the right to vote p 74 the right to eual employment opportunities p74 the right to say what we want to say to do what we want to do to be what we want to be; p 74 However I am convinced that the claiming of rights has produced much if not most of the unhappiness women experience today p74 On p74 she states Nonetheless the idea of claiming rights is in the air we breathe The turmoil and rebellion of the 1960s was birthed out of a philosophy that promoted rights This philosophy has permeated our Christian culture It creeps into our conversations It has shaped the way we view all of life History was one of my worst subjects the only turmoil and rebellion I can recall was civil rights for African Americans So is she saying that African Americans have no rights also? When she says it has permeated our Christian culture is she saying Christians should be racist? Pages 74 and 75 she lists assumed rights While I agree with her that humans are notorious for claiming rights on frivolous stuff frivolous stuff is my choice of words I do not believe you have a right to be valued by your husband and appreciated by your children as frivolous Is she saying that the woman has no right to expect her husband to follow his marriage vows of love honor obey in sickness and in health for better for worse till death do you part? This contradicts the Bible stating Husbands love your wiveseven as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it; Ephesians 525 In Ephesians 528 it also says So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies He that loveth his wife loveth himself Is she saying that moms have no rights to expect their children to be respectful in everything they think say and do? If so then the child has a right to curse disrespect and harm their mother? This contradicts the Bible saying Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it All of Proverbs was written for children teaching them about honouring mom and dad choosing the right mate and the difference between right from wrong She also lists you have a right to be loved as an assumed right and also you have a right to a good marriage as an assumed right So is she saying that the wife is wrong to expect her husband to love her and not another woman? Is the woman wrong to expect a good marriage and not a dysfunctional marriage? God instituted marriage between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN God did not institute divorce the breaking up of families The KJV Bible is Gods love letter to us It is his instruction book to us on how we should conduct ourselves with God with our mate with our families and with each other Gods Bible teaches us right from wrong God is not the author of confusion In the workbook on p37 uestion #2 she calls them supposed rights and in uestion #4 on p37 she asks In what areas of your life have you tended to think that something is your right when it may not truly be a right at all eg you might think you have a right to a healthy marriage good children a problem free church faithful friends etc? On page 65 of the textbook at the bottom of the page Nancy Leigh DeMoss has a comment from a woman which is vulgar demeaning and inappropriate I am not against women writing to her about how they were verbally psychologically emotionally sexually physically tortured humiliated abused etc What I am opposed to is when she reprints the vulgarity that probably is safe to say has been told to most of us women as children What is the purpose of adding abusive intimidating harrassing language in your book that is going to be read by the victims of such torment? Why open our old wounds and then pour acid on them? In chapter number 4 she talks about victims and while I do agree that if you get involved with something that is not of God you will be burned and you asked for it I do not agree that there are no victims What about the wife whose husband ran off with another woman because the wife had a mastectomy due to breast cancer Did the wife ask for it? Nancy Leigh DeMoss insinuates throughout this chapter that there are no victims If something bad happens then you asked for it Also she leads me to believe that if my husband one day comes home angry and he gets violent with me I should have the attitude of oh yes please honey beat me with your baseball bat I find her offensive and demeaning and dangerous She says on page 95 of the textbook We choose to hold a grudge against someone who has wronged us ignoring the fact that sooner or later our bitterness will destroy our capacity to think rationally make us miserable and emotionally unstable; affect our bodies in such ways as chronic tiredness loss of energy headaches muscle tension and intestinal disorders; keep us from being able to experience God's forgiveness for our sins; make us hard to live with and cause people not to want to be around us So a woman has no right to be depressed or sad due to whether an unfaithful husband? domestic violence? death of an unsaved family member? missing child? or any other tragedy that was NOT asked for So the woman who is a victim of domestic violence if she does not exhibit happiness at being beat up then she will be hard to live with and cause people not to want to be around her? I find this reprehensible and disgusting In the workbook from pages 124 to 127 she has suggestions for group leaders On page 124 into 125 she states When introducing a time for discussion or testimonies I sometimes tell women If you're having trouble landing you're plane I'm going to help you out The way I see it is if Nancy Leigh DeMoss does not want to hear peoples testimonies then she needs to not ask people to give one On page 125 women who are struggling to understand a position and wants the group leader to explain it fully Nancy Leigh DeMoss calls these women bleeding hearts If I do not understand something then I have an obligation to find out If that makes me a bleeding heart then I will wear the title honourably Also she accuses women who are talkative than others of turning the Bible study time into a therapy session You may also sense that a talkative person wants to spend extra time talking with you too It is important that your group meeting not turn into a therapy session Ask the Lord to give you sensitivity and wisdom as you give direction to the discussion In conclusion in the five chapters that I have read so far Nancy Leigh DeMoss makes me feel and believe that I and every other woman is nothing than a cigarette butt being ground into the pavement by her heel I have no desire to even finish the textbook and workbook because I have noticed each chapter she becomes abusive offensive nasty I am not trying to defame nor harm the woman in any way This is the first of her books I have ever read I have heard only good about her and am very shocked to say the least that the copy I have is contrary to all that I have heard I have tried to reason that well maybe I got a misprint I don't know but I can't take the profanity course language abusive name calling intimidation and gross twisting of Gods Word any Each chapter gets worse and worse and worse All I have to say is be careful If you have been hurt in your life whether a cheating husband domestic violence a death of a child family member your parents abused you or some other catastrophic tragedy be careful this book is brutal and insensitive I am hoping I just got a bad misprint but even so I have decided I will not continue with the book nor will I read any of her other books

  5. Olivia Hieb Olivia Hieb says:

    I read this book for a Bible study once and absolutely hated it This woman is not married and doesn't have kids but she has plenty of opinions about both While they are supposedly Biblically based I have to uestion her interpretation of the Bible in these regards She sets some pretty unrealistic expectations of people women especially and says some even damaging things Our group didn't even finish the book

  6. Jaymi Boswell Jaymi Boswell says:

    At some point one must use their brain and realize just because a writer says it is of God does not mean it is

  7. Anne Anne says:

    I only read this book because I had heard so much about it mostly scary stuff that I had to read it for myself While I believe in theory some of what the author says I don't believe for a minute that ALL of today's societal problems ie single motherhood welfare mothers broken families abortion disruptive children drug and alcolhol abuse etc are to be blamed on us women alone And she constantly traces it all back to Eve; basically its all her fault And this what she basically explains in this book The author believes women are put on this earth to either 1 get married stay married forever and have as many children as possible and NEVER work outside the home or 2 remain single She does say in the book that Christian women should never use birth control we should not get a job outside the home even if our husbands have lost thier jobs they will work when they get hungry enough I do believe that each and every one of us has a purpose on this earth and God uses us in different ways She is saying that just because we are women we are only here to procreate and be submissive wives to our husbands If we do anything else in her view that is interfering with what God's plans for our husbands I didn't even finish the book I was getting so sick to my stomach But I'm glad to have read it so I could see for myself and judge for myself what this book was about I would not recommend this book to anyone

  8. Erica Robinson Erica Robinson says:

    I really liked this book I read it with a friend of mine While we were both shocked and awed by some of the author's very conservative Truths and views it opened our minds and really made us think about what God wants for us vs what society says we should want A good example of that is how wives should submit their husbands That's a hard one to swallow The only conclusion after much thinking for me was that it's written in the Bible many times And since I believe what God says is true it just is So God wants wives to submit okay That's just the way it is I've been married only 8 months but I've tried this little by little and it actually works My husband feels honored wise and trusted And in turn loves me and respects me because of it It's a cyclical thing I guess Anyway I liked the book a lot even though I thought there were some very conservative parts Take those for what they are worth The rest of the book is GREAT

  9. Erika Van Erika Van says:

    Favorite section of the bookThe Spirit says ForgiveThe flesh says hod a grudgeThe Spirit says be temperateThe Flesh says Eat whatever you want whenever you feel like itThe Spirit says Give that money to someone in needThe Flesh says Spend the money on YourselfThe Spirit says Spend some time in the Word and prayerThe Flesh says You've had a long day chill out in front of the TV for the eveningThe Spirit Says Hold your tongue What you are about to say is not kind or necessaryThe Flesh says Tell it like it is

  10. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I read this book at the suggestion of a girl in my Bible study She seemed to really like it and we have similar tastes so I thought it was worth a shotI made it through the whole book but barely DeMoss seems to think she is an authority on all things female I'm no feminist but even I thought she went too far I completely understand and try to abide by God's wish wives submit to their husbands However I felt like she was lecturing me and for someone with no kids or a husband she seems to think she knows how women should handle both situations I can't decide if I was just too young 25 years old for the book or if it really is that bad I also wondered if I wasn't receptive because I am a practicing cradle Catholic and she is clearly a non denominational Christian Either way I don't recommend the book It was a waste of time and I was so infuriated by her statements I couldn't concentrate on the content

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