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Victoria and Albert A Royal Love Affair ➶ [Reading] ➸ Victoria and Albert A Royal Love Affair By Daisy Goodwin ➫ – The official companion to the second season of the PBSMasterpiece drama Victoria by award winning creator and screenwriter Daisy GoodwinMore than 16 million viewers watched the first season of the Mas The official companion to the second season of Albert A Epub Ü the PBSMasterpiece drama Victoria by award winning creator and screenwriter Daisy GoodwinMore than million viewers watched the first season of the Masterpiece presentation of Victoria created and written by Daisy Goodwin―the highest rated PBS drama in twenty years second only to Downton Abbey But what happened after the ueen married her handsome prince Did they live happily ever after or did their marriage like so many royal marriages past and present fizzle into a loveless round Victoria and eBook ¹ of dutyThis all new companion book by Daisy Goodwin and Sara Sheridan transports us to the private world of Victoria and Albert Though first cousins they could not have been different Victoria was impulsive emotional and capricious Albert cautious self controlled and logical But together they forged a bond with each other and with their people that would change the world Drawing on letters and diaries and fresh insights into royal history this gorgeous book charts the constant ebb and flow of power within the couple’s and Albert A PDF ´ surprisingly ardent and modern marriageSumptuously illustrated and full of rich insider detail Victoria Albert takes us behind the scenes of the magnificent TV drama including fascinating in depth information on the actors the props and the costumes – and bringing an extraordinary royal marriage even fully to life.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Victoria and Albert A Royal Love Affair
  • Daisy Goodwin
  • 04 January 2015
  • 9780008259709

About the Author: Daisy Goodwin

DAISY GOODWIN a Harkness scholar who attended Columbia Albert A Epub Ü University’s film school after earning a degree in history at Cambridge University is a leading television producer in the UK Her poetry anthologies including Poems That Could Save Your Life have introduced many new readers to the pleasures of poetry and she was Chair of the judging panel of the Orange Prize for Fiction That w.

10 thoughts on “Victoria and Albert A Royal Love Affair

  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Haven't watched the PBS series that this book is based on as I've said before except for sports I very seldom watch TV I do however have a keen interest in history and found this book wonderful I loved the way it was arranged A topic would be covered such as the relationship between Victoria and Albert from there it would relate some facts about their lives then go on to show how they were perceived by the nation The final part would reflect how this was portrayed in the series The children how she felt about her constant pregnancies the role they each played in child rearing Their clothes food servants residences so much is covered and often would also show how things were in London as a wholeAll accompanied by gorgeous full color pictures simply beautiful Many of those playing the parts in the series but also those of the real royals It was a very easy and informative read Interesting how they adapt so much for their shows and how and with what they replace the things they cannot A love story for the ages so rare among royals of the past Loved the inside and personal aspects of Victoria's character So much research but unlike many women of the past that left few clues to their lives many of Victoria's letters remain This book does inspire me to watch the next season of this series Seems like it very well done if this book is anything to go by

  2. TheBohemianBookworm TheBohemianBookworm says:

    As gorgeous and lush as the first companion volume My only complaint is I was hoping there would be a section on Alfred and Drummond I realize that storyline is not necessarily historic fact but since I enjoyed their storyline I was hoping they would be included here

  3. Sharlene Sharlene says:

    If you're a fan of the PBS drama Victoria then you won't want to miss this companion book of the Masterpiece series The photography is exuisite But the info about making the series historical references are even better Maybe you didn't know that Buckingham Palace had 775 rooms There are also several time lines as the story progresses showing what was going on such as 1870 when the first condom factory producing rubber condoms opened in Dalston You can read about Victorian etiuette; what they ate drank; the difference in life style between the poor rich

  4. Kate Kate says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this An absolute delight

  5. Tina Panik Tina Panik says:

    In addition to details about the show this book is filled with Victorian era history tidbits and traditions A fun read

  6. Kinsey Crosby Kinsey Crosby says:

    I really enjoyed delving into the relationship of these two because on the outside they were loving but behind Palace walls it was different and there were cracks but they always fixed them

  7. Megan Megan says:

    They were the most privileged couple of their age the most famous of lovers and the best of friends Wow This was fascinating I rarely if ever read nonfiction texts but after watching the TV series Victoria this intrigued me Although the book is uite literally titled 'a royal love affair' I was uite pleased to discover that this wasn't the whole focus of the book; it was uite interesting to read about the Victorian history Victoria and Albert centres mostly around the early reign of ueen Victoria from 1837 up until around 1846 similar to the first two series of the TV series Whilst the book begins with Victoria and Albert's early marriage and the upbringing of their children it also has key facts about the Victorian era with pages dedicated to corsets the Corn Laws and the poverty stricken lives of Victorian children and much which I found very interesting Even there are also pages surrounding the 'behind the scenes' to do with the filming and production side of the series and on being as historically accurate as possible it also made clear which aspects of the show weren't entirely accurate through costume make up etiuette and As someone who finds large blocks of texts daunting this was so easy to read as far as layout is concerned Each double page spread had images taken from the Victorian times such as paintings or newspaper articles or photos taken from the TV series which all in all helped understanding of the text It wasn't just never ending lines of text Although it makes me sound childish for wanting 'picture books' incessant relentless text just bores me to death so the images really do add to the overall uality of the book Victoria and Albert is a fascinating and easy to read book focusing on the early reign of ueen Victoria I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has watched the TV series and is intrigued by the period setting My only real complaint is that it spoiled the Christmas episode

  8. Katie Katie says:

    This was a really informative companion book I was so excited to read this and I felt that the facts I learned about Victoria and her reign enhanced my viewing experience of the show I never knew that Victoria and Albert had such a tempestuous relationship nor had I ever known that they were so different in temperament and in parenting skills This book also has fantastic photographs from the show as well as interesting pictures of papers and artifacts from Victorian England The presentation was spot on and the historical detail provided an interesting look into the habits and customs of the time as well as the intricate romance between one of England's most famous ueens and her husband However I did take exception to the stance which author Daisy Goodwin adopted throughout this volume Victoria may have been a feisty independent woman who was ahead of her time but that is no excuse for Miss Goodwin to push a modern day feminist agenda on her readers expressing her pity for Victorian women who did not have access to birth control or supposedly safe methods of abortion She continually tries to portray Victoria as a misunderstood woman whose time period was against her and Goodwin uses this as a justification for Victoria's often arrogant and selfish behavior This leads me to the subject of Victoria's attitude which I took an instant dislike to in both the book and in the show both written by Goodwin Victoria is constantly doubting Albert belittling his manhood and sense of competency and essentially wants him to obey her every whim because she is the ueen Being a strong woman doesn't mean you can browbeat your husband but apparently that is not part of the narrative Miss Goodwin wished to impart to her readersviewers This had lots of potential but once Goodwin used her 21 century political views to rewrite history she completely lost my interest I prefer when historians stick to the facts

  9. Belinda Belinda says:

    This is such a pleasant read because it is a nice balance between providing facts and stories about the Victorian era and the love story between Victoria and Albert and behind the scenes content from to please fans of the show The articles range from the political turmoils of the day costumes technological advances and other events in real life that were featured in the show There are also sections about the actors and staff and different interviews I like that the book makes Albert seem like a saint and the couple is portrayed as real life version of Elizabeth and Mr DarcyThere are lots of beautiful photographs and drawings and I would highly recommend both to fans of the TV show and Victorian era fans like me

  10. Magical_Bookworm Magical_Bookworm says:

    I didn't like this book as much as I thought I would I think it would had been better to read this after watching the tv show I love learning about the Victorian era ueen Victoria and Prince Albert Sometimes the pacing was a little too slow for my taste There was this one background that made it hard to read the text I loved all of the pictures that were throughout the book I can't wait to start watching the tv show

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