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Pacific Vortex ☃ Pacific Vortex PDF / Epub ✑ Author Clive Cussler – Dirk Pitt death defying adventurer and deep sea expert is out to the ultimate test as he plunges into the perilous waters of the Pacific Vortex a fog shrouded sea zone where dozens of ships have vanis Dirk Pitt death defying adventurer and deep sea expert is out to the ultimate test as he plunges into the perilous waters of the Pacific Vortex a fog shrouded sea zone where dozens of ships have vanished without a trace The latest victim is the awesome superb Starbuck America's deep diving nuclear arsenal Its loss poses an unthinkable threat to national defense Pitt's job is to find it salvage it before the sea explodes In a furious race against time Pitt's mission swirls him into a battle with underwater assassins and traps him in the arms of Summer Moran the most stunningly exotic and dangerous toward disaster Clive Cussler plummets his hero onto an ancient sunken island the astonishing setting for the explosive climax of Pacific Vortex.

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  1. Juli Juli says:

    When I was a teenager I loved the Dirk Pitt adventure stories But once I went to college got married had kids etc I lost track of many series that I enjoyed Now that I'm older and have time for reading I'm going back and revisiting many authors and series that I missed I've read two James Bond books this year so farand those stories reminded me of Dirk Pitt Dirk Pitt is like James Bondor what 007 would be if he was into underwater exploration and salvage missions Pacific Vortex is the first Dirk Pitt story even though it was not the first book that was published Dirk is an underwater engineer for the North American Underwater and Marine Agency NUMA He investigates ship wrecks salvages cargo and occasionally gets involved in political intrigue In Pacific Vortex Pitt discovers a communications float from a US Navy submarine that went missing six months before The sub was never found so he takes the information to the Navy NUMA loans Pitt to the Navy to assist in looking for the submarine It seems many vessels over the past 30 years or so have disappeared without a trace in that area of the Pacific When one of the lost vessels is a new state of the art nuclear submarine it's time to figure out what's going on Turns out the investigation is going to be much dangerous than anyone expected Just like James Bond Dirk Pitt is very much a man's man He likes beautiful women fast cars adventure and excitement This story is very action oriented a bit cheesy just like Bond and completely testosterone y Readers who don't enjoy man centric action stories might want to pass this one by Dirk does not pull any punchesliterally In this book a woman attempts to kill him with a hypodermic needle filled with poisonhe punches her lights out The character is a very masculine stereotype He takes what he wantsgoes after the bad guysand attracts the most beautiful women It is what it is As for me I love action stories If Dirk were a real person I would probably dislike him finding him a bit over the top and arrogant Buthe is a fictional action hero I'm just interested in things blowing up gun fire the answer to the mystery they are investigating and the final fight where the good guys win I enjoyed re reading this book I'm going to read the entire series I've always enjoyed Clive Cussler's booksespecially because he actually does underwater exploration and salvage in real life Great adventure stories

  2. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    In the foreword Clive Cussler mentioned that he created Dirk Pitt to be a character in the vein of James Bond and he certainly brings that to mind Not in the most flattering way for me though He reminds of the aspects of the Bond films from the 60s 80s I did not like The casual disregard for women their relevance mainly relegated to their use as pawns or sex objects with a little bit of violence thrown in Before anyone gets angry you know what they say about opinions This is mine I just have a button with this type of character and it was pushed with this book Having said that if I disregard Pitt's womanizing woman dismissing ways this is a pretty good book I liked the maritime adventure a lot I also enjoyed Cussler's highly visual portrait of the Pacific Ocean The Pacific isn't a static inanimate setting in this novel In fact it is personified in ways that I found very affecting The Pacific in this novel is not just a place of awe inspiring natural beauty but also a place of violence and hidden menace As far as plotting Cussler draws out the mystery of the Pacific Vortex very well Initially I was prepared to be believe in the otherworldly phenomena as evidenced It was pretty creepy in fact That ghosts could menace and attack the living Pitt is a lot cynical than I am though He doesn't believe it for a minute Good thing because the Navy has tasked him with finding the lost submarine This novel progresses in waves point A moving naturally to point Z and as it goes the storyline changes Eventually it arrives to a slightly different destination that I expected but it's fitting in the context of what Cussler's overall goals were in writing this book and creating the character of Dirk PittI'm glad I decided to keep reading this even after being turned off by Pitt's behavior towards women The adventure drew me in I found the maritimeship components of the storyline interesting Although there was a fair amount of jargon it did not hinder my ability to understand what was going on Instead it immersed me deeper into the story The adventure scenes were good with many on the edge hold your breath moments Not just man versus man but also nature versus man Going back to the overall personification of the deep infinite Pacific Ocean and all that it holds There are infinite ways the Ocean can kill you besides bad guys in the water and Cussler just scratches the surface in this novel My rating takes into consideration the following factorsPlotting Good Overall but I give it an F for romance totally unbelievable All of a sudden love blooms between getting hit in the groin and socking a woman on the jaw and meeting twice Sorry but I can't buy that any woman would fall in love with Pitt that fast especially after being knocked out with a punch to the jaw Point deduction for unbelievable romanceCharacters Fair Pitt is sometimes unlikable arrogant and dismissive and other characters are less developed He was hard to relate to which made me judgmental of his flaws I wasn't allowed to get to know the other characters very well since they were like ways to progress the storyline than three dimensional characters Point taken off for underdeveloped and marginalized female characters and the manner in which the male lead treats femalesActionAdventure Scenes Very good Good emphasis on the dangers of the Pacific Ocean and the use of maritime settingHonorable Mentions Nice twists in the storyline Cool evolution in the identity of the villain and what that person wanted Nice blast to the past This book me back to the 80s where most of us kiddos wondered who would push the button firstEnd Verdict Pacific Vortex as my introduction to Clive Cussler didn't blow me away I've had it on good authority that he has some excellent books and Dirk's caveman personality isn't representative across the board of typical characterization in his body of work It had some good points and some bad points Overall a good adventure novel and an entertaining read Glad my library had a copy because this isn't a book I feel the need to add to my personal library I may have an ongoing lovehate relationship with Dirk Pitt that has nothing to do with my dislike of Matthew McConaughey since I haven't even seen SaharaUltimately I am thankful that members of the ActionAdventure Aficionados selected this book for our August Group Read warts and all

  3. C. C. says:

    About 30 years ago a Clive Cussler hardcover was in a bargain bin at Safeway Not of peak interest I shelved it Eventually I looked his series up obtained this first volume recently and am happy I tried it The result is that I am impressed How frustrating that in my towering piles of his hardcovers and paperbacks I do not have “The Mediterranean Caper” to follow this Fortunately used copies of his books are everywhere“Pacific Vortex” was published in 1983 but introduced Dirk Pitt named after Clive’s son An introduction apologizes for a less profound story explaining that fans wanted it I graded it at three stars over a few criticisms There was impossible shallow instant love; merely because a woman was beautiful and worse disregarding that she had tried to kill Dirk After subduing her the character Dirk made a joke about assault I don’t care in what year it was written that is never acceptableThe adventure was compelling Clive’s creative capacity is through the roof If this is a less profound sampling what a treat his books will be The protagonist and his best friend are infinitely likeable They are intelligent and brave but wisely respect the ocean and weather; so we should expect from a real ocean explorer The writing is straightforward with cheerful narration and normal dialogue Elouence is given to breathtaking scenery; filling the novel out with a nice balance of brisk pacing and wondermentOriginality is topnotch For many years there seems to have been a Bermuda triangle type danger near Hawaii Serendipitously meeting the right librarian brings an auatic legend to light As a military man Dirk joins a secret Hawaiian team to investigate an outrageous connection that he suspects After a 30 year build up I sure am keen to read the seuel

  4. Jesse A Jesse A says:

    This book is a mix of author fantasy fulfillment and James Bond While that can make an entertaining book it can also stretch the limits of believability Decently fun

  5. Marius van Blerck Marius van Blerck says:

    I've seldom read a book as bad as this Vraggies That's Afrikaans for Truly Mr Cussler clearly believes in the mystical power of adjectives His maxim why lay it on with a trowel when there's a bloody shovel handy? I love mixing my exploration of classics and serious works with a rich sprinkling of thrillers and detective stories but they must be well written as fortunately most are This one fails the test Badly Cussler makes Dan Brown seem like Dostoevsky 'Nuff said

  6. Jen Jen says:

    If I could I'd give this book zero stars DO NOT waste your time The writing is so so so so bad It's bad enough that Clive Cussler appears to be both racist and wildly sexist based on use of ridiculous and offensive stereotypes and horrible objectification of women It's uite unbelievable even given the fact that he was writing in the 80s Add to that the fact that the writing is laughably awful tortured metaphors saturation of over the top adjectives inconsistent characterizations and the unrelenting use of 10 words when 2 penny words would do It's like an advertisement for Roget's Thesaurus I say all this because I care about you the potential reader Walk away from Dirk Pitt and never look back You will not be sorry Seriously so awful

  7. Glen Glen says:

    This book really shows the pulp roots of the Dirk Pitt series It's pretty much a rewriting of an old Doc Savage novel The Sargasso OgreA nuclear submarine disappears near an area of the ocean where many boats and even planes go missing Dirk Pitt starts to investigate and finds an underwater base and a femme fatalePretty good you can see why the series caught on

  8. Greg Strandberg Greg Strandberg says:

    This book sucks I'm sorry it does Even Cussler says in the beginning notes that he never really intended for it to get published But if he did that he'd get a shiny new car soyeah I read it and it wasn't that good Do I regret it? No I've moved on I'm fine with it It doesn't bother me Now where's a pillow I can scream into? Seriously though this book is best skipped unless you're a hardcore fan I'd start with the Mediterranean Caper and move on from there

  9. Scott Rhee Scott Rhee says:

    I will read any book that has the audacity to include an exclamation mark in its title and Clive Cussler has written several with that distinction “Pacific Vortex” was apparently Cussler’s first novel he ever wrote featuring his hero Dirk Pitt but it was the sixth book published Cussler himself considers it one of his less stellar works referring to it as “a few hours of entertainment and perhaps even a historic artifact of sorts” in his forewordHaving read several of the other Dirk Pitt novels I can attest that “Pacific Vortex” is definitely not Cussler’s best work but as a pulpy action adventure that pays homage to such unbelievable pulp novel heroes like Allan uatermain and Doc Savage as well as nods to contemporary action heroes like James Bond and Indiana Jones it is sheer silly good funThe plot involves a nuclear sub that mysteriously disappears in what is called the Pacific Vortex a section of the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Oahu in which several dozen ships have disappeared over a 30 year period much like the Atlantic’s Bermuda Triangle Don’t bother googling Pacific Vortex by the way as it is completely fictionalVia a series of strange events Dirk Pitt finds himself personally involved in the naval search for the sub and investigation of the Pacific Vortex The clock is ticking as the US must beat the Russians to the siteUpon arrival to the last known coordinates of the sub Pitt and the Navy discover a long lost underwater island which may hold the secret to the Pacific VortexOf course there is an evil villain an underwater lair scantily clad women fisticuffs and shoot outs galore and enough testosterone to fill three booksIt’s easy to gripe about the misogyny in this book women are either sluts secretaries or damsels in distress Sometimes they’re all three But it’s important to keep in mind the inherent misogyny of the entire genre and the fact that Cussler admits that this was his first novel and not up to par Not that that’s an excuse mind you or in any way a condoning of it It’s simply a fact If misogyny is a deal breaker for you then early Cussler may not be the best choice To be fair Cussler’s portrayal of female characters eventually did evolve somewhat in later books

  10. Barbara ★ Barbara ★ says:

    The Pacific Vortex an area in the pacific ocean very similar to the Bermuda Triangle 38 ships have disappeared completely off the radar in 30 years When a US nuclear submarine is 38 Dirk Pitt gets involved in the mystery The mystery itself is fascinating The adventures of recovering the submarine by the US Navy and Drk are amazing The storyline is not up to Cussler's usual twisty turny plot scenarios but well written except for the romance of Dirk and Summer He first meets her when she tries to kill him very little conversation The next time she rescues him from her father's treachery no talking at all Then they see each other again under extreme duress and declare their love gimme a break Everything else is believable in this outlandish tale except that What crap Dirk always gets the girl in later books only for a night so it seems like Cussler wanted him to get the girl in this one but he certainly went about it the wrong way

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