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  1. chai ♡ chai ♡ says:

    I want dwayne the rock to bench press me I'm pretty sure it'll hurt less than whatever is happening right nowThis was so fucking INCREDIBLE and likeohm y god I'm just takes deep breath dinosaur noises “They believe that objects have souls The love you put into one the beautiful it becomes” Marie Lu said this book was “a love letter to all her favourite things” and I keep imagining a tree that died and got chopped up into tiny pieces to become stardust that will find us again after billions of years and write us a perfumed love letter dusted in golden light and signed with a kissin the form of this bookok I'm just being dramatic but seriouslyreading warcross was like this weird holiday special from the universe that I've never expected and that was also the goddamn best feeling in the world I want to marry itsprays rose water on this bookso what is warcross about? You know when you read about a world and have those moments of warmth when you're daydreaming about a reality that you want and wish you could make for yourself?? that overwhelming urge to be a part of the story and not just read about it??See I’m here but I’m only here because I haven’t learned how to hack myself into warcross yetSo here's how the story goesEmika Chen A tattooed rainbow haired skateboarding bounty hunteress hacks into the opening ceremony of a world wide well known virtual game WarcrossWhat follows Tokyo A 10 million offer A last minute player Dark net Illegal auctions Unexpected friendships And than anything Emika has ever signed up forTrust me when I say that this book will take you to surprising emotional places It's action packed fast paced and the euivalent of having a million clementines thrown at your body at the same time There will be moments when you'll be so incredibly emotional and high strung and anxious and overall bursting at the seams and moments that would feel like you'd been hit over the head with a baseball bat and then told to just forget about it✨ WARCROSS THE GAME VIRTUAL REALITY Some people still say that Warcross is just a stupid game Others say it's a revolution But for me and millions of others it's the only foolproof way to forget our troubles tonight I can join in with everyone else put on my glasses and watch magic happen Warcross is actually than a video game See it's like a real time window into some alternate reality where you can transcend space and time and logic to hunt down artifacts and eliminate your foes It's iconic and also the allegory for the emotional experience of existence for every gamer and it now offically joins uidditch and exy as the only three activities that have ever truly brought me joy in this unending hellscape of a lifeI've never wanted than to be awake and untrapped within the physics of this body and be physically transported into that realm just to play the fucking Warcross game uuh never mind the fact that every competitive match I've ever played was just me as a support consistently thanking my teammates for saving my life or the fact that when I got my first gameboy and played Super Mario with such a deranged and obsessive tenacity that I would literally shut down the game whenever the ending wasn’t towards my favorLET ME LIVEYou know what though? here's an especially big Fuck You to technology for not stepping up her game and being beaten with a bound bundle of dead tree Because this book made me really realize the things we could probably be doing with our time and advanced understanding of technology anything other than 360 degree selfies and windows 10Just how is it 2017 and I can't walk out of my house with glitter lipstick and virtually shimmering skin full body highlight and virtual knee length hair I have virtual wings and a virtual tiger pet trotting at my side this is actually canon in the book For fuck's sake I can’t even print out an essay without scraping out the eardrums of everyone in a 50m radius✨ CHARACTERS Do you ever meet a fictional character and suddenly you're hit with a wave of love so comfortable and deep that you feel like you've already loved this person for thousands of years??This is literally about everyone is this bookWarcross was just good at handling the characters that I could actually hear their dialogue in their voices and actually imagine the scenarios being presented and wish I could astral project into their bodies and watch it all play outWe have such a diverse cast of characters with told stories that are so vague and so uniue and so complexe and untold stories that will make you wish you could time travel to 2018 and read the seuel asapBut mainly Emika Chen with her rainbow hair her sleeve tattoos and her attitude that resembles a rough sketch of something nice Hideo Tanaka who's made of sugar spice and everything kind but also made of carbon atoms and lies also he has a british accent and wears nice shirts with his sleeves rolled up to the elbows and also cooks for his parents??? where's my inhaler I might breathe out my kidneysAnd the rest of the characters who captain teams and are super talented and can code and hack technology while I'm just here on the internet exploring the existential dread that’s latent in all of us and waiting for memes to come my way because I'm just a passive meme consumer not even contributing anything to the meme economy✨ THE ROMANCE The fact that I am making an entire section just about this is prove enough of my passion Aka I SHIP IT SO FUCKIGN HARD YOU GUYSI’m trying to deconstruct my ideas about romantic love especially the ship where person A is a successful billionaire and person B is a penniless outlaw but it's really hard when my reptile brain literally has the phrase “I SHIP IT” on repeat like I know better but I also can’t help myself from giving into this brand of brainwashing I guess my heart is just too soft when it comes to this tropeI have a marshmallow heart a cotton candy heart a goddamn foam mattress heartAnyways thank you Marie Lu for the new unexpected obsession that was nice and cruelJUST LIKE THAT ENDINGReread 1017 if you're looking for me I'll be in the trash BECAUSE THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I AM FOR THIS BOOK

  2. Natalie Monroe Natalie Monroe says:

    35 starsCynical NatalieNice Natalie For the record I'm not comfortable being here Marie Lu is one of our favorite authors Remember when we met her and acted like complete dorks but she was still really nice?Cynical Natalie How many times do I have to tell you? Separate the person from the art Marie Lu is a lovely person but that doesn't mean I'm not going to rip into her brain baby's ass and yank its innards from its throatNice Natalie Must you be so vulgar?Cynical Natalie Yes Besides you can't deny feeling thoroughly underwhelmed by WarcrossNice Natalie Thoroughly is a bit of an overstatement We did like the tournaments and the rules surrounding it They were creativeCynical Natalie Wish she'd put some of that creativity towards the romance It's bland as fuck and twice as suicky when you see it's eerily similar to Fifty Shades of Grey Hot billionaire falls in love with a girl lower on the socialwealth rung for no apparent reason pays all her bills then flies her out to Tokyo on a private jetNice Natalie That's unfair You can't lump all billionaire romances together with Fifty ShadesCynical Natalie I can and I will Books aren't written in a vacuum She should have realized Hideo and Emika resembled Christian and AnaNice Natalie Emika isn't anything like Ana nor Hideo like Christian She's spirited and clever and stubborn—Cynical Natalie God I hate the description stubborn Bella Swan and every TSTL Paranormal Romance heroine after her pulverized that word to watery soup It's not even an insult any It's a compliment dressed like a nightmare If you ask me Emika is June 20 Her criminal record the one that haunts her permanent record making her gasp morally grey is the result of her defending the weak Her soul is vanilla through and through Why couldn't she have gotten it by doing something selfish but also sympathetic like hacking bank accounts to pay the bills after her dad died?Nice Natalie Just because you're going through an antihero phase doesn't make good characters badCynical Natalie Hey I love Wonder Woman just as much as you and she's as pure hearted as they come To prove I'll tag a gifWhat I don't like are boring characters One note caricatures Plus Emika's relationship with her dad is tragically one dimensional In Six of Crows Kaz Brekker shares a nuanced layered relationship with his decreased brother Jordie had been wrongfully swindled but part of the blame lay in his greed and Kaz recognizes that He's able to see his brother as a victim and the protector who abandoned him no matter how unwillingly Emika and her father's relationship could've been something like that Rage for him dying for the debts for leaving her alone and penniless Love for the memories for inspiring her rainbow colored hair for never forgetting to ask about her day Instead we get a flat I miss him narrative I could forgive it in her debut novel Not nowNice Natalie Must you hold up Six of Crows as the bar for everything?Cynical Natalie Do we love Taylor Swift?Nice Natalie It's not all bad There's good diversity representation Asher—handsome sought after Asher—uses a wheelchair Don't forget the other PoC from a range of different cultures and countries Hideo the love interest is Asian tooCynical Natalie Thank you for bringing Hideo I almost forgot Why did he fall for Emika? The gal I get—he's her idol and made all her dreams come true Him ehhhNice Natalie What's not to like about her? She speaks her mind and is a brilliant hackerCynical Natalie Yes Because there's no way Hideo has come across an independent sassy woman once in his course as CEO of a multi billion dollar companyNice Natalie Do you not have a romantic bone in your body?Cynical Natalie Not in my body no But I do have a pretty nice collection in my basementBefore you get all moony eyed remember we guessed all the twists including one that was so soap opera ish I still can't believe Lu included it view spoilerZero is Sasuke That is so embarrassing I'm getting secondhand heat waves hide spoiler

  3. Emily May Emily May says:

    Imagine wandering through the most realistic virtual Paris ever or lounging in a full simulation of Hawaii’s beaches Imagine flying through a fantasy world of dragons and elves Anything Tokyo Virtual reality Spies Do I really need to say any?Oh okay I guess I'll say some Aside from a few kinks that will probably be ironed out by the final publication Warcross is a thrilling sea of action and exciting sci fi possibility It presents a world that given our current technology doesn't seem that implausible at all and in this world Lu introduces a plot full of secrets and lies friends and enemies and the promise of even better things to comeEmika Chen is a college dropout hacker and bounty hunter in New York City Ever since her beloved father died she struggles to keep a roof over her head by catching the petty criminals who the police put out rewards for Then one day she gets desperate and takes a risky opportunity to earn some uick cash by hacking into the live Warcross opening ceremony on the Neurolink Unfortunately or fortunately she gets caughtWarcross is a virtual reality combat game created by young billionaire Hideo Tanaka Almost everyone plays around the world and the live championships are watched by all Teams compete in virtual arenas to steal the opposing team's artifact When Emika hacks into Warcross she thinks she's in big trouble so it comes as a huge surprise when Hideo offers her an undercover job as a player and a spy in the gameIt is a very visual book full of stunning world descriptions as the players find themselves in new and exciting arenas But as well as this Lu knows her audience well and she infuses everything with bloodthirsty action and competition somewhere halfway between The Hunger Games and a good ol' game of uidditch Of course Emika's digging into the dangerous underbelly of the hacker world will reveal some dark truths and cause her ever problems I predicted one thing that would happen but never foresaw the other big reveal And my predictions were not really disappointing they just made me even eager to know what happens nextWarcross is also a beautifully diverse book Emika is Chinese American Hideo is Japanese the captain of Emika's Warcross team is in a wheelchair and Roshan and Tremaine are gay The international appeal of the game gives Lu the opportunity to include people of all colours and backgrounds an opportunity she does not pass upI feel like the few rough patches will be fixed in the final version but maybe I'll have to pick up a library copy to find out There were a couple of things towards the end that felt poorly explained Such as view spoilerwhy the end of the game was a trigger hide spoiler

  4. Jesse (JesseTheReader) Jesse (JesseTheReader) says:

    I wish I would have read this sooner I loved how visually stunning the world was and how cinematic the writing was It was so easy to picture in my head and it was an overall well paced story I will say that nothing really surprised me while reading it It was kind of easy to decipher the mystery aspect of the book but it was still a really enjoyable read I also can't believe I didn't know it took place in Japan I would've bumped it to the top of my tbr asap had I known

  5. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    Psst A new video is up all about the bad books I've read this year Now that you know that this one is on it check out the Worst Books of 2019 video to see what other ones made the cut The Actual Review Before I begin just letting you know that I got my copy from Uppercase a lovely monthly book subscription box All I could think about the whole time was OMG Marie Lu touched MY book Everything's science fiction until someone makes it science fact Emika Chen bounty hunter hacker programmer liar is about to lose everything In typical YA fashion her parents are nowhere to be found dead father and abandoned by her mother she's scarily good at many many things and she's just desperate enough to risk all she has left It is hard to describe loss to someone who has never experienced it impossible to explain all the ways it changes you But for those who have not a single word is needed Emika is about to be kicked out of her apartment and so decides to hack into Warcross a virtual reality game that uses dreams to make the game as realistic as possible Why would anyone give up the perfect fantasy reality just because they have to give up their freedom? What’s the point of freedom if you’re just living in a miserable reality? She's already incredibly good at the game despite her low ranking and knows that the various power ups have real world value During the annual Warcross games she notices a power up worth enough cash to tempt anyone and so hacks herself into the gameOnly it goes wrong Her invisible hack suddenly broadcasts her location to the millions of people watching the gamesMuch to her surprise instead of being arrested the game's creator Hideo offers her a job to find an elusive player bent on wreaking havoc on the Warcross games He's absurdly young considering the empire he's created and Emika may just be feeling a little bit of something for him “Maybe they think I'm a danger to youHe smiles as he reaches me And are you?I try to restrain myself I answer returning his smile She uickly signs up relocates to Tokyo and infiltrates one of the Warcross teamsonly to learn that things are far sinister than she ever imagined But if one thing's for certain Emika is not a uitter She will follow this throughto the very end But I've never been good at following instructions I'm a bounty hunter And if my bounty's still out there somewhere I have to finish this This one was goodjust not as stunning as I expectedSo many people recommended this one and while I enjoyed itit felt just a bit cookie cutterMysterious unknown girl is super good at a very obscure skill set that just so happens to be exactly what rich and gorgeous boy wantsShe is immediately attracted and so is he but they both cannot help but wonder if the other will betray them Drama and intrigue surround them from all sides no one is to be trusted but trust she must in order to surviveEssentially my eyes hurt from rolling so much Again it's not horrible it just didn't feel particularly new or engaging It was just felt like something I've read before and not in a good wayAudiobook CommentsRead by Nancy Wu and wow she was impressive FabulousYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

  6. Sabaa Tahir Sabaa Tahir says:

    I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH You will love it too It is beautiful and smart and Emika is a funny flawed awesome heroine And Hideo omg SO MANY FEELINGS The setting in this book are exploding with radness the conversations the technology the intricacies of the world I knew from both the LEGEND series and TYE that Marie Lu was a master worldbuilder but this clinches it I read this book FAST and it totally got me out of a reading slump The ending was satisfying but I have no idea how I will survive until Book 2 I really don't Highly highly recommend

  7. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    475Oh my god this was AWESOME Such a great book BiblioBabble TK very soonthanks to Penguin Canada for the ARC

  8. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    I LOVED THIS BOOK SO SO MUCHWarcross is absolutely one of my favorite books of the year It's thrilling it's engaging and the twists in this novel are still driving me wild I loved absolutely everything about this novel Hoping to film a glowing review for my YouTube channel soon I received a free copy of this book from Penguin Teen at Book Expo 2017 I had no obligation to review this book and all opinions are my own

  9. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    Warcross is than just a game It’s an industry It’s a way of life It’s unlimited access to the future And for Emika Warcross has recently become her saviour and job I have to say Marie Lu can truly write anything Dystopian fantasy or science fiction it doesn’t matter Marie Lu can do it all I’m surprised she hasn’t written a contemporary book yet though I admit her thing is action and complex worlds so I’m glad she’s sticking to those departments WARCROSS is so unlike her previous works and yet I recognized her touch It’s professionally written with a serious atmosphere and a badass heroine you’ll root for Is it weird that I liked the main villain as much as Emika herself? He’s just the right type you love to hate Even the love interest didn’t hold a candle to him Actually there’s nothing I disliked about this book except that I didn’t fall for the romance It wasn’t rushed but it was expected Further a man in power falling for a woman in need of help does not do it for me Everything else though I savoured I enjoyed reading about the Warcross game so badly I wanted to experience it myself It does sound astounding It’s funny because I’m not a gamer and I’ve never been into virtual reality or WoW ish worlds But this game fascinated me especially Emika’s role in it The way she used the elements of the game to attempt to capture Zero showed intelligence and a curious mind The other players in Emika’s team should have been developed Their voices sounded true but we know extremely little about them Emika herself wasn’t so interested in her teammates so that has to change and I have a feeling it willSuch shocking final events I saw some of them coming but mostly a truck mercilessly ran me over Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  10. emma emma says:

    I have a really important uestionhttpsemmareadstoomuchwordpresscoLike everything I say is really important and therefore every uestion I ask is really important but this is especially so It is integral to my understanding of the world around me and also books and also GoodreadsIs there a single person who gave this book over 3 stars and has read Ready Player One?Seriously This book is a C young adult romance y boring poorly built version of Ready Player One With better diversityI was always worried about this book literally just straight up being Ready Player One Just kidding that is completely a lie I was always super full on hoping this book was going to be an absolute imitation of that one because that book is amazing and I miss it all the time and I would like every book I read to be just like it please and thanksWhat I should have been worried about and am now furious over if furious means “just vaguely disappointed because I have hated so many books I’ve been excited for that an overwhelming numbness has taken over what used to be the anger factory that is my emotions” is that this book would be a lesser watered down poorly done version of that bookI will back up for a momentWarcross takes place in the future How uaint There’s an augmented reality gaming type deal wish I could tell you called Warcross surprise Title Everybody is super into it To play you wear a pair of glasses that overlay the interface into your actual brain If this sounds at all familiar you have probably encountered the synopsis of a lil book called Ready Player One at some point or anotherSpecifically Warcross book not game is about this gal named Emika who is a bounty hunter in New York City This should be cool and is instead something we hear about for roughly 5 pages To compare we hear exponentially about Emika’s ramen stash she tells us how many boxes she has seemingly upwards of one thousand times her urine scented hovel of an apartment building and her rainbow hair WE ARE REMINDED SO CONSTANTLY THAT EMIKA HAS RAINBOW HAIR THAT I THINK THE AUTHOR MUST HAVE CONSCIOUSLY CHOSEN TO INSERT A DESCRIPTION OF IT EVERY TIME SHE WONDERED WHETHER EMIKA SHOULD HAVE A SINGLE PERSONALITY TRAIT Just Nah She doesn’t need both a personality AND cool hair How rad can one person be?There’s that comforting burn of anger You guys We’re doing itOkay So on top of being a bounty hunter rainbow haired AND ramen possessing what a jack of all trades Emika is also totally amazing at all things computer related She hacks We have no idea what goes into hacking beyond the oft used description I pulled up a window and typed a few lines of code but sure She is really good at Warcross We only get one actual scene of an actual game of Warcross but yeah okay She can try to steal an expensive power up from an internationally broadcast game watched by hundreds of millions of people and instead just broadcast her image to all of them I don’t get why this is impressive rather than a somewhat sloppy and definitely ill advised attempt at theft but sounds goodEmika is so talented and brilliant and rainbow haired that she is hired by Hideo the young dashing unbelievably boring creator of Warcross Now she’s a bounty hunter who is also a hacker who is also playing in the international tournament of an augmented reality game Doesn’t that sound interesting?Don’t get excited It is not interestingUnless your idea of interesting is the two most boring people in the mapped universe falling gushily in love with each other except worse Because Emika constantly has to sneak in order to sueeze in of these gazing into each other’s Warcross lens wearing eyes momentsIt is stressful to read about It is also a constant reminder that she is physically exiting what could be an interesting plotline in favor of horrific cavity inducing romance over and over And over And over And over againI really do not even understand what Warcross is It’s called a game a lot but it seems like it might be a version of reality wherein gaming is an option? I don’t know how often the characters of this book are in game versus in life I don’t know what the in life body looks like while the brain is in game I thought that Emika was physically traveling to all these places but at one point towards the end it’s just like “The screen faded to black and I was back in my hotel room” and I was all WAIT WAS SHE IN HER HOTEL ROOM THE WHOLE TIME?I have no answers Because the world building in this book is terribleEven if I give the author the benefit of the doubt and say she was trying to seamlessly weave in the world building admirable there is still no excuse for this Warcross is so confusing that it hurts my brain Not because it is a really complicated world but because it is NEVER EXPLAINED I don’t get how I could like this setting because I don’t know what it isWhich leads me back to the uestion that started this review HAVE YOU GUYS NOT READ READY PLAYER ONE? If you had there is no way you would be so heavy into this game IS IT A GAME It is millennia behind the description and comprehensibility and interesting ness of the sometimes game of that book SEE? I KNOW IT’S A SOMETIMES GAMESo we’ve covered the crap world building We’ve covered the awful romance although I could scream about that for 8 pages and am merely rescuing you from the fate of hearing me read about it What else what elseAh yes This book is so boring that it makes watching paint dry seem like a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon It makes BBC miniseries focusing on the vie uotidienne of the 19th century seem concerningly wild It makes Hideo seem like a pre engagement Prince Harry Like back when he used to be naked all the time and in Las Vegas and stuffThis book is non online clickbait It pulls you in with the talk of virtual reality and gaming and the future and sci fi and bounty hunters and all that fun stuff and then it spends the entirety of its 368 pages finding new creative ways to beat all of that with rocks and spears and sharp things until it is so dry your eyes will stream silent tearsFor example Even though this book allegedly takes place over the course of a massive huge deal très competitive Warcross tournament that is so blindingly entertaining that hundreds of millions of people tune in for what is cumulatively dozens of hours of watching other people play video games WE ONLY TRULY SEE ONE ACTUAL TYPICAL GAMEThis is the best scene in the book by far yes but it is roughly 20 pages of what I thought all 368 would be This scene doesn’t even come until like the halfway point And from there until the end it’s all boring nondescriptive insertions of Emika doing stuff that is not as cool as Warcross and romance And romance And romanceAlso the “big reveals” of this book are either a revealed in the very beginning I was actually like There’s no way she’ll find out it’s someone else it’s way too early but nope or dropped like huge bombs and then completely left thereYou guys This book is so badThat being said I’ll almost definitely read the next oneBottom line Justjust do yourself a favor and read Ready Player One instead PRE REVIEWHave I been pranked?Did someone give me a different book called Warcross? Have all of you pretended to love this one? Is there an included supplementary text on the world that I missed out on? Does my version somehow contain a mega expanded first half and a minimized second?I have a sneaking suspicion that the answer to all of these uestions is noAnd if sothis book was Not GreatReview to come IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING I want this so badly that I've been daydreaming about illegally downloading it

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Warcross [Ebook] ➠ Warcross Author Marie Lu – For the millions who log in every day Warcross isn’t just a game—it’s a way of life The obsession started ten years ago and its fan base now spans the globe some eager to escape from reality and For the millions who log in every day Warcross isn’t just a game—it’s a way of life The obsession started ten years ago and its fan base now spans the globe some eager to escape from reality and others hoping to make a profit Struggling to make ends meet teenage hacker Emika Chen works as a bounty hunter tracking down players who bet on the game illegally But the bounty hunting world is a competitive one and survival has not been easy Needing to make some uick cash Emika takes a risk and hacks into the opening game of the international Warcross Championships—only to accidentally glitch herself into the action and become an overnight sensationConvinced she’s going to be arrested Emika is shocked when instead she gets a call from the game’s creator the elusive young billionaire Hideo Tanaka with an irresistible offer He needs a spy on the inside of this year’s tournament in order to uncover a security problem and he wants Emika for the job With no time to lose Emika’s whisked off to Tokyo and thrust into a world of fame and fortune that she’s only dreamed of But soon her investigation uncovers a sinister plot with major conseuences for the entire Warcross empire.