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Rotten Rapunzel (Dark Fairy Tale Queen #3) [Read] ➪ Rotten Rapunzel (Dark Fairy Tale Queen #3) By Anita Valle – I have been in this tower for fifteen years Snow White has frozen me inside it and covered the rest of our kingdom with ice and snow I can't remember what summer is like And I have never seen people o I have been in this tower for fifteen years Snow White has frozen me inside it and covered the rest of our kingdom with ice and snow I can't remember what summer is like And I have never seen people or had a friendIt's not fair I'm a princess the daughter of Cinderella This kingdom belongs to ME Not to the nasty new ueen who's taken over Snowy ruined my life she doesn't care about me She only keeps me because I cry magic tearsI have to escape Have to take back the palace before my lost twin gets it Have to punish Snowy for wrecking the kingdom Have to make at least ONE stupid friend And I really have to do something about my hair Book Details Length Approx pages Genre Dark Fairy Tale Retelling Mood DarkHumorous Content Moderate violence No sex scenes or erotica Audience Teens and Adults Other books by Anita Valle SINFUL CINDERELLA Dark Fairy Tale ueen Series Book SNEAKY SNOW WHITE Dark Fairy Tale ueen Series Book MAELYN The Nine Princesses Book CORALINA The Nine Princesses Book HEIDEL The Nine Princesses Book BRIETTE The Nine Princesses Book MONSTER MANOR A novel for middle grade kids A dark fantasy for lovers of retold fairy tales.

10 thoughts on “Rotten Rapunzel (Dark Fairy Tale Queen #3)

  1. Phoenix2 Phoenix2 says:

    So far I've read all three of this series and it never fails me the fast pace concept The story flows so fast that I'vve read this one in just a day Still the fast pace doesn't deprive anything from the story All in all I like the concept of these books thougth I felt bad for Snow White really bad cause Rapunzel was mistreating her and blaming everything on her Anyway the book was enjoyable overall and perfect for a fast read though I should warn you the characters are annoying

  2. Abrar Abrar says:

    I don't want to talk about this one I won't be reading the other books for this series

  3. Dragonfly Dragonfly says:

    Rating 5 starsOMG THIS BOOK WAS FANTASTIC AND A GREAT THIRD BOOK IN THIS AMAZING SERIESI love this series so much and the characters are just amazing This series just seems to get better and better each book and I can't wait for the fourth bookI love Rapunzel so much she's such a different character and set the next book up nicely I really hope that she's in the next bookBeauty was okay but she was bratty a bit but I hope she will get better in the next bookGodnutter was alright but she is uite a terrible character at timesKay was a good character but he only cared about one character for awhile which annoyed meSnow white is my favourite character in this series so it was amazing to have her in the book and her still being a badassOverall this book was amazing and Anita Valle is such a talented writer who's books just keep getting better and better👋

  4. Scarlett Scarlett says:

    I think I liked this one the most so far in the series I loved how it incorporated not just Rapunzel but also the story of Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast This book also than the others started giving me The Lunar Chronicles vibes not that it had any of the cyborgspace elements but just the way the fairy tales were intertwined with each other and twisted so cleverly I didn’t realize that this wasn’t the last book in the series When my kindle said that I was only 5 minutes from the end I thought to myself “How are they going to wrap all of this up in a few short chapters?” Well they don’t It’s definitely open ended and leading right into the next book I hope Anita Valle releases Bad Beauty sometime soon

  5. Kaci Garrett (Reading Rivalry) Kaci Garrett (Reading Rivalry) says:

    I can't say enough good things about this series The characters intertwine so perfectly and I'm constantly guessing what the next twist will be and how they will change and converge to cause chaos in each other's lives I love how flawed all of the characters are while still maintaining uniue ualities that's correlates to the traditional princesses and characters we have grown up with I can't wait for the next book

  6. Angela Auten Angela Auten says:

    I liked Rapunzel over Snow White Her character wasn't as annoying She actually met her twin sister who I did not like at all The next book is about her too I hope it's getting released soon Gahh

  7. JC JC says:

    Great readIf you Love the old fairy tales you will Love this twist on Rapunzel Love the new twist on old fairy tales Can't wait for the next one

  8. Catherine Catherine says:

    This entire series is sucking me in bit by bit but I think that this third book is the strongest yet narrative wise Cinderella's story was a delightful twist on her obedience to her stepsisters with a dark ending regarding the prince Snow White's story was an interesting introduction into just how many fairy tales were going to be twisted in the narrative But Rotten Rapunzel is so far my favorite The thing that works most in this installment's favor is that it doesn't shy away from tying things together Though I have been able to thus far work out most of the major plot twists of each of the three novels before they officially happen at no point does it feel like Valle is playing to the cheap seats or expecting readers to not understand what's going on Rotten Rapunzel especially does this well by twisting traditional parts of the Rapunzel narrative into the other stories that were combined into this one namely the Snow ueen Beauty and the Beast Sleeping Beauty and even a hint at a future Rumplestiltskin story arc It never seems like Valle is just dropping references to these stories though When the palace's rose gardens are mentioned as well as the creeping Beast you know that Beauty and the Beast will be tied in but not sure how The way that Beauty seamlessly fits into the storyline of Cinderella's children acting as both a sympathetic character for a potential future installment and as the antagonist that inspires Rapunzel's dark streak the way the stepmother and stepsisters and Cinderella have in the previous novels is incredibly well integrated into all the other events of this novel It's clear with this installment that the world of the Dark ueens is going to open up even further and I'm excited to see where it goes Especially since of all characters for Rapunzel to assume the title of at the end of her initial story arc it's the Witch in the Wood Should've guessed from her obsession with gingerbread but I didn't see it coming until she found the cottage honestlyOne narrative choice that surprised me was the seemingly abrupt end to Snow White's story While Cinderella's story were pervasive throughout Snow's due to the nature of their relationship and seemed to end with her eating the poisoned apple it clearly didn't I'd like to pause for a second to emphatically stress how much I enjoy that the author never feels the need to constantly remind the readers of all the connections between Cinderella Snow White Rapunzel and Beauty Clearly Valle understands that readers are capable of remember things from novel to novel and she only brings up the obvious connections between all three stories when it's relevant to the plot ie exposition that Rapunzel actually needs for herself I especially enjoy the fact that she doesn't feel the need to explain who Lunilla is once she's brought back into the story As a reader I instantly remembered who Cooper and Lunilla were realized who Kay's mother must be and genuinely enjoyed this random cameo as a way to increase the stakes for Rapunzel and Beauty's claims to the throne Rant over back to Snow White's seemingly finished ? character arc Granted I'm presuming there will be future installments and just as Godnutter returned unexpectedly I have hopes that Valle will bring back Snow White since it's clear she's setting up for some sort of return for Cinderella potentially with a happy ending for her which I'm starting to root for now Godnutter taking away Snow White's magic seemed abrupt to me It seemed like an easy solution to the stand off that was created with having two highly powerful magic users with grudges opposing a woman whose only real power lies in her anger and bad morals Cooper could do so much better honestly However Snow White didn't want the throne and I got the impression she was never going to fight for Rapunzel to have it I doubt she would have fought Godnutter placing Beauty on the throne no matter what Rapunzel said to her to goad her into a fight That Godnutter was still harboring a grudge about the poison apple after fifteen years and only left her the magic just in case she needed to protect Rapunzel felt flimsy to me Additionally though I agree with the immediate weakening and devastation that Snow White suffers from being cut off from the magic which was the only thing fueling her after Hunter's death I found myself hoping she'd find solace in Rapunzel similarly to how Melodie found solace in Kay Rapunzel would push her away as she continued to do but it's clear there's genuine love between the two sisters even if Rapunzel likes to deny it Having Snow White attempt suicide be magically saved by Hunter who reveals to her that he's not truly dead and alleviating her extreme grief so that she comes to the seeming we don't have her direct perspective on this realization that she just tried to jump from a tower while her baby sister watched in order to explain why she decided to return to that far away dream of retreating to the tower in the woods non Ice Witch style seemed rushed and convenient Hunter was the convenient part Obviously these novels don't leave me expecting happy endings for the characters but narratively satisfying ones I have come to expect This just falls flat compared to the surprising and satisfying ways other side character's storylines have ended in the previous two novels I do hope another installment can be expected soon because I am itching with the uestions this one set up Where is Edgar if Godnutter didn't kill him? What twisted explanation will be given for how Rapunzel goes from being delighted by children to potentially wanting to eat them? Is Barker the keeper of the beast or the beast itself and how was the beast created? What will wake Beauty up from her curse if not true love which would presumably involve either Kay asleep or the beast? Will Melodie return with powers of her own now that she's been given magic healing? How is Jack presumably the giant slayer going to fit into so many narratives entirely spearhead by dark and evil women?

  9. Fiona Titchenell Fiona Titchenell says:

    This is a story about what Rapunzel would be like if her narrow education at the hands of an evil witch and total lack of social awareness had taken her in a rather less princess like direction Raised in a tower by the previous book’s Snow White this Rapunzel is an especially bratty teenager who’s determined not only to see the world but to claim her birthright and crown herself ueen At the same time she’s compellingly pitiable desperate to have a “friend” with no concept of what that means and unlikely ever to find out given the universe she was born into This installment is also so much than a Rapunzel revisiting While Sneaky Snow White’s deviation from its main fairy tale inspiration and incorporation of multiple tales caused some growing pains for the series it pays off big time in Rotten Rapunzel The story mash ups accelerate around an original plotline with a will of its own switching up roles and taking advantage of repeating fairy tale tropes to distill a non repetitive dose of the most iconic bits This novella alone contains threads of Rapunzel Snow White Cinderella The Snow ueen Sleeping Beauty Beauty and the Beast Hansel and Gretel Rumpelstiltskin and possibly some foreshadowing for Jack and the Beanstalk I might even have missed some and they’re all working together as if they were meant to all along If you love Into the Woods but wish it had a bit Game of Thrones mixed in the meanness and scheming not the R rating you’re going to adore Dark Fairy Tale ueens Possible downsides There’s what seems to be a classic Fake Nice Guy character here whose arc feels underserved and unresolved He spends the story doing bad and ill advised things to impress a girl who’s made it abundantly clear she’s not interested and whining about how she won’t give him a chance Rapunzel even falls into the trap of telling this girl how horrible she is for “tormenting” him the girl is incidentally horrible like everyone in this series but not for saying no when she means it Of course Rapunzel is also a socially stunted megalomaniac who’s planning to magically roofie said Fake Nice Guy for her own use so her opinions on this don’t count for much Still I wish the plot had dealt with him in a conclusive way even if only by letting him win and unmasking him in the process On the other hand letting him flounder pathetically in the background without ever being all that important arguably has its own sort of justice to it and there might be resolution coming down the road I guess we’ll just have to wait for Bad Beauty to find out

  10. Michael Thal Michael Thal says:

    YA author Anita Valle has created a very dysfunctional family in her Dark Fairy Tale ueen Series The novels begin with Sinful Cinderella who turns out to be a not very pleasant young woman living with an even unpleasant stepmother and two stepsisters—Lunilla and Melodie Cinderella does end up marrying a sociopathic prince who is not very charming Through his first wife he fathered a spoiled conniving daughter Perhaps you’ve heard of her? Snow White Snow White hates her stepmother Cinderella But months after the fairytale wedding and coronation Cinderella has twin daughters Snow White’s account of the story can be read in Sneaky Snow White At the end of this tale is where book three in the series begins—Rotten RapunzelRapunzel is a 15 year old girl sheltered from the world by the woman who has raised her—Snow White—or as the world calls her The Ice Witch Rapunzel prefers Snow ueen to describe her half sister who has turned the kingdom into perpetual winter To keep Rapunzel safe from the new ueen—Cinderella’s eldest stepsister Lunilla grabbed the thrown during a period of turmoil—Snow White keeps Rapunzel locked up in a tower The only exit is a window at the top of the tower Fortunately Rapunzel has extremely long hair so Snow White uses those tresses to enter and exit their sanctuary One day when Snow White is away purchasing supplies a sixteen year old boy Kay finds the tower and coerces Rapunzel to escape her prison visit the castle with him and perhaps meet a few people along the way Rapunzel loves the idea for she knows no one except for her sister and understands little about the ways of the world Thusly Anita Valle begins an adventure that will keep her readers enthralled Valle uses humorous dialogue paints magnificent scenes with her words and develops a plot based on fairy tale literature providing readers with unanticipated plot twists to keep her audience entertainedEach of the Dark Fairy Tale ueen books is a story unto itself so if you desire to start off with Rotten Rapunzel you’ll get a sketchy back story along the way to fill you in on what occurred in the previous novels I have devoured all three books thus far and would suggest readers begin with Sinful Cinderella then enjoy Sneaky Snow White before finding out the fate of Rotten Rapunzel I hope you enjoy the experience of reading all three books as I have

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