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The Gilded Seal [Download] ✤ The Gilded Seal Author James Twining – Séville Un homme tente de protéger un mystérieux carnet uelues heures plus tard il est retrouvé crucifié En tentant de venger la mort de son ami Tom Kirk l’ancien voleur découvre u’une séri Séville Un homme tente de protéger un mystérieux carnet uelues heures plus tard il est retrouvé crucifié En tentant de venger la mort de son ami Tom Kirk l’ancien voleur découvre u’une série d'assassinats vise le milieu des ventes d’objets d’art uelu’un semble préparer un impossible cambriolage au cœur même du musée The Gilded PDF or du Louvre Les cadavres s'accumulent ainsi ue les fausses pistes Certains éléments troublants remontent jusu’à Napoléon l'empereur lui même aurait laissé des messages codés menant à un incroyable secret « Le digne successeur de Follett et Forsyth » Christopher Reich.

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  1. Eadie Eadie says:

    This is the 3rd book by James Twining about Tom Kirk an art thief who is now a good guy helping to thwart the theft of the Mona Lisa What secrets hide behind the most famous smile in the world? A master forger is killed then a prominent attorney dies and drags FBI agent Jennifer Browne into the mix Secrets go back to the time of Napoleon who was a power mad emperor Read this entertaining book for a very enlightening story about the Mona Lisa portrait

  2. Nicola Nicola says:

    It was okay historically good but geographically a bit confusing Trying to be too much like Dan brown with the clipped chapters and twisty storyline It really sped up at the end and I struggled to take on board all of the info

  3. Zitong Ren Zitong Ren says:

    The Gilded Seal is an thrillermystery book on a former art thief named Tom Kirk and his comrades trying to find the truth of you’ve guessed it the Mona Lisa groans I’m not the kind of person that enjoys a crackling paced novel that takes the space of just a few days I found that there was really little to no character development nothing really changed and much of it in this book was incredibly predictable Nothing was shocking or surprising There’s a bad guy who kills people and wants money a good guy who wants to stop the bad guy but people thinks he is also a bad guy Bad guy kills someone bad guy kills someone else good guy tries to stop the bad guy and repeat Someone’s who is close to the good guy betrays him but we already know so it’s not even a surprise any There’s nothing wrong with this book and thrillers but it doesn’t suit my taste of slow and beautiful writing I’ll stick to my fantasy and historical fiction thanks 510

  4. Franklie Franklie says:

    Unfortunately it's been a few months since I read this book and I only have a few margin notes to go on LOVED the uotes and some of the insights top of pg 15 and the locationsNot a fan of many of the vocabulary words Please bring back classic 'damn' and 'hell' the imagery is surprisingly less disturbingThe story often got lost in the excessive descriptions yet there were times I was grateful that the violence had few detailsAnd it's tough cheering for people being chased who aren't smart enough to change their appearance even w a hat or a jacket Often if books are too annoying I don't finish them but I finished this one so it must have been good

  5. Cactuskid Cactuskid says:

    Too many characters to keep track of and way too complicated About half way through it became interesting and easier to follow what was going on Twining goes very much into detail about art etc that has to be a big interest of his personally Anyway no of Tom Kirk's stories

  6. Trisha Griffiths Trisha Griffiths says:

    A enjoyable ride

  7. Jane Burnham Jane Burnham says:

    THE GILDED SEALBy James TwiningThe most audacious heist in history is about to commence and Tom Kirk is right in the middle of it Whilst investigating the theft of a stolen Da Vinci The Madonna of the Yarnwinder Reformed art thief Tom Kirk is confronted with the horrifying sight of a cat nailed to the wall where the painting once stood He instantly recognises the sign as a greeting from his old enemy Milo Then Tom finds out that a long time friend in Seville has been murdered Whilst visiting his friend's daughter Eva she is kidnapped by Milo and Tom suddenly finds himself in a frantic race against time to save her lifeMeanwhile in New York FBI agent Jennifer Browne has been asked to investigate a possible art fraud The trail leads to an Iranian art dealer who denies all knowledge but when a lawyer who he had dealings with is murdered Jennifer knows she has stumbled across something very sinister indeed Are the reappearance of Milo Eva's kidnapping and the theft of the Da Vinci connected? And are Tom and Jennifer's paths destined to cross again as they descend into a maelstrom of betrayal and murder?ABOUT THE AUTHORJames Twining was born in London but spent much of his childhood in Paris After graduating from Christ Church Oxford with a first class degree in French Literature he joined the investment bank UBS working in their corporate finance division In 1999 he left to set up his own company and in 2001 was named as one of the eight 'Best of Young British' entrepreneurs in The New Statesman James lives in London with his wife Victoria and is now a full time writerTwining wrote his first book The Double Eagle in 2003 It was published in the UK and USA in 2005 A seuel The Black Sun was published in 2006Both books feature art thief Tom Kirk and are set in the art world and underworld In each case Twining builds a modern day thriller involving art theft around a series of historical events andor artifactsREVIEWSPraise for The Black Sun'A story that harks back to the Nazis Hitler and a legendary treasure What could you want? If there's a better thriller this year I would like to see it' Jack Higgins bestselling author of Without Mercy and The Eagle Has Landed'An exciting suspenseful and fast paced novel' BookreportercomPraise for The Double Eagle'A carefully constructed tale straight out of the Dan Brown mould of thriller writing'Sunday Sun'The Double Eagle will leave you breathless but never dizzy Solid debut work'Ladsmag'This would make the perfect Tom Cruise movie' The Independent on Sunday'A captivating engrossing debuta fast paced tale of international crime and skullduggery written with style and panache Twining is a worthy successor to Forsyth Follett and Higgins Highly recommended' Christoper Reich'This is an auspicious beginning for a fledgling series' Publishers Weekly'Brilliantly written with numerous double crosses taking place James Twining has created a delightful and thought provoking protagonist Along with deceit shattered promises and murder all going hand in hand The Double Eagle is certainly a pacy novel' Shots

  8. Klaus Klaus says:

    A pretty good heist book

  9. Ken B Ken B says:

    Having read James Twining's previous two books The Double Eagle and The Black Sun I expected a little from this offering The historical mystery seems overshadowed by action seuences that are a cross between Jason Bourne Mission Impossible and Wile E Coyote He also introduces several shadowy underworld figures that are almost unbelievable and are certainly unrealisticIf judging this book as a screenplay for an action movie I would give it 3 stars As an Dan Brown esue historical conspiracy theory mystery it is about 2 12 stars

  10. Nicky Thomas Nicky Thomas says:

    Awesome amazing and unputdownable Loved this book from start to finish Mr Twining has to be praised on creating a uniue crime solving character that is not ex military policeman private detective or secret service Tom Kirk is perfect The story line in the Gilded Seal is so gripping add that to the fast paced manner in which the book is written and I just could not put it down I am not the fastest reader in the world but this book was done and dusted within 5 days that is extremely uick for me especially as I have two very loud children who seem to get louder whenever I pick up a book strange that?Reading the Mona Lisa robbery left me with a massive grin on my face at the risk of sounder a lot like a teenager that was so cool

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