The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy: The Untold Story of the

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  1. Rod Rod says:

    He mentioned Ann Coulter 4x therefore I got my money's worth library euivalent anywayThis liberal Democratic Smackdown was written in 2005 it seems The US was going through what Canada is putting up with in 2015 Yes it generally takes Canada 10 years to catch up with America's debauchery and ungodly rebellion So this book had some prophetic like abilities Almost as insightful as a Family Guy or South Park episode But don't tell anyoneIndeed Canada is now blessed with a Liberal Premier thanks to millions of Marijuana promised Abortion loving Capitalist haters may small businesses indeed grow into huge Superbowl like Shopping extravaganzasAnyway I'm not much for reading political propaganda unless it's Ann Coulter and her smarmy humor She's my hero So is the author correct Is there a vast left wing conspiracy? Back in 2004? Apparently And guess what IT WORKED Obama was the eventual payoff And this book shows us how to build a campaign that only rebellious children of Right Wing Republic campaigns could appreciate And surprisingly there was basically no mention of Homosexuality on the media agenda That NOW seems to be a Rainbow contender for the core foundation of liberal propaganda Just sprinkle in a few other social issues and SHAZZAM The liberals are incharge This book hints at what they'll do once they are inchargeWhy they'll hate some of course there's always something to hate in the name of tolerance It's not that liberals seem to have a few good ideas they are hoping to force on the peasants they just HATE the other guys ideas That was the most insightful Point Byron York got across Horrifyingly the Left Wing has now discovered those ideas They are the poor abused oppressed underprivileged UneducatedSOMETHING This they can use to WIN Win what exactly? Why are people so desperate to be in charge? Sounds like a lot of unthankful work to me Bryon even shows this a time or two It's about Republicans who liken John Kerry to Hitler Miller said with clear indignation in his voice Perhaps ten minutes had passed since Miller himself had compared Bush's appeal to Hitler'sYes that is the Ironic comedy of the liberals We Canadian's have endlessly experienced the same thing Liberal ads that ought to embarrass any educated citizen with even a basic short term memory Political campaigns really just come down to endless attacks on some form of morality and humanistic Utopian dreams Which leads me to my biggest insight into Liberal agenda'sSince liberals are always about being NEW and PROGRESSIVE At what point do they stop and let society enjoy this achievement? Do they just keep brutally embracing New? Enforcing New? Demanding NewIs there a day when all is achieved and what was once Liberal is now a healthy Conservative historical foundation? Or must NEW be demanded once again by the next generation of rebellion? All that's left is to HATE what once was so endless progression can happen BEFORE THEIR VERY EYES This books chats abit about Michael Moore and his Crap Emotional Documentaries I recall many years ago suffering through the Bowling For Columbine hype Even though I basically had no horse in the race It wasn't hard to see when liberal propaganda and Moore's personal pet peeves weren't waved in our faces Just for comedies sake which is always somewhat healthy I would love to remind you of The South Park's creators side project Team America and how they portrayed Michael Moore and the Film Actors Guild FAG Yes when all the annoying actors from Hollywood joined forces with North Korea Hmmm that might not be far off But I mostly remember Michael Moore's character mumbling and waving hotdogs around So funnyThankfully this research mentioned a few religious issues Disturbingly the author mentioned Al Franken comically mentioning John Kerry exaggeratedly stating that he would ban the BibleAir America's Al Franken said It was a mistake when Kerry announced in the first debate that he would put US national security in the hands of other countries And then there was his decision to announce that he would ban the BibleIt was funny but somewhat insightful Not as horrifying as John Kerry's ACTUAL Biblical theology and general historical understanding of Christianity and Islam i'm not sure George Bush was actually much better But at least he tried Apparently there's a movie called The Patriot Act? Beats me Don't care really But some Miller guy movie's creator? said Bush and his fellow theocrats on the other hand see their adversaries as demons hateful sex obsessed unpatriotic demons who are engaged in all sorts of dark plottingAuthor says pg 245 That idea was at the very heart of Miller's theory And yet in A Patriot Act Miller portrayed HIS adversaries as hateful sex obsessed unpatriotic demons who are engaged in all sorts of dark plotting The irony was so obviousWhat would the world do for entertainment without liberal propaganda and hate? Finally A great uotePodesta Democratic party keeps saying What's our bumper sticker? my source said with than a little frustration in his voice The problem is not the bumper sticker The problem is the carSince this book was written before Obama took over the world I wonder what the author is up to now? Is he still flitting about with political who's WHO'S and observing the truth or is he a drunk crying into an empty bottle and musing that the World HAS Gone To Hell? I'll have to go find out Either way Time for a NEW election For pure entertainment value I hope Donald Trump Winscause there's not much debauchery left for liberal American's to swoon over

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  3. Don Don says:

    desperation driven big money driven 5 dems soros progressive hollywood launder campaign money just tell whatever you want to the media as Clinton censure Clinton and move on group whoever gets people to vote the turn out people to be responsible for small groups of voters wvoter contact soros difference of opinion on 911 response rejected war and promoted a Marshall plan wo war of sorts a world the way one person sees it 16 second message act group one of largest employers in Ohio emilys list about life killing abortion support what left wing radio is challenge to communicate not ideas problem not bumper sticker but car white move on crowd

  4. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    Eh it was so so It probably made of an impression back in 2005 when it was written than it does now Moral of the story liberal democrats are crazy awesome propagandists My mom has been telling me that for years so it comes as no big surprise More than anything this book just served as a reminder that I need to be well informed and read all the views on political debates and subjects Or just be ignorant on the subject entirely Which is bliss in a way

  5. Tom Schulte Tom Schulte says:

    I get it; there's too much money in politics on both sides and Soros has a hyper Libreral agenda along with billions of dollars

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