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Fire and Rain [Download] ➵ Fire and Rain Author Elizabeth Lowell – Elizabeth Lowell's favorite family is back in town Don't miss this reader favorite Owner of the wildest loneliest ranch this side of the Rockies Luke MacKenzie hadn't laid eyes on Carla Mcueen for thr Elizabeth Lowell's favorite family is back in town Don't miss this reader favorite Owner of the wildest loneliest ranch this side of the Rockies Luke MacKenzie hadn't laid eyes on Carla Mcueen for three years Not since they day he'd sent his best friend's kid sister Fire and PDF \ storming from the Rocking M Ranch and out of his life for what he thought was forever Now Carla was back lovelier and even desirable than in his burning memories But Luke knew he could never give in to the raging need to make her his woman For he'd made a vow long ago one that he was determined to keep that he would never fall in love with Carla Mcueen No matter how badly his body and soul ached for her.

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  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Cruel to hide his impossible love tropeWhy impossible? Because hero is the sole heir of his family’s isolated Colorado ranch that either killed the women who lived on it or drove them away like his mother There is also a MayDecember I knew you as a kid complicationThe plot Heroine declared her love for her brother’s friend when she was 18 Hero was mortified by his lust so he was cruel while first kissing her and then rejecting her Fast forward three years and a bedroom set of handmade furniture It’s the heroine’s 21st birthday and the hero shows up at her pizza party with a magnum of champagne They play cards and the heroine ends up committing to a summer of cooking and housework at the hero’s isolated ranchHeroine has mixed feelings She loves the ranch and thinks this proximity to the hero will help her over her crushHero is a walking hard on basically All that unreuited lust has to go somewhere so he is jealous of anyone the heroine talks to and he is increasingly cruel to the heroine in hopes she’ll uit She doesn’t and in the last week of the summer she goes camping looking for ruins of an indigenous tribe that lived high in the mountains The hero follows her for protection since her brother can’t make it They finally have sex Hero thinks he should marry her because she was a virgin Heroine turns down his duty proposal Hero ignores her for the last few days she’s on the ranch – spending all of his time in his workshopHeroine tells him he will have to come to her if he wants them to have a relationship She finds out she is pregnant and returns to the ruins to leave a piece of pottery the hero had given her long ago It’s her symbolic goodbye to the hero Hero finds her there and tells her he is going to sell the ranch He’s discovered his love for her is greater than his love for the ranchHeroine tells him he can have them both because she loves them both Hero confesses he’s making a rocking chair and cradle in his workshop HEAWhile the characterization plot is a bog standard two star EL adds some literary flourishes that take this story to the next level Warning – English major overreach and analysis aheadFirst of all the world building is fascinating The ranch is an almost other worldly place where the hero is not the master of all he surveys There are parts of the ranch that are unexplored known only by legend Yet there is great beauty and riches for those who are brave enough to go off the beaten track A nice metaphor for life and for romanceEL provides history that is both known and unknown The settlers’ history is written down and seems to support the hero’s view that no woman can stand living in such rugged country The indigenous people’s history is not written down but is revealed through artifacts and their ruined settlement It also seems to support the idea that no families can be raised on this land However both the settler’s history and the indigenous people’s history show that it was the women who endured to carry the next generation The descendants of those unknown people are still walking around as are the descendants from the 8 children of Moriah Mackenzie The heroine is the next Moriah Mackenzie carrying the future generationThe author also has the characters do stuff that seems unrelated to the romance That’s not unusual but what activities she chooses while they are waiting for their impossible love is interesting The card game is an unusual way to get the heroine to the ranch It’s a nod at destiny and the luck of the draw and greater forces so that the Hh don’t have to admit they would really like to be together At the end it’s revealed that the heroine’s cardsharp brother engineered it but it still doesn’t take away from the Hh’s reluctance to take responsibility for their feelings or their ability to bow to inevitableThe heroine’s first cooking experience is described in great detail Besides showing how she is tenacious and resourceful it does something else as well There are no ready made ingredients so the heroine has to cook and thaw a block of ground beef to make spaghetti sauce Then there is a long wait to boil water in a huge pot for the pasta The heroine almost burns herself trying to drain the water from the heavy pot but the hero does it for her and is concerned about burns Then the men eat all the pasta and the heroine realizes they never should have thrown out the boiling water since she could have used it cook spaghetti It may seem like a small thing but that regret of throwing that heated water away – and the long wait for it mirror the course of the Hh’s road to commitment Later the heroine needs a spice for stew but no one is going to town and she has to improvise She finds the ranch has what she needs – juniper berries Another sign that she belongs on this land and not in townAnd speaking of using the resources of the land after the hero ran the heroine off the first time he felled trees and used the lumber to make an elaborate bedroom set It took him the three years the heroine was away He puts heroine in that bedroom and not in any other employee accommodations when she returns as the cook Hero is a destroyer but out of that destruction a new creation I don’t think the bed symbolism needs to be spelled out Heroine got a college degree in that time So their separation was not wastedAs my skeptical students used to say to me there is no way the author thought of all of this symbolism when she was writing this story And I would have to agree that for a first draft she probably didn’t But she certainly went back and refined the scenes she had already written Winninglosing a card game is a fun romance story trope that was used intelligently The isolated ranch was a great excuse for the hero not to love – but she elaborated on the symbolism of the ancestors and the meaning of the landscape Cooking has been used to prove a heroine’s mettle many times but there is rarely regret from both the Hh about throwing something valuable away And I don’t dare touch the meaning of the cherry cobbler she served for dessert So while I wasn’t swept away by this romance I have to give EL some mad props for writing a literary category with some meat Even the title is evocative and I think she must have had something to do with it most category authors do not name their stories – it’s the marketing people who come up with The Greek Billionaire’s Baby Secret Fire and Rain are opposites that extinguish one another but are also of evocative of passion hearth and home and uenching after a drought The characters do mention their fires during love making but the author doesn’t hit you over the head with itend English major fun

  2. Crista Crista says:

    5 stars Even after all these yearsI read this book back in January 1990 when it was first released under the Silhouette Desire line It was a favorite of mine the instant I read it and remarkably after just re reading it 25 years later it's STILL is a favorite of mineLuke MacKenzine the owner of the Rocking M ranch has had feelings for his best friend's little sister for what seems like forever The initial big brother feelings eventually morphed into an elemental physical and sexual attraction Luke fought these feelings with everything in him as he didn't want to ruin the friendship between he and his best friend Cash Mcueen and he wanted to keep Carla in his life if only from a distanceWhen in a matchmaking ploy Cash intentionally looses a card game with Luke that sends Carla to the Rocking M for a summer to cook and clean it's like lighting a match to a powder keg things are bound to explodeI love this book and series for so many reasons In this first book we are introduced to the secluded and yet remarkably beautiful Rocking M ranch that almost serves as another character in the book The descriptions of the land and the history of the Anasazi people added depth and life to an already remarkable love story I also enjoyed the everyday life descriptions of what daily life is like on a ranch Carla's cooking and cleaning for the men was at times hilarious and I never forgot Carla's first meal experience feeding a dozen hungry cowboysThe attraction and sexual tension between Carla and Luke is really off the charts and is what I remembered most about this book When Luke finally succumbs to his attraction and desire for Carla it is an absolutely beautifully written chapterThis book reads like a series title but it also has depth that was often times missing with Silhouette books There was a stubbornness in Luke that was very irritating but when he finally falls and realizes what he has and what he's been pushing away he holds on to Carla for what turns out to be a destined unionThere are few books that remain with my for the entirety of my life and this is one of them

  3. Jenny Jenny says:

    Carla has been in love with her brother's best friend Luke for ever Luke wants Carla but he is determined to push her away He doesn't want to fall in love or marrry and bring Carla to his ranch cause he believes such a life would make her unhappy Years ago Carla offered herself to Luke and he rejected her cruelly Now Carla is back from college and is determined to win Luke's heart Loved loved this book the way Luke fights his feelings for Carla when it's so obvious she is the love of his life the pain he goes through his jealousy his insecurity when he makes the rocking chair for her When Luke finally succumbs to his desire for Carla it melted my heart

  4. Alexis-Morgan Roark Alexis-Morgan Roark says:

    To me this one was not as good as the first and I really didn't enjoy the snippets of Case's life offered within its pages I wanted MORE and I wanted to know what happened with Ty and Janna TyJanna were barely glanced over and this just didnt seem right given the full treatment from the previous book It just didn't sit well with meI will say that Luke is uite yummy all big and hard and hairy What's not to like? Our heroine Carla should have kicked his butt to the curb and gone after TenBut she has loved Luke since she was a teenager and even though he did spurn her rather cruely true love does prevail in the end

  5. Corandra Corandra says:

    35 stars

  6. Zeek Zeek says:

    I loved these when they were category romances back in the day Doing a re read of the series right now to get reviews upWow Luke has gotta be one of the stubbornest sonofagun heroes I ever wanted to slap the back of a head on in a romance novel He loved Carla his best friends little sister desperately But he couldn't believe she'd ever want to stay on a ranch the rest of her life sure she'd run off like his mother and many Mackenzie women before her So he ran her off insteadBut she's back Now that she's finished school she wants both Luke and all that comes with him And he's helpless to resist her Now he's gotta learn to trust that she truly does want him AND the life they can build together on the Rocking M ranchBeside the sexual tension which these old books do well I like the setting and the characters that live on the ranch It's fun being part of their lives however overwrought they may be

  7. Rebecca Crowley Rebecca Crowley says:

    This is a classic old school romance that really hit the spot The formula is tried and tested for a reason virginal heroine overwhelmed by her passion emotionally unavailable hero with a heart of gold set on an isolated wild ranch full of Anasazi ruins What could be finer?Lowell's writing is florid and rich and although none of the swoony melodramatic dialogue is even within orbit of being realistic it's all the fantastic as a result This is an enjoyable glimpse into romance novel history with high drama and passion that stand the test of time

  8. Christine Christine says:

    I have been disappointed in these books in this series after the 1st book This was short ended abruptly and was too similar to all the other books after the 1st one

  9. Nikki Henton Nikki Henton says:

    One of my all time favorites I’ve reread this book several times Luke Mackenzie to me is the epitome of what a real man should be Tough on the outside and always does the right thing where he really wants to or not Oh and boots jeans Yum This book has always been a favorite I’ve read the whole series One regret WHY DIDN’T UTAH GET A STORY?? I would have loved that

  10. Cathy Cathy says:

    I can't remember when I first read this series but while I was cleaning out my bookshelves I decided to re read all 4 I'd call these books guilty pleasure reading Lots to like lots to dislike all carried along by interesting plot and great descriptions of the area

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