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The Riddles of Epsilon [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Riddles of Epsilon By Christine Morton-Shaw – Something dark has awoken on the remote island of LumeJess is not pleased when her parents drag her off to live on the weird little island of Lume But then she encounters an eerie presence in an aband Something dark has awoken on the remote island of LumeJess is not pleased when her parents drag her off to live on the weird little island of Lume But then she encounters an eerie presence in an abandoned cottage and The Riddles PDF/EPUB or her anger turns to fear when it begins to lead her through a series of creepy riddles As she slowly unravels the mysteries of Lume she finds the writings of Sebastian a boy who lived one hundred years ago and whose life contains unsettling reflections of her own To her horror the dangers he unearthed in now begin to threaten Jess and her family and if Jess does not unlock the riddles in time she may lose her mother forever.

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  1. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadToocomWhen she gets into some trouble at school Jess's parents think they have the perfect solution they'll move to Lume an island in the middle of nowhere She thinks there is absolutely nothing interesting about Lume until she discovers a derelict old cottage There's something creepy about the cottage some sort of presence that Jess can't describe It turns even weirder and scarier when that same presence shows up in her instant message conversations with no record of it on her computer This ghostly being whatever he is is soon revealed to be the owner of the cottage He calls himself Epsilon and he is leading Jess on a dark sort of treasure hunt where the treasure if she solves his riddles properly will be saving her mother The eerie uest mirrors that of Sebastian Wren a boy who lived in the same house and faced the same dangers a hundred years ago Can Jess succeed where Sebastian did not? This supernatural mysteryfantasy is certainly a suspenseful page turner but in the end it is uite forgettable It's a nice way to pass an afternoon The best part of the story is the heart pounding suspense It's great for that and it'll have you checking nervously over your shoulder at times It's even good enough for me to want to look for by Christine Morton Shaw but I might check it out of the library first rather than buying it

  2. Kristy Kristy says:

    I'm suprised this isn't popularIt's one of those books where you pretty much know how it's going to end yet you have clue what twists and turns you're going to have to take to get you there The nitty gritty slight spoiler's up aheadJess has moved to the island of Lume with her parents it is boring and small and just old She is bored She goes out walking and finds a cottage it is so run down she has to force her way into it She feels a strange yet comforting spirit inside She's creeped out but curious what the clues left for her mean She has to solve riddle after riddle about the island She doesn't know who to trust she only knows her mom is in danger that her mind has been consumed with something forcing her to collect sea shells and draw images and sketches of one lady all over the house She has her own spiritual guide in Epsilon but constanly battles with doubts of him Is he good or bad light or dark? Who is he really trying to help? Can she solve the ultimate riddle and save her mother? 35 stars and a reccomendation to all you looking for a good mystery YA with no romance

  3. Severa Severa says:


  4. Bec Frances Bec Frances says:

    This book gave me a major case of the hebe gebes No joke I seriously felt like someone was watching me while I read this bookMaybe it was EpsilonBesides the spookiness this book was AMAZING This book was probably written for me to be honest as it contains all my favourite things Favourite things1 Books set in the UK2 Riddles and poems especially creepy ones3 Treasure hunts4 Weird old ladies 5 Castles next to lakesAnd this book had them all D D D The only problem It's a stand alone No treasure hunts

  5. Emma Emma says:

    I checked this out from the library on a whim I liked the blurb and it seemed interesting Turns out it was a pretty good choice At first I was slightly put off by the narrator Jess' attitude And then I remembered what I was like at 14 Bratty bitchy and generally grumpy Her characterization was spot on for a 14 year old girl to act any differently after her parents forced her to move to a remote island would seem unrealistic and totally disingenuous Jess is an interesting protagonist She is headstrong and a true representation of the modern era When compared with some of the scenes from Sebastian's era it shows what a strong and valiant character she is I eventually grew to find Jess a lot tolerable and she proved to be an amazingly independent and tough character Her counterpart Sebastian isn't given as much screen time but he's still a strong character that tries so hard not to give in to temptation The plot of the book is shown in many different ways Through Jess' diary her instant message conversations Sebastian's diary pictures by Jess' mother and a letter from Sebastian's mother It was done really well and the two different eras complemented each other very well At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the addition of instant messages to the story And truthfully they added very little to it I can see how it was a method for Epsilon to communicate with Jess but I still found their online exchanges to be kind of odd and out of place Another thing that bothered me was the mythology of the story As it is very important to the plot as a whole I was kind of confused I think that there could have been a way better explanation of everyone's roles on the island Definitely confusing for me All in all I liked the book Not one of my all time faves but still very interesting for being a whim pick up 35 out of 5

  6. Jessica Sayers Jessica Sayers says:

    I was surprised by how suspenseful this was it was full of creepiness like leave the lights on look over your shoulder eerie I thought the story was pretty good and the code the protagonist Jessica had to decipher was a nice touch but the climax felt a little too easy and the last couple chapters following it seemed unnecessary The epilogue felt a bit tacked on like the author had some new idea and just had to add it in whether it made sense or not The same riddles and clues were repeated in nearly every chapter and that got uite tedious It's written in a pseudo diary style but I think it would have worked better if that had been dropped because it didn't seem diary like at all really it tried to be but it came off inconsistent and when you really think about it the way the entries are formatted didn't make much sense if you take into consideration that she would be writing them at the most inopportune moments she finds out she must desperately search for someone with no time to lose but wait let's write an entry about it first; she meets the Big Baddie does something wrong but still has time to write an entry before possible Impending Doom five seconds later Overall I know I'm pointing out all the flaws I found there to be but I actually did really enjoy it and found it hard to put down the suspense really is good and it seemed well thought out for the most part it's just not perfect especially if you look closely

  7. Zoe Zoe says:

    I began this particular book with than a dash of trepidation It was the last on the shelf at the school book sale so I took that as a 'sign' that I should give the book a try Let me say that I devoured the book in an afternoon and an all nighter I couldn't put it down; suspense mystery suspense again It's such a uniue story with uniue plot twists and pizazz that not many ya books have I have read a TON of ya books from all over the ya spectrum but Epsilon has always stuck out to me as a special one It's stayed with me since finishing it The story is one that gives you something to think on to digest The message is deep rooted in self spirituality and makes you stop and consider your life and meaning but not in an 'in your face' type of way Reading this book will take you on a journey of self discovery along with Jess and in the end you'll realize that the protagonist is not the only one that grew and changed

  8. Jackie Jackie says:

    This book's premise is pretty ridiculous but it was well written enough to keep me reading I guess I thought it would get better Though I enjoyed the writing and the clues about discovering what was going on the plot line of the dark beings and light beings and swans flying everywhere was just stupid I can't recommend this book to anyone Don't start it so you won't get sucked in like I did

  9. Sam Sam says:

    The Riddles of Epsilon was very interestingat times even a little spooky I enjoyed reading it a great deal and i have to admit that even I couldn't figure out the riddle untill the very end Good luck

  10. Byowlpost Byowlpost says:

    It's a very philosophical kind of book but not in a boring way It Delves into the corners of your mind and sends chills up your spine You can close your eyes and wind up in the middle of nowhere Definitely mysterious and awesome

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