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Courageous Women of the Vietnam War [EPUB] ✵ Courageous Women of the Vietnam War By Kathryn J. Atwood – 2019 Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People List One of just a handful of women reporting on the Vietnam War Kate Webb was captured by North Vietnamese troops and presumed dead—until sh Notable Social Studies Trade books for of the PDF ↠ Young People List One of just a handful of women reporting Courageous Women Kindle - on the Vietnam War Kate Webb was captured by North Vietnamese troops and presumed dead—until she emerged from the Women of the PDF É jungle waving a piece of white parachute material after days in captivity Le Ly Hayslip enjoyed a peaceful early childhood in a Vietnamese farming village before war changed her life forever Brutalized by all sides she escaped to the United States where she eventually founded two humanitarian organizations Lynda Van Devanter was an idealistic young nurse in when a plane carrying her and men landed in South Vietnam Her harrowing experiences working in a combat zone hospital would later serve as inspiration for the TV series China Beach  In these pages readers meet these and other brave women and girls who served in life threatening roles as medics journalists resisters and revolutionaries in the conflict in Vietnam Author Kathryn J Atwood presents a clear introduction to each of five chronological sections guiding readers through the social and political turmoil that spanned two decades and the tenure of five US presidents Each woman's story unfolds in a suspenseful engaging way incorporating plentiful original source materials uotes and photographs Resources for further study source notes and a bibliography and a helpful map and glossary round out this exploration of one of modern history's most divisive wars making it an invaluable addition to any student's or history buff's bookshelf.

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  1. BAM The Bibliomaniac BAM The Bibliomaniac says:

    Edelweiss #3Many thanks to Kathryn J Atwood Chicago Review Press and Edelweiss for the ARC in exchange for my unbiased review The women profiled in this book held various positions in Vietnam and were of different ages They are not all nurses or soldiers Some are Vietnamese The dynamics of the war were just as damaging to females and they didn't get any treatment or a welcome home either This book is not about proving the rightness or wrongness of the Vietnam War The women lived through hell on earth whether they chose to or had those choices foisted upon them Regardless there was a personal cost and these are those stories I have great admiration for these women However they chose to battle the inhumanity it took courage Atwood did a good job

  2. Marialyce Marialyce says:

    2 so disappointing starsI was so looking forward to reading this book and perhaps so much anticipation ruined what I thought would be a most enlightening and courageous read Perhaps much of the blame could be placed on the ARC I received which was ever so jumbled with notes interspersed among he story line making for confusion and an interruption to the poignant stories of these courageous women I have read a considerable amount of ARCs but this one was a mess sad to say The stories of these brave woman who risked their very lives helping those poor people not only fighting in Vietnam but also caught in the crossfire in a war many did not understand started and stopped abruptly There was so much missing in the details and one could not help but wanting information story relevant detailsTold through the lives of woman on both sides of this conflict was a wonderful concept I just wish it could have come together better Hopefully the editor will pull this together so that these women and their stories can be fully told Thank you to Kathryn J Atwood Chicago Review Press and Edelweiss for an advanced copy of this novel

  3. Staci Staci says:

    Very well written book Shows the courage of the women who served as nurses and journalists in the Vietnam war

  4. Chris Wolak Chris Wolak says:

    I’m a big fan of Kathryn J Atwood’s work She’s written several collective biographies of women who either insert themselves into or find themselves in the midst of a war zone or occupied territory Her books are written for a young adult audience but they’re good reading for adults as wellCourageous Women of the Vietnam War introduces the reader to the Vietnam War from a variety of perspectives Vietnamese French New Zealand Australian and American By including women from different backgrounds and countries of origin Atwood is able to show how international this war in a relatively small country wasAtwood organizes this book chronologically in five partsPart 1 — 1945 1956 Ho Chi Minh’s RevolutionWomen featured Xuan Phuong and Geneviève de GalardPart II –1957 1964 Ngo Dinh Diem’s Civil WarWomen featured Le Ly Hayslip and Bobbi HovisPart III — 1965 1968 Lyndon B Johnson’s American WarWomen featured Kay Wilhelmy Bauer Jurate Kazickas and Iris Mary RoserPart IV — 1969 1970 Richard M Nixon’s “Peace”Women featured Anne Koch Dang Thuy Tram and Lynda Van DevanterPart V — 1971 1975 Endings and BeginningsWomen featured Kate Webb Joan Baez Tracy Wood and Kim PhucThe Vietnam War has always been a rather murky mess in my mind I haven’t read a history of the war but I have read a few novels written by veterans who experienced combat there The two that immediately come to mind are Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes and Fields of Fire by James Webb I’ve read memoirs too such as Ron Kovic’s Born on the Fourth of July and Hurricane Street but I’ve never attempted a study of this war Is it because it’s too close and still seems like current events? Is it because it was such a complex war and I have no clue where to start? World War I and World War II were no doubt complex wars but perhaps distance has given us entrenched narratives that are easier to follow?I don’t know but I do know that Atwood’s book has given me an organized overview of the war as a whole and some idea of the significant twists and turns it took over the decades There’s a map of Vietnam and the countries at its borders with arrows outlining the Ho Chi Minh Trail Scattered throughout are photos of each woman and sidebars that explain important concepts or events like Communism PTSD the POWs of Dien Bien Phu and Agent Orange Resources to learn are at the end of each chapterThe heart of this book however is the women that Atwood is writing about There’s certainly a need for books about women and war especially for young adults And although it’s not easy to read about war there’s something refreshing about reading about a war from a variety of perspectives not just the victors or the warriorsIt was fascinating to learn about how life has turned out for Kim Phuc who was famously photographed when she was 9 years old running naked from the flames of Napalm And then there’s the case of Kay Wilhelmy Bauer who served as a nurse in the Navy in Guam and Japan before heading to Vietnam After her service in Vietnam Bauer worked as a Navy recruiter in Minnesota and was targeted by anti war protestors Her office was bombed Then the house next to hers was destroyed by another bomb that killed the inhabitants a case of the wrong house being targeted My image of anti war protestors is hippy teens putting flowers in rifle muzzles not domestic terrorists bombing buildingsThere’s a lot to learn and Atwood’s book is a great place to start for adults both young and older I imagine it will fill a big gap in the libraries of those who may have read a lot about the war but not much about women’s contributions and experiencesA version of this review was originally posted on my blog

  5. Heidi Heidi says:

    The collection of stories included in this book includes a nice variety of experiences It's clear the author worked hard to gather information on the lives of many women who experienced Vietnam in some way The stories included range from civilians and victims to nurses reporters volunteers a North Vietnamese surgeon and even a war protester This provided me with a variety of different perspectives on the war and the experiences these women had Many of the stories are heartbreaking in the suffering and destruction these women witnessed or were a part of directly or indirectly No one could read these stories and remain untouched by the horribleness of war The ladies themselves hadhave different views on the rightness and wrongness of the war and while the author includes these views she doesn't try to say who is right or wrong She simply tells the stories As I looked at the notes and references and suggested resources I was pleased to see so many primary sources listed Many of the women who are included in the book have told their own stories elsewhere making this book a jumping off point for those who want to learn This book is a valuable resource for those who want to look at the historical experiences of an often overlooked group of war veteranssurvivors

  6. Jimmy Jimmy says:

    In the year 40 CE two women Trung Trac and Trung Nhi became legends in Vietnamese history by leading a military victory against the brutal occupation by China Trac's husband was beheaded for attempting to do the same Two hundred years later Trieu Au led an army of 1000 men against the Chinese When asked why she responded I want to rail against the wind and the tide kill the whales in the sea sweep the whole country to save the people from slavery and I refused to be abused All the stuff of legend Xuan Phuong by Xuan PhuongGenevieve de Galard by Geneviève de Galard Le Ly Hayslip by Le Ly Hayslip by Le Ly Hayslip Bobbi Hovis by Bobbi Hovis Kay Wilhelmy Bauer She helped establish a PTSD program especially for female nurses who served in Vietnam Jurate Kazickas by Joyce Hoffmann by Tad Bartimus Iris Mary Roser by Iris Mary RoserAnne Koch by Keith Walker Dang Thuy Tram by Đặng Thùy Trâm by Karen Gottschang Turner by Christian G Appy by David Chanoff Lynda Van Devanter by Lynda Van Devanter by Winnie Smith by Sharon Wildwind Kate Webb by Kate Webb by Tad Bartimus Joan Baez by Joan Baez by Joan Baez Her vinyl album of poetry and singing is called Where Are You Now My Son? against a backdrop of sounds recorded in Hanoi during the 1972 Christmas bombings Tracy Wood by Alvin Townley by Tad Bartimus Kim Phuc by Kim Phuc Phan Thi by Denise Chong The Kim Phuc Foundation Helping Children of War

  7. Alex Baugh Alex Baugh says:

    Vietnam is like a huge jigsaw puzzle where none of the pieces fitToday I digress from WWII March is Women's History Month and today is International Women's Day a time for celebrating women and their achievements In this book about women in Vietnam Kathryn Atwood not only presents the reader with some incredibly brave women but uses their accomplishments to fit the puzzle pieces together to form a whole picture of the events to shaped Vietnam between 1945 and 1975 Organized into five distinct chronological parts each part gives a brief history detailing the political events that were occurring both within and outside Vietnam's borders pivotal events that were often the result of the actions of outsiders first the French and later the Americans This political history is seen through the lens of the fourteen brave women profiled These are women who came from different backgrounds Vietnamese American French Australian and New Zealand and each for their own reasons Who were these amazing women?One example is Geneviève de Galard who came from a long line of French ancestors that had always proudly served in the military In 1953 at 27 she followed in their footsteps as a military nurse and part of an evacuation team that transported wounded soldiers from remote parts of Indochina to Saigon and Paris On one mission to Dien Bien Phu surrounded by Vietminh artillery assaults Geneviève realized she would be on the ground indefinitely helping to care for the wounded where she was in a way a mother a sister a friend as well as a nurse Almost as soon as US Navy nurse Bobbi Hovis received her orders in 1963 she was on a plane heading to Saigon There Bobbi and other medical personnel spent their days turning a filthy rickety apartment building into a hospital As wounded arrived improvisation became a way of life In November 1963 a coup to overthrow South Vietnam's unpopular leader Ngo Dinh Diem began then later that month the news of President Kennedy's assassination was announced Fighting in Saigon increased with the threat of killing two Americans a day and in February the VietCong bombed Bobbi's favorite movie theater But it was the photo of a dead soldier's wife and children that finally made Bobbi realize she had had enough New Zealander Kate Webb decided to go to Vietnam as a journalist because it was simply the biggest story going and she didn't understand it Beginning as a freelance reporter in Saigon Kate wrote about things that interested her spending time with the Army of the Republic of Vietnam ARVN Eventually she made her way to the Cambodian border where the US allied Khmer Republic had just been put in place But the Cambodian communists the Khmer Rouge were also becoming stronger and soon a civil war broke out Kate covered the fighting and when it was over found herself along with other reporters and cameramen prisoners of the NVA North Vietnamese Army Marched northward starved lacking water regularly interrogated tortured and expecting to be killed at any moment Kate survived her 23 day capture but not without serious PTSDYou may not recognize the name Kim Phuc but most likely you know who she is On June 8 1972 Kim's family had taken refuge in a temple with others when bombs filled with napalm were dropped Kim's clothing and body were burned by the napalm from a second bomb and photographer Nick Ut captured her running away naked and screaming in pain Kim's photo made history but not her years of pain and recovery Year's later she became the pawn of a communist official named Hai Tam who used her to lure western journalists with the promise of an interview and forcing Kim to leave medical school Eventually Kim did get away from Hai Tam married and lives in Canada I tend to avoid books about the Vietnam War It was always so confusing and there was so much controversy surrounding it in the United States between supporters and protesters it just seemed easier to ignore So I have to admit I approached this book with some trepidation What I found is a well crafted book about women of courage And not all of them were on the side of South Vietnam nor were they all pro war All of their stories are fascinating and include what later became of them after they left Vietnam Kim Pfuc's story is a good example of that so is that of the navy nurse Kay Wilhelmy Bauer who worked as a recruiter when she returned home Kay indirectly survived the war when her neighbor's house was bombed by protesters killing the people who lived there by mistake I was particularly happy to see Joan Baez included Her political songs and visit to Vietnam may have been popular with anti war protesters but some veterans felt she had contributed to the terrible treatment they experienced when they returned home from Vietnam As she told them it was the war not the veterans she was against This proved to be an important lesson about distinction to learn when the US entered future wars not of the soldiers making The great thing about Courageous Women of the Vietnam War and in fact all of Kathryn Atwood's books are that they are not young reader editions of adult books They are first and foremost written for young adults so that they read smoothly but without talking down to the reader Unfamiliar terms are clearly explained and the intros to each part of the story make the complicated Vietnam War understandable There is a map at the beginning of the book which is always helpful and I found myself referring to it than once Back matter includes a Glossary Notes and an excellent BibliographyIn her Introduction Atwood writes that when women volunteer to participate in a war they exhibit a particular kind of courage to face not only the dangers of battle but also the negative opinions perhaps even their own of those who don't believe them capable of enduring war's grueling difficulties pg 5 As you read these 14 amazing stories I think you will see that particular kind of courage present in each one of them This book is recommended for readers age 13This book was sent to me by the publisher Chicago Review Press

  8. Charity Tahmaseb Charity Tahmaseb says:

    This book by Kathryn Atwood is part of the Women of Action series from Chicago Review PressAlthough I was very young at the time I remember the Vietnam war But I have a child's memory of that war We never learned about it in school because it wasn't uite history yet Certainly we knew all about it right?Well perhaps Perhaps not As I said my view of it is filtered just as my view of Desert Storm will always be filtered through the lens of riding in an M577 tracked vehicle a pair of headphones on my head as we bounced up and over the berm between Saudi Arabia and Ira What was everyone else doing? I have no ideaI may never fill in those gaps but I was amazed at how much I learned about the Vietnam war One of the things I appreciated about this book was how it was organized into five parts Each part covered significant events taking place during those years with corresponding storiesPart 1 1945 1956 Ho Chi Minh’s RevolutionWomen's stories Xuan Phuong and Geneviève de GalardPart II 1957 1964 Ngo Dinh Diem’s Civil WarWomen's Stories Le Ly Hayslip and Bobbi HovisPart III 1965 1968 Lyndon B Johnson’s American WarWomen's stories Kay Wilhelmy Bauer Jurate Kazickas and Iris Mary RoserPart IV 1969 1970 Richard M Nixon’s “Peace”Women's stories Anne Koch Dang Thuy Tram and Lynda Van DevanterPart V 1971 1975 Endings and BeginningsWomen's stories Kate Webb Joan Baez Tracy Wood and Kim PhucReading the history in parts followed by each woman's story allowed me to really get a sense for not only the big picture but how these big events impacted the lives of everyday women from all walks of life and all sides of the conflictThe prose is as always with Kathryn's books accessible and a pleasure to read Technically this is a young adult nonfiction book but it's such a great resource for anyone writer student teacher homeschooler historian Like other books in the series this one includes extensive notes bibliography and one of my favorite features the Learn More section at the end of each woman's storyThanks to the author and Chicago Review Press for the review copy of this book

  9. Tiffany Spano Tiffany Spano says:

    This is a well researched and compelling book I bought it for my niece because I wanted her to read about courageous women I felt inspired by it too

  10. Viktoriya Viktoriya says:

    Read this book in one sitting It is an important book and I appreciated the fact that the author didn't concentrate on American women only She included stories of a French servicewoman an Australian a New Zealander and a few Vietnamese women as well from both sides of the fence

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