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Case of the Vanishing Beauty ➽ [Download] ✤ Case of the Vanishing Beauty By Richard S. Prather ➲ – One Beauty vanished from sight Another dead in a hail of bullets Would the lovely Lina be next Even here in the drizzly rain outside the El Cuchillo she was hotter than a welder's torch Here's your ch the Vanishing Epub µ One Beauty vanished from sight Another dead in a hail of bullets Would the lovely Lina be next Even here in the drizzly rain outside the El Cuchillo she was hotter than a welder's torch Here's your chance to meet Shell Scott the sharpest Private Eye you've ever known the darling of all dames the envy of all guys.

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  1. James Thane James Thane says:

    First published in 1950 this short novel introduced Shell Scott a private investigator in the old classic pulp mold He's a man's man who is also naturally irresistible to women the kind of a guy who eats a two inch thick steak for breakfast who keeps a bottle of whiskey in the office desk drawer who's uick on his feet and who's a tough guy to fight againstThe book opens when a naturally beautiful woman named Georgia Martin appears in Scott's office and hires him to accompany her to a night club She won't say why she wants Scott to escort her but he learns pretty uickly that Georgia is looking for her younger sister Tracy who is missing The floor show at the club involves a knife throwing act The target is a very sexy Latin woman who is naturally immediately attracted to our intrepid hero There are also some gangsters lurking about and the woman who runs the place is an interesting piece of workThings happen as they must in a book like this and soon the game is on The whole thing is pretty preposterous but a fair amount of fun just the same The book reflects the attitudes of the post World War II era and so if you're uncomfortable with a book in which women are often treated like dames and where the racial assumptions of the era were different than those of our own then this might not be the book for you If on the other hand you enjoy the occasional stroll down memory lane back to a time when pulp novels like this could be found on the spinning racks of virtually any drugstore or news stand this can be a very enjoyable way to waste a couple of hours some evening

  2. Benjamin Thomas Benjamin Thomas says:

    Private detective Shell Scott is hired by a lady named Georgia Martin to help her locate her missing sister But shortly after his investigation begins Georgia is shot and killed her last words being “I killedNarda” The case rapidly changes from a missing persons case to a mystery over who or what is “Narda” His investigation takes him to a Spanish nightclub a knife throwing act an illegal drug scheme and into the inner sanctum of a religious cultThis is the first book in the Shell Scott series but it doesn’t read like that I’ve not read any others in the series but I suspect that they can be read in any order Notably this series was among the most commercially successful private eye series in the 1950s but has been largely written off these days as adolescent or even hackwork That’s too bad because if this novel is an accurate example they are a hootShell Scott is a hard working tough talking no nonsense sort of PI working the mean streets of LA But unlike a lot of similar classic pulp characters in the 1950s 60s he actually seems to enjoy himself His life is not filled with angst Instead of drowning his sorrows in bourbon he looks forward to the next fun thing whether it be a case or a babe or teasing his best friend an honest LA cop who is the prime beneficiary of Shell’s successThe writing is fun and fairly typical of the genre at the time Lots of creative prose and one liners to compliment the action Shell is fully capable of extreme violence when necessary and isn’t afraid to bring lethal force when called for But at the same time his sunny disposition and sense of humor is a welcome alternative to the arena of hard boiled PIsLooking forward to reading of these books

  3. Malum Malum says:

    Shell Scott is a tough talking private eye that looks like a busted up hunk of meat and yet the ladies can't resist him In other words he is a discount Mike Hammer that is a little sane than his unhinged counterpart He even has a cop buddy just like Hammer With a crazy cast of characters a cult leader a gross nightclub owner and a Spanish knife thrower to name a few this was a serviceable noir mystery that fans of the genre and particularly Spillane fans will enjoy

  4. Rob Smith, Jr. Rob Smith, Jr. says:

    This was is marked as the first of the Shell Scoot series and starts off with what would become a common bad guy especially with a California setting the religious cult This book should be compared to the others in that the others followed after this onePrather again does a terrific job creating characters and wonderful job with settings which are again critical to the story There are the later standard well built women and shoot outs but the religious angle and what it connects to is very nicely done and better than others would do in the futureThis is another very well done story wrapped in 160 pages with better depth than most 350 page 999 books todayBottom line I recommend this book 9 out of ten points

  5. Harley Bennett Harley Bennett says:

    Tracy Martin disappeared Her sister Georgia hired Private eye Shell Scott to find Tracy Georgia is murdered Scott is the next target Somewhere there's a connection between a Spanish nightclub in Los Angeles and a religious cult Fast paced action and a complicated mystery makes this book a good read

  6. Jeff Jeff says:

    Great hardboiled detective yarn that established Shell Scott as the west coast Mike Hammer Recommended by anyone who loves the GM PBOs from the 50s and 60s I loved it

  7. Cullen Gallagher Cullen Gallagher says:

    Prather's first novel is a self conscious engagement with the Private Detective genre He is constantly winking at the audience asking them What would you do? often in defense of him kissing a woman and acting like a caricature of the hardboiled detectives of the 1930s immortalized by Hammett and Chandler Fast funny violent Prather loves to indulge in bloody bullet wounds and suashed heads and highly entertaining Prime pulp

  8. Randy Randy says:

    The first published Shell Scott novelGeorgia Martin hires Shell to be her escort and help look for her missing sister Tracy Then she's hit later that evening by a hail of bullets Her dying words are I killedNardaNarda a leader of a small religious cult turns up alive though and Shell is off to find out what's going on never forgetting about the still missing Tracy

  9. Dave Dave says:

    I found the story characters and action all very “meh” and forgettable That being said the novel contains what has become one of my new Top Five Favorite Noir Lines “She looked like the kiss of death with halitosis and no lipstick” I wish the entire book had been filled with fun lines like that

  10. Deb Deb says:

    Read this because Lawrence Block recommended it Was not disappointed in the least Am now looking forward to the rest of the series Yes Shell Scott is in many ways a stereotypical private investigator What makes the book a joy is the writing crisp clean and rollicking along

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