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    Science The thing that stands out in this book is its focus on real science Quantum Space puts the science in science fiction marketing, ha A lot of Quantum Space is pretty typical for a sci fi book It s characters are pretty flat Human interaction, meh That isn t the emphasis here The plot and the writing are okay The plot is interesting, but I kept waiting for the suspense and action to slip into a higher gear, and it never really happens.Author Douglas Phillips is definitely a nerd For real Much of the book takes place at Fermi Lab right here in Illinois woot The writing is a little weak in spots, but the science and the tech is strong His description of quantum mechanics, the standard model, and how the book uses it for space travel and communication is really interesting I learned gasp He deftly describes why we haven t heard from ET yet Sorry, Carl Sagan Read this nerdy quote and weep.QOTD Which brings me to the main premise of the book The chance that humans are ever going to communicate with alien civilizations using radio communication is slim, maybe none Sorry, SETI, but you re not likely to hear anything ever.Nobody is...

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    Good science thriller and although I know next to nothing about quantum physics mechanics it was still an enjoyable read Author ends by explaining what is fact based and what he pulled out of his imagination.7 10

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    One of those books that comes out of nowhere having not heard of the author or book I was engrossed in this Sci fi mystery thriller and I thought the science was beautifully explained.

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    Beaucoup de notions de physique et une extrapolation sur le voyage dans l espace non plus la vitesse de la lumi re mais mes yeux de profane par la magie quantique Ce premier opus sert poser les bases de l extraordinaire d couverte Les personnages sont par contre tr s st r otyp s et peu attachants malgr leurs enthousiasmes, tellement brillants qu ils en deviennent peu cr dibles Quelques imbroglios politiques et financiers pimentent le r cit Reste mes yeux la d couverte du Core porte ouverte ou sentinelle sur de nouvelles civilisations alien Un premier tome qui malgr la froideur des arguments scientifiques ouvre la porte plus de SF Je lirai la suite pour voir quelle direction l auteur prendra et s il saura d velopper des perso...

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    Began hopeless, Ending with applauseI am usually suspicious of books by authors I don t know something about Time is precious, you know But Doug Phillips invited me to this story and sustained my interest, completely Marvelous storytelling I ve been reading science fiction sinc...

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    Marvelous bookThis was undoubtedly the most mind boggling science fiction book I have ever read I could not put it down.

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    Entertaining, but occasionally scientifically inaccurate and clich ridden Still, a nice piece of nerd prose.

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    Intrepid male investigator see most any Dan Brown novel works with multiple women in different capacities attempting to solve a mystery The author may have intended to showcase women in roles of leadership and technical prowess, but fails to bring those women to life The most well drawn is a genius physicist, programming mage, black, beautiful, with ballet training, who hangs on nearly every word of the hero investigator For his part, he s attractive to women, but doesn t know it.Our hero is on the scene with the full backing of the President, which doesn t have the same ring it had in the prior century Alert to authors Give up that device Fortunately, we have an evil corporation on hand to balance out that weakness.Unlike those Dan Brown novels, there is no traipsing about interesting European locales events unfold mostly in lab or office settings Through sheer cleverness, lots of talking and forgoing of sleep, world changing information is revealed The novel is replete with long tutorials on quantum physics, string theory and the author s own fantasy physics The story becomes improbable with each chapter Dialog often is well less than convincing.The fantasy physics doesn t hold together in my estimation I kept being distracted by thoughts of how things could possibly work, for example the WiFi connection Pure geek on my part, but as it has been called by some an excellent hard SF novel, the con...

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    My reaction to it reminds me of The Gods Themselves by Asimov I just graduated with a degree in physics and really enjoyed what the author did with the current knowledge of today I haven t read any hard sci fi like this in a while A lot of it either doesn t imagine enough beyond what we already know, or it it s about using engineering terminology This book, though, was appropriately categorized as such I loved the concept of expanding the extra spatial dimensions of string theory to compress ordinary spacetime it fits into the picture of the universe painted by the various conservation laws and symmetry quite nicely Like most hard sci fi books, the characters weren t very me...

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    Excellent book Balanced Sci fiIt s not easy to find find a Sci fi book that balances the two parts of the genre Usually they mostly focus on the fiction and action sides and leave the reader scratching for the few crumbs of science offered in the plot While some people would prefer the action fantasy packed cases, I absolutely go for those that provide science divulgation as well This is absolutely one of the latter I enjoyed this book from the first pa...

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Quantum Space (Quantum, #1) This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN B06ZY9T5Y5.If You Liked The Authenticity Of The Martian, The Page Turning Pace Of Da Vinci Code, And The Inspirational World View Of Arthur C Clarke, You Ll Love Quantum Space.High Above The Windswept Plains Of Kazakhstan, Three Astronauts On Board A Russian Soyuz Capsule Begin Their Reentry A Strange Shimmer In The Atmosphere, A Blinding Flash Of Light, And The Capsule Vanishes In A Blink As Though It Never Existed.On The Ground, Evidence Points To A Catastrophic Failure, But A Communications Facility Halfway Around The World Picks Up A Transmission That Could Be One Of The Astronauts Tragedy Averted, Or Merely Delayed A Classified Government Project On The Cutting Edge Of Particle Physics Holds The Clues, And With Lives On The Line, There Is Little Time To Waste.Daniel Rice Is A Government Science Investigator Marie Kendrick Is A NASA Operations Analyst Together, They Must Track Down The Cause Of The Most Bizarre Event In The History Of Human Spaceflight They Draw On Scientific Strengths As They Plunge Into The Strange World Of Quantum Physics, With Impacts Not Only To The Missing Astronauts, But To The Entire Human Race.