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Heroines Hellions [Reading] ➿ Heroines Hellions Author Margo Bond Collins – NO DAMSELS ALLOWED22 Kickass Heroines22 Exclusive Full length Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Novels0 Damsels in DistressDo you like your leading ladies to save the dayor raze itNo matter which you prefer t NO DAMSELS ALLOWED Kickass Heroines Exclusive Full length Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Novels Damsels in DistressDo you like your leading ladies to save the dayor raze itNo matter which you prefer this set is brimming with magical stories many BRAND NEW told by some of the leading voices of urban fantasy and fantasy in the industry including several New York Times and USA Today bestselling authorsIf you want strong female leads who strike back against the captivating worlds of vampires elementals fiends and paranormal monsters then you're ready to charge into the adventures of Heroines Hellions a pure Urban FantasyFantasy collectionGrab your stake silver bullets and your limited edition copy of HEROINES HELLIONS todayNew York Times bestselling authors Margo Bond Collins Erin Hayes New York Times bestselling author Monica Corwin New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak Award Winning author Bec McMaster USA Today bestselling author Heather Marie Adkins USA Today bestselling author Jade Kerrion USA Today bestselling author SJ Davis Award Winning author Rene Folsom USA Today bestselling author Michelle Hercules LJ Andrews Louisa Klein USA Today bestselling author Melle Amade Award Winning author Ashley C Harris Award Winning author Kim Cleary Writer's Digest Award Winning Author Maria Monroe Christina Walker USA Today bestselling author Alex OwensAward Winning author DD MiersAward Winning author Gina A WatsonUSA Today bestselling author Ash Krafton Elise MarionAward Winning author Carly Fall.

10 thoughts on “Heroines Hellions

  1. Crystal Crystal says:

    Definitely a collection worth reading if you love Urban Fantasy and Paranormal stories The heroines in this series aren't your normal whiny heroines waiting for someone to assist them They kick serious a all on there own I admit some of the stories I had to skim past because they aren't a story I can get in it has nothing to do with the writing or anything like that just the topic I like the fact that most had a preface so I could skip the ones I didn't want to read and settle in with the rest There are some serious stars in this boxed set People like Margo Bond Collins and Heather Marie Adkins Made it easy for me to decide to purchase knowing I would love most if not all of the stories set forth I will point out that because of the publisher posting they are closing doors some of the authors did not have enough time to finish their stories but they have posted links for a form to fill out to get the whole story sent to you for free when it's ready That was a huge plus for me that these authors are going to finish and send them to their readers

  2. Melody Spencer Melody Spencer says:

    Jan6th 2018 I purchased this boxed set solely to read Melanie Karsak’s “Wolves and Daggers” story and as always was pleasantly surprised with how well the author has written this wonderful steampunk Red Cape Society story I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish I would give this story 45 stars

  3. Michelle Willms Michelle Willms says:

    It's hard for me to even decide where to begin discussing the issues with this box set First by far the biggest issue was the overall lack of editing There were some stories that were so poorly edited they were virtually unreadable Others were simply poorly written overall I actually had to skip 4 stories in the book because they were just not what I'd consider of suitable uality to include in a set that is a supposed to be a bestseller This collection is also billed as urban fantasy and fantasy There was perhaps ONE tale that would have ualified as urban fantasy Most to me were primarily paranormal romance There were a few fantasy romance I purchased the collection hoping that the authors would include something portraying strong women kicking butt and taking names WITHOUT wasting time on romance as one would think by urban fantasy Alas such women were very fewSeveral promised stories weren't included in the collection because the set went to press too soon for the authors to complete their work In MOST cases the authors stated they'd send the story to the reader later and they provided a link no author subscription was needed for the reader to give an email address One link didn't work no alternative was provided Another author took the opportunity to reuire readers to subscribe to her newsletter in order to get the book that had already been paid for by purchasing the box set If you want HER missing book you'll have to subscribe to her newsletter Out of the entire 22 or so novels that were supposed to be included in the book there were 4 that were really good I had to force myself to finish the set I'm not sure I want to buy another box set after this experience I wasted hours reading inferior poorly edited material when I could have been reading great material by known authors

  4. J.E. Feldman J.E. Feldman says:

    This is an amazing collection of stories I thoroughly enjoyed them especially Gina Watson's You can tell she took a lot of time researching sword fighting to be able to pull off the vivid details These are all well worth the read The onlycomplaint I have are the multiple spelling errors I came across while reading these stories They were simple and should have been caught by the editor s

  5. Mary Holbert Mary Holbert says:

    These are not all full length books some are barely a short story Several authors noted that the publish date was pushed up and they didn't get the story finished or substituted a different story

  6. Karen Thompson Karen Thompson says:

    Half an anthologyThe stories were good At least what I saw of them More than half were incomplete Due to time restraints Many of the incomplete ones offered links to get the rest of the manuscript More than half of which did not workI don't know why they couldn't postpone publication until the book was actually ready but they should have

  7. Penny Penny says:

    This is a great new set I will admit I haven’t read every story in the set but I read most of the ones by authors I know Margo Bond CollinsErin Hayes Monica Corwin Heather Marie Adkins and Jade Kerrion I read a couple of new authors Ash Krafton and Melle Amade I really really enjoyed every one There was great writing and great action And I was captivated with each one One wasn’t complete but there was a form to fill out to get the complete book and I can’t wait to read the rest I don’t usually review each book in a set which brings me to my next point One of the things I say that is most important to me is that the sets are usually 99 cents You can’t go wrong with 99 cents There’s nothing you can buy for that price any and still get hours of fun If you have bought each one separately it would have been a lot Give this set a try; you won’t regret it Highly recommend

  8. The Mysterious Reader The Mysterious Reader says:

    I usually buy these sort of anthologies if they have two or three stories by authors I trust Heroines Hellions clobbers that reuirement into tiny pieces All of its 22 stories are full of the sort of kick a heroines I adore and among those are six contributions from authors who are than simply trusted; they’re masters of the craft who have consistently put out stories that wind up in my list of faves These are Margo Bond Collins Erin Hayes “Chains of Iron and Silver” a new Blaise Silver adventure the last one being “Hell’s Silver Bells” in the Mistletoe Mischief anthology; this time helping her cousin Cassidy after one of her boyfriends you read that right is kidnapped by a werewolf Monica Corwin “On a Red Horse” a crazy mix of Greek and Norse etc mythology with an interesting take on Hades and my new fave power couple in leads Tyr and Scarlet Melanie Karsak “Wolves and Daggers” a steampunk Red Riding Hood tale need I say ok how about Red Cape Society Agent Clemeny Louvel investigating investigating the disappearance of London’s brightest tinkers and alchemists along with a werewolf partner forced down on her by ueen Victoria Jade Kerrion “Xin” a new Double Helix story yaay here it’s NSA analyst Mu Xin the clone of a Shang dynasty ueen coming to the rescue after a designer drug with terrifying side effects is unleashed threatening the peace between China and America Melle Amade shifter Davin seeking vengeance after her entire cabal is disseminated and last but by no means least LJ Andrews Marked in Shadow’s Keep; is Laney cursed as the superstitious people in her torn believe or does she have powers that will save them all Frankly you’d be getting the deal if the decade buying this collection just for those 6 stories “But wait there’s ”16 other tales that I’m just starting to dig into now and oh boy are they fun tooVery highly recommended

  9. Teri Teri says:

    ok yes I read a whole lot but even I haven't finished all of the books in this set Although I do have to admit a few of them mention they are offering an additional book if you contact them for one reason or another Any way I have read a few of the books because I love the artist and couldn't wait and overall I am in love with this set The merging of the minds of Margo Bond Collin and Erin Hayes which starts off the box set which by the way was a wonderful story I do hope we get of these two cousins who defy all of the limits and rules of society but are definitely kick a take no prisoners type of gals especially where their loved ones are concerned Monica Corwin and her take on the gods of the apocalypse the red horse of war and her husband I love the different characters and their parts in the storyThe secrets and bed of lies in Dark Crown by Melle Amade who always gives us a story with many layers and loads action This is a great story can't wait to see where she takes this storyI love elemental stories and Michelle Hercules brings a great one to the table with mysteries goings on and forgotten memories protectors a short teas of to comeThe powerful story Marked in Shadows Keep by LJ Andrews who is an amazing writer and whose stories are always full of excitement and super intense with Finn and Lane a great story that hints there's to comeThat's it so far I will get back for plus get the additional reads promised by some of the authors

  10. Twinsie Talk Angie J Twinsie Talk Angie J says:

    35 but rounded upCheck out this review and others atwwwTwinsietalkcomwwwFacebookcomTwinsietalkwwwTwittercomTwinsietalkwwwTsucoTwinsietalkwwwinstagramcomtwinsietalkNewsletter City Stalker by Maria MonroeI purchased this bookI have previously read Maria Monroe so I read her story in this set I have loved her other UFApocalyptical books and figured this would be another hit for meThis story is about Thea who catches Chupacabra type creatures who are causing havoc in our human streets She works for Marcus at the Center He tells her where to go and what to catch He studies them and then releases them back to their home landor does he ???One day Marcus tells Thea to go and follow a bad humanoid vampire who is draining people dry and stealing their soullife essence When Foster and Thea bump into each other the sparks fly The two begin to work together in and outta the bedroom wink They soon discover that there is to the Center then even they both realizedLeon was a great side character His banter with Thea was really funny I also loved Thea’s one bestie Fay She made Thea get in touch with her “girlie” side and that was nice to see this sassy kick ass chick getting a make over while chatting over life Thea really needs an outlet that isn’t all violenceSo my favorite part of the book was when Foster goes as the jealous stalker when Thea was on a bind date SO funny and hawt But when Thea gets jealous of the mermaidyes friends mermaidwas pretty great reading too

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