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  • 13 May 2015

10 thoughts on “What She Doesnt Know

  1. Sue Sue says:

    WHAT SHE DOESN’T KNOW is a twisted psychological thriller by author Andrew E Kaufman Having LOVED his last book Twisted I jumped at reading this one This novel has something for everyone; short chapters a fast paced novel with an abundance of twists and turns to keep the reader occupied and a mystery puzzle to keep the reader guessing until the end Before I give my review of the novel I want to congratulate Andrew E Kaufman on his determination and strength to finish this novel after suffering a car accident to then find out you have cancer and later a cerebral stroke Many thanks to Mr Kaufman for finishing the novel and providing the reader with many hours of enjoyment How far can you push an obsession before paying the ultimate price?Riley Harper walks out of Glendale Psychiatric Hospital a free woman Many years ago she had been the suspect in a murder investigation that destroyed her life and sent her into a psychiatric facility to avoid a retrial Riley’s younger sister Erin a defence attorney is there to greet her when she is released from the facility Riley claims she can’t remember what she was doing during murder Now after being released all she wants is a fresh start but she immediately realises she will always be labelled guilty in the eyes of the public And soon after being released Riley becomes obsessed on her new neighbour’s rich lifestyle She can’t stop watching Samantha Light But just who is stalking who?Samantha is crazy and dangerous and trying to destroy Riley’s lifeand she could kill herIn this intense psychological thriller from Andrew E Kaufman author of Twisted a woman besieged by her past spins deeper into turmoil and down a slope that may lead her to madnessWhile reading this novel the reader is not sure what is real and what is just in Riley’s head It is only in the last uarter of the novel that the suspense and tension heightens and things come together to reach the final outcome I found the middle of the book a little slow and the ending was a little rushed but the short chapters and engaging characters kept me on the edge of my seat and kept me guessing the whole time Did I enjoy it as much as “Twisted”? No but I am waiting for this talented author’s next novel Many thanks to Thomas Mercer via NetGalley for my copy

  2. Malina Skrobosinski Malina Skrobosinski says:

    First off I would like to take a moment and acknowledge what an accomplishment this must have been for Andrew E Kaufman after suffering a near fatal accident and then finding out you have cancer and only later to suffer from a cerebral stroke This would have taken the wind out of many of peoples sails but for Mr Kaufman his devotion to writing and to his fans helped him through the storm So a big thank you is owed to Mr Kaufman for continuing to provide us with his creative captivating pieces of work With What She Doesn't Know you will get the usual twisted bewildering fragmented storyline you've come to expect from Mr Kaufman Only in this case fragmented isn't a good thing because it doesn't uite come together as well in the end as it has in his past novels One could speculate that it's the plot itself that doesn't uite pull it together while others may say it's the overall character development that doesn't uite sell it I myself probably fall within the latter I could get behind the plot there was concerted effort in my eyes to bring the story to life the concept was there I feel however that it didn't work because we just didn't get enough backstory We didn't get enough information on how Clarissa died We didn't get the opportunity to connect to Riley through her relationship with Clarissa because we didn't get to see into their past We didn't get to feel the empathy needed for Riley There was focus given to Riley and Rose's past relationship This allowed us to understand about Rose as a character but it didn't create much in the way of empathy for Riley I also think it would have been beneficial to have understood the relationship between Clarissa and Rose We know that they were friends but if Rose was so obsessed with Riley and her becoming her new mommy then you would think at some point feelings of animosity and resentment would turn towards Clarissa and it would have been beneficial to see this leading up to Clarissa's death A mother will stop at nothing to protect her child and losing a child knowing that you didn't protect her would drive any sane mother crazy so this was completely credible to me within the story however the past events were not evident enough to support this in the plot The focus was too much on what Rose did to Riley rather than what Rose did to Clarissa Was this my favorite Andrew E Kaufman read? No it wasn't but it certainly wasn't one I was going to put down and walk away from It was entertaining and I had to know how it was going to end There were some missed opportunities for sure but the potential was there I definitely enjoy Kaufman's ability to keep you guessing I want to thank NetGallley Thomas Mercer and Andrew E Kaufman for allowing me the opportunity to read this novel in exchange for my review

  3. Sherri Thacker Sherri Thacker says:

    If you want a psychological thriller THIS IS THE BOOK This book had me from page 1 until the end I could not put this thriller down I love that the chapters are short it is a fast paced novel Lots of twists and turns throughout Kept me guessing till the end Whoa What an ending This is my first book by Andrew Kaufman but won’t be my last Thank you for this complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Mercer through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

  4. Jean Jean says:

    This is my 3rd book read from Andrew E Kaufman I really enjoyed The Lion the Lamb the Hunted and While the Savage Sleeps So I was excited to have the opportunity to read What She Doesn't Know Unfortunately I was really disappointed with this book Nearly a decade ago Riley Harper was the suspect in her daughter's murder and it drove her into a psychiatric facility Now released she wants a fresh start But it's not so easy to start anew when the public still views you as a child killer And then Riley becomes obsessed with her neighbor beautiful extravagant Samantha Light The story was suspenseful It kept me guessing throughout But I really hated all the characters in it especially Erin and Sloane I originally was going to give it 3 stars but as I kept reading it became outlandish and unbelievable view spoilerHow was she not arrested when there was a dead body in her bathroom? How was she able to go home the next day after her throat sliced? How is she being surveillanced all the time yet no one sees Samantha? A speed chase is going on in traffic yet no one calls the police? hide spoiler

  5. ABookwormWithWine ABookwormWithWine says:

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5WOW that one word is the best thing I can use to describe What She Doesn't Know by Andrew E Kaufman This book was action packed emotional and so much than anything I could have expectedI have to say I thought I had this book figured out but man oh man I certainly did not I thought it had a steady pacing throughout but once I hit about the 60% mark things started getting reaaaal crazy The end has a couple of different scenes that literally felt like they were straight out of an action movie They were a little convoluted and hard to follow for me but they certainly made things both exciting and incredibly disturbing I also couldn't believe how fast I sped through What She Doesn't Know There was so much going on and I was so interested in what was happening that I managed to read it in just over 35 hours This would easily be a book most people can read in one sitting Final Thought This was my first time reading a book by Kaufman but it made me excited to read from him I loved his acknowledgements section of this book and learning that he battled cancer while writing this book completely blew me away There is a part in the book that made me tear up and reading that did as well I am a huge fan of his writing style and this will make a great read for thriller fans that love twisty mysteries Thank you to the publisher for my advanced review copy via NetGalley All opinions and thoughts are my own

  6. Brenda Brenda says:

    I’ve read Kaufman's previous books and really loved his last book Twisted This one is okay but not great I found myself skimming in the middle because I wasn’t deeply invested in the story My attention was really caught during the last 25% hence the 3 stars

  7. Carrie Carrie says:

    While reading this I was hovering around three stars I didn't love it but it certainly kept me reading However the I read the frustrated I gotI had issues with the writing style I actually love present tense which not many people do so that wasn't what tripped me up It just didn't feel as polished as it should have been There's a lot of info dumping The dialogue is unrealistic at times Every time Riley yells it's in all caps There's no real setting of scenes just sentences like It's been a few days since Riley left her sister that apology message and still no response But every chapter and each scene is a new chapter opens similarly A lot of the moments that should be emotional don't land such as She applies the makeup but even that can't fix the damage caused by a life wasted a life destroyed Then a tear the kind that expresses what words never could rolls down her cheekOverall the story felt very surface level Kaufman told me what was happening but I never felt the characters like I should have Because of this everyone comes off very one note I should be sympathizing with Riley but I'm not because I know she's holding back info I'm interested in mysterythriller stories but I'm reaching the saturation point for unreliable narrators That or Gillian Flynn did it so well that she spoiled meAs the story goes on I mentally downgraded this from three to two stars because it was getting outlandish All I wanted was to figure out what was actually going on I would've stopped taking away stars there if not for the ending I think Kaufman tried so hard to make the story surprising that he instead falls back on the cheapest ending view spoilerWhen you have a female main character who's uestioning reality I think it's dangerous to try to make readers empathize with her only to pull the No she's actually crazy card That's an irresponsible message Mental health is a tricky issue one a lot of people struggle with myself included This book falls suarely in the category of suggesting that mentally ill people are dangerous to other people while the majority are not In a time of rampant public violence I don't think that's the side of history authors want to be on hide spoiler

  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Thank you to Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for the opportunity to read this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review I discovered Kaufman's books in 2013 and I have been a die hard fan ever since He truly is a master of mind fuckery His ability to craft a story which slowly morphs into a thrilling roller coaster ride of what the hell is happening never ceases to blow my mind This book is no exception and I gobbled it up in just two days Riley Harper is released from a psychiatric hospital into a society who hates her As she struggles to start life over she befriends a woman who slowly sends Riley into a new hell which leaves her grappling for her sanityand her life

  9. Bernadette Bernadette says:

    What She Doesn’t Know by Andrew E Kaufman is a psychological thriller that begins with Riley Harper’s release from a long term psychiatric hospitalization Riley has lost the two people closest two her and is alleged to have perpetrated a horrific crime Following her release Riley is dogged by accusers but her sister Erin a defense attorney helps her begin anew Riley a loner who makes poor decisions allows Samantha a neighbor and wealthy twenty something into her life Riley’s life becomes even complicated and the story compelling Kaufman writes this thriller using short chapters making for a fast read perfect for a rainy afternoon on the couchThank you to Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for allowing me to read the advance copy in exchange for an honest review

  10. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    I loved Twisted by this author he knows how to actually twist a plot so almost every turn is unexpected in this What She Doesn't Know he's written another gorgeously twisted psychological thriller with a classic unreliable narratorA story of obsession we follow Riley after a stint in psychiatric care who starts avidly watching a girl from across the street she insinuates herself into Samantha's life but just who is stalking who?The tension ramps up in beautifully considered steps as both women act irrationally Riley finds things moving around her home her daughter's death still haunts her but is she in danger or has her paranoia caught up with her once ?This is the uestion as increasingly bizarre events occur you are not sure what is truth and what is in Riley's head It is cleverly done and you honestly won't know for sure until you read that final resolution The characters are engaging and layered and the pacing is fast and immersive all in all exactly what a psychological thriller should beRecommended

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What She Doesnt Know[Reading] ➸ What She Doesnt Know By Andrew E. Kaufman – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk How far can you push an obsession before paying the ultimate priceSometimes what you don’t know can hurt you In Riley Harper’s case it’s what she says she can’t remember Nearly a decade ago Ri How far can you push an obsession before paying the ultimate priceSometimes what you don’t know can hurt you In Riley Harper’s case it’s what she says she can’t remember Nearly a decade ago Riley was the suspect What She Kindle - in a murder investigation that destroyed her life and drove her into a psychiatric facility Locked away for years she was always guilty in the eyes of an unforgiving publicNow after being released all she wants is a fresh start but the effort stalls when she becomes fixated on her new neighbor’s extravagant life She can’t stop watching Samantha Light And it’s curiously satisfying For now at leastBecause there’s one thing Riley doesn’t know And this time it may not just hurt her—it could kill herIn this intense psychological thriller from Andrew E Kaufman author of Twisted a woman besieged by her past spins deeper into turmoil and down a slope that may lead her to madness.

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Andrew E Kaufman Author of Psychological ThrillersAndrew E Kaufman is a broadcast journalist turned author living in Southern California along with his Labrador Retrievers who think they own the placeThe Lion the Lamb the Hunted was on 's What She Kindle - Top for than one hundred days and went on to become a international bestseller His first novel While the Savage Sleeps made the Top.