The First Assistant A Continuing Tale from Behind the

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  1. stephanie stephanie says:

    This book I read years agoIt was one of the first books I picked up and started readingThen my reading addiction went on from there

  2. Christi Evans Christi Evans says:

    Easy chic lit read I read The Second Assistant first so I was familiar with the story linecharacters I like Lizzie main character and could relate to some of her inner dialogue found myself rooting for her feeling empathy towards her or just liking the fact that she stayed true to herselfDon't take it too seriously just enjoy the story

  3. Gary Reger Gary Reger says:

    This follow up to The Second Assistant obviously planned as a pair continues the adventures of the somewhat naive Lizzie Miller in Hollywood Having ended the first volume promoted to First Assistant she faces a series of disasters that see her dispatched to Thailand as the chaperone of a wild 19 year old mega star named Emerald; fired from her job due to blackmail by it turns out the hideous and unscrupulous new Second Assistant Amber; and ultimately makes her comeback wins an Oscar is offered a prestigious new job and regains her boyfriend Luke It's all wrapped up nicely mostlyThere are a few strands of ribbon flapping loosely around the package A plot point about the Danish mafia itself pretty improbable is dropped in and abandoned; I kept waiting for the bad guys to return but they never did On Oscar night Lizzie walks away with her statuette but in fact winners are given a stand in that's snatched away backstage; they get the real one a few weeks later It's never uite completely clear just how Amber pulled off her plot against Lizzie nor why a talent agency would keep a file of embarrassing photos of their clients rather than destroying them or if they had to keep them why they weren't transferred to the lawyersAltogether The First Assistant has the slightly strained feel that burdens so many Hollywood seuels which have to be just a tad or outrageous than the original Lizzie's voice didn't always seem right either and she seems to have learned very little from her experiences as a second assistantStill it's fun and as some other reviews here have observed Emerald's a very appealing character in her sluttiness arrogance and self centeredness Lizzie could have done fine by just staying as her assistant But she's destined for bigger and better things it seems We may wish her luck and say our good byes

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    This is not a genre that I typically read but it was given to me and I figured I’d give it a shot I was surprised with how much i liked it it was almost a guilty pleasure it was the reality tv of books Enough drama and action to keepThe reader engaged I enjoyed it so much that I want to check out other books by this author

  5. Regina Beaucheane Regina Beaucheane says:

    A fun mindless read Very much in the guilty pleasure realm

  6. Carly Carly says:

    Really enjoyed this one Reminded me a bit

  7. Melinda Elizabeth Melinda Elizabeth says:

    It would have helped if I had read the title closely before I started reading this book On hindsight it's fairly obvious that there is another book that I should have read prior to starting this one but I got my numbers confused and figured the FIRST ASSISTANT was the FIRST BOOK oops I was expecting some brilliant devil wears prada moments in this book The scheming second assistant ticks those boxes Snooty English accent and air of superiority? check The main issue that I had with this book was Lizzie She was eual parts stupid and laissez faire ambivalence and then had the cheek to complain about oh why does this happen to me? Honey if you live your life like a hot mess then you need to freaking pick up the pieces and get on with it Show some balls I loved Emerald She was the most realistic character in the book and the Vietnam vignettes as well as the airport fiasco were particularly on point These chapters just gelled with what I would imagine a Hollywood starlet to act like but unlike stupid dimwitted Lizzie Emerald is true to herself with perception than you would usually imagine a teen star as owning and has the little girl lost vibe working in her favour so that instead of rolling your eyes and thinking how typical what a diva you understand and feel for her when she realises that however stupid Lizzie may be she's perhaps the one real person in her life The various men that Lizzie comes across in the story are all described as screamingly attractive and in love with Lizzie I can't picture up an image of Lizzie in my mind because I don't know if I skipped over descriptions of her appearance or what but her personality or lack thereof makes me wonder if this is entirely realistic The one character that really rubs me the wrong way her her frenemy Justin Julian? Jason? I can't remember his name but he was so completely morally corrupt that in the end I continued hoping that he would screw Lizzie over and leave her with nothing because if she was that blind to his evil methods she deserved to suffer her own idiocies Overall there's a lot to complain about and as such it took me a while to read because I was just continuously feeling annoyed with many of the characters that I just couldn't stand to read another page Unfortunately it didn't deliver the wittiness that I was expecting from such an expose into the Hollywood machine

  8. Brittany Brittany says:

    How I Came To Read This Book My sister picked up The Second Assistant the preuel to this one and I needed a book to complete my Chapters order for free shippingThe Plot Note that this review contains spoilers if you haven't read the Second Assistant The story is about Lizzie Miller who has taken over her friend Lara's job after Lara shacked up with their crazy boss Scott That doesn't mean things are peachy keen for Lizzie she's still a bit of a financial mess her new second assistant is a conniving Briton and her relationship with Hollywood good guy Luke Lloyd is in jeopardy To top it off Scott trades Lizzie for the use of a budding starlet's fancy car sending Lizzie packing to Thailand to be Emerald Everhart's personal assistant and playmate The book doesn't have a ton of formulaic plot to it like the first book it basically just follows Lizzie's somewhat fantastical escapades in Hollywood as she figures out what she wants and how to get itThe Good or Bad I was surprised that I liked Lizzie or at least reading another book about her as much as I did I didn't think too much of the Second Assistant but I uite enjoyed this book than I had anticipated Lizzie is an interesting character because although the book is by no means a moral compass it definitely explores the lines between right and wrong and importantly acceptability The book tries to be funny and wacky and often takes a turn for the bizarre instead but in general it's entertaining enough to keep you readingAnything Memorable? I read this book a fair bit at work over the last week and found myself commiserating with the bitchwork oriented tasks Lizzie has to complete as I also have had my share of those to deal withBottom Line A surprisingly solid follow up to the Second Assistant although neither belongs in the Chick Lit Hall of Fame50 Book Challenge? Book #31 in 2008

  9. Emily Emily says:

    Lizzie is back She is not Scott's second assistant any She is the first assistant now with responsibility She has hired herself a new Second Assistant Amber Lara her friend and Scott's Former First Assistant is married to Scott and they have a son Plus Lizzie is having trouble with her relationship is Luke Lizzie realizes she has to figure out in Hollywood First she can't trust Amber then Scott trades Lizzie for a car so that she can go be a personal assistant to Emerald a rising teen start that is known for testing those around herLizzie works as she tries to keep her footing figure out what she wants and is still fiercely loyal to her friends even when those around her are doing things that she uestionsThis was an extension of The Second Assistant taking place just a few months after the last one stopped I like being able to open it and picking up my friends where I had essentially left them in the characters It kind of like going on vacation or out of town for a few months and catching up with friends I did some how Lizzie had grown some between the two books and kept growing through this plotThere were moments where I was frustrated by the decisions that Lizzie was making But they did help with her growing There were moments in the plot where I was frustrated by blocks that were put there for Lizzie or choices she made that you knew were going to be problems Then they were wrapped up and just feel into place not making Lizzie work like she had in the past that frustrated meOverall when I finished this book I felt like friends I had learned were leaving me But I did think the ending felt a little convenient and forced I would recommend both of these books but read both of them close together not just one on their own See all of my reviews

  10. Kourtney Kourtney says:

    Combine one part Hollywood Car Wash one part Devil Wears Prada and 2 parts Hollywood blackmail mixed with the Oscars and you have yourself the First Assistant This book wasn't as good of a read as The Second Assistant and that for me was disappointing because I really enjoyed the first book For me it felt as though things just happened too easily for this naive character of Lizzie Once again here is a character who sticks her head in the sand instead of filing she burned papers so she could play Sudoku? She was shoving bills in drawers and went on a spending spree? Shopaholic series anyone? and by sticking her head in the sand things just happen for her if she sheds a few tears? Here was the chance to make a character take control of her life and show the world she would not buckle but instead she runs off to Thailand to be a teenager's assistantAnd thank goodness for that plot point because the one redeeming uality of this book was the character of Emerald Too bad Lizzie didn't stay in Thailand because the book would have been salvaged with her in the front line My one wish have a spinoff book of Emerald's life Then I can redeem this book by thinking of it as the book that introduced me to Emerald

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The First Assistant A Continuing Tale from Behind the Hollywood Curtain [Reading] ➷ The First Assistant A Continuing Tale from Behind the Hollywood Curtain Author Clare Naylor – The further fortunes of everyones favorite assistant as she struggles to keep her footing on Hollywoods slippery slope In The Second Assistant readers fell in love with smart witty East Coast girl Eli The further fortunes of everyones Assistant A PDF É favorite assistant as she struggles to keep The First ePUB í her footing on Hollywoods slippery slope In The Second Assistant readers fell in First Assistant A eBook ☆ love with smart witty East Coast girl Elizabeth Miller Now that Lizzie has First Assistant A Continuing Tale PDF \ been promoted can she still keep her pumps firmly on the ground in the city of stars With a viperish subordinate after her job the worlds hottest teen starlet to keep out of trouble and a boyfriend on location with a beautiful actress she certainly has her hands full The satire is sharper than ever as Naylor and Hare take another wry and hilarious look at the wheeling dealing schmoozing and snubbing that make Hollywood the cutthroat capital of the world The First Assistant is a lesson in how to survive in a town where tonights Oscar frock is tomorrows laughing stock.