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  1. Bridget Bridget says:

    I felt like the writing was a little clunky for lack of a better word Normally when I start reading a good book I block out everything else around me and I was distracted VERY easily with this one There are probably 75 better chick lit books out there that I would recommend reading over this one

  2. Emily Emily says:

    Alice has recently lost her boyfriend her place to live and her job Crashing at her cousins' while he is out of town she is spending her time fielding his long lone of cast aside females who keep calling and dropping by Everyone else's lives seem to be better than her One day while out Alice runs into Tash her former roommate from school who lives in LA now Tash sweeps Alice off to LA and throws her into her glamours life Alice gets a job in PR and Tash sets her up on a date Someone has other plans for Alice though as she has a secret admirer An admirer who some of her new friends think is a stalker and are jealous of but Alice thinks it is just kind of romantic at least right nowA few places I have read said that this is a re imagination of Alice in Wonderland I didn't really see that but maybe it is because I haven't read Alice in Wonderland and am only familiar with the movies those I don't see as much in this plotThis was really kind of a fish out of water story in my opinion Alice is thrown in really the deep end of LA Tasha works in film and they all end up going to dinners and on dates with others in the movie industry Alice doesn't know the social etiuette and makes some mistakes She makes her own way and chooses who and what she wants to do Even when she is pulled the other way by her friendsSee the rest of my review on my blog at

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Catching Alice was a light and fluffy story of a British woman who heads for LA when she loses her house man and job The romance story line was kind of predictable The job story line focusing on public relations was really entertaining I didn't like how unrealistically Alice came by the job though Forty thousand dollar a year jobs in PR aren't often give to people with no experience or education simply because their not that powerful friend makes a call It all seemed way too convenient I was completely unaware even after reading the book that Catching Alice was supposed to be a re invention of Alice Wonderland I didn't see much comparison Ultimately Catching Alive was a breezy although probably uite forgettable chick lit novel

  4. Maria Maria says:

    It was hard getting into this book the writing was all over the place The main character Alice was portrayed as a sloppy drunk fat chick I thought she was better than that Alice could not think for herself What was very irritating about this book was the unrealistic events Alice is in LA and runs into her ex from London Her current boyfriend finds her in NY in Central Park Lisette and Simon are engaged within 22hrs of meeting each other ReallyWhat I did like was the sweetness of Alice and Paddy together

  5. Carrie Carrie says:

    I think 3 stars was generousprobably like 25 I just never really got into this book If I was a uitter I probably would've uit this one 50 pages in I didn't connect with any of the characters so I never felt hooked in their stories And I thought that there were weird subplots that would pop up suddenly with no separation like it would switch narration and story in the next paragraph with no warning I liked the ending just not the 300 pages it took me to get there I guess I won't be on the hunt for her other books

  6. Megan Megan says:

    I spent most of this book wondering how long it would take me to finish itnot a great book

  7. Heather Alverson Heather Alverson says:

    This book wasn't as good as I thought it would be It didn't keep my attention and was hard to stay interested in the characters and story line

  8. Mairead Mairead says:

    I did not like this book and struggled to get through it almost giving up The story has no likeable characters and many unbelievable events like bumping into her former boyfriend in LA Alice leads a miserable alcoholic lifestyle and seems to spend the book being helpless and bedraggled Don't bother picking this one up Move on

  9. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    My last of the turds I am so happy that my spazz of crappy books is over NEVER AGAIN I must learn how to get picky Anyway this book is about a British girl whose boyfriend dumps her and her life sucks so she comes out to LA to hang out with her friend Her friend finds her a job so she can get a green card and just stay forever because it is so that easy Fun fact This book was written in 1998 Was life so much easier back then? Who knows? WHO CARES Anyway already I hate this book for lack of realness Some guy who met her once back in the UK like stalks her out to LA CREEEPY and for some reason she doesn't care SO LAME The author obviously had never been to LA when she wrote this book and if she had she only was in Santa Monica and the beach towns as the characters never ventured east of the 405 north of sunset and south of the beach towns I hate shit like this Who even remember what else happened WHO CARES Finally tomorrow I am on to books I sort of care about you'll see what I mean

  10. Andrea Andrea says:

    This book was completely different then what I normally gravitate to It was a cute booksilly things happen to Alicethings that really don't seem like real life to me but it is a book right? The ending was lackingI think even just one chapter would have gotten all the loose ends tied upI know I knowthat is what a cliffhanger is but I really felt like it should have had a bit

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Catching Alice [Read] ➪ Catching Alice By Clare Naylor – After losing a job boyfriend and apartment all within one kick me when I'm down week Alice Lewis desperately needs a break So when an old pal sweeps into London and offers her escape Alice jumps at th After losing a job boyfriend and apartment all within one kick me when I'm down week Alice Lewis desperately needs a break So when an old pal sweeps into London and offers her escape Alice jumps at the chance and onto the next plane to Los Angeles the city of yeah right LA turns out to be a little less angelic than the down to earth English girl anticipated For one there's the new nine to five the unbelievably glamorous frenzied chore of coddling doing PR for the stars not to mention the bevy of gorgeous stick thin models who suddenly appear in Alice's orbit and the suntanconvertible lifestyle that taunts her pasty white self starting with her thighs And just when she thinks her new life couldn't get any surreal Alice acuires that most American of accessories her very own stalker While the B list actresses grumble how unfair it is that Alice gets a stalker and they don't Alice tries to figure out who the mystery man leaving her poems and flowers could be Is it Charlie the slick but twisted talent agent Or Paddy the hot Irish director who has eyes for any breathing woman Or maybe it's Tommy the unbelievably beautiful and totally wasted movie star Because if truth be told Alice doesn't think it's all that strange this stalker business In fact she's pretty sure it's downright romantic.